Knuckles vs Bowser

Bowser Knuckles
Bowser is powerful, but he won’t be able to take Knuckles out of the fight. Knuckles can definitely overpower Bowser in a fist fight and his speed is also a lot greater. Knuckles would overwhelm Bowser with his hand to hand combat skills and eventually the King of the Koopas would be soundly defeated. Knuckles wins.

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  1. Knuckles:Do You Know De Wae Me Brudda?

    Bowser: What Is The Way? I Don’t Understand. And I’m Not Your “Brudda.”

    Knuckles:Den You Are A False Idol. I Spit On You. *sps-too*

    Knuckles Knows De Wae, So He Wins.

      • I can’t agree to that. Mario routinely has difficulty with guys like Koopa and Goomba. You can’t say the same for Sonic

      • You are underastimating Mario. Mario has a bigger arsenal than sonic and his more versatile, more durable, and more stronger and has more experience so Mario wins.

      • Mario has a wider arsenal which I will admit. That said, I’d still say that’s where it starts to be over for him. Sonic’s speed is just way too insane. There’s nothing Mario can really do to keep up with Sonic or match him blow for blow. Ultimately that’s where this match is going to go south for him.

      • Ok, Sonic is more faster (obviously) but Sonic speed would not be able to handle Mario’s strength, durability, expierence, arsenal, and better versatlity. There are many power ups that would help Mario finish sonic like: Froze his solid, or turn him into gold etc. And Mario has used the star driver that can match sonic speed. If sonic turn super or hyper its would have a limited time. Mario can even use the star that turn him invincible for a limited time but that power up would be enough to finish Sonic. The winner is Mario

      • The speed is enough though. The only times when Speed is not enough to compensate for strength is when the other opponent is so durable that the speedster can’t hurt him. It’s part of why someone like Quicksilver wouldn’t be able to stop Frieza. Or if the speed is close enough like Thor vs Quicksilver where one hit is all you need. In this case, Mario can’t do anything to keep up. Mario’s star makes him a lot more durable but not invincible as seen when King Boo took him down in Luigi’s Mansion. At most it’ll buy him some time but not enough to take down Super Sonic. Sonic does have a time limit but that won’t be a factor due to how quickly the match would be over

      • Not when your opponent has more expierence and supports hits from Mario. Plus Knuckles was beated by Sonic while Bowser beated Mario once and Mario is more powerful than sonic so thats another reason why Bowser is superior

  2. I disagree. Knuckles power gives him the ability to turn super knuckles under the same circumstances that sonic and shadow can turn super sonic and super shadow. But I still do not believe he could win even with that power. And it wasn’t even used here!

    Allow me to explain. Mario is a formidable foe which goes toe to toe with bowser and usually comes out the victor. But one would have to think that each time he loses harshly that he would become tougher due to battle experience. Which he has more of no matter how you judge it due to Mario being a game for more years than sonic games.

    Aside from battle experience (which I am aware knuckles also has a lot of) bowser is purely more resilient! Knuckles is shown in a new cartoon series to be able to punch the ground hard enough to cause a volcanic eruption. Assuming that is an accurate measure of power and not just for show we can clarify that knuckles is incredibly strong! But strong enough to subdue bowser who has survived a black hole, a city sized castle falling in him and many dips in lava. I think not. Mario’s power in super Mario Galaxy that enables hid to spin with his fists spread out can break through several blacks of brick at once! All being several feet thick, which he can do as many times as he pleases! And spinning in such a way would not deliver as much force as a normal punch. Therefore if Mario were to punch with this power it could be around half the power of knuckles volcanic punch. And bowser can take these punches for nearly forever! And we’re assuming knuckles can throw many of these volcanic punches in quick succession. If knuckles can do that and amplify his power in super form then each punch in his super form could equal a high magnitude earthquake! That is powerful! But as power as the pressure from a black hole? No.

    And after super Mario 64 bowser had almost always been using magic to make Mario’s journey even more difficult. He could use this to become giant in his fight with knuckles! While retaining his fighting skills and endurance! Not to mention his fireballs can burn hotter that any other natural fire and they can home in on his enemies. Add his shell that knuckles couldn’t penetrate even if he wanted to and his spikes which can in fact “shoot out of his shell like missiles” and you’ve got a debunked 1 minute Melee. And no knuckles doesn’t have a hyper form. And his underground game could be deadly for him once bowser caught on.

    • In response to Jman,

      I will assume you have not read the Archic comics cannon for Sonic, so I’ll try to do a half decent summary for you;
      In one story, Knuckles learns before he was born, his father, Locke, bombarded the egg he was in with “Chaos Energy” before he hatched. “What is Chaos Energy?” you may ask, well, to put it simply, it allows someone to be close to the level of a god in terms of raw power, granting one the power to freely control time, space, reality, and multiply one’s physical powers to a near infinite degree. (There are a lot of powers that can be listed here, but that would take a while).

      With this power, he nearly lost control, but later when he “died,” the energy was sent back to where it came from, being a realm where the gods of the Archie cannon live, the Chaos Realm. Even though he lost his god-like powers, he would later regain them when he touched the cursed Master Emerald thanks to Dr. Finitevus. Anyway, with this power, he was just as strong as or possibly even stronger, than Enerjak, one of the few Archie villains who was always defeated with some sort of extreme plot hax.

      Enerjak was able to manipulate matter, reality, space, time, and Knuckles only held this power for a short while, yet still he could use just as great as Enerjak could. The point is, I do not believe Bowser could defeat such a foe with little to no resistance to reality manipulation. Knuckles could just age Bowser with his mastery over time, or send him into another dimension if he did not want to bother with fighting him. Unless Bowser has some crazy high level feats I am unaware of, Knuckles will not even have to flex his muscles.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this long post.

      Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

    • Hmm, I think one thing to consider though is that some of Bowser’s feats aren’t actually serious like him surviving from space. The Mario series lies within some comedy feats as well as the serious ones. As such, the characters can appear to be a little higher tier than they actually are at times.

    • I agree that Bowser will win but Bowser´s punches are very powerful too. He can beat Dark Bowser wich is a god in just a few punches and not to mention that time that Bowser punched Peach´s castle so hard that send it to a tour around the planet in seconds. He is more durable too he survived many things such as: Black holes, lava, the sun, a supernova, the destruction of a universe etc. Alternate forms: Dry Bowser, Giga Bowser, Giant Bowser, Hammer slam Bowser and his most powerful form Dreamy Bowser, Knuckles could turn hyper or super but for a limited time and those two forms wouldn´t be able to handle Dreamy Bowser so yeah Bowser wins.

  3. Pretty sure Jman did not see my comment. I was going to include more information, but I guess it does not matter much.

    Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      • I agree with you on the topic of the Mario franchise having a lot of “real” feats and “comedic” feats. Bowser is strong, but his strength is difficult to gauge, sadly.

        Signed, Super Dark Shadow.

      • No, no, and no, Bowser would be able to handle Knuckles attack so long. Remember I told you Bowser´s fists are more powerful than Knuckles. A black hole is the most powerful thing in a universe! And Bowser was able to survive that he would have no problem to resist Knuckles attacks in his Dreamy form and Knuckles has not prove that he can a escape a black hole. The winner is the Koopa King.

      • Bowser’s durability is good, but not so good that he could just withstand Knuckles’ attacks like that. Trust me, Knuckles is the last guy you want to mess with here. He just continues to get stronger with each passing form and his speed is incredible. Dreamy form doesn’t buff the stats up enough to compensate for that here.

  4. Disagree, Bowser would definitley win he has two godly forms that would be able to take knuckles so Bowser is superior.

      • A normal plumber?????!!!!!! That is bull over 9 thousand Mario is not a normal plumber he is a superhuman who is able to carry giant castles and kick them he is a plumber who is one of the seven star children chosen by the gods. Mario just beats Bowser because he outsmarts him plus Bowser beat him once who beated many powerful gods such as: Culex, The Dark Star, Antasma, Dimentio, Zeekeeper, Dreamy Bowser, and Grand star Bowser. Bowser can resist multiple punches from Mario who is able to carry castles and kick them.

      • True, Mario has way better stats than a normal human but he’s still really not that impressive at all. He’s a character who relies more on gameplay mechanics than true feats. When it comes time for a real fight he always looks really bad and to an extent that has to be reflected for Bowser as well. If Mario’s not extremely powerful then the same can be said for Bowser

  5. Mario can shatter bricks with his bare fists since the first Super Mario Bros.

    He can lift up and toss Bowser around, who is at least as heavy as an adult elephant (2–7 tons). And that’s NOT counting his metal gears on his arms.

    He’s also strong enough to restrain a golden chain copper. Gold is much heavier than iron, and Mario is holding a whole sphere of it.

    He can also destroy castles with a few kicks and stomps, and even lift one up.

    While those castles may look small, that’s only because of that cutscene. Here’s how it really looks like:

    He regularly knocks out Bowser, who survived black holes that can destroy entire galaxies. Not to mention that Mario scales to Rosalina, who tanked and blocked the big bang multiple times (although it is unclear if Mario can survive the big bang).

    Mario, although not known for his speed, is surprisingly one speedy guy. He can run up walls and pipes in Super Mario World.

    In Super Mario 64, he outran Koopa the Quick, who was wearing Mach 1 Sprint Shoes. This means Mario can run faster than sound.

    He’s fast enough to dodge energy balls from the Koopalings. While those energy balls seem slow, that’s only so the player can actually dodge it.

    In Super Mario Odyssey, he can control being a bolt of electricity, meaning he has light speed reactions.

    In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario can predict when to land his feet on a planet after being launched through galaxies at light speed. That is over MFTL. Not to mention he had to move fast enough to flip over, otherwise, he would’ve landed on his face.

    In Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, he piloted the Star Driver, which is fast enough to travel through multiple galaxies in the blink of an eye. Mario was able to dodge everything that was in the way no sweat.

    He did something similar with the Starship Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2, meaning we have three feats that show Mario is MFTL++.


    Sonic has been able to survive the maximum overdrive from Metal Sonic, which is like a field of glowing energy.

    Sonic can survive reentry from orbit onto his face and only looked slightly fazed. He can also breathe in space.

    In Sonic Colours, he survived the black hole that he outran. Now, normal black holes are either the Star-Solar System level, and others can go past that if they get big enough. This black hole couldn’t even destroy the Earth. So we can assume this was a moon-level black hole.

    In Sonic Generations, Sonic survived a hit from Time Eater. Time Eater *almost* destroyed the Sonic universe, so we can assume that Time Eater is low universal. Sonic got knocked out afterward and needed the seven chaos emeralds to recover, but he still survived.

    Mario survived a castle imploding in his face and, while his face and clothes were burned, he only looked surprised.

    Mario can also breathe underwater (despite what Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Odyssey shows us).

    In Super Mario Galaxy, he survived the vacuum of space, and it was like he was still breathing air. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he survived the same black hole that Bowser got sucked in by. Now, while he didn’t actually go inside it, he still survived the pull of it, which can still bend time and space apart.

    Mario scales to Rosalina, who tanked the big bang multiple times. Now, this is may seem like speculation, but there are 2 feats that support this. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bowser was powered by the Grand Star, a universal object. How do we know it is universal? By the fact that the entire universe was threatened when Bowser got this star, and also that Luma’s can create entire galaxies, Power Stars are just Luma’s with a massive power boost, so if this is the Grand Star, it must be at least universal. If Mario survived hits from Grand Star Bowser, he must be taking universal punches.

    In Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, Mario scales to Paper Mario, who survived the destruction of the Sammer Kingdom, which is an entire universe.
    Mario’s signature technique is jumping, which allows him to stomp on enemies

    With the Ultra Jump, Mario can jump at over 100 feet in the air, and causes more damage than a regular jump

    Mario can deflect objects and smash through anything with the Star Spin

    Mario can also ground-pound enemies, which can smash through tanks

    He can dive toward his enemies or objects

    Mario can also roll on the ground

    Mario can kill enemies with the Spin Jump



    Fire Flower: Grants pyrokinesis

    Ice Flower: Same as Fire Flower but with ice abilities instead of fire

    Boomerang Flower: Allows him to launch a boomerang

    Blue Shell: Turns Mario into a Koopa, allowing him to smash through blocks

    Hammer: Smash through any material

    Boo Mushroom: Allows him to float and phase through walls.

    Super Mushroom: Doubles his power and height

    Lazy Shell: Shoots a turtle shell

    Bee Mushroom: Allows him to fly and sting like a bee

    Mega Mushroom: Turns him into a giant and grants him invulnerability

    Cannon Box: Allows him to shoot cannonballs

    Cape Feather: Allows him to fly in the air for a while and deflect projectiles

    Cappy: Allows Mario to kill enemies by launching his hat at them, or he can just possess them

    Fludd: Allows Mario to fly in the air like he has a jetpack, spray water at enemies and distract them, blast up in the air like a rocket, and allows Mario to travel through land and water quite easily

    Cloud Flower: Allows him to conjure up clouds for extra platforms

    Copy Flower/Double Cherry: Creates clones of himself with decreased durability

    Frog Suit: Improves his swimming ability and increases his jumping ability

    Gold Flower: Turns enemies and objects into coins

    Hammer Suit: Allows him to shoot mini hammers at enemies

    Superball Flower: Shoots bouncing metal balls

    Invincibility Leaf: Appears when Mario or Luigi can’t win a fight. Grants him invulnerability and flight until a fight/level is over. Same as Tanooki Mario

    P-wing: Grants him infinite flight until a level is over. It can also teleport Mario to the end of a level

    Super Bell: Grants him cat-like reflexes and abilities

    Lucky Bell: Same as Super Bell, but grants temporary invulnerability

    Metal Cap: Grants increased strength, stamina, agility, and complete invulnerability for 20 seconds

    Super Star: Grants increased speed, agility, and power, and complete invulnerability for 10 seconds. Can kill normal enemies by touching them

    Rainbow Star: Same as Super Star, but lasts 10 seconds longer

    Mini Mushroom: Turns him into the size of an ant, allowing him to enter mini pipes and run on water

    Vanish Cap: Makes Mario intangible for 10–30 seconds

    Propeller Mushroom/Box: Propels Mario upward for a short amount of time

    Red Star: Allows him to fly in the air, powered by a baby Luma

    Power Balloon: Allows him to float in the air like a balloon

    Rock Mushroom: Allows Mario to transform into a boulder

    Spin Drill: Allows him to drill to the other side of a Planetoid. Mostly used for exploring

    Spring Mushroom: Turns Mario into a spring

    Piranha Plant: Allows Mario to get anything in his way

    Carrot: Allows Mario to hover in the air like a…bunny?

    Super Acorn: Allows him to glide like a flying squirrel

    P-acorn: Same as Super Acorn, but with infinite flight

    Super Leaf: Allows him to fly in the air for a short time and kill enemies with a tail-spin move.

    Tanooki Suit: Same as Super Leaf, but with can turn into an invincible statue for a short time

    Statue Leaf: Same as Tanooki Suit, but more efficient and rarer to find

    Heart/Moon: Heals Mario

    Wing Cap: Allows Mario to soar through the air for a minute, needs momentum

    Luigi Cap: Grants him the abilities of Luigi, granting him increased speed, agility, stamina, and more natural techniques

    Wario Cap: Grants him the abilities of Wario, giving him increased strength, power, and durability

    Penguin Suit: Allows him to slide on ice and shoot ice balls

    LightBox: Grants him a source of light, can banish ghosts.

    Ice Skate: Can move quicker on ice and immune to harmful traps

    Goomba’s Shoe: Allows him to jump over spikes and can jump higher

    Bottomless Gloves: Grants him infinite power-ups

    Warp Pipe: Allows Mario to travel through entire worlds

    Earlier Times/Retry Clock: Allows him to travel through time to the start of a fight/level.

    Mario has 57 power-ups and Sonic has 41 power-ups. So Mario has 16 more power-ups than Sonic. Plus, he can store a maximum of 99 power-ups in his pocket, while Sonic can store only a few. But Sonic’s power-ups, at least in my opinion, are more useful than Mario’s. His power-ups have the abilities of Mario’s power-ups, but they can do one or two things more. Plus, Mario really only uses his power-ups to get through certain areas and clear levels. Sonic, on the other hand, uses them for both levels AND combat. However, Mario can still counter them. Jade Ghost can be countered by the Vanish Cap. Red Burst/Flame Ring can be countered by the Fire or Ice Flower. Shields can be countered by the Hammer or Hammer Suit. Ring Time can be countered by the Gold Flower. Gray Quake can be countered by Rock Mushroom. Sonic’s flying power-ups counter Mario’s flying power-ups. Yellow Drill can counter Spin Drill. Foot Spring can counter the Spring Mushroom. Aqua Shield can counter Frog Suit. Warp Ring counters Warp Pipe.

    So they both have a counter for each other. Darkspine Sonic can only manipulate reality in the magic world, and since this will probably NOT be in the magic world, Mario still has a chance. Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic do have more powers than the Super/Rainbow Star, but they can’t hurt Mario while he has these power-ups because he is invincible. Also, while yes, Super/Hyper Sonic can last for a week while Mario’s invincible power-ups only last for a maximum of 30 seconds, Mario can just absorb infinity Super Stars with the Bottomless Gloves. The Invincibility Leaf can also grant Mario complete invulnerability and flight for an infinite time.

    The Violet Void won’t do anything because Mario has withstood the force of a black hole by himself in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sonic can stop time with the Pearl or Chaos Emeralds, so yes he can potentially screw Mario up early on. But don’t forget Mario can just go back to the beginning of the fight with the Earlier Times or Retry Clock. And Sonic can only travel through time if he shares the Chaos Emeralds with a different person. So both of their power-ups cancel each other out, and it would end in a stalemate.

    Some people will say that Mario and Luigi games RPG games aren’t canon, which is just false because someone from Nintendo said Mario has no canon, (Is there a Mario canon, and what is the order of the games if there is?)but even so, remembers the Invincibility Leaf pops up when Mario simply can’t win a fight, so he can use that if Sonic uses chaos control or transforms into Super/Hyper Sonic.


    Sonic has been able to defeat Solaris, who destroys dimensions, in Sonic ‘06. Mario has been able to defeat Dreamy Bowser, who is the multiverse in the form of a being, in Dream Team. The difference is that Sonic was in his Super Sonic form, and had help from Silver and Shadow, both of whom were also in their super ways. Mario was in his base form, but he had help from Dreamy Luigi, who, in the words of Jacob Bates, is pretty much a deity. Fine, let’s look at Time Eater and Grand Star Bowser, both of whom are universal. Sonic was once again in his super form, and he had help from Super Classic Sonic (while he wasn’t on the same level as Super Sonic, he was still wholly invulnerable). Mario defeated Grand Star Bowser all by himself, without any super form. He might have needed a few power-ups, but Sonic needed a godly transformation.


    Sonic’s biggest enemy is Dr.Eggman, a mad scientist with an I.Q of over 300.

    In the past, Dr.Eggman has built robots that can copy the abilities of others, absorb the power of the Master Emerald, has built giant city-level machines of destruction, and somehow took control of an entity capable of tearing holes in time and space.

    Eggman has also built an entire robot-army, containing smart robots and dumb robots.

    He also has an entire battleship that can launch missiles and nukes.

    Mario’s biggest foe is Bowser, a tyrant with an army of literal monsters and ghosts.

    Bowser is a giant turtle with a spikey shell, fire-breathing abilities, and can turn people into stone.

    Bowser has been able to threaten the entire universe and steal celestial objects 2 times.

    Bowser is stronger, tougher, and about as fast as Mario.

    Mario’s strategies are also pretty basic, if not more basic than Sonic’s. It’s just jumping on an opponent. That really only works for minor enemies or weak bosses, and Sonic for sure is not one of them.

    He himself is not a strategist, and will most likely just dive into a battle. He is impulsive and rather hasty. For example, he jumps into a magical painting without really knowing what would happen or if he would be prepared for what’s on the other side.

    While Mario is incredibly powerful, he doesn’t have a lot of natural techniques. Honestly, the only reason he beats Bowser is that:

    Mario has an OP power-up
    He uses the environment as an advantage
    As we see in the opening of Super Mario Odyssey, Mario doesn’t have any power-ups, and neither does Bowser. The two of them are fighting on an airship. And we clearly see Bowser has the upper-hand here.

    So Mario’s real power resides in his power-ups, not his base form.

    And again, Mario is not that type of strategist, so he’ll most likely consume all his power-ups to get an early start, and when he runs out, then he has a disadvantage.


    And the winner, folks, is Mr. Video Game himself, Super Mario. I mean, just look at their strength feats. Yes, Sonic destroys robots and aliens that can destroy solar systems, but Mario knocks out people who have survived Multi-Galaxy black holes.

    Sonic is faster on foot, because he goes 10x the speed of sound casually, while Mario is only as fast as sound. But Mario’s reflexes are MFTL+, while Sonic’s running speed and reflexes are only FTL+. Mario can easily keep up with Sonic.

    Mario’s durability also outclasses Sonic’s by a decent amount. Sonic got knocked out by a low universal hit, while Mario can tank universal punches and get back up.

    Mario also has 24 years of combat experience, while Sonic has 2 years of combat experience and 15 years of being a speedster.

    Sonic does have more techniques, though, so he has an advantage with that.

    Power-ups make this interesting. Mario’s durability and speed alone might be able to beat Super Sonic, but remember Super Sonic can last for a few days, and he has infinite stamina. Mario is powerful and has high stamina, but it is still limited. Super Sonic can also cancel out the majority of Mario’s arsenal, but Mario can counter it with the White Tanooki Suit, which lasts forever until the end of a fight.

    If there are no power-ups (which is very unlikely since Mario always has power-ups around and the wisps are always in capsules), then Mario stomps. Sonic might catch Mario off guard in the beginning, but after that, it is an automatic win for Mario.

    If they are fighting with power-ups then it would most likely be a draw, though Sonic could win by:

    If he goes Super Sonic in the beginning, Mario would probably just pull out a regular Fire Flower, then get yeeted out of existence.
    He goes Hyper and instantly kills Mario with the Hyper-flash move IF Mario doesn’t have an invincible power-up on.
    He goes to the book world (very, VERY unlikely) and uses Darkspine (needs seven world rings) to take away all of Mario’s powers.
    Turns Mario into rings with Ring Time (unlikely as Mario has resisted Bowser and Kameks’s transmutation).
    Trap Mario in a ball with the Magic Gloves (unlikely considering Mario’s reactions).
    Disintegrate Mario with Indigo Asteroid (again, considering Mario’s reflexes this is unlikely).
    But Mario can also win by:

    Absorbs a Super Star at the beginning of the fight. Sonic, being the cocky bastard he is, will just run into it, then immediately die (unlikely because Mario only uses Super Star after he realizes the danger of an enemy).
    He goes White Tanooki Mario, waits for Super/Hyper form to end, then kills Sonic with the tail-spin move.
    Crushes Sonic with the Hammer because it is especially useful for spikey enemies (very, VERY unlikely considering Sonic’s durability).
    Turns Sonic into coins with the Gold Flower (unlikely as those energy balls move very slowly).
    Overpower Sonic by creating infinite clones with Bottomless Gloves+Copy Flower.
    Knock Sonic out by using his top strength (also unlikely as Mario holds back).
    So yeah, both can win with power-ups, but I see it like this:

    Sonic goes Super or Hyper, Mario absorbs the White Tanooki Suit, and they go to space to duke it out. A few days later, Sonic’s Super/Hyper form ends and he dies by Mario’s tail-spin.


    While Sonic is insanely quick on his feet, and his power-ups are more useful for combat, Mario’s superior strength, durability, agility, combat experience, and larger arsenal will give him the victory (most of the time). So no Mario is stronger than Sonic so Bowser would beat Knuckles without a doubt.

    • I gotta say, major credit for the feats listed above. I’ll admit that Mario sounds a lot more impressive than you would think at first glance. While this doesn’t change Knuckles vs Bowser, here’s why Sonic would still win for me. His speed is unmatched. In the Archie comics his Super Sonic is said to be 1000x faster than his normal Sonic speed which is already FTL. The sheer speed is why he wins. Mario could certainly hold his own and win if this was a match of pure brawn but even at his best Mario has never displayed that level of combat speed

      • Ok Mario is fast enough to dodge meteors and there many power ups that would help him to end sonic like he could use the star or could froze his solid or turn him into gold there are power ups that could even overpowered him so still Mario wins. Bowser would beat Knuckles very easy, Oh and Knuckles does not have a hyper form so Bowser wins.

      • Big difference between a meteor and Super Sonic though. Mario’s gold form still wouldn’t close the speed gap though.

        Knuckles does have Hyper in the Archie comics though and actually gave Sonic a really good fight. Remember that Bowser got clowned by King Dedede in a single blow. I don’t believe he would last long here.

      • First of all: Rainbow Mario would beat Hyper Sonic.
        Second of all: Well even still that Knuckles have a hyper form it would not be able to handle Dreamy Bowser
        Third of all: King dedede beat Bowser in a single blow? Bullshit that was in Smash and he did not beat him in a single blow. Bowser is stronger than King dedede. In a research battle Bowser would win.
        Mario beats Sonic and Bowser beats Knuckles accept it.

      • Rainbow Mario wouldn’t stand a chance. Sonic has beaten gods and deities in his time through Hyper/Super Sonic. Rainbow Mario hasn’t done anything particularly impressive. Dreamy Bowser is a pretty cool form but he still won’t be able to keep up with Knuckles’ speed. He will completely overwhelm the king of the Koopa. Smash isn’t canon for sure, but it’s a prety good look at how powerful Bowser is. I really doubt Bowser would win a rematch.

      • RainBow Mario is invincible showing how he beats many foes just touching them and if Rainbow Mario touch sonic then it will be Game Over for him.

      • Yes, but that’s a mix of gameplay mechanics and the fact that he’s knocking out a lot of minions for the most part. It wouldn’t have a similar effect against someone as powerful as Sonic

      • Super Sonic would not be able to stand a chance against Rainbow Mario. The emeralds just make Sonic more powerful and more faster while the star makes Mario invincible.

      • Not invincible, just a lot more durable while emitting an offensive energy that can stop foes. It wouldn’t be able to break through Sonic’s shield so it would effectively be pointless in the match

      • Mario has beaten universal and multivesal gods like: Antasma, Dimentio, Zeekeeper, Dreamy Bowser, Grand Star Bowser, Culex, and the Dark star
        Plus Mario has power ups that would help him defend himself from Sonic super forms like: The metal cap, the invincibility leaf, the mega mushroom, the star, the feather leaf etc. And I already said Mario used the star driver that can travel through galaxies. That puts Mario in the same level of Sonic speed even though Mario has more power ups than Sonic. Sonic is impressive but Mario is in a whole different level.
        You said Knuckles speed would be able to handle Dreamy Bowser? Pfft, no freaking way! Knuckles is not even as fast as sonic if Knuckles turn into super or hyper it still would not be able to take down the Koopa king. Dreamy Bowser is cabable to create an wish anything he could wish that knuckles turns back in his base form. Knuckles may be faster and smarter but Bowser experience, durability, versatility, and strength would give him the victory. The winner is: Bowser and Mario

      • Right, but you see how Mario’s enemies don’t compete right? Metal Overlord alone could wipe out all of the Mario villains you just named. As for his power ups, the Metal Cap isn’t durable enough to endure Sonic’s hits. The Mega Mushroom just makes him a bigger target and the others buy him a few seconds at most. Mario’s Star Driver will help him move but it definitely doesn’t equate to combat speed. That’s the problem, it still wouldn’t even the playing field for Mario.

        As for Bowser, I agree that he’s not as smart or as fast as Knuckles. Those are the things that are really going to hurt him here. He won’t have time to make the wish without Knuckles shattering the wand first and ultimately there’s not a whole lot else that Bowser would be able to do in time. He’s just completely outgunned here

      • Plus, Knuckles would not beat Bowser in a fist fight sure Knuckles fist can cause volcanic eruptions but Bowser has done much better like he destroyed a whole freaking universe in one hit! He punch peach castle so hard that it made a tour around the Earth in seconds in the space. He beated Dark Bowser wich is the dark star with his DNA in just a few punches. So Bowser fists are more powerful.

      • I think you’re taking too many gameplay mechanics into consideration with some of these feats though. Bowser is definitely very strong and a case can be made that he is stronger than Knuckles. Stronger than Hyper Knuckles? I have serious doubts about that. Then once we throw in Knuckles’ speed the match is really over. There’s just not much Bowser can do against someone like this

      • The star would be able to destroy sonic shiels and for the last time I am going to say this….The star makes Mario invincible
        Hyper Knuckles would not be able to defeat Dreamy Bowser
        And yet there are many ways that Mario can defeat Sonic.
        Mario wins please accept it.

      • The invincibility part is just due to what we’ve seeen Mario fight. He’s not actually invincible and would still get stomped by Sonic’s main attacks. Mario is strong to be sure, but the star just isn’t at a level where it could really be used to stop Sonic’s onslaught in its tracks. It’s just not happening. That’s why Sonic stomps Mario here

        Bowser won’t be fast enough to land a hit on Knuckles.

      • Bowser knows Black Magic, he can:
        Throw electricity from his hands.
        Make energy balls
        Travel through time.
        Make bubble creatures.
        Creating black holes.
        Gravity Manipulation.
        Can put his hands and tail on fire to attack.
        Created a tower.
        Create portals.
        Turn people into bricks.
        Grows giant whenever he wants.
        Has a QI of 9800.
        Has mecha koopas, bob ombs, koopa clown car and the koopa cruiser.
        Alternate forms:
        Giga Bowser
        Giant Bowser
        Dry Bowser
        Hammer slam Bowser
        Grand star Bowser
        Dreamy Bowser.
        With that abilities Bowser beats Knuckles.

      • All right, those are all certainly things that Bowser can do. The problem here is that Knuckles is still just too fast to be hit by all of that. Bowser can have all of the best abilities in the world but they’re not going to help when his opponent is this quick. Knuckles can dodge all of those attacks with ease.

      • The star does make him invincible. He could even use the invincibility leave. Mario is very tough for sonic, sonic speed would not be able to handle Mario strength and durability. Mario reflexes are MFTL speed while Sonic is FTl. Mario was able to handle universal hits while Sonic got knocked out so that means Mario could support anything that the Blue spiky hair could throw at him, Mario even has a power up that stops time for a limited time and there is many ways he could end him like froze him or turn him into gold. He gots a more bigger arsenal that can help him end Sonic and even defend him from his attacks and even overpower him. mario arsenal would always outlast sonic because he’s been shown to carry more of them on his person. Mario wins

      • The star isn’t true invincibility though. That’s because there’s no such thing. It’s like having an unbreakable shield or unstoppable sword. At most that means they are really strong but there is always something stronger. In this case that’s Sonic. Mario has great reaction times but lets not forget him getting blasted by a magic koopa in Mario Galaxy and other events like that. Mario really wouldn’t last long against someone like Sonic. Sonic’s on a completely different level.

      • Knuckles is faster than Bowser but knuckles speed is not as same as sonic. Bowser is way more powerful. Bowser survived crazy things that Knuckles would not be able to resist. He survived: Lava, the sun, a supernova, a black hole, a star, and the destruction of a universe. He once destroyed a universe! He has many abilities that would give him the win like: Create black holes, portals, bubble creatures, electricity, energy balls, turn people into bricks, Teleport, Gravity manipulation and Time travel. Hyper knuckles is very powerful but still he has a limited time and Bowser Dreamy form would beat hyper knuckles. Dreamy Bowser is a multiversal god who can wish and create anything, he could make a wish that could overpower knuckles or giving him a huge advantage like: go back to his base form, slow him down, make him lost his powers etc. The punching hedgehog would be defeated. Plus Bowser fists are more powerful than knuckles so he would beat him in a fist fight.

      • True, Knuckles isn’t nearly as fast as Sonic. That being said, he really doesn’t need to be. Knuckles is still very fast in his own right which means that he will always be one step ahead of Bowser. I see you have Dreamy Bowser as your main counter here but that guy’s not super impressive. The only thing he really has going for himself here is all the wishes and that’s not going to fly here. Wishing that Knuckles would just go back to base mode is something I have my doubts on him being able to do. Knuckles would be protected by the Emerald energy in that form. It won’t last forever, but certainly long enough to land some critical blows and end things. Bowser has resisted a lot, but direct hits from a Hyper mode? It’s really hard to imagine that working out.

      • Maybe he will be able to dodge some attacks from Bowser but if Bowser throws him a black hole then Knuckles would not survive that. Bowser was able to escape a black hole so if Bowser throws him a black hole he would not be able to escape that and if Bowser throws him lightning Knuckles wouldn’t be able to dodge that.

      • Like you said, Bowser escaped a Black Hole and he’s not particularly fast. Knuckles would have absolutely no trouble escaping it either. Knuckles would be able to dodge the lightning as well. We can’t forget that Knuckles is massively faster than Bowser to the point where this isn’t close. Anything Bowser can do, Knuckles can do better when it comes to speed feats. Now when it comes to power, that’s where Bowser has it made

      • Ahhhhhhh….Look I am not in the mood to see many people who say Knuckles is stronger than Bowser and that Sonic is stronger than Mario. Mario has many power ups that would help him beat the hairy Goku hedgehog and overpower him and help him defend from sonic’s attacks and can you give me a good reason why Rainbow Mario is not invincible? That is the only thing that I don’t understand, well if you do not say that makes him invincible then Mario has the invincibility leaf that makes him invincible. I admit that Sonic could win in some circumstances but most of the time Mario takes the win. Sonic speed would not be able to handle Mario’s durability, Mario would have a hard time hitting the blue hedgehog but Mario would be able to handle Sonic’s attacks. Mario is way to tough for Sonic so Mario wins.

      • I know, the truth hurts in this case but that’s how it is. Sonic and Knuckles definitely outrank Mairo and Bowser. As I said, there is no such thing as true invincibility so that means there is now way Rainbow Mario fits that category. It just means he is super durable but that won’t be enough to take Sonic down. Sonic’s speed beats durability because all of the hits will keep adding up. Since he definitely does deal damage, there is not a whole lot Mario could do. His durability will only last so long

      • Ok why would knuckles would be able to escape a black hole and dodge lightning? No way in hell is going to do that.

      • Bowser advantages:
        More Experience
        More versatile

        Knuckles advantages:

        Dreamy Bowser would be able to handle attacks from Hyper knuckles until he returns into his base form. Seeing how the normal Bowser has survived deadlier things that a attack from hyper knuckles, He survived: A Supernova, A Black hole, A Star, The Sun, Lava, The destruction of a universe. And since Dreamy Bowser is far more powerful than Bowser that means he could survive many deadly things. Is a black hole, a supernova, a star, and the destruction of a universe more weaker than a hit of hyper knuckles? No so by that logic Dreamy Bowser could resist hits from Hyper Knuckles and when he returns into his base form then Dreamy Bowser would easily beat him in a single form, and like I said……Dreamy Bowser can create anything! He could create a thing that would help him a lot in a fight with Hyper Knuckles. Bowser simply wins please, please! Deal with it.

      • Speed is the factor that really matters here. Dreamy Bowser can endure a lot but not those attacks at that volume. You also have to consider that Knuckles’ attacks are direct. IT’s not like a general universe being destroyed, these are focused attacks hitting in quick succession. There’s only so much Bowser could do in the meanwhile. He would be helpless while being pummeled over and over again. Again, there’s no way to get around losing the speed battle.

      • Ok like Mario and Sonic even though Knuckles is faster than him then Bowser would easily resist Knuckles attack cause he survived deadlier things and is more durable tha Knuckles. Bowser is very, very tough for Knuckles to handle.

      • Bowser can resist attacks but only for a little while. That’s why losing the speed edge is so critical in these battles. With enough speed you can just keep on hitting until the durability runs out and that’s exactly what Knuckles will do here

      • Dude, You still do not answer my question? Why Rainbow Mario is not invincible give me a good reason and Mario has the invincibility leaf that gives him permanent invincibility and no Mario could handle Sonic attacks without problem, cause he survived deadlier things and he could dodge them because remember that Mario has better reflexes. And for the last time! Mario´s arsenal would help him so much in the fight, those power ups would help him: Defend him from Sonic´s attacks, overpower him, and beat him like I said he could froze his solid or turn him into gold. Mario is way better than Sonic.

      • Eh, the reason to that is there’s no such thing as invincibility. You can increase your durability to the point where almost nothing can hurt you but there is no way to become completely invincible. It just isn’t possible and that’s the issue that Mario would run into here. Mario has survived a lot of powerful hits but not a focused barrage like what Sonic would be giving him here. Mario would be helpless against that due in large part to the difference in speed we’ve been mentioning. Without the ability to keep up with speed, there is just no escape. Ultimately Mario would fall and his power ups can’t help when he can’t keep up

      • I am still not convinced, the star does makes Mario invincible (form a limited time) showing how he beats any enemy with just touching them. If you say that does not make him invincible then Mario has the invincibility leaf that gives him permanent invincibility, Mario´s power ups would help him end Sonic. They can help him overpower sonic and defend him from sonic´s attacks like for example the metal cap, they can also help him finish him like I said he could froze his solid with the ice flower or turn him into gold with the golden flower. Mario even has the pure hearts that would make him powerful enough to beat Hyper Sonic
        Also Dreamy Bowser would be able to handle Hyper Knuckles attacks for so much time he could even create a shield that would help block Hyper Knuckles attacks or even cure himself from the damage that Hyper Knuckles did to him, he could create weapons that would help him beat him and I do not thing the emeralds energy would protect knuckles from Dreamy Bowser´s wishes because he has not prove that he could do that so Dreamy Bowser would wish that he return to his base form or do a wish that could give him the win. Plus, Bowser has a ability that could easily finish Knuckles………………………………He can turn him into a brick.

      • Neither the leaf nor the star are true invincibility. The closest you can do it get hyper durability which is good but it still won’t be enough to stop Sonic. Sonic’s in a class of his own with his many abilities. Let’s not forget that in his Excalibur form he could just slice through Mario like he was butter. He’s just got way too many tools up his arsenal for Mario to defend himself against. Mario’s many attacks are rendered null and void thanks to the speed difference.

        Hyper Knuckles flurry of blows would completely overwhelm Bowser’s defenses. Bowser wouldn’t have time to even counter attack and so Knuckles would have the advantage right from the jump. As for turning Knuckles into a brick, he’d have to catch him first. Worst case, Knuckles becomes a brick like how Vegito turned into a candy and the pummeling just continues

      • What is compare a hit from Knuckles to a freaking Black hole? Bowser will be able to resist Knuckles hits for a long time. Bowser is so tough for Knuckles plus Bowser speed is almost to Mario´s so Bowser could be able to dodge, block, or intercept attacks from Knuckles and Dreamy Bowser is just ridiculously impressive, he would be able to beat Hyper Knuckles but not very easily.

      • A black hole isn’t a direct hit so that’s why it’s different. Take that feeling when you’re hit by a general wave in the beach vs a water bullet hitting you. The direct attack knocks you back while the wave is uncomfortable. So Knuckles’ attacks aren’t as strong as a Black Hole but they are directed straight at Bowser which is where things get interesting. I just don’t see Bowser being able to stand up to that for very long. Knuckles is also way faster. There’s no way Mario could hope to keep up with him much less Bowser. Hyper Knuckles increases his speed as well so Dreamy Bowser would be overwhelmed

      • My god!, just go see the abilities that all the power ups give him and you will see the star and the leaf makes him invincible. Also do you think Mario will let Sonic slice him? Mario´s reflexes would avoid them all and the metal cap would defend him from Excalibur Sonic. Mario has the pure hearts that makes him extremely powerful, he has the enough power to finish Hyper Sonic. Mario even has cappy and it would posses Sonic and Mario then would learn all the things that Sonic can do and then he would came up with a strategy to finish Sonic

      • Not only have I seen the abilities but I’ve seen them first hand as I’ve played almost every Mario game. It’s why I’m able to really evaluate these guys since I’ve seen them for myself. Let me tell you, Mario would let Sonic slice him. Mario wouldn’t be able to do much of anything to stop Sonic’s assault. He’s not fast enough to do so and that’s what would put him in a tough spot here. Reaction speeds can only get you so far when you’re completely outgunned in a fight. It puts you behind the 8 ball right away.

      • Bowser has been able to resist Mario´s direct hits to the face, so he would not have a problem resist Knuckles attacks. Bowser would turn him into a brick and knuckles would not know that he is trying to turn him into a brick. If Hyper Knuckles leaves Dreamy Bowser with so much damage then Dreamy Bowser would cure himself and could wish to have infinite durability. He could create powerful weapons that would help him finish Hyper Knuckles and could wish to overpower him or wish that he returns to his base form. Bowser is simply way better than the punching red hedgehog.

      • Knuckles is far more powerful than Mario though. His fists are really going to hurt here and the speed also puts him a different league since Bowser will have to deal with a full flurry all at once. That’s not a good sign for him. Bowser has his Dreamy form but he can’t wish for infinite durability though. He can wish for more of course and can heal to an extent but he will be completely overwhelmed in this fight. All the abilities at your disposal don’t really matter when you’re getting crushed the whole time

  6. The Power Star grants Mario invincibility to attacks, not just in the Mario series. How do we know this? Super Smash Bros.

    In Smash, the Power Star is the most OP item. Bayonetta’s punch can’t break it. No Final Smash can break it. We know Super Sonic can’t affect it.

    However, we know Super Sonic is not invincible. He can be harmed by the Biolizard, for example.

    Thus comparing their strongest forms, Power Star Mario comes up on top.

    • That’s a gameplay mechanic. Most fighting games have similar items or abilities. Like when you pull off a final smash, you become temporarily invincible. It doesn’t mean that the character literally is. That’s all gameplay mechanics

      • Pfft, No freaking way Knuckles is more powerful than Mario. Mario would finish Knuckles with his power ups the same goes for Mario vs Sonic and Bowser´s fist are more stronger than knuckles so he would do more damage to knuckles than him to Bowser

      • Knuckles would easily defeat Mario just like Sonic would. Here’s the deal, Knuckles has punched out enemies who are much stronger than anyone Mario has ever had to deal with. That’s not even counting his Hyper Knuckles form. The fact of the matter is that Knuckles is in a completely different league than Mario just as the Sonic verse is in a different league than the Mario one. That’s why the Mario verse always ends up losing the big battles here. The Sonic verse is just too skilled

      • Jesus, you sure do love Sonic. Dreamy Bowser can wish for infinite durability because he can wish anything he wants and I already tell you that even though Hyper Knuckles is super fast he still does not have a chance against Dreamy Bowser. Dreamy Bowser could create many things that would end Hyper Knuckles or could wish him to slow him down, overpower him, and make him return to his base form and if if Hyper Knuckles leaves him with so much damage he could create a shield to protect him or cure himself. Then Knuckles would be finished by Bowser.

      • And here we go again from me telling you that Mario has the pure hearts that makes him extremely powerful, he would have the enough power to beat hyper knuckles and hyper sonic.

      • The pure hearts are good but not good enough. We can’t forget that in Kingdom Hearts the pure hearts still weren’t enough to fight off the heartless and those aren’t nearly as strong or fast as Knuckles and Sonic. They would blitz Mario for days

      • Then Mario with the Star and the invincibility leaf would make him invincible and kills Hyper Sonic. Sorry buddy, but that´s the truth.

      • Nah, he’s still not invincible even with those two things. That’s what I’m trying to tell ya. No matter how many upgrades Mario stacks up, they just won’t be enough to even put him on the same level as someone like Sonic or Knuckles. Those guys are just way too powerful as it is

    • Guess what? I already see the abilities that the power ups give to Mario and it says clear that the Star and the Invincibility leaf makes him invincible also you really think Mario would let Excalibur Sonic to slice him????!!!! Yeah, like if Mario wanted Sonic to kill him and Mario has the metal cap that would defend him from Excalibur Sonic´s sword attacks and Mario with the pure hearts, the star, and the invincibility leaf. would beat Hyper Sonic

      • Invincibility is something they want you to buy into but you gotta see past the trick. There’s no such thing and it just makes Mario pretty durable. The guy probably wouldn’t be durable enough to block Sonic’s blast anyway which puts him in a really bad spot here. I don’t see how he would be able to do much of anything in this battle. Mario just doesn’t have a whole lot of skills that would let him do anything here. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mario. He’s always been a pretty fun character and someone that you could count on. That being said, I just don’t see him doing much of anything here

  7. You just do not admit it man, I already search and it says that the star and the invincibility leaf makes him invincible. What is compare a thing that makes you only more powerful and faster to a thing that makes you invincible? Mario just has the edge when it comes to power I think Sonic does not have nothing to end Mario.

    • That’s what they want you to think but it’s just not the case. What those abilities do it improve your durability to a high degree but that’s it. They really don’t do a thing to help you when the chips are down and you’re feeling out. Sonic would be blasting through Mario right from the jump

      • You are being a little stubborn is not like if I offend you but just read the guide of power ups so you can see that I am right and you will see that Mario wins.

      • No, it’s just that absolutes like that don’t exist. There’s no such thing as unlimited strength, speed, or durability. That’s why invincibility can’t exist because when you think about it, all that means is infinite durability which isn’t a thing. That’s why Sonic speedblitzes him easily

      • Mate, just look in the guide and you will see very clear that the star and the invincibility leaf makes Mario invincible. Knuckles and Sonic don´t stand a chance against Mario.

      • Those are gameplay mechanics and concepts within the universe. Mario may be too strong for other Mario characters to hurt him but that’s not going to impress Knuckles or Sonic. They would easily be able to pummel Mario right through the durability boosts and then that would be game over for him

      • Cmon dude I am very tired seeing you say that. The problem here is that you just don´t admit it I know that you sure are very sad about the truth but the truth hurts sometimes. The star makes Mario invincible heck even Bowser gets beaten by Rainbow Mario with just a single touch! Just admit it.

      • I know, it’s hard to see these comments but this is just how it is. Mario’s not invincible and the fact that he still manages to beat up on Bowser doesn’t help the King’s case. He’s completely outgunned here since Knuckles is a lot faster and tougher than Mario. That barrage of blows will really add up and ultimately that’s what is going to cost Bowser big time

      • Man, man, man…………You just don´t admit it that is the problem here. I already read the guide and the creator says very clear the those two power ups make Mario invincible I mean for something the invincibility leaf is called ´´invincibility´´ right? Sonic and Knuckles are powerful but they just are not enough.

      • Right but they’re making that in the context of trying to design a fun game. It’s still not meant for you to think that the invincibility is actually legitimate. Trust me, all it does is buff the durability and that’s not going to be nearly enough to take down someone like Knuckles or Sonic

      • This is the truth dude, admit it Sonic doesn´t have anything to end Mario and for the love of god! It´s not a gameplay mechanics the creator says it very clear and there is proof about that showing how he beats any foe just touching them and resist any type of attack.

      • I can’t admit it because it just isn’t the case! Sonic is way more skilled than Mario and also has the absolute advantage in both speed and power. I don’t really see Mario having much of a response to this level of ability. Sonic’s just out of his league and that’s not even counting his various super forms like Super Sonic and Darkspine. Once you throw those in then it’s all over. Definitely gameplay mechanics for Super Mario though, there’s no such thing as invincibility.

      • If the star really gives Mario more durability then how do you explain the fact that Rainbow Mario can beat any foe with just touching them? Mario has his power ups to help him win the fight and I am sure he always will have a power up in his sleeves that will help him finish Knuckles and Sonic. Mario will pummel both of them………….Get it?

      • Well, my answer to that would be that Rainbow Mario also does have some extra strength and a bit of an aura it seems which is why he can damage opponents. It does pack a punch behind the attacks so that is definitely solid but it won’t do any good against Knuckles or Sonic since they’re so much faster

      • I told you that Mario has his big arsenal to endo Sonic he has power ups that would end Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic would not be able to handle Mario’s power ups and Mario has cappy that can posses sonic. Mario is just has the upper hand.

      • Cappy’s too slow and in a way that sums up Mario’s chances in a nutshell. There’s just no way for him to keep up with Sonic or tag him at all. The hedgehog has the massive advantage in both speed and power. There’s just not a whole lot that Mario can do to try and end him. He has a big arsenal but they’re all moves that are too slow

      • You don’t understand this will be the last time I said…….The star does make him invincible and that the star gives him just a little strength is just super wrong, I told you that he can even beat Bowser with just touching him so if he touches Sonic then Sonic would be defeated. Make any excuses but it not changes the fact that the star makes him invincible. The creator even says that the star makes Mario invincible, Mario beats Knuckles and Sonic and that is the truth

      • The star is pretty important but it still does not make him invincible. Think about it, how could a star possibly give you true invincibility? It just isn’t a thing and won’t work out well for him here. Super Sonic would be able to punch Mario right out of his star form and that would be the end of the match. There is no escape

  8. You are creating things a punch od Super Sonic wouldn’t punch mario in his Star form It gives him invincibility it says clear and we can see he beats any foe with just touching them if Super Sonic punches him it wouldn’t effect him. Sorry son but that is how it would end.

    • It’s not true invincibility though. Mario gains a lot of durability I’ll certainly grant you that, but it has its limits. Super Sonic has been shown time and time again to deal a ton of damage with each blow. I have no doubt that he would crush Mario’s Starpower

      • I really doubt about that prove that the star really doesn’t give him invincibility. Star mario is invincible he take every hit and beats every foe with just a single touch and Super Sonic has his limits too, Super sonic wouldn’t be able to punch Mario out of his star form he hasn’t prove he can beat strong enemies with just one punch in fact if he touches him is game over for him there is no escape.

      • The star’s still just a gameplay mechanic Think about it, if it was actual invincibility then everyone would go use it to crush some opponents right? Why wait for Mario? The Toads could all go save Peach. It’s just a fun little element to make the gameplay better while we’ve actually seen Super Sonic dish it out against crazy opponents and come out on top. That’s why I side with Sonic here.

  9. His arsenal will help him very much. Mario has power ups that would help him with Sonic’s speed for example he has a power up that freezes time for a limited time and he has other power ups that would help him with sonic super and hyper form its just a matter of time Mario just hits Sonic with a deadly blow and he has cappy hat would posses Sonic. That would be end of the game for him, Mario has the upper hand when it comes to arsenal and power.

    • Sonic’s will is too strong for Cappy to really do anything there. Most likely Sonic’s going to have to go Super and show Mario what true speed is here. Mario has a lot of options but over 99% of them are rendered completely powerless in this situation. The gap between the two fighters is just too massive and that’s the problem when going up against someone like Sonic. What is Mario supposed to even do to try and stay on his level

      • I told you that mario has his arsenal the\at would help him handel sonic’s attacks, forms, and speed its just a matter of time that Mario hits him with a deadly blow. His Durability would help him with sonic’s attacks and even the metal cap the makes Mario even more durable. Mario and Bowser stomps both of them.

      • The durability and metal cap won’t help much. It’ll barely even delay the inevitable when you consider that Sonic can hit him thousands of times in an instant. There is just no defense against something like that. Sonic would be blasting away the whole time. Same with Knuckles. They would unleash a flurry of blows the likes of which we’ve never seen and Mario/Bowser have no defense against that.

  10. The metal Mario would resist every hit Sonics give to him the same goes to Knuckles. The metal cap shows that can give mario huge durability and resist many attacks and like i say its just a matter of time that Mario hits Sonic, he can’t escape forever.

    • Mario can resist some attacks but really we’ve only seen him do this against fairly weak fighters to begin with. I can’t imagine that he would do particularly well against a fighter of Sonic’s caliber. The Super Sonic punches would just go right through his defenses

      • Star Mario can resist attacks too from strong opponents like Bowser who is multiversal level that would mean that the punch from Super Sonic wouldn’t affect him at all.

      • Bowser’s not even close to multiversal level though. King Dedede has humiliated him in the past and Ganon wrecked him. I’d put Bowser as block level at best with his standard attacks, Super Sonic is way higher

  11. gameplay mechanic or not it still is a power up of Mario and would help him very much by giving him invincibility if you say that it only makes him more durable then it would mean that there would be attacks that would affect Star mario but it doesn’t even Bowser’s attacks can’t affect him. Keep making any excuses but it still won’t help. Both mario and Bowser stomps Sonic and Knuckles.

    • Gameplay mechanic makes all the difference. It just increases his durability. Think of it this way, people say that Superman is invincible but he can still take damage. It’s like that with Super Mario but to an even more extreme extent. There’s just nothing he can really do to resist Sonic’s power. Sonic and Knuckles would easily take Mario and Bowser down.

      • It still is a power up that mario can use but still the star makes Mario invincible sames come to the invincibility leaf it says very clear that the ability that those two power ups give to Mario is invincibility Star Mario can even walk on lava without problem. Mario can use power ups that would help him with Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic. Sonic doesn’t have anything at all to take down Mario the same goes to Knuckles. Bowser and Mario takes Sonic and Knuckles to the floor.

      • Mario has a lot of nice power ups I’ll definitely agree with you there. Where we part ways is that Mario’s Star just doesn’t make him invincible. It’s just not enough to take down an opponent like this. Sonic and Knuckles are just too powerful. They have the overwhelming edge in both speed and power. Not getting hurt by Lava is pretty good but what about Sonic landing blows on the BioLizard that were actually dealing massive damage? That’s not the kind of thing you can really forget about. It’s just too much to hope to stop.

  12. Mario has foughted strong opponents even more powerful than Biolizard, for example: Dimentio, Zeekeeper, Antasma, Dreamy Bowser, The Dark star, Culex, and Grand star Bowser and was actually capable to hurt them and Bowser was able to hurt too strong opponents like Culex and Dark Bowser. Still Star mario is invincible I told you that he can take any attack without problem so Super Sonic attacks wouldn’t affect him at all. Bowser and mario are too much for Sonic and Knuckles to handle.

    • None of those guys are even close to the BioLizard in strength. A single energy blast would take them out like nobody’s business. That’s the difference between the Sonic and Mario verses. Star Mario is all gameplay mechanics while Super Sonic has had to seal with some really powerful opponents. I’m not saying this to knock Mario and Bowser. Both of them are still pretty fun characters and all but I just don’t see them being able to hold their own here. They’re just a little out of their league and that’s what is going to come back to bite them in the end.

      • You sure are a Sonic fan. It doesn’t matter if is a gameplay mechanic it stills count we have to put all Bowser’s and Mario’s feats if not this wouldn’t be fair.

      • Everything is counted that’s definitely true, but there are levels to it. For example, a gameplay mechanic is not the same as a consistent feat. It’s different having an item that increases your durability compared to showing that you can tank those abilities on the regular

      • You are underestimating Bowser and Mario. Biolizard can’t compete with none of these opponents. Dimentio would easily beat Biolizard his feats are better than Biolizard.

        Powers and Stats: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Teleportation, Levitation, Firing magic projectiles, Can create explosions, Can create force fields to trap opponents, Mirror Magic, Reality Warping, Can flip between realities, Can create and manipulate universes, Invisibility, Can create countless clones of himself, Illusion Creation, Mind Control (Can take control of people’s minds, such as when he turned Luigi into Mr. L), Technopathy (made Fracktail short circuit), BFR to Dimension D (a pocket dimension of his own creation where his attack power is multiplied over two hundred times over, but so is his opponent’s), Possible Longevity and Precognition, Invulnerability, Space-Time Manipulation, Can create a giant void that destroys all of existence, Can create worlds in his image, Time Paradox Immunity in Super form (Would be unaffected by the destruction of all timelines, including the one he originates from)

        Destruction Capability: At least Universal Timeline level (Superior to Count Bleck) | Multiversal level (Was going to destroy all worlds and timelines in the mario verse.)

        Speed: Infinite (Comparable to mario bros, who moved in the void.) | Infinite

        Durability: At least Universal Timeline level | Multiverse level (Would have survived the destruction of existence that he was going to cause)

        Stamina: Very high | Limitless
        Intelligence: Extremely high, conducted a scheme and manipulated almost everyone around him in order to get the Chaos Heart. He is also hinted to have created the Dark Prognosticus.

        Key: Dimentio | Super Dimentio

        Biolizard: As the prototype of the ultimate life form, which was aimed to create immortality, the Biolizard has many of the abilities attributed to the desired end-product. However, the various experiments had severely weakened him, and he required a life support system to stay alive.

        The Biolizard possessed a regenerative healing factor which let him restore and regenerate itself quickly when injured. He could as well asexually self-reproduce itself by creating pinks eggs seemingly out of nowhere.[5] The surface of the Biolizard’s skin was as well designed to absorb all outside attacks. With his life support system aiding him, the Biolizard’s skin could resist attacks to such a degree that any blow would just bounce off it, making him virtually invulnerable.[2] Additionally, the Biolizard was noted to possess a strong neck and tail.[6] While he was also not able to walk at one point, he was a very fast crawler, being able to keep up with both Sonic and Shadow as they circled around it by crawling.

        The Biolizard using Chaos Control.

        The Biolizard could project dark energy balls from his mouth and direct them in curved formations. He also had the ability to create a magnetic field, which he could use to either lift opponents helplessly into midair or move and repulse objects, allowing it to turn its eggs into projectiles or arrange them in different formations. By harnessing chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds, the Biolizard was also capable of both making itself stronger[7] and performing Chaos Control by use of a special organ[6].

        Shoeing by these stats this should be the win for Dimentio so Maio stomps Sonic and Bowser stomps Knuckles.

      • That’s why you can’t just go by debating stats. Dimentio’s nowhere near universal/multiversal level. I played the game he was in and you take him down with standard attacks. Nothing at Dimentio’s disposal is all that impressive. The BioLizard’s energy balls would very quickly destroy Dimentio with a hit or two

  13. Block level????!!!!!! Yeah,like someone that could survive stars, the sun, black holes, lava at any temperature, the destruction of the universe could be block level. King dedede isn’t even close to Bowser’s power you are just talking about Smash and that doesn’t count. With research Bowser wins and with Ganondorf that is just from Death battle he just lost because Bowser didn’t use his full power, with the Dream stone he would destroy Ganon. No way the Koopa King could be block level you don’t know what Bowser is capable of do some research of him and you will see that Knuckles, King dedede, and ganon doesn’t stand a chance

    • Bowser’s attack power just isn’t that impressive. His durability is pretty good I’ll say but more to atmospheric stuff than actual combat attacks. It’s different getting punched by someone like Sonic or Mario as opposed to surviving a black hole. It’s a different skillset each time.

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