Voldemort vs Unicron

Lord-Voldemort-lord-voldemort-24011691-1904-814 (1)
Voldemort is the next fighter to go down when faced with such a powerful opponent. Unicron is practically a force of nature as his abilities transcend what we previously thought was possible. There have been many Transformers through the years, but there are not many who come close to his levels of power. A single energy blast would be enough to take Voldemort down once and for all! Unicron wins.

4 thoughts on “Voldemort vs Unicron

  1. Thats not even a battle lol. Unicron is like billions of yards tall. Voldemort is an ametur dark lord that struggles to take over a wizard school and cant even beat a teenager, and you have Unicron who destroys planets like its nothing. If they even existed in the same universe Unicron will just step on him and thats it or probably just punch the earth and blow it up.

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