Dark Vader vs Link

Dark Vader is known as quite possibly the greatest fighter in Star Wars. His abilities are extremely powerful and he has a lot of battle experience. Link has had his share of battles as well, but his overall abilities won’t be enough to win this round. Dark Vader has proved to be too formidable. Dark Vader wins.

Fanfiction version below

Sword Battle!

8 thoughts on “Dark Vader vs Link

    • The Light Arrow would do a lot of damage and potentially destroy Dark Vader in one shot, but I believe that there are a few reasons why it wouldn’t work.

      1. The Force…nuff said. (lol, well, he can use the force to slow down its movement or potentially deflect it)
      2. Dark Vader isn’t pure evil so it may not have a lethal effect
      3. Dark Vader could block the Light Arrow with his Lightsaber

  1. Dude I think link would win because he has bombs the master sword and a shield and arrows and a lot more but if Zelda helped him it would be over for darth vader lol😂

    • Yeah those items are just so good! Vader would be trying to stop attacks from all side and even the dark king would eventually get tired from trying to do that nonstop for so long

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