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Presence vs Kouki

Kouki returns for another victory! The Presence won’t really fare any better than the One Above All did. Let’s face it, the Presence is strong, but Kouki is just stronger. We can’t underestimate his abilities and Kouki’s powered up forms make him even stronger. There aren’t many cosmic beings who can hope to challenge this fighter. Kouki wins.

67 thoughts on “Presence vs Kouki”

      1. That is pretty impressive, but Kouki was able to throw a punch at the main character of the season and is able to merge with his Digimon…well he is a Digimon, but same diff.

      1. Dam, these internees are pains, but I know honestly that there’s an image of the Hand of the Presence holding an entire spiral galaxy.

      2. What’s stopping the Presence from crushing Kouki? IIRC the Presence was holding and crushed the spiral galaxy, this was sighted at the DC Universe’s creation.

      3. Because that may have been a meta moment and not his actual size. Not to mention that Kouki can fly and has super speed, he will be hard to grab and Presence couldn’t hope to endure his energy blasts.

      4. Yes, which is sketchy to begin with, but remember how slowly it was closing in Justice League? According to that show, the hand wasn’t all that large as the universe was pretty small at the time.

    1. Maybe it’s because I’m on a desktop and you’re on a Ipad, Mobile, Laptop, or something else. Either that or it’s just rigged like the average Summer Blockbuster film’s ending.

      1. But anyways, what’s stopping the Presence from crushing his opponent? It still held a galaxy. And even if it was moving slow, Gurren Lagann or TTGL is similar. Going by regular speed it would take several million years to move a arm.

    1. Maybe there was a big bang or Superman Prime hit the universe so hard that the explosion caused it to be created. Also, keep in mind that many characters have good creation feats, but they don’t necessarily translate well into combat moments.

      1. LOL The Hand was responsible for the DC Universe. Just come to accept the fact. No wonder they had a “Dreager Effect” page on Factpile. Lol.

      1. He’s not completely powerless, but he is basically an old man who can’t really fight. He can teleport and levitate which helps a little I suppose. Not enough to beat Kouki though in case that’s what you’re suggesting.

    1. Finally. See, this is something I can work with. Presence has an electric umbrella which can zap a person with a good amount of zap behind it. Most excellent, this cements his position as being above TOAA

  1. Not much of a fight here. I’m pretty sure I remember The Presence being killed by Gabriel Hornblower after being impaled.
    He also directly told his son Lucifer that he was shaped by external forces. It never really said who these external forces are, but they are most likely from what I hear a group of alien guys called the Monitors. The Monitors are just regular aliens, and Superman soloed all of them by himself! Kouki’s strength and speed outclasses all of the Monitors and would simply be too much for The Presence! Kouki should easily win this.

    1. Wow that really makes the Presence look awful to just get wrecked by a stab like that. It’s definitely hard to take him seriously although at least it sounds like he got a pretty sweet shadow power up out of that which isn’t a bad deal

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