Elsa vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Frozen! Elsa is pretty skilled in the user of her powers and I’m confident that she would be able to quickly defeat the One Above All. The One Above All may be a being of nearly limitless ability, but Elsa has experience on her side. Her powers can only get stronger as she participates in more battles. A quick ice blast should end this. Elsa wins.

70 thoughts on “Elsa vs One Above All

  1. The One above all is Omniscient, that means he knows everything in the universe, literally. With that power he will have enough knowledge of how to defeat Elsa physically or mentally. Omnipotence is something that can’t be beaten. Nothing is stronger than omnipotence. The one above all has his name for a reason. If not the One above all, Odin can defeat Elsa, Thor, Human Torch, Sentry, The Hood, Thanos, The Watcher, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix( or Dark Phoenix), Infinity, Wolverine, Sunspot, and Hulk (any version). Before you talk, do some research.

    • Even if he knows how to beat Elsa, he can’t do it. I know that a good planet busting punch can take out some of Superman’s friends, but I don’t have the means to accomplish this. That is the situation that the One Above All currently finds himself in. He has no real feats for his omnipotence and it doesn’t help in a fight. I always do my research though.

      • Umm… can you explain more? I telling you information yet you answer the same thing.
        I also gave you names of heroes that can destroy Elsa.

      • There’s just not much to explain. Omnipotence and Omnipresence are abilities that are rendered null and void on the blog thanks to the rules of the site. Only shown abilities and feats are eligible and fighters are not allowed to wish someone out of existence. This is because I have never considered that as a credible technique and feel like it wouldn’t be a proper outcome to a fight. Without that, the One Above All is just an old man who can fly. The blog battle rules are located near the top of the site, but that’s why the One Above All keeps losing.

    • If TOAA did attack, it would be a one page comic and it would be very damn boring. Stan Lee didn’t make Marvel just to show off TOAA, he made Marvel to also show the stories of the other heroes and villains. What is the damn point of making a comic series if every comic is finished on one page just because TOAA intervened EVERYTIME and did everything for them. He would have named it “The adventures of TOAA” instead of Marvel if it was JUST about TOAA.

      • Keep in mind that Marvel has made some boring comics in the past. I wouldn’t mind a little boredom if I actually got to see TOAA fight. Trust me, it would be a monumental day for me since I have been waiting for that for years. I’d probably buy a comic with TOAA in the title and many others would too. I didn’t want to jump on the Frozen bandwagon and pick Elsa over the One Above All, but I had no choice. The film was too awesome to ignore and the One Above All’s feats hadn’t come in yet. I don’t deny his power, but I simply deny his credentials.

      • That film was awful. It wasn’t even worth a single cent. Also TOAA fighting = erasing that character from existence hence probably a four panel comic! Who’d want to buy a four panel comic showing Thanos being erased by TOAA? They want an epic heroic showdown, a complication and probably a few casualties for some heroes. Also Elsa was barely holding back two people with guns despite her “OMG LOTS OF EXPERIENCE AND ICE POWA!” hype.

      • I gotta disagree that, the film was all heart! Did you not like the “Let it Go” song? Usually, that wouldn’t be my thing, but it was actually really good.

        I’d buy a 4 panel comic as long as it was only a quarter or a dollar. Whether it be boring or not, we need a feat like that for TOAA so that he can finally fight on the blog. Of course, it needs to be a physical feat and not just wishing someone away.

        I will admit that the scene did frustrate me and millions of other fans, but I like to think of it as plot hax. The real Elsa wouldn’t lose like that!

      • The real Elsa would get murdered by other ice users like Sub-Zero or incinerated by fire users like Zuko. Honestly she’s not that powerful and “Let it go” sounded worse than a drowning cat. Also you said that TOAA at most can fly. Well he flies and gets a sniper rifle and shoots her head in from a distance. Even with you lowballing TOAA, I can find a way for him to win 😛

      • How can you not like “Let it Go?” That song is classy and it’s pretty intense. TOAA may be able to fly, but he doesn’t get a rifle so Elsa will be the one sniping him down with her ice blasts. 😎 As for Sub Zero or Zuko beating her…it’s debatable.

      • “Let it go” caused a worldwide ear disease that killed billions due to its awfulness. Also yes Sub-Zero could teleport beside her and kick her head off with his MK tp style while Zuko just melts any ice attack with his firebending.

      • It also saved dozens as well! Elsa’s reaction times may be more than Sub Zero bargained for although it would be quite the fight. Zuko’s fire abilities certainly do give him an edge in this fight, but Elsa is the nicer character.

  2. omnipotent
    (of a deity) having unlimited power.
    “God is described as omnipotent and benevolent”
    synonyms: all-powerful, almighty, supreme, most high, pre-eminent

  3. The fact that this is even being used unironically makes me lose hope for humanity. The One Above All is literally above everyone in his verse, his verse contains beings that are above the concept of dimensions. Elsa is barely Island level at peak, god damn spiderman would solo her. The fact that you even somewhat believe Elsa has a chance here means you’re either trolling, or just that unbelievably stupid.

  4. A retard who got scared by two NORMAL HUMAN BEING WITH CROSSBOWS, and got knocked out by a chandelier made of ice what makes you think she’s even a minor threat to toaa who will literally blink this low tier threat from existance. Oh and btw Superman will kill elsa in less than an attosecond

  5. Bruce Lee laughs at that pathetic Hubstyle and reflects it with his one inch punch and Bass is destroyed.

  6. Elsa isn’t even a planet buster. The One Above All dosen’t even notice her. He is Omnipotent and blinks her from existence.

  7. bro epic post bro, u should make Elsa VS god next.

    god might b prtty strong but like elsa just has so much EXPERIENCE on her side, so i think she takes it with a quick ice blast.

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