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Spiderman vs Carnage

Spiderman has fought many deadly opponents, but perhaps none as lethal as Carnage. Carnage has taken Spiderman and Venom on in the past….teaming up! That’s a big feat for any being. Carnage also became the Cosmic Carnage temporarily, but that doesn’t save him. Wanna know why?

Spiderman also got the Power Cosmic plus the Phoenix Force! With those two at his side Carnage can’t win this battle. Carnage is still a deadly opponent and would beat many other opponents, he just happened to fight an opponent who was too powerful for him. Spiderman gets yet another win and rises up the blog rankings. Spiderman wins.

10 thoughts on “Spiderman vs Carnage”

    1. It’s been super busy rounds here. I definitely have been away from the blog for a while, but if it helps I made it to Grand Finals in a Super Sm4sh tourney. I should be back to posting like usual by Monday since I’ll be having a 1 week vacation!

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