Generator Rex Agent of Providence Review


Generator Rex always looked like a pretty fun show, but I haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. Either way, the game was a must buy since it’s a 3D beat em up. Those games are always very fun and you’ll have a lot of fun spamming the attack buttons to lead you all the way to victory. Easy Trophies also make it a keeper Could this game live up to the hype?

Well, the hype was definitely immense as the Gamestop employee even told me that I had made a good choice. He claimed that Generator Rex wasn’t your average cash-in and that it was actually pretty good. It was under 10 dollars so what would be the harm? The plot involves Generator Rex as he must find all of the pieces of the super important blueprint to keep them safe before Van Kleiss can get his hands on them. Rex also needs to make sure that Circe is okay since she seems to be heading for the dark side.

The plot is very simple and that’s expected since the game has less than 10 hours. The gameplay is what you’d typically find in a cash-in video game as it’s 3D with a very simplistic method of attack. You have about 3 different attacks per weapon and I recommend spamming the light attacks forever. Just keep on attacking and the villains will never have time to fight back. Once you get the Omega Builds, the game gets that much easier. The fact that the game is really easy and basic isn’t a crushing loss since we would expect no more from this game during the get go.

I’ve actually grown fond of this gameplay that we find in a lot of the cheaply priced games. (Thor, Batman, Hulk and dozens of other games that I could mention) The game is still in 3D and simple or not, it’s a pretty fun experience to take all of the opponents down. The gameplay also does get a quick variation for some levels as you get a sky diving level. That one was pretty fun and while it was easy, it was a nice change of pace. There’s also a level where you’re on a motorcycle and while the controls may have been a little sketchy, I always love a good race!

One warning that I would give to people interested in the game is the fact that there isn’t much replay value. After you’ve beaten the game, you can go and find the last remnants of DNA and get trophies, but not even that will last for very long. There are upgrades that you can buy, but you’ll probably attain that shortly after you finish story mode since there aren’t many upgrades to buy and they don’t cost that much money. I ended up having over 50000 left in reserve after I got the Platinum trophy. Replaying levels can be good for another time, but since there are cutscenes that can’t be skipped and the levels aren’t exactly Adventure 2 Battle level, you won’t want to keep on replaying them.

The soundtrack is decent and while there are some good tunes, you won’t remember them by the time that you leave. The animation…is pretty bad for a PS3 game. It really looks like an older PS2 game and can even bridge the way to a PS1 game. Definitely not something that will be able to help the PS3 overthrow the gamecube.

The main characters weren’t anything special either. Agent Six gets a lot of hype but he doesn’t get any good scenes and he never challenges any of the big bosses. Generator Rex is about what you’d expect and he talks a good game without anything to back up. He gets suckered several times and he doesn’t really recover from that. Circe wasn’t a good character either as she had some serious problems trying to choose a side to help. The villains were all one shots and Van Kleiss was basically suckered at the end.

Overall, this is a decent popcorn fun video game. It’s sold for less than 10 at most places and that makes it a decent buy. You’ll have fun while you’re playing it, but you should only expect it to be a temporary hobby and it’ll be over very soon. It’s good if you just want a little placeholder game to last for around a week. I recommend this game if you want a platinum or to sit back and play a fun game. If you’re looking for an incredible PS3 experience, make sure that you go and buy Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations!

Overall 7/10

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Madden 2011 Review


All right, I’ve been on a Madden roll lately! Madden 10 was definitely one of the weaker additions to the franchise, but Madden 2012 was one of the best ones that I’ve played in a while. I figured that Madden 2011 was the bridge between the two games and I’m happy to say that I was right. It’s a solid game that was much better than 2010, but not quite at 2012′s level.

The gameplay speed is decently good. There is no longer a button to sprint with so the game is all about tactical awareness. You want to make sure that you know where you are going and that you have great reflexes at the ready. Running the ball works pretty well with this new style and it’s definitely a blast to try and out think the defender. Stiff arms work to an extent, but you must time them well and it’s still a matter of chance. I don’t typically any other techniques as I barrel into the opponent for epic yardage.

Passing the ball is one area where this game made dramatic improvements. When you throw a bullet pass, you can definitely tell that you’re throwing it with a lot of speed. The throws are very quick so it’s harder for the defender to jump in front and grab the ball before your frozen player can catch it. Throwing long balls is still pretty tricky as the defender has all of the time in the world to grab an easy pick. If your guy is wide open then you’ll be okay, but otherwise I don’t recommend the deep bombs.

For once, I can also mention that the defense has improved. I’ve been fine with playing defense in all of the Madden games and I typically aim for sacks. In this game, you can finally go for interceptions as it’s a lot easier than usual. It can still be tough and your player may not always do what you want him to do, but it’s fun to try.

One criticism about the defense would be the tackling aspect. When you’re going for a sack and try for a quick dive, you player will just fall on his face. The “dive” barely covers any distance and your player will be walking with the amazing speed of lead. In this game, you’re much better off trying to just barrel into your opponent and maybe even get a fumble out of it.

Oh yes! I have to mention the new Fumble Battles! I really do not like these and they’re just not that fun. When a player fumbles, you have the chance to get it back by hitting the required buttons a lot of times and beat the computer. The computer is really good at this and will typically win. I just don’t like that this occurs for just about all fumbles. Not every fumble should be a big battle. I also think that it could have been handled in a much better way.

Punting and kicking are pretty good as well. The meter simplifies things and makes it easy enough to kick a nice field goal. I like to go for it on 4th downs, but if it’s a serious game then I definitely want to be prepared to go for the game winning field goal. One tip that I would give is to make sure that the Accel clock is off. It takes the fun out of parts of the game since it skips seconds for you.

Animation and graphic wise, this game is about the same as the others. Either you’re a fan of it or you’ll think that it looks dated. I’ve enjoyed the animation for all of the Madden games since 2002 so I’d say that this one definitely looks good. There are definitely more animations to sift through before a game, but if you stick around and watch them, the game becomes even more realistic.

Overall, this is definitely a solid football game. It’s easily one of the better Madden games and for the most part, I’d say that the game got everything right. It’s a game that will keep you entertained for dozens and dozens of hours and you’ll never run out of things to do. The franchise mode looks as sleek as ever and you’ll feel like you’re in a real season! I’d highly recommend buying this Madden or going for 2012. Either way, you’re in for some epic football action!

Overall 8/10

Lego Marvel Superheroes Review


Lego Marvel got a lot of hype when the release date drew near. DC has owned the Lego side of things for a long time and Marvel was finally ready to take what was rightfully theirs! This game would have over 100 characters and have a plot which would feature many well known heroes and villains. Was it a success!?

Well, the Story Mode has 14 levels. Each level has a final boss, but they also tend to have one (or more) other bosses before that point. Each level focuses on a different group of heroes (Some appear more than once, but it’s understandable since they’re so popular) and they go to challenge the villain. Spiderman ends up saving the heroes quite a few times.

The plot revolves around the fact that Loki has assembled a powerful villain group and they’re looking to get the Cosmic Bricks. Along the way, the Tesseract also gets involved and the Avengers must reclaim it. The plot starts off as being pretty Avengers centered, but don’t worry, The Xmen come to help as well. They get their own plot once the Tesseract is in their area and they’re forced to deal with the Juggernaut. It was good to see Cyclops back in action since it’s been so long and it was a very nostalgic experience. We don’t want to forget the Fantastic Four either and Mr Fantastic gets a decent role. The Thing tries to say his catchphrase a lot, but it may be tougher than he thinks.

The game is largely inspired by the MCU for the Avengers cast so it was especially interesting to see how they interacted with guys like Spiderman and the Xmen. Agent Coulson is pretty good in the game and he always seems to be on alert. Nick Fury is constantly sipping from his giant cup of soda (I assume that it is soda) and he’s always throwing the cup around, which is where Coulson comes in. Maria Hill also has a tendency to drop her cup as well, so Shield definitely shouldn’t be around fragile objects.

The ending of the game is pretty intense and you’ll want to stick around for the sequel. The sequel probably won’t be out for a while, but you can definitely keep busy in this game. Lego Marvel has a very large amount of replay value and there are so many things that you can do. The hub world is pretty huge and there are loads of side missions (The races are epic) and things that you can do to have fun. Once you are aboard the Hellicarrier, you can also access the shop for characters and other cool things. You can head to Deadpool’s room and read some comics, or you can even make your own character. With all of the characters around, I don’t think that you’ll need to make anyone, but it can be fun to see yourself fighting super villains.

After beating all of the levels the first time, you can go back to rescue Stan Lee and collect all of the collectibles. If you don’t want to use the same characters, you can bring anyone that you want. From Thanos to Galactus to Agent Coulson, the game’s made sure to give you a very solid arsenal of characters. Each character has a specific type which enables him/her to break certain kinds of blocks or use their powers to the fullest. You’ll want to find the right combinations to get everything right on the first go.

The comedy isn’t bad either. The characters are used for comedy, but you should be prepared for that if you’re buying a lego game. Captain America gets a lot of good lines and while the villains may not come across as smoothly, they do their best. The animation is lego centered so it’s not going to look like Mario Galaxy 2, but the facial expressions are pretty fun. Iron Man and Nick Fury tend to have the best expressions from all of the characters. The gameplay is similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance. There are less attacks per character, but with such a large roster, we can definitely overlook that. If you like overhead, then you’ll definitely like the gameplay a lot. Either way, you’ll enjoy flying as it is done pretty well. I still haven’t mastered the controls, but you can definitely cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time.

This is a pretty fun game to buy. There are a ton of Marvel references to be on the lookout for and it’s a nice way to get to know the universe. My only warning would be that the game does have some glitches (Getting stuck in between a wall and a bush for example) but you can always exit and come back later. If you’re in two player mode, then you can just have the second player blow you up which will sometimes end the glitch. As I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of replay value so this game should last you a long time. You definitely get your money’s worth with this purchase and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the game.

Overall 7/10

Bakugan Defenders of The Core Review


Bakugan has spawned several video games in the past and I am proud to say that I own them all. I did not review the first game as it was before I started reviewing games, but it was great. The second game had a very solid battle style, but I deducted points since it was so short. Finally, we have this one. The gameplay is completely different from the previous installments, which could definitely pose a problem. Was the game fun anyway? I suppose that it’s time for us to find out!

You play as an original character who looks very similar to the guy from the first game. I like to think that it’s the same guy, but that would present some plot problems. Nonetheless, he becomes a pretty good character by the end of the game, but never becomes as exciting as the hero of the first game. The main character uses Drago and the game starts you off with a bang! Dan has challenged you to a brawl and he’s using Maxus Drago, the ultimate Bakugan monster. Things go haywire and the main character is sent to an alternate dimension!

The characters have the same personalities, but they seem to be a lot weaker. Dan has no idea who Maxus Drago is and he just uses the standard version. The Vexos have been attacking the planet and they’ve kidnapped/taken control of nearly every monster. Drago escapes and the main character uses him to fight the villains. Will one monster be enough to stop everyone else?

The other characters aren’t able to help in this battle since the Vexos have created a way to make them unable to brawl. Dan and friends can only watch as the main character takes on legions of villains by himself. Will the main character be able to defeat them all, or is it a lost cause already?

The actual story mode is pretty short and you’ll probably finish it in under 4 hours. This game definitely wasn’t created for its length, but that’s a small downer. I won’t be taking major points off for that since the content that’s in the game is really fun. The actual story mode never drags on and while the graphics aren’t the greatest, the character designs are good. The villains are fairly uninteresting although Spectra isn’t bad. At least he had a cool design to back him up.

Let’s get into the gameplay, which is the meat of the game. The gameplay is definitely similar to the classic DBZ BT series, but with giant monsters. You’re in complete 3D environments and you knock the opponents out with solid combos and energy blasts. One critical part of the battle is the blocking factor. You can usually block in a fighting game, but Bakugan takes it to the next level. You can block just about any attack and quickly start your counter.

Why do we care? Well, this really means that you’ve got to stay alert at all times. When two fighters are taking random swings at each other, there can be many different block/counters in a single barrage. Your reflexes need to be in top shape to handle this. The concept was definitely risky, but I’d say that it payed off. It makes the battles a little more exciting. Each Kaiju monster gets two cards to help him out during the fight. Usually, you’ll have some sort of energy blast and a large combo, or a barrier. Once you’ve built up enough energy, you can go ahead and use the card. They aren’t a huge factor, but they can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The game has many positives, but replay value may be an issue. The gameplay is awesome so you’ll always have fun through multiplayer, but if you’re playing by yourself, then it may get old. The A.I. isn’t especially difficult and there really isn’t anything to do once you’ve gotten all of the items in Story Mode. You’ll eventually come to the point where there’s really no reason to play. Replay Value may hurt the game a little, but multiplayer is the important part.

I definitely have a soft spot for the Bakugan franchise. With this game out of the way, I only have one game in the series that I need to play. The first three games were very good so the fourth will have big shoes to fill. Considering that it’s a Bakugan game, I doubt that it will present much of a problem. The soundtrack for this game is pretty good and while it’s not up to par with the first one, it’s definitely good enough. I’d highly recommend buying this one as soon as you can. It may not last you as long as a Final Fantasy game, but it’s just so fun that you need to play it. Such a great experience just can’t be missed when the price isn’t even so high. I enjoyed the game so much that I even went and got the Platinum!

Overall 8/10

Family Game Night 4 The Game Show Review


Family Game Night is a pretty fun franchise since you can just jump in and start playing the games. You don’t need to worry about entering really hard levels or wondering where you are up to in the plot. That being said, there aren’t a lot of minigames to choose from, which means that the game won’t have as much replay value as other games that focus on recreational activities. I’ll talk about each of the games and then we’ll see how the game stacks up.

First, let’s talk about Connect 4 Basketball! The game is pretty fun, but the aiming can be difficult to master. One problem is that the balls are launched pretty quickly, which means that many players may just fire 4 balls into the same spot as quickly as they can. It’ll become more of a speed battle than a battle of wits at that point. I guess that would be where the tricky aiming would come into play. It’s a decently fun game, but it’s not something that will hold your interest for a very long time. That being said, it is my second favorite game in the video game.

Next up, we have Sorry! Sliders. This one is my least favorite from the batch. I’ve never been a fan of the game, (I do like the Sorry! game though) and it takes a lot longer to finish a round than the others. The controls are simple enough and the computers usually won’t do so well, but this game is meant to be a multiplayer experience anyway. Still, I would recommend skipping this minigame.

Another game on the list is Yahtzee! Bowling. I’m not a huge fan of this minigame either. The actual card part is fun since it’s essentially Poker. Poker is one of the best card games and the rules are simple, but effective. The bowling is really unnecessary and doesn’t really add anything to the game. It just ends up slowing everything down and making the minigame less enjoyable. The game is all right, but relies heavily on luck and that doesn’t really translate well into a video game.

We also have Bop It! Boptagon. This one is easily one of the best minigames and I’d say that it may have the second most replay value. It’s essentially “Simon Says” as you follow the commands that are on the screen. This one does take concentration as the sudden lights can make you pick something that you weren’t planning on picking. Your reflexes actually work against you in this game which is a nice change of pace. If you are buying this video game, I would assume that this minigame is the main reason for your purchase.

Finally, we have Scrabble Flash. This game is my personal favorite out of the bunch. Picking out the words hidden among the letters can actually be pretty challenging. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart and it takes a good vocabulary. Some of the words may seem obvious, but others can be extremely difficult to pick out. This game never really gets old and has a great level of replay value.

Those are all of the minigames that are in Family Game Night. You can challenge the Game Show, but it’s basically just a mode that lets you play all five of the minigames. You should do it for the PS3 trophies, but there’s not much of a point to play it otherwise. The animation for the game is sub par at best and I would say that there are many Nintendo 64 games that show more heart. The mascot can be extremely annoying and is essentially a Mario that went wrong.

This definitely wouldn’t be the highest game on my list to recommend, but if you want to check it out…by all means. It’s certainly not the worst game that you could get and it’s much better than Family Game Night 3. This can be a fun little game to play with your friends or to use as a way to relax. That being said, if you want to play a real Party game, check out Mario Party 4!!

Overall 6/10

Madden 2012 Review


It is now time for the Madden 2012 review! As I hinted in my Madden 2010 review, Madden 2012 definitely improves and brings things closer to the good ole GC era. I don’t own Madden 2011 yet so I do not know if it’s a bridge that started the uphill battle, but once I buy that game, you can expect a review for it as well.

For once, let’s just skip to the main part of the gameplay right away. Immediately you can see a huge difference in the game. The gameplay is a lot quicker and everything seems to flow a lot better. The controls can still be a little delicate; you must move in a straight line and be careful not to turn the joy stick or your character will start to stutter and slow down. That being said, there are ways to quickly turn and dodge defenders, but it’s a learning process. I’ll take the speed and precision over the slowness that Madden 2010 presented any day!

The passing game is also improved and deep balls are a little easier to command. They still aren’t exceptionally easy, but they’ll do. It’s always a risk since the defender may decide to jump up and grab an easy pick, but the risk is part of the fun right? I found it easiest to throw down the middle to the tight end, as he was usually open and it’s hard to mess up such an easy play. There are fewer things that can go wrong in this case.

The running game is definitely more enjoyable as well. It can still be risky to use outside pitches, but they’re more fun to use now that the running back is fast again. Quarterback scrambles are also fun and if you play your cards right, you’ll net some pretty large gains. The way I see it, a running play usually won’t get you more than a few yards, but it’s still worth it for that rare occurrence where you break free for 20+ yards. It’s all about barreling into the defensive line until they give way. You can think of it as an endurance battle!

Kicking the ball is still relatively easy, which is definitely a good thing. I am confident with kicks from 30 yards and under but once we hit 40, I will definitely have a tough time getting the goal. The animation is still pretty solid and while it’s not very different from Madden 2010, you can still tell that the animation is better in this game.

I may as well dedicate a few lines to the music. I’ve never played a sports game where I thought that the music was incredible and this one is no exception. While playing the game, you won’t even care what the music is. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget that there is music playing at all. I wouldn’t say that the music is awful, but it is sub par. As I mentioned earlier, this is the case with just about every sports game so I’ve come to expect it.

There are still other modes to play, like making your own character in Superstar mode. I personally don’t really use them as Franchise Mode is the only one that I really care about. I hope that they add minicamp mode again someday, perhaps in Madden 2013. It’s the only other mode that I would just play around with for a long time. Franchise mode is great but some things can take a while though, thanks to the long loading times if you want to skip the Preseason. Still, you can’t go wrong with Franchise mode, as it’s a great way to feel like you’re really in the NFL. Now if only they could figure out how to do this with PSN, a whole league would be epic. Something like Fantasy Football, but with actual games. It would be tough to set up, but also pretty awesome.

I definitely recommend getting this game since it’s the best next gen Madden game that I’ve played so far. I can safely say that Madden 2009 and 2010 don’t hold a candle to this one. This is a great way to get into the sport and also a way to have fun during Football season. Play as your favorite team and enter the new season. The gameplay is exciting as always and thanks to Franchise mode, there is a lot to do. Even without Franchise mode, you could find yourself playing this game for dozens and dozens of hours to come.

Overall 8/10

Madden 2010 Review

I have always been a fan of the Madden series. It’s true that the games don’t seem to change very much and you could buy a Madden from 2004 and have an even better experience than if you went and bought Madden 25. The reason is not only was Madden 2004 the best Madden game of them all, but it essentially did everything right. A lot of the “improvements” that have been made have actually been bad for the series. This review is of Madden 2010, so I’ll be focusing on that year.

When launching the game, you’ve got several options. Franchise mode and many others, but that’s the only one that you need to care about. Franchise mode is what I’ve grown up with and it’s the best thing to play. I do miss the fact that we don’t have a minicamp mode anymore. You can play them in franchise mode, but what about checking them out for fun? That was one area where Madden 2010 took a turn for the worst, but let’s talk about the critical difference.

Turning the game on and paying an ordinary match is what Madden is all about. Unfortunately, the actual gameplay isn’t quite as fun as it used to be. It’s still really fun and I could play it for hours, but there are several factors that hurt it. One of these is the fact that the gameplay is a lot slower. I suppose that you could take this to be more “realistic” but it just doesn’t work. Playing on a virtual field is much different than on a normal field for many reasons. One is the fact that the field itself feels a lot smaller. Odds are that if you’re sacked in the game, you’ll lose around 10 yard because of how short the field is. Trying to run an outside route is risky because if they catch you, you’ll end up losing a whole bunch of yards.

They’ve “refined” the passing game so that your throw greatly depends on how you angle the control stick. This is okay since Madden 2004 did this as well, but Madden 2010 overdoes it. If you hold up and throw the ball, you’ll often overthrow your receiver and if you’ve got the wrong direction on the controller, you’ll probably be throwing a pick six. Making the controls more sensitive isn’t a bad thing in itself, but it takes some of the fun out of the passing game. I loved throwing a lot of deep balls and seeing what would happen.

The running game also seems to be a lot more difficult than in previous games. Because of the reduced speed of the gameplay, breaking into a sprint may not be enough to get our of the backfield. If a defender punches through the defenses, you won’t have the speed to evade him. This game seems to emphasize running between the tackles as opposed to taking outside pitches, which is too bad since that’s how I typically like my running game.

All the same, these changes may not be my favorite, but the gameplay is still very fun overall. Maybe the running game is more challenging, but that will just make a long run more satisfying right? For passing plays, it’s still easy enough to throw a short pass to your tight end or a screen pass to the running back. I may just have to lighten up on my Hail Mary type throws.

The animation is definitely solid and while we aren’t in the perfect Gamecube era anymore, the PS3 is the next best thing in terms of graphics. Yep, after the Gamecube, I believe that the PS3 has the greatest graphics from all of the consoles so far. PS4 has a shot at taking it down, but we’ll see if it can take down the Gamecube. The tackles have more variety in Madden 2010 than in Madden 2004, but the sacks aren’t as impacting. You could practically feel the charge when you sacked an opposing quarterback in Madden 2004. It was just so thrilling to see! Likewise with interceptions, but they don’t feel as exciting in Madden 2010. I’m not sure why that is, the sound effects may be lower or something. Either way, it’s minor and I’m sure that you can adjust something like that in the options menu.

Let’s talk about one major positive where I feel that the game may have improved. That would be in the kicking area. Kicking a long range field goal was virtually impossible in Madden 2004 because you could never really defy the wind currents. Your kick would go off target towards the wind or against it, but it was hard to actually get the field goal. In Madden 2010, it’s not quite as difficult and while kicking a 60+ could still be unheard of, 30-35 yards and under are a lot simpler.

Overall, the game may have made the gameplay a little less enjoyable by taking away the speed factor, but it’s still a very fun game. If you had not played the older games, then you wouldn’t even notice. The fact that kicking a field goal is now an easy task is definitely a plus as well. The animation is solid and the games are slowly adding more and more features that make it like a real football game. Some things may just slow down the flow of the game, but if you’re in the middle of Franchise mode, you’ll probably be glad to see how the other teams are doing. This game and 2009 are my least favorite Madden games that I’ve really gotten to play, but things take a turn for the better once we hit Madden 2012. I shall be reviewing that game shortly so keep an eye out for it! I’ve already said it several times, but I’ll say it one last time to make sure that the message lasts. While the review may have pointed out most of the negatives in Madden 2010, it’s still a great game. The gameplay is really fun and never gets tiring. If I wasn’t so busy with other games, I could see myself playing it for many hours. There is a ton of replay value and franchise mode could theoretically last you years if you play season after season after season. I definitely recommend getting this game if you want a fun football experience, but if you want the ultimate NFL experience, make sure that you buy Madden 2004.

Overall 7/10

Bakugan Battle Trainer Review


Bakugan is pretty big franchise and it’s always looked exciting. I’ve never seen the anime or checked out any of the reading material, but I consider myself to be an experienced fan. Why is that? Well, I own the first PS3 game and I own the 2nd PS3 game, along with the next DS game. From the title of the review, we can also figure out that I own this one, meaning that I’ve got the whole collection. I’m pretty psyched to work on the PS3 one, but I have a lot of PS3 games on the back burner so we’ll see how quickly I’m able to get through it.

The first game in the series was pretty incredible so this game had some really big shoes to fill. The game started out at a quick disadvantage since they would be getting rid of most of the marble part of the gameplay and just keeping in the turn based system. After playing it, I can say that the gameplay hasn’t fallen too far. Getting rid of the marble gameplay is a little disappointing, but the turn based part is great on its own as well.

The gameplay in itself would probably net the game an 8. I was tempted to give the game such a high rating, but there just wasn’t enough content. The game has 25 levels which may sound decent, but the levels are over in a matter of minutes. I completed the entire game in about a day and it’s much less when you consider how long I was actually playing the game. It’s only a few hours long and did I mention that the game is ultimately easy? If you are not at a high enough level to defeat the enemy, just beat a minigame which will drastically increase your monster’s attack points. Each minigame ranged from around 30 seconds to a minute and a half. If you play the mini games enough, your monsters will easily be strong enough to win the battle.

The actual plot of the game is good and the Earth is in trouble. The main villain, Vector, has kidnapped all of the Bakugan from Earth. He is mind controlling them and he plans to create the ultimate Bakugan and take over the world! Maybe even destroy it when he’s good and ready. Dan (The Man) must use his new Bakugan to save his original Bakugan and also save the planet while he’s at it. The cutscenes are comprised of stills, but they have more variations than the average game so they’re still fun to watch.

The main problem is the fact that the villain’s will constantly say the same things over and over again. Nearly all of the dialogue is recycled footage and it can get a little repetitive. The soundtrack is leagues under the PS3 game and I miss the main character from the game as well. Dan is still solid and he can hold his own game so it’s not a very big loss. The supporting characters don’t really get to do anything in this game so I don’t really have any opinions on them. The animation is really good for the stills, but not so good for the actual gameplay. They look really weird and you may think that we’re back in the GBA era. (Some of those games had better graphics) Still, who needs good animation when the gameplay is so fun right?

The main menu is pretty bare bones and there is really nothing to do after you’ve beaten the game. You can replay the old levels and power up your monsters I suppose. It will certainly be easy enough since the levels go up really fast, but there isn’t much of a point in the long run. I just stuck with a Fire, Fire, Grass combo to take out all of my opponents. It’s a really solid roster to have, especially since the final villain uses dark types.

Overall, I definitely recommend this game. The main drawback is the fact that the game is so short and that’s why I’ve made sure to warn you about this. You will be done with the game in about a day and there may not be much reason to start playing it again. It may be destined to go back in the drawyer for all of eternity, but I still recommend that you buy the game. It may be short, but the gameplay is pretty great and I had a blast. Sometimes a game may be short, but the gameplay can still make it incredible. (Bleach for PS3. Although that one had a lot of other modes to help the length) Let’s not forget that LASERMAN is in the game as well! Also, watch out for the epic, twist ending. Let’s just say that things got real!

Overall 7/10

Street Fighter IV Review


Street Fighter is a very popular fighting game series that has earned quite a large fan base over the years. Some would argue that the games even top the Mario games, but that’s a debate for another time. I have played several Street Fighter games in the past, but this is the first mainstream one that I have owned. Was it spectacular?

The intro is pretty good and we’ve definitely got a lot of good animation going. The intros for each character’s arcade mode is pretty good as well. It feels like a nice anime episode that you may have caught on TV. The character’s also get their own endings although Ryu’s may seem a little depressing for some.

The gameplay is definitely the main reason that people have come to play the game. (Along with the nice multiplayer options) The gameplay is pretty solid and I can see why the game has so many fans. Mastering all of the combos can definitely take a while and even then, it’s hard to stay consistent. One wrong turn on the control stick and you’ll be using a completely different attack. I must say that I love the challenge! Of course, good ole button mashing will still take you pretty far. I’ve nearly won 50 online battles using this technique and also classic mind games. (Setting someone up with a Hadoken and then using an Uppercut!) The best part is that luck isn’t a factor in this game. (Very minimally at most) If you lose, you just have to accept the fact that you never stood a chance.

There is also a Challenge Mode in the game, but I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite. I don’t really like the way that they went about creating it. There are only 100 challenges, but since each challenge is several rounds long, it’ll take you a very long time. I did a few challenges myself, but I don’t really have the time to finish them all at the moment.

The online battles can definitely be fun. You can make a match or join one. They even have tournaments where you can really test your skills! They keep track of your online records, but you don’t get to see your opponent’s while you’re battling. I think that I would have liked that option, but it doesn’t matter very much. The player data that they keep for you in the main menu is pretty useful and while it could be a little more in depth, (Like how much Ultra combos you’ve used) it is good enough. Play time is always the most important thing anyway.

The graphics are pretty good. I wouldn’t call them groundbreaking or anything, but they suffice. While they can’t hold a candle to other PS3 games like Soul Calibur V and FFXIII-2, they are still solid. The trophies for this game aren’t insanely hard either, although you may still find yourself in a jam a few times. (All Medal types, 100 wins, Completing all challenges)

This is a game that I would definitely recommend. If you’re a fan of fighting games that require technique and don’t really have any gimmicks, then this is your game. The character selection is pretty good and there are over 15 characters. Around 20-30 I believe, but I decided not to go and check. One very solid thing about this game is the amount of replay value. There is plenty to do in this game and you could find yourself playing it for dozens of hours.

Overall 8/10

Soul Calibur V Review


Soul Calibur has always been a cool fighting series. There is a lot more sword fighting than other fighting series. (Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, etc) I’ve always been a big fan of swords and I think that it’s a cooler way of fighting. Prior to this game, I’d only owned Soul Calibur II. (Link FTW!) Could this game continue the epic legacy?

Well, this game has an actual story mode, which was a great addition. The game is 20 chapters long which is like playing Arcade Mode three times. That’s not too bad and the game took me 2:30 to complete. Of course, that’s counting the good ole days of Vs. Mode and ranking up in Quick Battle mode. This game feels really modern which is something that I’ve always liked about PS3. The games always seem to be much higher tech than the other consoles. I mean, just look at MVC3, FFXIII-2, Bakugan, etc. They all have really vibrant colors and the gameplay is nice and fluid.

One interesting thing about Story Mode is that the game takes place several years after the last few games. So, you will recognize some of the characters, but they’re definitely older than we remember. The story mode follows Patroklos (The son of Sophita) as he journeys to find his sister, Pyrrha. He realizes that the man he was serving had just been using him to further his own ends. Patroklos escapes and finds the Soul Calibur. Unfortunately, his sister has turned into a Malfested. Can Patroklos save her, or will he have to make the “Ultimate Sacrifice!”. While you play as Patroklos for most of the levels, Pyrrha is also playable for a couple of battles. Her lines are pretty unique when she wins and you may not even be able to tell that she just won. Her Malfested form is pretty cool and helped the series to get to new heights in terms of power. Nightmare is also epic, even though he’s currently using a decently unlikable character. I dare say that Nightmare’s design grows more and more epic as the games go on.

Aside from the story mode, there are a lot of other modes to play. We have the Legendary Souls mode. It’s essentially a Boss Battle mode and while it may be pretty quick, these guys have a lot of skill. I wouldn’t underestimate them if I were you! We’ve also got the traditional Quick Battle mode which will help you with trophies and give a nice boost to your record.

Let’s not forget about the realm of online gaming! You can challenge others and improve your online record. Unlike Brawl, your record in Wifi is public and you won’t be forgetting that anytime soon. It adds more incentive to the battles and really makes you give it your all. Just watch out for Rage Quitters!

The Trophies for this game aren’t outrageous and you should be able to get most of them in no time. This game has a lot of replay value and the battle style never gets old. Not everyone will agree that it beats Tekken and SF, but I’d say that it does. There are so many ways to approach a fight and it’s fun using your tactics. Ezio is the guest character in this game, but I can’t say that he’s nearly as fun as Link was.

One thing that I should definitely mention is the Character Customizer. Soul Calibur is known to have the best one and I’ve seen people make characters that resemble Link, Mario, and even Bass EXE! I’m definitely going to give that a shot at some point and it sounds fun. You could almost buy the game for this reason alone. Think of it as a console version of Mugen! There’s no end to the possibilities and it’s definitely fun to play around with.

The character roster may not be huge in this game, but it’s big enough. 28 is a solid number and then we have the custom characters which increases it by a lot. The stage count is also impressive and I’m glad that they added a solid number of them. Having a good amount of stages is nearly as important as having a lot of characters so that we get variety.

Overall, this is a solid game that is definitely worth your money. The game brings a whole new level of excitement to the franchise and you will feel every blow. There is enough content here so that you can keep playing it for a long time. Getting to level 99 is a long, but not tedious journey. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series and I hope that it comes soon.

Overall 8/10