Overlord (Ninjago) vs Alucard (Hellsing)

Overlord (Ninjago) arrives onto the blog for his first battle! He is certainly a powerful opponent who won’t go down without a fight. His dark abilities ensure that his foes cannot remain at a distance for long. That being said, Alucard won’t mind heading into close quarters. His speed will allow him to dodge Overlord’s attacks while countering with his own. The savage power of Alucard will quickly overwhelm Overlord. Alucard (Hellsing) wins.

14 thoughts on “Overlord (Ninjago) vs Alucard (Hellsing)

  1. Wow, you’re battles are so inaccurate its not even funny. Whats to stop Overlord from covering London in shadow with one attack and devouring Alucard in the shadow? Alucard isn’t that fast seeing as how Anderson, Walter and Tubalcain Alhambra all managed to tag him. Also Overlord will be immune to his attacks unless they’re really powerful with evil’s bane properties, none of which Alucard possesses. Seeing as how Alucard likes to let his opponents hit him first to see how strong they are, he’s going to get obliterated with a single attack. Also one thing about your composite rules, omnipresent Alucard with familiars is impossible because he will fail to perceive himself as one being and fade away from existence so which Alucard is it? Pre or post Schrodinger?

    • I’m going to have to stop you there. Covering London is cool, but Alucard can still stab him. Overlord is not nearly as fast as Alucard so a few good sword strokes should even the odds. Overlord’s immunity is mostly a limit from the series. He certainly wouldn’t be immune to Alucard’s claws. Both fighters are going all out so Alucard won’t have to wait. As for what form he’s in, Alucard’s in his prime here.

      • Overlord can become incorporeal if he wants to and also he’s demonstrated the ability of purple flames, powerful beams of energy and using shadows to devour his opponents. Alucard is going to run into his shadows and get devoured.

      • Yes, but being incorporeal typically just delays the inevitable without actually helping your chances. Those abilities sound good for Overlord, but they wouldn’t deal much damage to Alucard.

      • Um…Alucard gets wounded by bayonets and even by Integra’s pistol. I’m pretty sure shadows of dark magic could finish him off rather quickly.

      • Those shadows aren’t very powerful. Look at the responses by Gandalf and friends. They’re a little dramatic, but the smoke isn’t all that lethal.

      • Ummm…Gandalf is NOT part of Ninjago and the people who made Ninjago did not have anything to do with Lord of the Rings. Gandalf is not even in Ninjagoverse. Tolkien did not invent Ninjago nor did any of his relatives. The old guy with a beard is Sensei Wu. Also Overlord’s shadows have feats of devouring.

      • Whoops, for some reason I thought you were talking about Sauron. I must have mixed the two topics up. Well, the shadows are still strong, but I see no reason why they would actually hurt Alucard. Alucard has been injured by many things to be sure, but shadow is rather incorporeal. It can devour stone and other such elements, but certainly not a meta combatant who has been fighting powerful beings for ages. I don’t see the Overlord being able to take him down.

      • Please tell me how Anderson qualifies as powerful? Or mook vampire Nazis? The god Alucard fought was not that impressive due to the lack of feats and the fact he got defeated rather easily by Alucard out of all his opponents. The Captain was the opponent that Alucard could not beat and he was only a werewolf.Overlord easily corrupted the entire world and enslaved its population with his dark magic, he can easily mind control Alucard.

      • Yes, but Overlord corrupted a whole world of Legos! They weren’t very impressive either. Both characters could definitely be stronger, but Alucard has hypnosis and telekenesis, he wouldn’t be mind controlled by Overlord.

  2. Ok I’ll admit I do not know much about Hellsing but The Overlord is the living embodiment of Evil itself
    Stalemated a Nigh Omnipotent being
    Stalemated and Omnipresent Being
    Spen thousands of years plotting his plan
    His plans all worked out
    and he can’t truly be killed

    Plus I highly doubt that Alucard will even be able to kill this thing

    • Both of them will definitely have a lot of resistance to being destroyed but Overlord’s attack power just doesn’t seem super impressive which holds him back a bit. I feel like he would need an attack with a little more bite to win this fight

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