Elsa vs Asura

Elsa is back, but she’s up against a guy who can easily break whole planets. I don’t see how Elsa can pull a win here and she loses yet again. With great popularity also comes a great amount of enemies so it is not surprising that Elsa has been in many tough matchups. We shall have to see if the sequel helps to elevate her through the blog ranks or if it will merely delay the inevitable. Asura wins.

4 thoughts on “Elsa vs Asura

  1. Why would Asura fight? He only kills people if they do bad things. Huh, guess he suspected Arendelle was frozen and then assumed Elsa was responsible. Holy moly, we’ve lost an Earth!

  2. Asura is one of the strongest fictional characters of all time. He went on a massive killing spree of all the Guardian Generals and Seven Deities (as far as I know). Asura has taken out those guys no problem! These guys are pretty comparable to guys like Eternity From Marvel, Infinity from Marvel, Oblivion from Marvel, The Living Tribunal from Marvel, and The One Above All from Marvel. Elsa can take out a few of those guys, but overall Asura’s physical strength and several forms would simply outmatch Elsa. Asura stomps.

    • Yeah, Elsa’s really got no shot from the jump here. Her ice abilities are definitely really solid but it’s on a different level. While she can wreck most fighters from her series, that doesn’t mean she is quite ready to take down Asura

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