Prince of Persia Review

The Prince of Persia franchise has always been an exception to my desert rule. I typically do not like adventures in any form of media that take place in the olden times or in a desert. This game manages to accomplish both while still being a very good game and that takes a lot of skill. I’d say that the film is what got me into the franchise and then I quickly went and bought most of the games in the series. Currently, this is my favorite installment and it even passes the other PS3 title. (Forgotten Sands)

The plot involves a guy who has lost his donkey in a sandstorm. We don’t see the Donkey for the rest of the game so it’s safe to assume that it decided to go to New York. The hero then notices that a few guy are trying to attack a lady so he steps in. Her name is Elika and she needs to cleanse all of the lands. Unfortunately, her father has succumbed to the powers of darkness and all of the legendary villains have been awakened. Our hero must now go on his greatest adventure yet and save the planet!

Pretty safe plot and it’s good enough for me. Who doesn’t like a plot where the Earth is going into darkness and must be purged? It’s not super original, but it makes for a good formula. Naturally, the gameplay determines how well that will work out. During the platforming part, it’s a little bit like Mario. You run and jump through and place and Elika can give you a double jump in a sense. The gameplay is not quite as smooth as Mario and you’ll likely fall a few times due to unresponsive controls. You can temporarily run on walls and use grass to climb along them. You don’t have to worry about falling because Elika will make sure to save you.

Yes…you can’t really die in this game. If you get hit enough to the point where you get a red warning, then you have a chance of dying. I believe that it may have happened to be once, but I can’t really verify that. Aside from that instant, it’s extremely hard to die even if you end up throwing the fights. You can jump into an endless abyss for eternity and Elika will keep on saving you.

The Combat Gameplay is definitely my favorite part of the game and it’s what makes the title so enjoyable. You’re basically fighting in Dynasty Warriors mixed with Spiderman style. You can use slashing attacks, athletic maneuvers, or classic grabbing. Elika will also help you by charging into the opponent with her blue energy abilities. You can link these attacks to hit the opponent as many as 14 times in one combo. Mastering each of them is fun (and necessary for a trophy) and the gameplay never gets tiring.

The only problem with the fighting is that it is way too easy. The first boss is pretty much as simple as the final one. The final boss is a bit of a joke because you can beat him with ease. If anything, you just don’t want to beat him too quickly if you’re trying to get a 14 hit combo on him. This is a game that could have greatly benefited from an online vs mode. Testing your mettle against other players is always good and it would have been especially fun in this game.

The Main Character never really gets a name. Mostly, people refer to him as the Prince (Prince of Persia…it all makes sense now) but it doesn’t really matter as far as this review is concerned. He’s not one of the more likable main characters. He spends a lot of time flirting and he should concentrate more on the fight. I did like his decision at the end, which gained back some respect from me. He’s definitely a good fighter and that’s always a plus.

Elika is around for the entire game as well and she doesn’t always get along with the main character. I can’t say that I was really a fan of hers as well. She could get pretty irritated at the main character for no real reason at times. Her abilities are great, but she put too much faith in Ormadz all the time.

The King isn’t very likable either. He turns evil without really having a good reason. He’s also not very powerful and even after his super forms…he’s not much of a threat. The main character is still more than a match for him and that’s a little embarrassing for the King. So much for the power of darkness eh?

There are 4 main minions of Ahriman. The Warrior, The Hunter, The Concubine, and the Alchemist. The Concubine is really the only one that talks a lot. The Alchemist may have spoken, but I do not remember if he did or not. The Hunter and The Warrior were silent. I didn’t care for the Warrior. He struck me as a jungle fighter and he wasn’t very powerful. Quick, but that’s about it. I didn’t care for the Concubine and she wasn’t a terrific fighter. Usually she would just try to get Elika out of the picture so that she could win. The Alchemist was all right, but he didn’t really have any character so it’s hard to know if I’d really like him. The Warrior had the best design from the group, but that’s about it.

Graphically, this game is pretty underwhelming. The animations aren’t really fun to look at. The character designs are pretty good for the villains, but the graphics don’t really help their cause. I’m not saying that this game looks as if it were on the PS2, but it’s just not very good. It’s possibly because they were trying to get the game to look old or gritty, but it didn’t work for me. Give me Mario 3D World anytime!

Unfortunately, the soundtrack isn’t very good. I can’t really say that I liked any of the themes. The boss themes were uninspired and the stage music begins to get old as you listen to it for the 50th time. Considering how great the soundtrack was in Warrior Within and other Prince of Persia titles, this was a little disappointing. It’s not a terrible soundtrack, but it’s definitely one of the weaker ones that I’ve heard in a while.

The trophies in this game are definitely reasonable and none of them are insanely hard. I should know since this is one of the select games where I achieved the Platinum. It shouldn’t take you too long and one playthrough could be all you need for all of the trophies if you play your cards right. I ended up using 2 playthroughs with a few stages in the third one to get them all. Trophies are always an incentive and they can make a great game even better by adding that extra boost or replay value.

One extra negative that should be mentioned is the fact that you can’t skip cutscenes. That can be very frustrating when you have to start a new playthrough since the cutscenes are numerous and they can be very long. You should always have the option to skip cutscenes in a video game and I never like it when games stop you from doing this. It’s not large enough to take points away from the game, but it should definitely be noted. I suppose that the game would be pretty short without the cutscenes, but that’s no excuse.

I have to say that the ending to the game is awesome! More games should end like this and it was a good move on the main character’s part. It may be a little controversial, but I believe that he made the right move. The ending is almost worth getting the game for. It’s just that good and it’s definitely one of the best endings for a video game. If only a Mario game could utilize this ending…it would be one of the best Mario games out there! This game got a sequel…in a sense. I own it for the DS and it’s in the same continuity. I should probably go back to beat it someday….someday.

Overall, this is a pretty fun action game. It’s a mix of platforming and cool sword action which is great. The combat is definitely the best part about it since the soundtrack, character cast, and graphics aren’t the best. Sometimes, the gameplay is all you need to be a great game. I highly recommend checking this game out and it’s at a very low price right now. I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy such an epic adventure!

Overall 8/10

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Dragon Ball Raging Blast Review

DBZ has had some terrific games in the past! Even the ones that did not hit it out of the park were generally very good so I had high hopes for this one. After all, Raging Blast is known as a (sort of) successor to the Budokai Tenkaichi series, but with PS3 graphics and a large chunk of the roster being thrown aside. I knew that I was going to be in for a treat! I had actually been meaning to get this game for years and years, but it always got beaten to the punch by other games. Well, now I finally got it and the wait was worth it!

This is usually where I would talk about the plot, but it’s DBZ. You already know the plot! It covers all three arcs of the manga along with the Bardock OVA and the Broly films. Beyond that, we also have some good ole What Ifs. Unfortunately, the game plays it very safe with the What Ifs so they aren’t very interesting. Having Vegito battle Gogeta is a good concept, but they make you play it twice so that both characters can win. Talk about a cop out….Nontheless, the game has over 100 levels, which makes for a very extensive Story Mode! At times you may wish that it was shorter, but that’s not my main complaint with it. I don’t like…The Red Star system!

In this game, Red Stars are used to unlock just about everything from costumes to music to levels in Story Mode. Earning Red Stars is the annoying part. Basically, you have to replay a level that you’ve beaten and there will be 3 missions. You get one Red Star for beating the level on Hard Mode and two others for doing certain actions during the fight. This could have been acceptable, but you can’t get the Red Stars from the get go. This means that you have to play each level at least twice and most of them will need a third play through since getting all three in one shot is extremely difficult. Considering that there are over 100 levels….you’ll be playing over 300 fights! (Not counting that some levels have up to 5 fights in them) That was more than a little tedious and I don’t think that the developers did a good job on that one. I’ve earned about 50 Red Stars so far, but playing through those levels so much can get old very fast.

Luckily, not everything is purchased through these Red Stars. You also have the classic D Points and you use them to buy items from the shop. This feature is in just about all of the DBZ games and it’s a good system. The items aren’t unreasonably priced and you should have a good chunk of them by the end. Going to Shenron and getting the D Points multiplier is a must if you’re in a hurry.

To collect the 7 Dragon Balls, you must compete in a Super Battle Trial. This will open up a Dragon Ball fight. After one battle, then it closes and you have to rinse and repeat. This is another tedious part of the game because you have to do at least 14 battles to get the 7 Dragon Balls each time. That’s a little long, but not extremely long. It’s just a bit of a bother. The Super Trials have several modes like Survival, Team Battle, Punch Machine, etc. They’re pretty good and extra modes means extra replay value!

I mentioned that the roster got a lot smaller, but it’s still decently large with at least 50 fighters. We have most of the big characters from the series, although the exclusion of Mystic Gohan is not cool. For that, I would have preferred that they kicked out Videl or Chiaotzu. Mystic Gohan is essential! The game mostly ignores the films, so Broly is the only extra character. Still, I’m glad that they chose him since he’s a Must in any DBZ game. Some of the hype for the game also revolved around the Super Saiyan 3 form that Vegeta and Broly got. It’s definitely fun to play as those guys and it’s a fun addition to the game. I’m hoping that they’ll be mainstays in future DBZ titles although that does not appear to be the case. Hopefully in the next big DBZ game for PS4.

Time to get into the most important aspect of the game…the gameplay! I must say that it is a solid step down from Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but I suppose that was bound to happen. The problem is that you don’t feel the blows as much as you did in that one. Also, it’s tough to link combos to each other because some characters simply cannot do it anymore. You’ll finish a few hits and the character will pause. By the time you can launch the next attack, the fighter is on the ground and your combo is lost. Most of the techniques and combos are similar to BT3.

It took me a while to get the hang of the game, but now I’m pretty confident in my skills. You’ll find yourself using the super attacks a whole lot since they’re so easy to use. Not to mention the fact that it’s a lot safer to just spam them against enemies once you’re playing on hard difficulties. At first I was definitely not crazy about the fighting style, but it grows on you. You just need to give the game a chance and playing through the tutorials may not be a bad idea. (Trophies…) I forgot how to transform, which is too bad, but it’s easy to find out with a quick Google search. Once you feel like you’ve brought your A game, then it’s time to try out your skills online against real players. That’s one of the great things about Wifi. It can definitely add to the experience of a game and the servers are still open, which is pretty amazing! It’s hard not to compare the fighting style to BT3, but once you get past that…then it’s pretty incredible!

Graphics are not ultra important, but they’re always worth noting. They look really good in this game and the character models hold up well. I find Goku’s Super Saiyan character to look the best from the whole cast and his Super Saiyan hair is great. It captures the golden look while also appearing yellow. It’s hard to describe, but it’s how I want a Super Saiyan’s hair to look. The rest of the animation is basically what you may expect from the Budokai Tenkaichi games. The models have less black lines across them and they seem more streamlined. I definitely have to give the graphics a big thumbs up!

The soundtrack isn’t the greatest as far as DBZ games go, but it’s good enough. The tunes can come across as a little generic, but there is a decently large selection so you’re almost guaranteed to find at least one song that you like. The opening is pretty catchy when the game first boots up and the dying Namek stage theme is pretty good. The game won’t be losing any points in this area!

This game has trophies and they’re pretty reasonable for the most part. I don’t care for the online trophies and I never will. Online trophies aren’t practical since the servers will eventually close and you’re doomed if people aren’t playing the game anymore. Beyond that, I’ve gotten a decent amount of the trophies, but I don’t intend on getting the Platinum. Not really worth the time and effort, but the trophies are still reasonable for the most part.

Overall, this was an excellent DBZ game and easily one of my favorites of all time! It’s my third favorite in the franchise behind Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3. We have a solid cast of characters and a really large story mode. With all of the collectibles and modes to try out; Raging Blast has a huge amount of replay value. You’ll be playing this game for countless hours and I recommend it to all 3D fighting game fans. Also, what’s cooler than the thought of playing as a Super Saiyan 3 Broly!?

Overall 9/10

Pure Futbol Review

Pure Futbol - U.S Ver. (PS3) cover front 1
This is a video game that I had never heard of until I bought it. I’ve owned it for a few years without really getting to play it. I may have popped it in once or twice over the years, but it always got pulled to the side by other games that needed attention. Thanks to the wonders of Trophy hunting; I got to fully experience this game. It’s pretty fun and a great way to get into soccer!

I do own a few FIFA games, but I’ve only played them sparingly. It’s the fate that most of my sport games experience over the years. It’s going to be tough for the other soccer games to match this one. I’ve played both games in the Mario Strikers series and that always made me want to play other soccer games, but without gimmicks. This game does have a “super” attack which makes things interesting…

I’m not 100% against super attacks, but I typically prefer my sports to be realistic. In Pure Futbol, you can use Pure shots, which have a much greater chance of getting to the net than a regular shot. They don’t disrupt the game that much since you will have trouble blocking any of the attacks. It does take skill to get the shot in the pure section so the special ability isn’t as overpowered as others that you might see in other games.

There is a campaign to play and it’s surprisingly short. There are only 29 days so you really have to make them count. Each day, you can enter a tournament or just take on a team for fun. The battles aren’t very long so the game doesn’t drag on as much as Virtua Tennis. (I loved the Virtua Tennis games, but I’m only a little over halfway through the game and I’ve already put in so many hours…) Going for tournaments is always the best way to go since you can earn a lot of extra points, but you may want to focus on single battles so that you can beat the game quickly. I mixed and matched between tournaments and single battles; ending up with a 4 star ranked character. That’s definitely good enough for me! (My team was incredible by the end!)

While playing other teams in the campaign; you are given a chance to steal away their players. If you fulfill certain challenges during the game, then you get the player assigned to that challenge. For example, “Score a goal” could be one of the challenges. I managed to snag away quite a few players during my initial playthrough. It’s definitely fun to assemble a team of true elites!

The graphics aren’t bad for this game. They’re really what I would expect from a sports game. Aside from Madden; (Which seems to take pride in its graphics) most sports games are pretty underwhelming or average. I wouldn’t call the graphics bad per say, but I will admit that I’ve seen older games look much better than this one. Graphics are pretty unimportant in a video game unless you’re expecting it to look pretty great like Final Fantasy. If you’re the type of person that wants good graphics while playing soccer, you may want to skip this installment.

For Platinum seekers, it should be noted that the online servers are not operational anymore. You can still upload your character at the end of the campaign to get the quick trophy, but you can’t face people in online duels anymore. That’s too bad since I’m always up for an online brawl, but I suppose that there is always next time. Getting the Platinum is impossible and the trophies can be difficult or just very long. I got some trophies, but I’m not even at 50% so I can sympathize with how tough it can be. I may go back to get some more trophies someday, but it’s not currently a high priority.

Aside from the Pure Shots angle, this is probably the most complete soccer game that I’ve played. The penalty system is pretty good and the game doesn’t have to stop every other minute for a foul. If you commit too many fouls, then the other team is awarded a free kick. This doesn’t really disrupt the momentum and it keeps you on your toes. There are ways to tackle without hitting the player and you’ll want to master it. If you don’t want to take the risk; then you have the option of a step-in tackle, which has no chance of a penalty. It’s not as long range, but it’s very effective.

The soundtrack for the main menu is pretty good, but you may not remember the rest of the tunes as you finish the game. It’s definitely better than the selection in the Madden games. (Quantity loses to quality this time) I doubt that the soundtrack would really have any influence on your decision to buy this game or not, but it’s always an important feature to be mentioned.

That’s Pure Futbol in a nutshell folks. I highly recommend this title if you enjoy sports titles. As I mentioned earlier, I have not properly played the FIFA games (Yet!) but this is currently my favorite realistic soccer game. It’s not too easy and it’s not too hard. Passing the ball may be discouraged because of constant interceptions, but it also teaches you how to be careful when playing the game. While this game may not have online capabilities anymore; we’ve still got a fun local multiplayer setup as well as the campaign. There’s enough content available to keep you playing the game for a long time. Replay value is definitely not something that this game lacks. If you dislike soccer games, then you may want to invest your money into the M&M Racing game instead. (It’s on my wish list) Now, I definitely want to go and give Fifa a try. I’ll make sure to get my hands on one of the newer games at some point.

Overall 7/10

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Review

I have to say that I had been wanting to get this game for years. It was right up there with Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast as the highest game on my list. It took me a few years to finally get it and I can say that it was as good as I expected. This is definitely one of the greatest games out there and now I’ll talk about why it’s so great.

First, I just want to explain why it took so long to get this game. I have loads of games on my list and while this was the highest one, it was also more money than some others. Why get Naruto for 30 dollars when I could buy 4 other games for that same amount of money? It’s the whole quantity vs quality debate. I admit that I usually go for quantity in that case because it’s fun to have a lot of options. Still, I finally got this game for my birthday with a few other games. (You can expect to see reviews for them at some point. I will say that DOA 2 Hardcore was also one of my Birthday games)

This isn’t the first game in the Ninja Storm series so you may already know the gameplay, but I’ll explain it just in case. It’s a 3D battle style, but don’t mistake it for Xmen Legacy or Iron Man 2! This is a deep 3D battle style and each character has a lot of attacks and combos that can be used. When you’re hit by an attack, you have to option to quickly turn into a log and stop the combo. You can’t do this forever as there is a new meter that prevents people from spamming this function.

You can use close combat techniques or launch a projectile jutsu and see how it fares. The gameplay is really fun, thanks in part to the large cast of diverse characters. This is one game where you may not spam final smashes quite as much as in other games because some of them can be pretty easy to dodge, which leaves you vulnerable to attack. You can play 1 on 1 battles or use the team system, which equips you with two other characters that you can summon as backup. It’s essentially the same system as in Marvel vs Capcom in that respect. Some characters also have an Awakening mode, which drastically amplifies their attack power and you sometimes get a whole new moveset. They’re really fun to use and they make sure that you feel every hit while in those forms. I suspect that the sound effects are increased during that time period to really get you ready for some action.

The graphics amplify the gameplay because they are pretty great. The attacks stand out and the colors are very flashy. You’ll notice this a lot if you play as the 4th Hokage since almost all of his attacks have yellow energy around them. This game also has fully animated cutscenes that look really good. You’ll think that you’re watching the TV show when they come on. Each Story episode typically has two big animated cutscenes and you can tell that they put a lot of work into this game.

The soundtrack is pretty good for the game, although it’s definitely not as strong as it could have been. You really won’t be paying much attention to the music while you’re fighting, but I would have liked some more rock themes. In Gaara’s opening, we get an incredible piece of music, but it never appears again and I can’t seem to find it online. Beyond that, Story Mode has a pretty catchy tune, but it basically shows up for every battle so it may get a little repetitive after a while. I would say that the music is average, but that’s still not bad. It definitely could have been a lot worse.

Story Mode is a mixed bag for me. Instead of going through the whole plot like the games usually do, this game decided that a few characters would just get their own story. It’s basically an Arcade Mode with an intro/ending as well as a short cutscene before each fight. The problem is that the story doesn’t really make a lot of sense this way. It’s enjoyable and you’ll still get what’s happening, but I would have preferred the traditional approach. One thing that you will definitely pick up is the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are the two most important characters. They have a big role in just about every story and you’ll realize that they’re basically invincible. Killer Bee gets his own story as well, but it’s basically filler and more of a homage to the character than anything. He doesn’t get any big cutscenes, but we get to see him rap and dance…that’s something I suppose. (Not a Killer Bee fan!)

Unlike some of the other games that I’ve been reviewing lately, this game has a lot of extra content that will keep you playing for a while. There are about a dozen tournaments to enter and completing them all gives you various titles and unlockables as well as a decent amount of money. Next, you’ve also got over a dozen levels of survival mode to play and unlock more content as well. Then we’ve got the traditional two player mode and you can have fun in team battles or standard play.

Replay Value is definitely not something that Generations is lacking. There are many things to buy at the shop and you’ll need to get a lot of money if you really want to buy them all. Getting some things to unlock in the shop requires you to play as all of the characters and use their final smashes. It may seem like a daunting task, but the gameplay is so fun that you probably won’t even mind.

Naturally, this game also has trophies to earn and boost your user profile. I haven’t acquired the Platinum this time, but the trophies don’t seem outrageous. There are some difficult ones in there, but none that I would consider unfair or pointless. Beating all tournaments and survival modes is a reasonable trophy since it’s something that you would be inclined to do anyway. Plus, as a customer, you want to get the maximum value for the game that you just bought right?

I suppose that it’s not a surprise that this game is so great. Naruto’s had an excellent track record as far as video games go. The first Ultimate Ninja Storm was great and the Clash of Ninja series has always been one of the better fighters. Ultimate Ninja is great and those games had a lot of characters and even the Dragon Blade spinoff was decent considering that the controls weren’t the best. Naruto is just one of those franchises that really knows how to make a top of the line game.

Overall, I highly recommend this game! It’s extremely fun and there is a lot to do. The character roster is pretty large so you shouldn’t have a tough time trying to find someone to play with. Story Mode may not be very clear, but you can still experience the story through various characters and its pretty fun. If nothing else, it can help you become a fan and start reading the manga or watching the anime. This is one of the select games that I can confidently call and All Star. There are very few games that beat this one so I would recommend buying it when you have the chance!

Overall 9/10

Iron Man 2 Review

Aw yeah, it’s Iron Man time! I enjoyed the first game on the DS and the gameplay was pretty unique. This is one of the bigger Marvel movie tie ins and also one of the final ones since they don’t seem to make them anymore. It’s a pretty fun game and while I can’t say that it was great, it was pretty good considering that this game probably didn’t get a huge budget.

The plot is pretty different from the movie and I can’t really say that it was very memorable. You get to fight big names like the Crimson Dynamo and Ultimo while helping SHIELD get through some serious situations. All you need to know is that the villains keep trying to steal Tony Stark’s data and we can’t let that happen. I would have a better picture of the story, but when I played through it the second time around, I decided to skip all cutscenes. The graphics just weren’t worth it and the story is decent if I recall correctly.

The graphics are pretty good for the game. Surprisingly good! It seriously doesn’t feel like a movie tie in game and the animation is pretty good even considering that the PS3 can have some excellent graphics. The cutscenes don’t look quite as smooth, mainly due to the human designs. Still, while you’re blasting away at enemies, it all looks pretty realistic. That’s probably one of the biggest pros for me.

The gameplay is your standard 3D shooting game. It plays out like War For Cybertron, but you have unlimited flight which helps. (Can’t be Starscream all the time in War For Cybertron) Firing your weapons and engaging in hand to hand combat can both be pretty fun and you have a good selection of weapons. Using Ironman’s lasers in combat is a must and everything becomes much easier. Maybe the lasers are overpowered, but they’re still fun!

The gameplay isn’t all fun though as the controls can be a little tricky. It’s very tough to change directions while flying and you’ll wish that you hadn’t flown more times than not. Usually, it’s better to just dash where you want to go. Setting up your weapons system is also a lot more complicated than it should be. There’s a reason why I didn’t even know about the lasers until way after I had completed the game.

The customization can be pretty cool once you get the hang of it. You can unlock various Iron Man suits, which range from Extremis to Ultimate and it’s fun to switch around. The weapons can also make quite the difference in battle. It may not be a very extensive customization, but you get 4 weapons per armor and you can use your exp points from battle to create new gadgets. It’s a decent addition and I’ll take what I can get to make the gameplay deeper and more fun!

The trophies in Iron Man 2 aren’t unreasonable and I managed to secure the Platinum. Basically, you just need to defeat a lot of opponents and be prepared to face the game on hard mode. You’ll be okay if you have the lasers at the ready. Playing as War Machine can be more than a little difficult, but his gameplay isn’t as bad as you may think. Trophies don’t really affect the game’s score, but they’re still nice to have around. I typically give a game a second look if it has some nice trophies.

The game has 8 levels and I admit that this isn’t a good thing. 10 levels is the absolute minimum amount for a video game and anything lower than that is pretty unacceptable. One factor that tries to disguise this is the trophy system and the upgrades that you acquire through the levels. They help the overall replay value, but you should still be warned that the game won’t be lasting very long. You’ll be done with it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything to do aside from Story Mode. A few bonus modes would have been nice or at least a wifi option/leaderboard. Story Mode is basically the only thing here so I hope that you enjoy those 8 levels.

Still, in the end, gameplay is what counts the most. I found it to be pretty enjoyable and it does beat the gameplay that we got in the first Iron Man as well as the Thor video game. I doubt that this will help in Marvel’s battle to surpass DC in video games, but it’s a start.

Overall, this was a pretty fun superhero game. It’s definitely on the short side and I wish that we got to have more missions where you don’t have to worry about protecting something. The gameplay is what you’d expect from any movie tie in, but it’s a formula that always works. The soundtrack was above average and the graphics were downright impressive. I recommend this game and it’s a bit of a step up from the first game. (Albeit that I own the first for the DS) It looks like Iron Man 3 won’t be getting a true video game spinoff so that’s more reason to get this one. I wouldn’t recommend it to you if you don’t like games that are too short, but considering the price….I’d say that it’s worth it. 8 levels is under the 10 level standard, but going back for the Platinum helps the overall time right? I say go for it!

Overall 7/10

Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore Review

Dead or Alive is a fighting series that I’ve heard a lot about, but I’ve never gotten to play any of the games. Unfortunately, most of them have lost their original fighting purpose or have become a little too graphic. Luckily, this one fit the bill and the game is definitely a fun one that I would recommend.

Each of the characters get their own mini story mode so I’ll briefly discuss each of them except for Bayman since he never got to appear in Story Mode. All I can say is that he doesn’t seem very impressive from his moveset. Ein is one of the big characters of the game as everyone keeps calling him Hayate. Is that really his name!? Ein is having trouble with his memories so he can’t really be sure. He seems like a pretty good character and one could be tricked into thinking that he was the main character!

Leon is a military person and he’s not one of the better characters. He’s all right I suppose, but a little bland at this point. We don’t really get to learn that much about him and his story wasn’t very interesting. Helena has one of the deeper stories as her mother is defeated by an unknown assassin. Helena goes on a quest to find this person and it’s definitely a lot more epic than most of the other stories. Helena is one of the better characters alongside Hayate.

Leifang reminds me of Xiaoyu from Tekken. They’re both pretty similar and Leifang is a decent character. As with Leon, she doesn’t really get that much development, but at least she’s a tough fighter. Her fighting style is quick and that’s always a good thing. Bass Armstrong is another character and despite the epic name, he’s the worst character! He’s really proud of how epic his daughter has become, but he can get a little too intense and he brings shame to the name. He’s a really slow fighter and the game could have definitely kicked him out!

Ryu Hayabusa is epic as always. He seems to be one of the only professionals in the game and he definitely proves his skills. His fighting style is nice and complex and he’s definitely a cut above the rest. As with Ayane, he’s a skilled ninja. Ayane is possibly more sinister than I had thought as they hint that she is basically a villain in this game. She seems like a good villain, but it’ll be interesting to see whether she is guilty or not.

Kasumi is known as the main character for the series and she’s decently cool. I mostly know her from the Dead Fantasy series, but that’s really enough to tell that she is an excellent fighter. She naturally gets one of the biggest plot twists of the game! We’ve also got an American in the game who calls himself Zack. Zack isn’t that great, but he does have an epic line. “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!” is his catchphrase as he tosses a mirror at his opponent. That was probably the best line in the game and it earns him some epicness points.

Jann Lee probably has the least development from all of the characters. I really have no idea what he’s doing here, but if he’s having fun…then that’s the important thing. He basically represents the average joe and he’s a decent fighter. He’s pretty cool, but I don’t have much to base that off from for now. We’ve also got Tina Armstrong. She has a heavy accent, but there’s not really much else to say about her. She seems like a decent character as well and she gets to enter a fashion show, but her storyline didn’t have much of a plot. Gen Fu is the final big character, but he’s basically the generic old person that’s actually really powerful. We’ve seen guys like him appear in fighting games so many times that it’s scary. His ending is actually one of the darkest and most intense ones.

The ultimate villain in the game is known as Tengu. Everything is apparently his delusion and he makes sure to say this every time you fight him. He seems to have some mind manipulation powers through his dancing. I can’t say that he’s a very good character and he’s pretty full of himself despite his unimpressive abilities. As far as final bosses go, Dead or Alive can definitely do better!

The actual gameplay for Dead or Alive feels pretty unique. It’s very fast paced and the movement makes you feel like you’re back at the arcade. You’ll definitely be trying some button mashing at first, but learning the combos can make all the difference. The critical element in this game’s style is the countering system. It’s pretty critical and it makes you double think all of your attacks. Each of them can easily turn against you. Your health bar can go down very quickly so this is the type of game that makes you want to have a lot of rematches. One thing that I can definitely say for it is that the game definitely has replay value.

The graphics are pretty good and this is definitely one of the better looking PS2 games. You really get to appreciate the animation when you blow up an object. The stages are pretty interactable so you can throw someone off a building and then follow them to the next stage. The stages themselves were really fun and that helped the overall experience. The soundtrack is pretty generic. I can’t really say that there are any exceptional tunes to be heard in this game. Still, the songs aren’t bad…I just don’t remember any of them.

A negative would be the fact that story mode and vs mode are pretty much the only things to do. The game could have earned an 8 if it had just added a few more characters or a longer story mode. Still, this is a fighting game so I wouldn’t expect much more. There are under 15 characters so you really need to hope that you like one of the available ones. That shouldn’t be a problem as they all have pretty different move sets. I became comfortable with most of them, but I’m not a fan of any of the slow characters. It’s unfortunate that this game series became distracted by spinoffs and stopped making good games. Hopefully we could get a nice DOA fighting game for the PS4 at some point.

Overall, this was a pretty fun fighting game despite the empty cover. There may not be a lot of extras and the characters are limited, but it succeeds as a fighting game thanks to the incredible gameplay. That’s the important part and the fact that it has a story mode for everyone is pretty good. It’s deeper than the average Arcade Mode and the stage selection is pretty fun. Dead or Alive can easily hold its own against the big fighting series like Tekken or Street Fighter and it would likely be a household name if all of its games were this good. I definitely recommend this game to all fighting game fans and it won’t disappoint you.

Overall 7/10

Xmen Destiny Review

It’s a decent time to review the new Xmen game since the film is coming out soon. I’ve had my eye on the game for a long time, but it always got stepped on by the other big titles. (Shattered Dimensions, Iron Man 2) Still, I finally managed to buy it and I can safely say that it does manage to look unimpressive, but it’s a decent game anyway.

I have to say that I barely got the game. The first time I bought it for my Birthday…it did not work. Shaken and confused, but not out for the count; I went to Gamestop and exchanged it for another copy. The game worked this time……for a while. Luckily, it worked long enough for me to complete it. Upon my second playthrough, it started to freeze a little more and the sound got a little sketchy. You may wonder why I decided to complete Story Mode twice right? Well, I was aiming for the Platinum and I actually succeeded this time! Number 8 for me and I won’t be forgetting it. Anyway, that’s enough of a prelude…time for the actual game commentary.

You choose which character to play as during the very beginning of the game. They’re all made up, but I quickly went for the guy who had a sinister past. His father was against mutants and he’s not very fond of them either. Will this guy manage to change his ways or will he succumb to the darkness? Admittedly, I also chose him because he’s a long range fighter. I really like close combat, but you don’t get quite as many opportunities to go long range so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

The game has 8 levels, but to spice things up, we’ve also been given some choices. Throughout the game, you can decide to be a hero or a villain depending on the choices that you make. It’s an interesting idea in theory, but the sad truth is that it doesn’t make a difference. No matter what you do, you’ll be doing the exact same things. There may be a minor difference here and there, but it’s extremely minor. It’s made very clear once you’ve played the game both times. Ah well….maybe there wasn’t enough budget to make extra levels.

Back to the plot! A group of anti mutant guys have begun attacking mutants and the actual mutants are being framed by persons unknown. We also have Mr. Hodge, a man who wants to help the mutants out. Cyclops wants to find the villains and put an end to the madness while Magneto wants the same thing…but he will use permanent means. The hero is forced to make the tough choices as things get intense!

The graphics are admittedly sub par, but the cover probably gave you some advanced warning on that. Seriously, since when does a company not even bother to make the cover look good? The in game graphics are basically PS2 level and they aren’t impressive at all. Unfortunately, the game also can’t handle too much action at once so there is a high chance that you can start counting the pixels once you use your ultimate attack. Anytime there are too many fighters onscreen, you can count on some lag in the gameplay. I’m pretty sure that is also why the game has a tendency to freeze. It can’t be coincidence that both of my copies ultimately started to freeze.

The actual gameplay is decent. It’s as generic as third person action games get, but it’s a formula that definitely works. The gameplay is basically the same as a Spider Man installment, but with less variety. You’ll likely spend the game spamming the same attack over and over and over at least 1000 times. The gameplay is extremely repetitious and if I were not such a fan, I probably would have needed to turn the game off a few times. Each character gets 4 different superpowers to use, but odds are that you will only use two of them. The giant laser came in handy and the final smash was great, but I completely ignored the other two super attacks. The super attacks are also incredibly overpowered and they are capable of taking down almost any boss in a single blow. The developers likely noticed this in the final stages of development so you can notice a quick fix. The bosses get a quick moment of invincibility when their health drops below a certain point. This just prolongs everything, but it had to be done right?

This review is turning out to be pretty negative right? No worries, I’m getting to the positives…but first let’s look at some more negatives! I didn’t fully appreciate this until my second playthrough…but you cannot skip cutscenes. That’s terrible! If you lose a fight, you’ll have to keep watching the cutscenes over and over again. I haven’t seen a game do this in a long time. Skipping cutscenes should really be mandatory at this point. This is why I’m glad that I ended up playing the game twice as I almost didn’t realize this the first time. (I don’t skip cutscenes on the first playthrough and I only lost once, but there was no cutscene at that point)

Let’s talk about the character portrayals for a second. Cyclops is the heroic leader….but he’s shown to be very weak. Magneto easily defeats him twice in the span of one level. It’s also a little fishy seeing Cyclops let this new recruit (who can’t be trusted) do all of the missions on his own while the Xmen evacuate civilians. The Xmen help at times…but not very often. Wolverine and Northstar look terrible because they fall under the mind control very easily. Gambit is actually a villain in this game, which was unexpected,

Don’t worry, the heroes aren’t the only ones who look bad! Quicksilver is consistently humiliated throughout the game. He talks tough, but then he gets captured by the anti mutant group…twice. He also gets one shotted by one of the bosses. Magneto also seems to be a little gullible as he actually believes that Cyclops shot down one of the helicopters, which resulted in a mutant perishing. (I do have to say that I was surprised at that scene. One of the big Xmen characters actually dies!) It wouldn’t have been completely unreasonable to think that if Magneto had not been framed a few levels earlier…

Still, aside from those issues, the characters looked decently accurate. Colossus trying to shred the forcefields with his teeth seemed a little out of character, but it happens. Either way you’ll likely forget what the characters are saying as soon as you walk away from them. You’re just waiting to beat up on the hundreds of look alike minions.

The soundtrack is decent. I actually remember a few of the tunes, which is an improvement from the average superhero game. It’s definitely not a 5 Star soundtrack, but I would give it a 3 for effort. The themes are catchy and the best one is the Sentinel boss theme. Another positive is the trophies that you can get for the PS3. None of them are outragous or essentially impossible and they add to the replay value.

Replay Value is one of the few positives for the game. It’s not nearly as extensive as Bleach Soul Resurreccion, but you can play this game for a while. There are 15 challenges to complete and a lot of X-Genes to find. I almost beat the game with 100% during a normal playthrough, but I imagine that the final objects will be tough to find. Also, any game that has trophies automatically has replay value…as long as the trophies are fun. The 8 levels will likely take you around 4-6 hours overall. Then you just need to endure the long credits!

I believe that I’ve basically covered all of the bases. Overall, this game barely manages to stay in the good category thanks to the gameplay, soundtrack, and replay value. The main reason why it did not reach a 7 was due to the short length of the game, the animation, and the fact that you cannot skip cutscenes. This is a good game to rent, but I can’t say that I’d highly recommend buying it. For 10-15 dollars I would recommend picking it up, but if it’s any higher then you should wait a while. Go and pick up Spiderman Shattered Dimensions instead!

Overall 6/10

Dragonball Z Battle of Z Review

DBZ is pretty huge and it is easily one of the greatest ¬†franchises out there. ¬†The anime was revolutionary, the manga was excellent, and the movies were intense. Despite those successes, DBZ is especially known to have incredible fighting games. I dare say that the games surpass the anime in epicness. This game got a lot of hype as the next Budokai Tenkaichi or Raging Blast. That’s a lot of hype to have on it’s back, but if anyone can do it…it is DBZ.

Well, I will start out with the biggest factor that was hyped for this game. 4 player fighting action! The battle scenes can get really chaotic and that’s in a good way. You have 4 fighters on each side which makes for a fun environment. Now, its time to get into the negative side of this. The game put so much emphasis into this that it destroyed the game’s chances of reaching Raging Blast or Budokai Tenkaichi level. The best part of DBZ is playing with friends and really testing your limits. Unfortunately, Battle of Z only has two real modes. Story Mode and Online Battle Mode. That is the crushing negative which keeps on coming. Not having any extra modes like Survival, Local Vs Mode, and Time Attack Mode is basically unheard of. Unfortunately, local multiplayer is starting to get rare as more and more games head to the world of online gaming. I love playing online, but its no excuse eliminate the local aspect.

One consequence of this is the fact that the game doesn’t have much in the way of replay value. Once you beat the game, that’s basically it! The online battle system is a little like Brawl’s. There’s not as much stakes or depth as in War For Cybertron or Tron. It’s fun, but not something that you’ll be playing a whole lot. You’re essentially done with the game at that point and it’s time to go and play the old ones. Hmmmm…

As far as the graphics are concerned, the game is decent. They had to limit them to an extent because of how much action is on the screen. I’d say that it’s harsh to compare them to PS2 games because the graphics are still good. It may not be the best PS3 game in this area, but it’s definitely good enough to be considered solid. The energy attacks can definitely be fun to see from afar as it strikes an opponent.

The soundtrack is a little on the repetitious side. There aren’t a large variety of tunes, but the ones that we do get are pretty good. The themes are typically suitable for this game and you’ll hear them unless a lot of action is currently happening on the field.

The actual gameplay can be a little hit or miss. There are a lot less combos and attacks in this one than the usual installments. Each character really has one finishing string of attacks, but you can change it up by using a power attack or an energy blast. The fighting can get a little repetitive as you’ll find yourself using the same combo a few hundred times through the course of the game. That’s the miss part that may deter many.

I’m pretty fine with it because I’m a repetitious player. I’m the type of guy that will use the same combos in advanced games like Tekken and Marvel Vs Capcom. Once I find a combo that I like, I make sure to keep on using it. I may have to disguise it by starting off with other combos and chain attacks, but I’ll make sure to get back to it. I mainly stuck to playing as Goku and Sage Mode Goku. Sage Mode Goku has a really good power attack that I would spam over and over again. I did a lot of KOing in wifi battles.

Ultimate attacks aren’t really a factor as you’ll never be able to use it in a real fight. It takes about 3-5 minutes to charge up the attack and you’re completely vulnerable to attack. The Ultimate technique instantly destroys all enemies on the field and the battle is over, but it’s not worth it. The move is riskier than Exodia and the chances aren’t very good for your success. Only a handful of characters have an Ultimate Attack anyway so you may not come across it. (Aside from a mandatory Story Mode battle)

Beyond that, you’ll typically have enough energy to throw in a Kamehameha or two. So, the battles are pretty fun. The gameplay may not be the greatest out there, but it’s still DBZ and that’s enough to make anyone want to play. We’ve got a good amount of characters to use and they can also be customized. Increased attack, defense, etc.

PS3 trophies can’t really be a negative since they’re optional, but I can’t say that I’m a fan of some of them. A few trophies require that online strangers agree to help you as you form a specific group. Without boosting, it’s very hard to get this. You can ask them through the microphone and hope for success…but you still have to win the round. Those kind of trophies should not be in the game! Still, this doesn’t affect the overall score.

The story mode now covers the complete DBZ saga while also including many of the movies. This includes the new Battle of Gods film that came out recently. It’s a pretty difficult mission since you have to defeat those two fighters after defeating a few movie villains and Hirudegarn. Unfortunately, story mode covers a lot…and yet it doesn’t do it very clearly. You will know what is happening from the manga, anime, and other video games, but you may get lost from this one. You’ll understand the basic plot, but they skip a whole lot and include scenes that don’t really make sense. You just know that the villains are evil and that they will do anything to realize their ambitions.

A positive for the game can be the fact that it can get pretty difficult towards the end. Unless you’ve customized well, you’ll find that defeating the Bills level is nearly impossible. Tough DBZ games can be nearly impossible traditionally, but this battle style helps to make that a reality through team deaths.

Ally deaths is a feature that I skimmed over so I’ll go into it now. Instead of dying when your health bar fades, you just have a number of lives like a Mario game. How many lives your team gets depends on who your partners are. For example, Broly may have one retry while Krillin would get three. To make up for this, Krillin is a lot weaker than Broly, but it’s effectively 4 fighters against two. In this case, Krillin may be the way to go. So, during a battle you’ll want to protect your allies as you fight. There will be a timer that will give you a few seconds to save your partner before your team loses a life.

I may not have listed a lot of positives, but the game still gets a solid 8/10. You may wonder why the game would get such a high rating. Well, in part it’s because of the franchise. The fact that the game is about DBZ and that we get to relive the storylines is always fun. The gameplay may not be 5 star material, but it’s pretty great. When looking at it without comparisons; I can definitely say that it’s a good way to play. The game may have its holes, but it doesn’t take away from the good aspects of it. If I’d never played the other DBZ games, then who knows…maybe this could have gotten a 9. It’s one of those hypotheticals that is interesting to think about.

Overall, DBZ definitely experimented with the formula a lot in this game. Like Ultimate Tenkaichi, this game would be a disappointment if one thought of it as the next BT game. The new style of gameplay and lack of replay value were not good ideas. Story Mode was watered down and I’m not a huge fan of the online gameplay. I do like the idea of a 4 player battle royale, but without a console like the Gamecube where we had 4 slots right off the bat, it’s tough to really make use of this feature. Still, the first game is usually the trial version so I’m sure that a sequel would work out many of these issues. This is still DBZ and I recommend it if you like a good action game. Maybe not at the standard retail price. Wait until the price goes down and then snap it up! You won’t regret getting the next big DBZ title! I don’t have the platinum for it yet, but I got most of the trophies and in a way, that helps to fix the lack or replay value.

Overall 8/10

Star Wars Racer Revenge Review

Star Wars is a pretty big franchise and just about everyone has heard of it. As a result, we’ve gotten many video games for just about every console. Most of them are action games, but this one decided to take a sharp turn and ended up being about racing. It’s a bold move and it’s time to see if it worked out!

The game has a plot, which involves a racer’s….revenge! The title suddenly becomes clear eh? Sebulba never forgave Anakin for humiliating him in their original race so he has decided to race him once again! I’ll admit that the thought of racing someone like Sebulba may scare many gamers, but I wasn’t one of them! In fact, many of you may not have a chance to feel that fear because you’ll have no idea that there is a plot unless you looked it up. The game has an opening and ending cutscene, but that’s it as far as the in game story goes.

The two main modes are tournament mode and free play. Free play is always fun and tournament mode is basically a must have for any racing game. There are around 15 races in tournament mode and it will definitely test your abilities as a racer and as a Jedi! In all seriousness, the tournament mode was pretty fun. A little short, but the final levels are decently challenging. You should be able to clear them all within 5 tries per race and maybe with fewer. One thing that makes the races easier is the upgrades that you earn. Once you’ve maxed out your speed and power, you’re pretty much set to go. You won’t be able to max out everything in one playthrough, but you’ll be at around 80%. A few more stages would be enough to finish things off once and for all.

This game has a decent amount of replay value through unlocking characters and maxing them out. It takes a little over a playthrough to max out one character and you can try doing that for the 20+ racers. I decided not to do this…..but it’s a fun way to pass the time. Unlocking characters can be difficult as you have to break the records on each stage. There are three records per stage so that’s a lot of record smashing on the menu! You’ll likely get some of them broken during the normal playthrough, but the car smashing is usually something that you will need to aim for.

It barely even needs to be said that free play will give you a lot of replay value as well. Call someone up and then race them on the dangerous tracks! This may have been before the age of wifi, but you’ll probably find some people who still enjoy the game. It’s easy to pick up and the learning curve isn’t too high. It’s classic racing fun at its finest in perfect retro style!

That being said, the game can’t really compete with the big racing titles like Need for Speed and Mario Kart. (I would mention how it stacks up against M&M Racing, but I haven’t gotten around to playing that one yet!) The problem is that you can move at incredible speeds, but it just isn’t as engaging as the other racing titles. The stages are big, but they don’t feel very inspired. You may find yourself trapped a few times as you scramble for the goal.

The soundtrack is not bad, but it can be a little repetitious. You won’t be singing the tunes as you head back to sleep, but you won’t be cringing either. The animation is decent. It may not be the next Kingdom Hearts, but the graphics could be worse. They remind me of the N64 days since the characters are a little blocky, but you don’t typically see them anyway. The cars is what we’re after and they definitely perform well.

Overall, this is a decent Star Wars game. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it is their weakest home console release, but I need to check out the other racing title they came out with first! After that, I can make a better comparison. After all, can you really compare the thrills and chills of fighting with a light saber to floating in a car? I didn’t think so! The graphics and soundtrack are good enough to satisfy me and there is enough replay value to validate the purchase. I think that the game could have benefited from more of a story, but we can’t have it all right? I recommend this game to serious racing fans and lightly to Star Wars fans. That being said, you may just want to wait for the legendary Mario Kart 8 to grace us with its arrival.

Overall 6/10

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Review

Unlike Batman, who has a bit of a sketchy track record when it comes to video games, Spiderman has the greatest track record for any superhero. Sure, his portable games may not be the best, but I’m just talking about the big console Spiderman games. Spiderman 2, Ultimate Spiderman, the Original Spiderman…they were all fantastic games. They revoloutionized the super hero genre and showed us that 3D fighters can still have stealth built into them. While I did not play Spiderman 3, Edge of Time, or Amazing Spiderman yet, I have a feeling that they’re pretty good! Time to see if this game could keep the Spiderman reputation!

The Plot for this game was ambitious since it brings together the 4 big Spidermen! We’ve got the Ultimate version of Spiderman, The 2099 Spiderman, Spiderman from the Noir universe, and….the original Spiderman! Right when I heard that the original Spiderman would be back, along with the Ultimate version..I knew that the game would be good. (Yes, the original Spiderman is in all of the games, but he’s still a deal breaker) The big villain of the game is Mysterio (Unfortunately. Marvel went through a phase where he was The villain for Spiderman games) and he has a relic.

See, these relic (Sort of) objects have a lot of power and they’re messing with the universes. Madame Web is able to contact the 4 different Spidermen and tell them to quickly locate the pieces. Unfortunately, it is Spiderman’s fault that it shattered, but how was he to know that it would have such devastating effects? That being said, he should have beaten Mysterio very quickly due to his spider sense. Now that we have the objectives in mind, it’s time to take on the bosses!

The Gameplay is what you would expect from a traditional Spiderman game. In case you haven’t played one of those before, it’s just a 3D fighter. You get to use your web slinging abilities along with quick combos to maximize damage. The gameplay is very fun and definitely something that you can enjoy. There are a lot of attacks in your arsenal and while Spiderman is the most fun to play as, 2099 can get pretty intense at times as well. Noir and Ultimate are fun in their own rights, but they definitely lack the replay value that the first two have. I’ll go more into depth with their gameplay styles later on in the review.

There are also quick time events for the boss battles, but they play out a little differently than most. Instead of using buttons to counter, you’ll usually use the joy sticks to throw punches in first person mode. After playing quick time events like Naruto and Final Fantasy XIII-2, this game doesn’t hold up as well. The quick times just aren’t as fun and you’re really just spamming the attack buttons. That being said, it only happens once a level so it’s definitely not going to hurt your enjoyment of it.

The gameplay for Spiderman is what you would expect. He uses his web abilities a lot and you can tie opponents up. I like to drag them to me in the air and knock them away, only to drag them back up and continue the combo. It’s a nice way to look cool and get those combo ratings up since the combo doesn’t do that much damage. Spiderman is the most fun to play as and while nothing has really changed in his fight style, he’s just too fun to stop playing as him!

Ultimate Spiderman is drastically different from Spiderman and while they both use combos, Ultimate uses his symbiotic abilities to hit his foes. This gives him a longer range and his attacks can be very chaotic. He doesn’t seem as durable as Spiderman, but you can heal some health while playing as him in rage mode. He did get one of the better levels in the game since it’s Deadpool themed.

Spiderman Noir uses a stealth tactic to fight with his opponents. Apparently, he can be destroyed almost instantly in a straight fight. That’s a little disappointing to his fans, but it makes for some fun gameplay. His style of fighting can get old a little sooner than the others, but it can still be fun for a while. You need to stay in the shadows and then quickly take the opponent down in a single hit so that he can’t signal the others. You use the same approach against bosses, but it takes more than one hit. It’s still a unique way to play a Spiderman game, so that is a good reason to try it out. (Not like you’ll have a choice if you plan on completing the game!)

Spiderman 2099 is the futuristic member of the group and his unique feature is that you get to do some pretty cool dives. You move at incredible speeds while dying and it can be easy to get hit by the objects if you aren’t careful. His “Spider Sense” lets you go through the levels a little easier and while you may not actually stop time, it will definitely help. His charge attack is the best since it allows you to teleport, but all characters have a weakspot. His is the fact that his combos aren’t very good so melee attacks can get pretty dicey. I had to retry one of his levels a few times for that reason.

The game has a lot of things that you can do once you complete it. This is good because the game only has around 12 levels and you can beat it within 4-6 hours. I completed the game on Hard mode later on (For the trophies!) and while it is challenging, it is definitely doable. It’s not as insane as some other hard modes can be and it still feels fair. The villains are tougher, but you’ll do fine if you’re used to the gameplay. Aside from completing levels, there are many challenges to complete to fulfill the Web of Destiny. There are a lot of challenges and the toughest ones are definitely the Gold Spider parts. This is one game that I probably won’t be getting a Platinum in, but it was still a lot of fun.

The Graphics for the game can be considered as an acquired taste. It likely won’t sit well with everyone because they went for a comic book look while also making the animation gritty. The first person moments definitely highlight why this doesn’t work. The game’s cinematic cutscenes look great, but we only get a handful of those. The rest of the cutscenes just aren’t really my style. That being said, this is still PS3. While the character animations may not be my favorite in cutscene form, they look good in real time combat. Likewise, the stage backgrounds and the effects all look really good.

Regarding portrayals, the characters looked pretty good. I think that the heroes looked a little too weak since there are many cutscenes where they are knocked out. That would definitely be my gripe since the villains are no match. Each hero got three villains from his universe. Spiderman dealt with Kraven, The Juggernaut, and Sandman. Each of these guys can be considered as a formidable threat (Except Kraven) and their boss battles were fun. Sandman’s had the most gimmicks, so it wasn’t quite as good as Juggernaut’s or Kraven’s boss battles. There isn’t anything wrong with their portrayals.

Ultimate Spiderman had to fight Electro, Deadpool, and Carnage. That’s definitely an all star cast and Carnage’s level was very intense. Electro had a nice setting and Deadpool had the best level in the game. He’s constantly mocking Spiderman and he makes for a really fun (and difficult) boss fight. Deadpool looked amazing and this is probably his best video game appearance. Spiderman Noir fought Vulture, Goblin, and Hammerhead. His villains are definitely the dullest and I can’t root for any of them. I’m assuming that this is how they act in the comics, but none of them are likable characters. Spiderman 2099 fought Scorpion, Doctor Octopus, and Hobgoblin. Naturally, these are the 2099 versions, so they’re a lot different than what you may have expected. Hobgoblin was cool, but the other two are your average villains. There isn’t really anything remarkable about these guys at all.

One improvement that the sequel could make is the story mode. As mentioned earlier, there are only a few cinematic cutscnenes. After you find out what the goal is, the story basically stops. I would have liked a deeper plot in the game. It just wasn’t that engaging and Mysterio can’t be taken seriously. It’s not a bad plot, but it just didn’t go into that much depth. I have heard that the next one has a deeper story, so it seems like they fixed this problem.

Overall, this is a intense and awesome Spiderman game. It features a lot of reasons to keep on playing and playing as the hours go by. This game should last for a decent while and the gameplay is very fun. One thing that may give you pause is the lack of a soundtrack, but it could definitely be worse and I’m hoping that the sequel will correct this. It might not be able to handle some of the older Spiderman games, but it’s still a very good game to buy and I recommend it. Fans of any super hero game that’s come out in the last 10 years should enjoy it and anyone who likes to see some action. I know that a sequel has come out for the game and I have my eye on it. That being said, they also made one based off of the new film which could prove to be interesting. Decisions, decisions. In the end, There’s really no reason not to get this game!

Overall 8/10