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Hulk vs Superman

Okay guys here it is. I think Superman can beat Hulk. While Hulk is really powerful, but he’s way too slow. Superman can outspeed him. All Superman has to do it keep hitting Huk at high speeds and not get hit. Superman takes this match. Now no one can think I am an anti Superman fan. I just don’t think he can beat some people. He still can beat a lot of people though.

Superman wins

38 thoughts on “Hulk vs Superman”

  1. I agree. It’s the speed and extra powers that give Superman the edge over The Hulk. If you grounded them both, set up some rules, like a boxing or MMA match, then Hulk has a chance because the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. But in a “real” fight, Superman should win because there would be no reason for him to just stand there and trade punches with The Hulk. He could just fly @ him @ super-speed, grab The Hulk and fly him up into outer space, and leave him floating in orbit.

      1. Raw power is all well and good but without speed Hulk can’t land a hit on Superman. Superman is too fast and he’s not exactly weak either….Well for DC anyway

      2. We’re speaking “realistically.” The original Doomsday fight was written as a typical “comic-book fight”, with the pre-determined outcome being Superman’s death, so that’s what happened. But it was very weak. It’s the same way everytime Superman and Batman fight in comics, Batman wins, when in the “real world” Superman could vaporize Batman with his heat vision from a mile away before Batman even blinked.

        But if you insist on pointing to comics for the answer, read Superman #175, where Superman and Doomsday have a rematch, and see what happens.

      3. Oh yeah I think Superman is pretty tough and can probably take down Doomsday, and since Hulk is like Doomsday Supes takes him down too

      4. If Doomsday is strong as superman, Doomsday is initially stronger than hulk, plus doomsday reaction time is just as fast as supermans, if i remember right.

  2. all the hulk would need to do is get a peice of kryptonite and shove it up superman’s but and he win’s. hulk’s only weakness is betty so hulk win’s in my books

      1. Also, in his Hulk form he has very low intelligence. The chances of him finding Cryptonite where they are fighting (Very small) and the chances that he will know it is Superman’s weakness (Very small) are slim. Plus, like DReager1 said, this is a fight so he can’t find Cryptonite.

    1. They have fought 3 times in the comics. But to my knowledge never has it ended with one punch. In there first fight Superman didn’t even win. He just took out a chip that turned Hulk evil. In there second fight they were interrupted. In there third and latest fight Superman won but it wasn’t with one punch. I still pick Superman but it wouldn’t be that easy.

      1. I think he’s thinking of the DC vs MARVEL miniseries from years back. I don’t have it on hand @ the moment, but it’s not quite accurate to say “one punch is all it took.” They both were hitting each other, and Superman also blasted Hulk with heat vision, and then he hit him with the punch that knocked Hulk out.

  3. ok so in my book superman would win buy default how you ask ok here’s how it would go lex gets bruce. gets him mad releses him on superman. superman uses speed to pound him. strengh to pound him. ice heat eyes to pound him. hulk gets more mad and starts to fight back those super hearing ears. hulk scream. wack bash boom smash ect. so one end we have geting tired superman becase he would have to go all out against a never tireing geting stronger hulk. steel still bends btw so yeah superman could fly him into outer space to make him pass out but i think he would just use his brains and fly get betti and fly back she would calm him down and when he turns back superman fights the urge to pimp slap him

  4. Hulk has limitless strengh and superman aint that smart a fighter, superman would have the edge at first but hulk will eventually get stronger and stronger pounding superman, hulk also has rapid healing abilities which superman does not, superman cant defeat hulk quick because within the first few strikes hulk will just be getting stronger, hulk wont tire while superman does, hulk takes this fight hands down, i like supes and all but hulk would be a little too much, it would still be a great fight though.

    1. I know that Hulk won’t fall fast, but Superman has super speed which helps a lot. Because then Hulk wouldn’t be able to hit him. In the shows super speed is usually played for laughs, but I think Super Speed is great. Superman could just vibrate through him and end the fight

      1. Are you kidding?!? Superman may not be a Batman/Deathstroke strategist but he can process thousands of peices of info in his head in nanoseconds. Also, as long as the fight started in the day, Superman WOULD have rapid healing abilities from the sun. If it was night, Superman could just fly around the world where it was day, leaving Hulk in the dust, and stay inside the sun for the 1/2 hour or so it would take for the Hulk to catch up to him.

  5. I didn’t read what anyone has to say, but thats because the hulk facing anyone is unfair to that person! He has healing factor; therefore making him immortal, he gets angrier and stronger the more anyone attacks. Instead of fighting against him as the hulk why hasn’t anyone considered taking out Bruce Banner? Oh yeah because if that were to happen then hulk smash! hulk infinity – all other super heroes/villians -0

    1. But Superman has powers that can take down Hulk. Superman’s just too fast for him and will take the Hulk down. Hulk is tough, just not fast enough

      1. Dude speed has nothing to do with it! Plus Hulk ain’t that slow!! Superman is Bad, but Hulk is technically unbeatable..

      2. Yeah, speed helps a lot in everything 😀 Hulk may not be too slow, but Superman (According to one comic) is over 100 million times faster than the speed of light 😮 Hulk would never catch him and Superman would take him out. Healing can only help for so long 🙂

  6. Come to realize that even if these two met up and fought, niether would win because if they did, the fans would become angry. Probably, Superman would find a way to turn the Hulk back in to Banner. Just my opinion.

  7. Supes’ super speed. Hulk’s power would increase to gargantuan proportions, so much that Supes’ speed and power wouldn’t even mark Hulk. Sorry, bro.

  8. Superman has the advantage through speed. The hulk is being undersold, as beings of lesser strength and caliber than the hulk, has given supes a run for his money. After Planet Hulk, I recall the hulk in space, with no respiratory problems. He also is highly cunning and intelligent. I agree superman would win, but I would never rule out hulk beating superman at all. That old superman and hulk crossover, was all garbage, especially when the hulk gave supes a full on punch to the chest and he didn’t even flinch, yeah whatever.
    In comparison to doomsday, well, he pretty much was identical to the brute hulk in just about every way, then after they capitalized on supermans death, they just downplayed him as a regular schmuck.
    The hulk is someone superman should never ever sleep on, the hulk has the capacity to kill kal-el, supes doesn’t have the stamina, so he needs to end it very quick and smart. The hulk also has the capacity to outsmart superman.
    There are many factors the hulk possesses, that not one person has noted, that would easily tip the scales.

    1. Hulk is definitely a good fighter, but he’s just not at Superman level. I don’t think he would even get a hit in if Superman went at full speed the whole battle. Also Zeus crushed The Hulk pretty fast. I don’t think he could have done that to Superman

  9. Oh yeah, plus whenever the writers allow superman to ‘let loose’, it’s usually on the level the hulk would fight on the regular. I like superman, but I’ve seen writers take his powers and abilities up and down too many times. He’s like what John Cena is to the WWE, supes is DC’s golden boy, so there will always be a major bias and fluctuations in his powers, to TRULY get a proper sense of his limitations.

      1. Yeah, supes is very much packed with awesome abilities. I notice that when people pit supes against the hulk, they seem to use supes when he is written at his best and they only refer to the brute hulk, and not the more recent cunning and highly adaptive version, that’s been around for quite sometime. “Realistically” (yeah used very, VERY loosely regarding this topic), supes can easily lose to many different characters, and just feel the hulk is one of them. I say that, only because too many people are way too quick to write the hulk off as a non contender. Supes would have to go in as hard and quick as he can, because the hulk just doesn’t stop, he’s self perpetuating, and has come back from serious butt whoopings and situations that supes would be devastated from. Non the less, I don’t ever discount supe’s advantage.

      2. Yeah, but even if I pick Hulk when he was smart, it won’t help him too much, since Superman is also a genius. Also at his best Superman could effortlessly lift planets and do incredible feats. He’s actually weaker now than before. And Superman could definitely lose to a lot of people, I mean look at his other fights on this blog. He doesn’t always do good. The Hulk is pretty powerful, but lacks speed

  10. If you’re talking about hulk at his strongest (from World War Hulk), then he would barely win. But in any other fight, Superman has the edge.

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