Cole Macgrath vs Robin (Damian)

Cole Macgrath has his thunder abilities that would make this a pretty easy win. Robin is pretty athletic, but athletics won’t be enough for him to overtake Cole Macgrath. Cole Macgrath has finally earned himself another win after such a long time, and this won’t be the final win! Cole Macgrath wins.


Batman vs Maxie Zeus

Maxie Zeus has always wanted to have powers and while he never really got them..he did obtain some pretty advanced armor. With it he can shoot some intense blasts of thunder, but it won’t be enough to defeat Batman. Batman has his GL Power Ring and with it, this should be an easy win. Batman wins.

Michelangelo vs Crash

Michelangelo is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and when he’s got his nunchuks, it’s near impossible to defeat him! Crash may have the edge in how unpredictable he can be, but it won’t be enough to take Michelangelo down this time. Michelangelo just has too much experience. Michelangelo wins.

Batman vs Sam Giddell

Sam Giddell is a pretty smart guy, but in the end he still won’t be able to take down Batman. Batman’s got a lot of gadgets at his disposal and he’s also a pretty great crime fighter. Taking down Sam Giddell should be a pretty easy feat for someone of Batman’s level. Batman wins.

Sharktopus vs Piranha

Piranhas are definitely a big threat in packs, but if it’s just one then I think Sharktopus should have this round. He’s a pretty powerful monster and he’s always ready to rumble! He’s definitely been on a roll lately and things could be looking pretty good for him on the blog. Sharktopus wins.

Batman vs Kyodai Ken

Kyodai Ken is another expert hand to hand fighter who could give Batman a run for his money! Luckily for Batman he’s got his GL Power Ring to tip the scales in his favor. The match definitely won’t be as close as it could have been. Kyodai Ken may have lost, but at least he tried. Batman wins.

Dragonite vs Drowzee

Drowzee’s psychic powers are a threat to most pokemon, but Dragonite is one of the stronger pokemon out there. He has been shown to take out several strong pokemon down one after another which takes some serious skill. Psychic powers aren’t going to be enough to win this time. Dragonite wins.

Batman vs Yoru

Yoru was also a great martial artist back in his day, but everyone grows old eventually..even Batman! Still, Batman’s got some pretty nifty batarangs at his disposal which he can use to tip the balance of this fight. Yoru’s strong, but Batman’s a better overall fighter in the end. Batman wins.

Gemini Saga vs Quickman

Gemini Saga is back and now he’s up against Quickman! Quickman is fast and strong, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga has the galaxian explosion and one good blast could take down just about any opponent. Quickman’s out of luck in this round. Gemini Saga wins.