Sasuke vs Goku

Sasuke is an Uchiha of immense power! You may think Goku has the advantage since he’s a casual solar system buster and all, but let’s not forget Sasuke! With his sharingan he can use a lot of hax on Goku. Not to mention his lightning fast speed and Chidori! Goku may not have a chance. Sasuke wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Goku would take out the solar system and Sasuke along with it. Goku wins.

92 thoughts on “Sasuke vs Goku

    • Dark Schneider is definitely a powerful opponent! That’s why he needs someone to give him wins…I don’t recommend putting him against Goku or Sasuke just yet though. How about the One Above All?

  1. Im catching up on my inuyasha, inuyasha vs link 😉
    Inuyashas sword is actually made out of one of his fathers fangs. If one fang could kill vs many deamons. Imagine what his dad could do.
    here is the link…28096.37516.0.39704.…0.0…1ac.YhZekbrbN6A#i=15

  2. His dad is the most powerfull, inuyasha has a lot of epic features too. Like his coat made out of the skin of the fire rat,makes him invincible to fire, acid, and he can’t get cut, or have his bones broken. Also he could regenerate instantly and take very heavy damage. Even without his coat

  3. Dakota thinks link would win. He also thinks that link could kill ssj4 vegito. The battle between link and inuyasha, its like a sword that can pierce anything vs a shield that can’t be pierced links master sword defeats all evil and inuyasha is a demon, so I see where dakota is thinking

    • Yea, Link beating Inuyasha is feasible, but Link beating SSJ4 Vegito 😎 I don’t see it. He can’t even react to his speeds. Regular Goku should be able to take Link down pretty easily. I like Link, but he’s no DBZ character

  4. oh really?? what happened buddy? Frieza can go more then light speed correct?? his power level: over 60mil.
    SSJ4Vegeto’s Power level: 490 Suptillion.
    so you are saying that “lightning speed” is faster then Goku? and how will Sasuke React when SSJ4 Vegeto Charges a big bang kamehameha and gets ready to blow up the galaxxy? he is still a victim to gravity dreager.
    tell me how the match will play out. here is my version.
    Sasuke: Get ready! *activates Sharingan*
    SSJ4 VEgeto Zooms by him as fast as possible, and rips him appart in less then a milisecond, with time to spare.
    done. even if Sharingan works on the physical planes, he wouldnt be able to stop it. Vegeto is, well pretty close to Gemini’s level 😛
    BASS DOESNT COME BACK!!! he came back ONCE and so did megaman. that was Due to something releasing a giant power, releasing megaman and Bass.
    i watched a video on it. he cant use the Get ability unless he touches an opponent, or destroys them.
    if he doesnt do those things, then it takes quite a lot of time and focusing to take the ability from a distance.

    • Well we can’t underestimate Sasuke. His lightning speed is more than enough to cause some massive damage! Sure, here’s how it goes

      Sasuke: I am an Uchiha! He powers up. Goku: What power……I can’t win this battle. *starts to fly away* *Sasuke grabs him* I’m not done with you yet he says as one of his hands starts glowing. Goku: Chidori…..noooooooo! Sasuke: It’s over!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

      Yeah…….well that may not be exactly as it would go, but it was dramatic 😛

      I’m not sure if I’d put Gemini at Vegito level.

      Bass came back tons of times. I told you, you need to read the manga. As for what you’re talking about, that was just fusion. You’ve been misinformed I’m afraid.

      As for how Sasuke will react to the galaxy busting blast. Well he has his Fireball Jutsu for a reason!

  5. dude… sasuke better then Vegeto SSJ4?? you are truely crazy. do you honestly think he can beat Vegeto or are you just following the high aboves rule?

    • even Vegito? He’s one of the strongest characters in all of media!!! 😮 Anyway I did the fight and you saw the outcome….high above rule is valid and all. Also I do like Sasuke more than Vegito, but it’s close

  6. dude! 😛 we both know Frieza ROFLSTOMPS Sasuke, as does everybody above him.
    see in the discription you should have said that he is a high above and wins automatically.

  7. Sasuke cant fly or do instant transmission. Plus vegito ssj4 also has the kio ken teqnique. So ssj4 vegito kio ken X1000 plus the big bang kamehameha. Saskues fire ball wont protect him from that he cant destroy pllanets, goku can destroy galexys sasuke looses

    • Sasuke can fly with his curse mark. Plus he moves so fast it’s like he’s teleporting. See, this is a close fight than you thought! 🙂 His Fireball Jutsu keeps getting stronger, for all we know it is a planet buster. Also you’re forgetting about his speed and chidori!

  8. dude, just accept the fact that he isnt in the DBZ league.
    the only person he could beat would be the farmer.
    btw Farmer (DBZ) vs Chuck Greene

  9. i dont think that would take Chuck Greene, he has quick step, Knights armor, he can regenerate his health, and heal from sickness. he has a shotgun, a sniper rifle, hand guns, and MANY blunt and sharp objects including broadswords and battleaxes. oh and a Defiler. (that is a sledgehammer combined with 2 fire axes)

    • He can take a bullet, but how about an onslaught of bullets? Not to mention that the Farmer may be able to target his vitals. Plus the Farmer does have a power level of 5 😀

  10. lol it is 6 😛 Chuck greenes power level would probably be…. 30? due to all his weapons and intelectual abilities.

    • The wiki says 5. Maybe 6 was the Ocean Dub. Well, the weapons and intellegence doesn’t affect the power level. The Power level is just how powerful the Farmer’s ki is. He’s just not someone you want to mess with! 😛

    • Well, I can’t prove it’s a planet buster, but it’s destructive power still counts. The planet busting and solar system busting are just titles, in the end it’s all in the power

  11. Isnt the series still going? Besides, they (naruto characters) never could or ever did go to space, they never needed to. So they have no where else to go if sasuke destroys the planet. He never would do it. No he wouldnt sacrafice himself for any one, so the makers must have limmited his power to bellow planet busting

    • Yep, the series is still going strong. Well, even if he’s a solar system buster he could keep from blowing up the planet using superb ninjutsu control. Sasuke is one guy who just keeps on surprising us!

      • When he broke into the Kage Summit he beat the Raikage, it’s true, but then he almost got disintegrated by the Tsuchikage and had to be saved by Madara

      • Well, he pretty much took down Gaara as well. He couldn’t beat Sasuke and would have died if the others weren’t around. As for the Tsuchikage, if the others hadn’t been there things would have been different. Plus he was weakened and I thought the scene had some plot holes (Like Sasuke’s reaction times)

      • he didn’t beat the rikage he broke the pillars and again sasukez not that strong your acting like Kishinev moto

      • Kishinev moto?
        And Sasuke’s strong, I don’t doubt that, but anyone can be caught by surprise I guess.

        You seem to judge a few characters as able to destroy planets, which I’ve always thought was a little silly. That’s one thing that always bugged me a little about Dragon Ball, the sheer destructive powers are so big they kind of devalue other series’ characters. But whilst he can’t destroy planets, that’s not necessarily to say he couldn’t beat Goku. I haven’t really seen any Dragon Ball other than the first episode, so my Goku knowledge is next to useless, but I can say that Sasuke has a fair few tricks he can pull here. Goku would need counters to the Fireball jutsu (as big as it has been in the series), Chidori (and all its basic derivatives), Kirin, Susano’o, Amaterasu, his Curse Mark form, and his general speed and accuracy. If Goku has counters to all those, then he’s probably got this one. But if not, Sasuke’s probably won this match.

        Also bear in mind that if chi (or whatever energy source Goku uses) is similar enough to Chakra then maybe Sasuke could copy one or two of his moves.

      • Maybe the author…?

        Well, I personally find Planet Busting too be easy, but that’s just me. If you blast/punch hits the center of the world with enough force, than the rest of the planet will have too fall.

        Yeah, Sasuke’s definitely really powerful and athletic. Not too mention his Sharingan and jutsu. I agree that he could probably copy Goku’s attacks. The only question would be if he has enough chakra.

      • I guess the auto correct can’t always work. Sadly I’m still having trouble finding Bob. The minions are very confusing. Any other requests you want to throw out there for the time being?

      • I’m not sure what you mean here by “acting like Kishimoto”. Surely if you’re trying to get characters right, acting like THE WRITER WHO WROTE THEM would be perfect. Or am I wrong? If Kishimoto directly said Sasuke was that strong then he would be because, as the writer of the series, he’s the primary source of canon. But whilst Sasuke is strong, I wouldn’t say he’s the strongest in the series yet.

      • I think it’s because supposedly he’s biased for Sasuke since Sasuke is his favorite character. I wouldn’t say he is biased though. Sasuke has won and lost his share of fights and the author’s done a great job so far. Yeah, Sasuke’s probably been surpassed by Madara, Tobi, and possibly Naruto, but since he left on a journey maybe he’ll get a power up 🙂

  12. Actually sasuke would win because kishi moto basicly said sasuke was invincible with the show and all

  13. Sasuke got owned by Momoshiki despite having Naruto help him and that was Sasuke in the latest Naruto movie which is after the main series. He can’t beat Goku.

  14. Sasuke is not ‘hax’ levels this is just fanboyism you havent even thought about a few facts on this fight,

    Genjutsu contrls the flow of chakra in ones nervous system goku has None because he isnt from the narutoverse on ‘hax’ ability down.

    Light speed or lightning speed sasuke? Pleae goku went faster thsn loght as a CHILD he avoided tiens solar flare with speed an attack made from light and had enough time to go to the stands of the tournament take someones glasses put them on and return to the arena by the time the attack hit.

    Tsukiyomi is another geniutsu fact one negates this.

    Amaterasu was a slow attack even raikage outsped it.

    Sasuke has never trained in ONE HUNDRED TIMES the planets gravity like goku his speed is pathetic CHIDORI? goku went faster than lightning in DRAGON BALL when training with popo.

    This high above rule is nothing more than a way for people to feel good about having a bias victory.

    Speed? Goku (instant transmission)
    Power? Goku (fists clashing with beerus in DBS shaked the entire universe)
    Endurance? Goku (has sasuke trained with gods or trained in one hundred times the planets gravity? No)
    Skill? Goku (sasuke has nifty skills but his sharingan is utterly useless against people with no chakra or light speed people even kamui takes time to form and it isnt light speed susanoo? Yeah right what a joke the armour can be broken by planet busting attacks sasuke might see goku but his body will be top slow to react)
    Intelligence? Sasuke (Unless sasuke threatens gokus family he will remain goofy but what good will that do when beerus detroyed half a planet with one finger? All goku has to do is use 4 since he is half beeruses power)

    Unless fanboyism and bias rules are in play sasuke cant win.

  15. What about “Mastered” Ultra Instinct? Does that form make a difference? If Goku can auto dodge any attack Sasuke sends his way, then the Sharingan won’t do him any good. With this form, Goku can dodge any attack (without thinking) and perfectly counter-attack.
    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    • Even with MUI I’m afraid that Goku is severely outclassed here. The problem is just that Sasuke is simply too powerful and too fast. He has that High Above ruling backing him up and that one is really hard to overcome

  16. What kind of bullshit did i just see.
    You were saying how goku could beat naruto, why the hell you think sasuke would win?

    At best sasuke is continent or small moon level but goku is universal

    In terms of speed, Both are FTL, but if goku has mui up and uses instant transmission he is gonna outspeed sasuke like its nothing

    Durability? goku has tanked hits from jiren,beerus and broly before. who are all capable of perhaps destroying universes, even if we down scale it to planet level, it still goes above any durability feat sasuke has.

    Genjutsu? It only works on those with chakra, goku has ki not chakra, even if it were to work it would have minimal effect.

    a single kamehameha from master roshi was able to destroy the moon, considering that goku is stronger then master roshi now, its definetly gonna do more damage.

    Goku could also erase sasuke with hakai, and no sasuke cant resist it cause in order to do that, sasuke would have to match goku in power, and like i explained already,is not happening.

    • Oh yeah I remember this one. I definitely agree that Goku could win now. For a while there it did seem like a tough one but Goku does have Ultra Instinct now and a whole lot of amazing abilities. I do agree with your write up that Goku now wins in all categories

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