The Lord of The Rings The Return of The King Review

The Lord of The Rings hasn’t had a good track record so far and this won’t be the movie that changes things. It ends the trilogy all right, but I’m afraid that it doesn’t end on a bang. That being said, get ready for a lot of shots at the movie series and many of them will be aimed at Frodo. If you like this film…then you’ve been warned!

The plot is essentially the same as always. Frodo and his friend are on an adventure to get to the mountain where they can burn the ring in the fire. That specific fire is the only thing that can melt the ring since it’s the area that created it. Frodo and Sam are still with Gollum, but can they truly trust him? Frodo clearly thinks so and he can’t be wrong…right!? There is also another plot where Aragorn and friends must defeat the villains! That may not be their original goal, but it’s what they end up getting ready for. A war to end all wars!!

All right, there are many negatives to be named, but we should start from the beginning. The film literally has one of the worst cinematic openings of all time and it was terrible. We get to see Gollum’s origin, but it certainly won’t help you gain respect for the character or the other guy that was with him. They both lack strength of character and you’ll find yourself shutting your eyes for the first time in the film. It won’t be the last time, but it’s definitely something to think about. It should be noted that this is the first Lord of The Rings film where I did not fall asleep for any periods of the film…a true feat!!

Intro out of the way, let’s talk about Frodo Baggins. He’s still the main character of the film and he’s as unlikable as ever. When he’s not betraying his best friend or falling into the darkness that consumes him; Frodo is usually getting knocked around by one villain or another. He’s easily the weakest willed character that I’ve seen in decades and he makes Bilbo look good. Frodo nearly destroys Sam because he wants the ring and then he’s quickly defeated by a large spider. Sam saves him, but then Frodo vaguely threatens him and snatches the ring again.

Frodo is terrible! Did I already say that? Either way, Frodo has his big moment at the end of the film where he finally arrives at the mountain…and trips. He’s far too weak to walk at all so Sam is forced to carry him to the top. Okay, Frodo’s still got a shot at keeping himself as an unlikable character, but not an atrocious one if he just throws the ring in the lava right? I’m afraid that Frodo lacks the strength for that and he falls into the power of darkness. After he puts on the ring, Frodo essentially cracks and shows his true villainous colors. He loses a finger for his decision and nearly loses his life as well. He may have lived, but not really, since he will not be going on a long adventure and I have a feeling that he shall never return from it. It’s hard to see why anyone would be Frodo’s friend at this point and he’s one of the worst characters that I’ve seen in ages.

Time and time again, Frodo proves that he is only interested in himself. He never makes a real effort to resist the powers of the ring and he doesn’t care about the thousands of casualties that would occur when he didn’t throw the ring in the lava. It should also be noted that he caused Sauron to notice him by freezing up and then fainting for no reason. The sooner that we forget about Frodo, the better!

I’m afraid that the fight scenes also didn’t do it for me. It’s not really the film’s fault this time since war fight scenes will never be any fun for me. It’s super realistic and not really enjoyable to watch. There is also a lot of plot hax involved and the heroes really didn’t stand a chance. They’re badly outnumbered and I just did not buy the outcome. It’s one of those situation where the heroes win…because they’re heroes.

Gandalf is still a pretty unlikable character. He’s supposed to be a very powerful sorcerer, but he can never fight when it counts. He actually engages in hand to hand combat like the rest of the warriors and that doesn’t really help him in the power department. He typically has a flashy entrance, but that won’t be enough to save him. He’s just too old for battle at this point.

Aragorn gets a big role and he must use his sword to help the heroes win the battle. He does this by threatening a large group of spirits and forcing them into the battle. The spirits are pretty powerful so it’s not bad for them, but how did the threats work? I like to think that they could have made mince meat out of him. They likely only went through with it because of the deal that they made. Aragorn gets a few plot twists and all, but we must remember that he is just a side character in the end. He left to get reinforcements and he nearly didn’t arrive in time to save the day!

We’ve also got the Wraiths and the leader is given a lot of hype. He definitely doesn’t deserve it since one good hit is enough to obliterate him. So much for being “immortal” eh? It was cool for the lady who defeated him, but it definitely won’t help his fanbase. More importantly, it means that I will likely never become a fan of this guy. His lack of power and speed disturb me.

Legolas and Gimli are still around, but there roles are shortened compared to the second film. Legolas is still a decent character and Gimli is still all talk. For Legolas, it’s hard to be a great character in such a film. I like the character that they were aiming for him to be and he beats most of the cast. Legolas is definitely a better character than Gimli and Gimli can never seem to back up his tough talk. There was also a King who went mad and nearly made the ultimate sacrifice, but it was unneeded and it would have meant that an innocent would perish. He’s definitely not a heroic king, but I hope that you were not expecting one. He meets his end with a blazing glory!

There are other characters of course, but you get the jist of it. This is a film where the cast isn’t really likable. Bilbo gets no respect to the very end and his last line heavily implies that he still lacks strength of character. He still wants the dark powers that the ring has and that’s not a great way for him to go out. The lady who destroyed the Wraith was a decent character, but remembering her name is a little tricky. Needless to say, it’s the character that matters…not the name! There is still no character in this film that I like enough to call myself a fan. Unfortunately, nobody is quite that intense!

There isn’t much of a soundtrack in this film and that can be a little sad. One of the few positives that the first film had, was the music. The film is still way too long for it’s own good. Usually, it would be great to see a movie that is over 150 minutes, but not in this case. If 2 hours of the film had been cut, then maybe it would not have dragged out so much. Unfortunately, that is hard to say for sure. I’m not sure if I mentioned the graphics yet, but they’re about as bad as the first two films. This feels more like an 80’s film than one that came out in the 2000’s. I don’t know who the director is, but I definitely would be wary of his next film.

There is some romance at the end of the film that is quickly thrown in. It happens very suddenly and you will expect that the writers just wanted you to exit the film on a happy note, but it wouldn’t succeed. The film made sure that this wasn’t possible as the final, final scene involves Frodo as he ditches his friends once again. He does not tell them that he is leaving since he can’t be bothered with such things. He’s definitely a hero all right………

So…was there anything good about this film? There must be, since it didn’t get a 1 or a 0! Well, I can’t really think of anything good about the film. It isn’t a 1 or a 0 because it would have to be a lot worse to earn one of those scores. Rest assured, the film does not have a cliffhanger so we don’t need to worry about a sequel. (Sure, he says that the adventure may not have ended, but it’s basically ended. He’s not going to have another big journey)

In the end, I did not like any of the Lord of The Rings films. When a film has a giant spider that can actually defeat the main protagonist, but is still a pretty unlikable character…then you know that the film series is doomed. I can safely say that it is one of those classics that is not actually good and it’s easily a weaker group of films than the live action Super Mario Bros film. Why did the films get such low ratings and how did I come to have such a low opinion of them? There are many factors, but they mainly involve realism and length.

The films are all way too long and it shows. We get many scenes that are dragged out to impossible lengths. Still, the worst part of the film may be how realistic it can get. I never like things to be realistic and especially if it means that we’ll be getting boring fight scenes. We get a lot of those since the only good fight scene in the entire trilogy was the Gandalf vs Balrog battle. It’s really hard to care about any of the characters throughout the trilogy and it could be because of their lack of morals.

This is a “realistic” war film so none of the characters have any qualms about destroying whoever gets in their way. The films aren’t extremely violent by any means, but due to the length of amount of zoom ins that we get, it actually feels more violent than films like Terminator or Jaws. (I would say Alien, but that is definitely debatable!) The tone of the film doesn’t really help either since you’ll never walk away from the film feeling like you just saw something epic like Man of Steel or fun like the Avengers. You just leave and wonder what happened to the last few hours of your life. The gritty, realistic feel of the movies may be for some, but I’ll take the atmosphere and effects of the new Pac-Man show over this. Having something be so realistic just destroys the whole point of the film for me.

One of the big flaws for the trilogy is the fact that all of the humans seem to be weak willed. Gandalf refuses to hold the ring in the first film because he could not resist its power. If Gandalf doesn’t have enough will power, then that really says something about the whole franchise. They’re all weak willed and it’s easy to see how Sauron took over. I don’t see how the heroes ever had a chance. They’re definitely lucky that Sauron is only about as tough as a mere mortal.

Overall, the trilogy has come to a conclusion! As much as I did not like the first film, it only went downhill from there. The second film wasn’t as good as the first and the third was much worse than the second. I would say that things continue to spiral downwards, but the Hobbit was better than this film. I shall be reviewing that one in the near future. Needless to say, I doubt that I’ll ever watch this film again and I really don’t recommend it. Don’t trust the reviews for this film! It’s legendary, but it’s mostly nostalgia at this point and it’s a classic that many feel like they have to like it. It doesn’t actually warrant the high ratings that it gets. If you like war films and autobiographical movies, then you may like this one. If you’re looking for an epic war film, go watch the first Bleach film!

Overall 2/10

16 thoughts on “The Lord of The Rings The Return of The King Review

  1. “When a film has a giant spider that can actually defeat the main protagonist, but is still a pretty unlikable character…then you know that the film series is doomed.”

    Giant spiders are powerful. Look at the Tarantula from TARANTULA or Kumonga.

      • I unterstand and respect your opinion. To be honest I first watched them when I was like three and I thought, why cant we turn on thomas the train? But now that im older I really like them. Theyre my favorite. But do you think they are worse than Harry Potter movies? I thought HP was pretty bad. The LotR action scenes are good and the music is good but whenever a Aragorn Arwen scene came I hid my face XD.

      • I tend to prefer HP but this would be closer with the new prequels they made to the HP series. So far those haven’t clicked to me yet. I do think LOTR’s action effects have aged pretty well such as the fire and Gandalf’s opening battles. Those were definitely years ahead of their time

  2. As a movie of a work of one of my favorite authors, I find “The Return of The King” to be as good as the others, expanded or not. Peter Jackson did more things right than people give him credit for.

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