Najimi Ajimu vs One Above All

The One Above All is back. He’s hardcore and all, but he can’t defeat Najimi Ajimu. Najimi Ajimu has way too many powers at her disposal and her hand to hand skills are much better than his. The One Above All can talk a good game, but he can’t fight that well. Najimi Ajimu wins.

69 thoughts on “Najimi Ajimu vs One Above All

  1. Wait a sec… Isn’t one above all powerless, because he’s not in the future?? Because if he does have full access to all his abilities then he’s The Lord of the Multiverse!! He destroys planets with a flick. Namiji wouldn’t stand a chance! Unless, of course, he is powerless, then he would get beaten hard.

    • Both of these fighters are immensely powerful so it’s tricky. They’re both at the height of their abilities, which means that they’re both “all powerful” That being said, Najimu has actually used her abilities to fight on screen, while the One Above All has only hinted at his

      • Both Ajimu and Toaa are author characters so basicly it is a battle of imagination,but if we are using only character personality’s then Toaa becuase she herself stated that she could be defeated by the main character where as toaa could never be defeated not by anyone not even a main character can beat him,he is the most poweful being in all of marvel to the point where even pre-retcon beyonder would get destroyed,also out of 13 quadrillion skills she posseses,omnipotence is not one of them which you would think would be a major skill also toaa is the only being in marvel who is regarded to be “Truly”omnipotent therefor if she challenged him she would instantley lose,also she lost to a being just as powerful as she is with a rubber band so yeah toaa wons.

      • But one difference between them is that we’ve actually seen Ajimu fight in real time, but the One Above All has to rely on his words to provide the feats. Time Travel, Time Stop, Telepathy, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Reality Warping, and more are basically powers that are ineffective on the blog. Because of this, the One Above All just doesn’t really have much in the tank to fend off Ajimu with. Her hand to hand skills are better and she’s a lot quicker. Either way, the One Above All has never performed a big feat on screen before. I think he brought someone back from the dead, but that’s about it

  2. Dude… Ajimu isn’t nearly omnipotent, possible nigh… One-Above-All doesn’t use his powers on-page because he only observes and does not intervene… If Ajimu is onmipotent then she could’ve just thinked Iihiko out of existence… But no, Iihiko killed her with a RUBBER BAND… Living Tribunal is a good match-up for Ajimu… both are nigh-omnipotent

    • She’s basically at that level. She couldn’t wish him away because those kinds of abilities don’t work on Iihiko. The One Above All is good, but he’s simply outmatched here. The Living Tribunal can fire off a few good blasts, but he’s too slow to take her out. I’d say that Aijimu is easily the strongest Omni although she wouldn’t be able to stop someone like Goku or Bass.

  3. Never in my life have I seen such fallacious thinking. An “omnipotent” begin can NEVER be defeated (no matter how many rubber bands are fired). This is where TOAA breaks this match-up. He is THE ABSOLUTE GOD of his multiverse and all others (including REBECCA box), but with a different name and haircut in other multiverses e.g the presence, Man of Miracles, etc. You are either almighty or not – ajimu isn’t. Also how could an ageless being whose “skill” set is infinite lose to “baby”jimu who is only 3,402,193,822,311 years old and has “just” 12,858,051,967,633,862 skills. I can’t imagine a world where limited beats unlimited (and absolute power if I might add). *SIGH*…

      • I’ll just put this here. We don’t see toaa fight because hes the observer of the universe. There’s no one who can compete to his level of power, except Thanos. Which ended up killing him, although plot armor for the story brought him there. Theoretically if toaa was to fight someone, it wouldn’t last a molecule of a second. In the case of Najimi, the same can be said. Toaa exists outside the constructs of the pages. He’s boundless, limitless, and najimi has nothing on him. I don’t know where this vs battle came from but it’s like putting an elephant against a hyena. Existence is unbeatable, especially when you transcend it.

      • Najimi has actual feats though which is what puts her above TOAA. TOAA can talk as big as he wants but at the end of the day he needs to prove himself or it’s all over. Without doing that he can’t hope to beat her

  4. One-Above-All is extremely above and outside EVERYTHING,It’s even NOT a “thing”,It’s EXTREMELY Meta-logical and META-OMNIPOTENT,any describe is completely nonsense to “IT”~

  5. As much as I support One above all, I do feel it’s kinda pointless to stick it in a fight since One above All barely gets involved in anything. And hard part: no blog hax?

    • Najimi takes this with or without blog hax. Without blog hax, One Above All is still basically just an old guy who can fly and Najimi still has some decent super speed feats. It is sad for the One Above All on this site, but he may get a power up someday…if he ever appears again.

      • Lihiko has a skill known as irreparable strength his strength is “infinite ” with this since any damage he does can NOT be healed. The only reason why medaka’s group “healed” is because the shounen verse heavily relies on the main character getting through trials. Plus making said that she fought lihuko millions of times and never won a single fight against him.

  6. Post Retcon TOAA Is Featless, Pre Retcon TOAA Is Questionably Omnipotent, Not Sure how Ajimi is Gonna take an Omnipotent being down, Just because she has all the hax in fiction, Doesn’t mean she can beat an Omnipotent being, She Already lost to Iihiko, What makes you think that she can beat Toaa?

    • All she has to do is hit him with a clean punch. I don’t see TOAA walking away from such a hit. Keep in mind that he is about as frail as an old man

      • Pre Retcon TOAA Is Omnipotent…Unless you are talking about Post Retcon TOAA Then I’m not Sure. Also, Where did you bring that whole “Frail as an old man” Thing?

      • We’ve never seen him actually dish out any combat feats though. That’s ultimately what really hurts the character. Seeing is believing in this case. As for the old man thing, it’s been a theory of mine for a while ever since the guy showed up

      • Najimi won’t get close to him, toaa is levels above najimi in terms of power. You think they’ll just brawl it out like a ufc match? No, toaa will blink her out of existence. There are many marvelous characters who level with najimi who are miles and miles away from grasping any semblance of toaas power.

      • He won’t be able to blink her out of existence. She has cosmic defenses as well so the only way to settle this is like in a UFC match and in that case my money’s on the lady who has shown that she can land physical blows

    • That was meta narrative u ppl are pretty uppity if u think she lost to that walking nlf he couldn’t stop a moon crash. Medaka had to stop it

  7. Basically, You’re Going by feats only. Since He hasn’t shown Any Combat feats, He’s Weak, Am i Right? Also, Power scaling is a thing.

    • You’re exactly right. Now,power scaling is certainly something that can still be used, but you have to have at least shown something. For example, we can accept the Whis power scaling to an extent because we’ve actually seen him moving and fighting a bit, but if he never did anything like the Grand Priest then it gets iffy

      • TOAA Is an Omnipotent being, An Omnipotent being can do Literally anything, it doesn’t matter if he hasn’t shown any Combat feats. But, Since you are going by feats only..TOAA Is Pretty Much Featless.

      • Exactly. I like TOAA well enough myself but he just doesn’t have any good feats. Just seeing him throw a good punch would be enough to tip the scales if you ask me

  8. TOAA is truly omnipotent and stomps. Ajimu only has complete arsenal, so shes not completely omnipotent, TOAA would beat her easily.

  9. This the stupidest stuff I ever read, One Above All is an Omnipotent he have every skill in existence while ajimu have 12852051967633867 skill One Above All have all of them. Omnipotence have everything. So One Above All Will win.

  10. The one above all is literally The Almighty meaning omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Literally the Almighty God of Marvel multiverse while Najimi Ajimu has only complete arsenal at her disposal but she is not omniscient like TOAA does meaning whatever her plans are will be foiled before she acts.

  11. Ain’t no way. Don’t matter how many powers Najimi has. It’s literally in his name the one above all. He’s omnipotent he can do anything and everything. Najimi can’t top none of that of what he has at his disposal. Compared to him her powers are useless.

    • Her abilities have actually been shown to work in combat though. One Above All has no defenses against that level of raw power. I feel like he would very quickly be outgunned in all areas. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was completely taken down for the count as well.

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