Jago vs Liu Kang

Both of these fighters are really good at hand to hand combat, but I would have to give Liu Kang the edge in this fight. He’s fought many powerful combatants in the Mortal Kombat tournaments and his mastery over the fire element gives him a big advantage. Jago may have a cool energy sword, but it just won’t be enough to turn the tides. Liu Kang wins.

12 thoughts on “Jago vs Liu Kang

  1. This fight was my request. I chose these two characters because I’ve seen many people wanting Liu Kang fight Ryu, which if you’ve played marvel vs capcom or asura’s wrath, is a really one sided fight. These two guys seemed very even. Both have fought and defeated gods. Both fought a large variety of enemies. And both have very similar abilities. But out of the two, Jago would win. Other than launching fire balls or shooting flames, both of their pyrominetic abilities seem about even. Liu Kang has his physics defying bicycle kick. But Jago also has a roundhouse kick that for some reason launches him to the other side of the screen. Liu Kang can perform his devastating fatalities and friendships. But Jago has his own equally devasting no mercy’s and humiliations. Liu Kang has his chargeable x ray moves. But in the new killer instinct game, Jago has this sort of super move that can be charged and works like an x ray move. I’m not sure what it’s called though. Both have had cyborgs trying to assassinate them. I would definitely say that their experience, abilities, and skills are equal. The deciding factor would be what they bring to the game. Liu Kang fights with his fist and has nun-chucks. Jago also prefers to use his fists, but also has an energy sword. And since Jago has fought Orchid who has plasma tonfas ( how does she hold that? ), I think he can beat Liu Kang. He also has better combos and is use to fighting fast people like orchid and riptor. So Liu Kang’s speed wouldn’t help him much. This fight ends with either Jago winning, or a tie.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha Liu Kang beating Jago… Oh wait you’re serious. Don’t really have anything new to say. I agree @UntedBear, and you shouldn’t mess with Liu Kang, but Jago has the advantage technology wise, fighting xp they’re equal, long ranged attacks I would give Liu Kang the slight edge, hand-to-hand combat they’re equal, strength, agility, and durabilty I would all give to Jago. Armor-wise still Jago. I don’t even NEED to provide scans to show this. Just look him up, play one of his games, anything. You claim to research all your characters, and in the past you’ve done so, but on this one you might not be.

      • I believe that you’re completely underestimating Liu Kang. He’s fought gods in the past and his hand to hand skills are incredible. Jago has the better weapon, but Liu Kang’s fire abilities are fierce. I believe that he has the edge in that category and having the edge in long range combat is a very big advantage. I always do my research and the cards seemed to have gone with…Liu Kang

    • Agreed, it’s a blowout for Ryu at this point. As for Jago and Liu Kang; it is a very even fight. I believe that Kang has the edge thanks to his superior hand to hand combat and fire abilities, but it is very close. The hand to hand difference wouldn’t be large and their fire attacks are very even as well. Jago’s sword gives him an edge, but Liu Kang also has some good speed, which helps him out. It would be a very close fight, but I believe that Liu Kang would take the win

  2. I’m also pretty certain that Jago and Liu Kang’s speed is equal because have you seen the combos in killer instinct. Orchid is faster than both Jago and Liu Kang. And how am I underestimating Liu Kang. I gave him credit for his feats, fighting gods, his skills, and his superior pyrokinetic abilities. But here’s the thing. Since the characters are so equal, we must include all the small things. Jago has armor, a weapon, and has actually killed a god. Liu Kang only defeated but not kill a god. That little difference alone could mean Jago will win.

    • The underestimating comment was in response to ???’s comment. I agree that they’re pretty much on par in most aspects. (Although destroying a god and sparing one doesn’t mean that the feats are different) The weapon does help Jago as well as the armor, but I believe that Liu Kang’s speed would be enough. Their combos are pretty quick, but I don’t see Jago’s speed as being a match for Liu Kang. They’re both quick, but Liu Kang is quicker.

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