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Zebra (Toriko) vs Bass

Bass is back once again and I have to admit that Zebra is a little out of his depth in this round. Zebra is a pretty powerful opponent and he does have some decent hand to hand skills, but Bass can just blast him from afar. Zebra will never be able to catch Bass and his attacks won’t break through Bass’ defenses. Bass wins.

2 thoughts on “Zebra (Toriko) vs Bass”

  1. Zebra mostly relies on his voice tho, he can blast sound bullets and stuff, so his attacks are actually mostly mid to far range, with lots of AOE skills compared to hand to hand combat. Plus at the end of the manga all the heavenly kings skills evolved to world ranged with one strike it’s visible on a world level illustrated by how it shows on earth from outer space. I don’t know much about Mega man but if Bass’s attacks can affect the earth on a global level then maybe he will win otherwise it won’t be possible XD

    1. Zebra’s definitely super strong for sure. That being said, Bass has global abilities as well since just by powering up he was able to shake the entire planet. An energy blast would definitely be out of this world. Bass’ speed will be crucial here for dodging Zebra’s attacks.

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