Bowser vs Godzilla

Godzilla - Mar 2014
This could be a little controversial, but I’m going with Bowser all the way here. His Giga Bowser form greatly amps up his attack power and he has enough projectiles to hit and run against Godzilla. Bowser definitely has the edge in speed here and his Clown Car can safely let him travel through the air. Godzilla will have an incredibly difficult time landing any good hits in this round while Bowser will be sniping him the entire time. The hits will add up and then it’s game over for the big G! Bowser wins.

108 thoughts on “Bowser vs Godzilla

      • Happens to me with the phone as well. I wish I could trust the auto correct and just leave it on, but sometimes that just makes it worse! If only the A.I.’s could evolve just a bit further. Not Ultron level, but enough to sorta tap into our minds and correctly write things down. I do think that 20 years from now, we will be able to send some thought impulses which will let computers write for us. I think it’s feasible

    • No worries, it happens and its more coincidental than anything else. It mostly shows that we may differ on how strong we see Godzilla to be, which happens to me a lot since I consider him to be less impressive overall than most. I do agree that the size advantage is huge, but remember that in Mario Party 5, Bowser grew to a great height and was so big that he couldn’t even stand without breaking the ground. That should help to even up the size part and then Bowser also has magical abilities like teleportation and transfiguration from the old games.

  1. I’m just going to say that Godzilla’s presence itself should terrify any human or creature. 😀 Although Bowser’s powers could give him an upper hand.. Hopefully.. Godzilla squashes him before anything happens!

    – Lashaan

    • Godzilla’s size is certainly a factor and he could deal some massive damage to Bowser with a single good hit, but Bowser does have some crazy durability and magical abilities on his side so he’ll make this fight interesting with his magical bolts.

  2. Bowser tanked the sun and a black hole in Super Mario Galaxy and was stated to be galaxy level in his composite form on vs battles. He stomps and wins.

      • Bowser has more advantages than knuckles: He is stronger, more durable, faster because he escaped a black hole, more experience, and has better forms. Don´t forget that Dreamy Bowser can wish anything he wants, he could easily wish that Knuckles lost his powers or that he dies.

      • Wishes don’t work quite so well like that though. He can wish for Knuckles to die for example but as long as his strength of will is intact then that’s not going to cut it here. The difference in their respective abilities really comes down to the fact that Knuckles has proven himself many times in the past. He’s dealt with the most powerful villains around and manages to hold his own. Bowser is foiled by Mario

  3. Mario isn´t what you think he is. Believe me Mario has dealt too powerful enemies and even more powerful than the Sonic´s villains and Dreamy Bowser can wish that Knuckles dies. Don´t say that the emerald´s energy can protect him from Dreamy Bowser´s wishes because the emeralds hasn´t prove to do that and you know it.

    • The wishes just won’t be enough to stop Knuckles. It’s not so much the Emerald energy protecting him as it just is that Knuckles can will himself to stay alive. Wishes have a whole lot of limits to them and won’t be a way to win battles. At best it delays the inevitable here but a character can always fight through it

      • Then explain why Dreamy Bowser´s wish wouldn´t finish knuckles since the emerald´s energy can´t protect him.

  4. No, Knuckles won´t be able to avoid Bowser´s wishes, its inevitable. Dreamy Bowser then will wish Knuckles to die and that is the end.

    • Bowser’s wish just won’t be enough there. Knuckles would quickly rebound and land a counter hit. He can’t be taken out of the picture if he doesn’t want to be

      • What are you trying to say? Knuckles won´t rebound Dreamy Bowser´s wishes would be enough to take Knuckles down. Knuckles can´t rebound it, I mean what are you even saying that Knuckles can avoid Bowser´s wishes if he wants to? He can´t do that, stop creating things is like Bowser´s wishes are like a possesion, they are inevitable.

      • Yeah, I’m basically saying whatever Bowser wishes will brush off of Knuckles like a glove falls through the snow. Think about it this way, if Bowser could just wish someone to die like that he would have won the whole thing by now. He can’t wish for things that would directly end someone like that. He is forced to go about things in a much more roundabout way as opposed to direct wishes. That’s Bowser’s big weakness and I don’t see him really being able to get past that.

  5. What are you saying? Dreamy Bowser can wish anything. It doesn´t matter how easy or unfair it is, he can still wish that Knuckles dies. Stop making things up.

    • It won’t work though. Bowser is free to make all the wishes that he wants but at the end of the day they aren’t really going to do anything here. Knuckles is just too good

      • How would Bowser´s wishes wouldn´t work? Knuckles can´t just block it or anything he can´t to that he didn´t do anything like that in his life.

      • Knuckles could definitely block it. That guy has a heart of gold and an iron will to match. Nothing’s getting past this guy and Bowser’s physically unable to keep up

  6. Knuckles can´t block it, he hasn´t show to be able to block things like wishes that would kill him. Knuckles sure has a will but not a will that can protect him or anything from Bowser´s wishes. Knuckles in the end won´t be able to keep up.

    • Knuckles could definitely stop it. The guy has gone up against Super sonic just holding on by a wish and a prayer. Bowser has been taken down multiple times. No wish will be enough to save him

      • He can stop it, he wasn´t show to be able to do things like that. Knuckles may have been able go toe to toe with Sonic but he was defeated by him and while Bowser may have been able to be defeated by Mario countless times he was able to defeat him once and Mario is more impressive by Sonic. Bowser´s wishes will finish Knuckles quick.

      • Sonic’s a lot more impressive than Mario though. We also can’t forget that Bowser has been bested and humiliated in the past by guys like Ganondorf, King Dedede, Luigi, Count Bleck, and more. knuckles is usually able to hold his own against just about everyone. He’s got Bowser beat in both speed and power

  7. Sonic can´t beat Mario. Mario can definitely overpower Sonic thanks to his power ups and Mario is in the same level of speed of Sonic since he has used the Star Driver. Bowser was never humiliated by Luigi and from King dedede that was just from Smash, in a research battle Bowser would win and about Ganondorf…That. Was. Just. From. Death Battle! He only lost because they didn´t include Dreamy Bowser if Dreamy Bowser would have appeared then Bowser would have win. Count Bleck never humiliated Bowser too, lets not forget Knuckles was too wrecked by Sonic and Donkey Kong. Bowser just surpasses Knuckles in almost every class! In strength, durability, versatility, experience, and even speed because he escaped a black hole and to do that you need to be faster than light so that means Bowser is FTL speed. Knuckles can´t do anything with Bowser´s wishes. he can´t block it neither reflect it and he doesn´t have willpower or anything that can protect him from it. Bowser would wreck Knuckles.

    • No, Sonic’s way faster than Mario. Keep in mind that Mario was getting steamrolled by Kamek in Mario Galaxy and routinely has a hard time with Bowser. Sonic moves faster than the speed of light and is always wrecking people. Keep in mind, Ganondorf wrecked Bowser in Super Smash Bros so it wasn’t just Death Battle and Bleck owned him in Super Paper Mario. The guy was even forced into a wedding! You wouldn’t see Knuckles falling for that kind of trap. He’s always ready to rock and roll. I’ve never seen Bowser move or fight at the speed of light so that black hole thing means either it was a fake hole or Bowser just busted through on strength but not speed. Additionally Knuckles can definitely use his will power to protect himself from Bowser’s wishes. It’s just what he does

      • The Star Driver is able to travel through galaxies in just seconds so that makes him faster than light too so Mario is still in the same level of speed of Sonic. Mario is the one who steamrolles Kamek since he defeats him a lot of times. In Smash Ganondorf didn´t wreck Bowser he just betrayed him and turned him into a statue with the Dark Canon and that just a different thing from being wrecked and in Death Battle he only lost because he didin´t use the Dream Stone. If he would have used the Dream Stone then he would have won. Bowser didn´t get wrecked by Count Bleck, that was just Paper Bowser keep in mind that the original Bowser we are talking about is totally different from Paper Bowser because they are from different dimensions so it doesn´t count. Bowser escaped a black hole so he is FTL speed to escape a black hole you need to use speed and not strength and he doesn´t move faster than speed in feet because he isn´t fast in feet like Sonic. Knuckles hasn´t used anything of willpower so that means can´t be protected from Bowser´s wishes. Bowser surpasses Knuckles in almost anything.

      • Wait, I think we’ve been over the Star Driver part. Mario isn’t the star driver so he’s not FTL. It’s like if I eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup, it doesn’t mean that I can withstand lava. Mario can pilot the ship but he’s pretty slow compared to Sonic. Mario would get speed biltzed all day every day if he tried to go up against him. At the end of the day that’s what really holds him back from winning here. Bowser also hasn’t shown me any true speed feats and Knuckles has enough will power to take him down many times over. Keep in mind that Knuckles has always been portrayed as a true power hitter who also has a great degree of speed up his arsenal

  8. Mario piloted the star driver and was able to dodge attacks while flying and since the Star Driver is FTL speed then that means that Mario reactions are in the same level of Sonic´s so that means he would be able to dodge attacks of Sonic and even though Sonic is fast he can´t dodge forever he was still hiten a lot of times so its just a matter of time Mario lands a hit on Sonic. Bowser was able to escape a black hole 4 times to do that you need to be faster than light! SO that means Bowser is FTl speed Knuckles hasn´t did anything of speed feat he isn´t even as fast as Sonic he will definitely be beated up by Bowser. Knuckles hasn´t use anything of willpower so that means he doesn´t have. He will be finished by Dreamy Bowser

    • Mario’s reactions aren’t that high. Keep in mind that Sonic has been beating the stuffing out of people for ages. Mario was also completely overwhelmed against fighters like Ridley and Sephiroth over the years. You wouldn’t catch that happening to Sonic or at least not so easily

      • Mario reactions are very high. He was able to dodge Meteors and Mario couldn´t react to Ridley´s attack because it was a surprise attack. If he would have seen that coming he would have dodge it in time. Plus Mario has the Star Driver that is FTL speed it would help Mario very much for Sonic´s speed. Mario will win this fight but not easy.

      • Mario couldn’t react to Ridley or Sephiroth. In fact, Mario froze when Sephiroth approached him so I wouldn’t say his reactions are very impressive at all. The guy chokes when you’re counting on him to win. Trust me it’s unfortunate because I like Mario but he would get crushed by Sonic

  9. I already said that Mario couldn´t react to Ridley because it was a surprise attack. If he would have seen Ridley coming then he would have dodge it. Plus Mario has dodge Meteors that are way faster than Ridley and in the Charizard trailer in Smash Bros Wii u when Charizard was rushing in the air to attack Mario, he seen him coming in the last second and dodge the attack just in time instead of being froze. Sonic got hit by Zomom with a sandwich and he didn´t dodge it! So I would say that Sonic´s reactions has its limits so its just a matter of time Mario hits him. Mario would overpower Sonic very easily. Sonic would be smashed by Mario.

    • It wasn’t a surprise attack. Mario was just too slow. Let’s not forget that he couldn’t dodge a cannonball from Petey Piranha which moves at a glacier pace compared to someone like Sonic. Sonic would just run rings around Mario for days and take him out all while eating a Chili Dog. There’s a reason why Sonic is known as the top dog around here

      • It was a surprise attack. Ridley was hiding in the shadows and attack him by the back without Mario seeing him. But also Sonic has still got hitted by a sandwich by Zomon so that means that Sonic´s speed has its limits so its just a matter of time he gets hit by Mario and would be overpowered by him. Mario will finish the blue hedgehog.

      • Sonic has limits but they’re at a higher level than Mario. Sonic would not have gotten his by Ridley like that. Sonic would have two piece combo’d him in that amount of time. That’s the level of difference we’re talking about here in a fight between Mario and Sonic. It’s just not even close

  10. It will help and it would because like I say the Star Driver is not a normal vehicle. He can travel through galaxies in just seconds! So that means he is FTL speed and if Mario uses it, it would help him very much for Sonic´s speed because the Star Driver can match Sonic´s speed.

    • You’re still not explaining how that would help at all. So Mario can drive around for a while. Eventually he has to get out to actually fight and that’s where he will lose

      • I already said you why it would help. Since the Star Driver is FTL speed it would match Sonic´s speed and that is why it would help Mario very much. Sonic will be defeated in the end.

      • It wouldn’t help though. Mario would have to stop piloting the controls in order to fight and that’s the instant when he would lose

  11. He can still attack even while flying. He could use his power ups even when flying and it would overpower Sonic and then there would be no more Sonic.

      • I am sue that if someone can move as fast as lightning he can attack while traveling in great speeds that can move faster than light.

      • That’s just a big jump in logic though. It’s definitely possible but I would not count on that being the case. Mario is just not shown to be quite so fast and would be overwhelmed.

  12. he could take the speed of a ship that can travel faster than light in Mario Galaxy so I am sure he can attack while traveling in the Star Driver in great speeds.

    • Mario would be able to comprehend the speed and react to it for sure, but it doesn’t mean that he could continue to fight while at that speed. He would be getting slammed

      • Then the only thing that Mario has to do is not to jump off the star driver and he will be okay.

      • Sure, he could stay on it but that’s going to really limit his attack options and range. So his speed will be close to Sonic’s but he won’t have any way to counter attack

      • The Star Driver can travel through galaxies in seconds while light would take him some few minutes. Do you have any excuse for that?

      • Yeah, it’s not that fast. I beat Dream Team and it’s a pretty cool attack for doing a lot of damage but that’s about all that I can say for it. It’s not something that would really tip the scales in this fight

  13. Mario has a starship that can cross entire universes in 10 seconds, which would mean he can cross 9.1 BILLION light-YEARS every SECOND! Sonic is super fast but not enough to outrun that.

    • Sonic’s way faster than Mario though. Using a starship and actually fighting are way different. As soon as Mario gets off the ship to fight Sonic it’ll all be over

      • Sonic is super fast but not fast enough to outrun Mario´s starship and Mario would still be attacking while flying and if Sonic tries to get in the star ship he would still be finished. Mario´s power ups are the key here. He can use the metal cap or a metal mushroom for Sonic´s super strong attacks, he has a power up that freezes time for Sonic´s speed, and he has the star and the invincibility leaf for Sonic´s super forms and he could even overpower Sonic by using his power ups like: Freeze his solid, turn him into gold etc. Sonic is all finished.

      • Mario can’t attack while flying though. Think about it, it’d be like trying to fight while riding an airplane. You can’t do both things at once. The Metal form wouldn’t be enough since I would argue the Star provides more durability than that. The others just can’t keep up with Sonic’s speed which is the main issue here. Sonic’s just on a completely different level in terms of ability so the best Mario can hope to do is try to keep up

  14. Mario doesn´t even fly his starship it flies itself so he would be there trowing attacks on Sonic. The Metal cap would make Mario more durable and almost all of Sonic´s attacks wouldn´t do much with him, The star doesn´t make sMario more durable it makes him invincible since he is immune to everything so Super Sonic´s attacks wouldn´t do much, Mario´s time freeze would help him very much for Sonic´s speed he could just time stop and then finish Sonic when he is frozen, he has many power ups that would overpower Sonic easily. That is why he is doomed.

    • Yeah but when Mario’s fighting he would be at normal speed so again it wouldn’t help him. Sonic would be giving him the hands and let me tell you, Mario doesn’t want any of that smoke. Sonic would be running rings around him and showing him what it means to be the Blur Blur! No such thing as invincible so at best it increases Mario’s durability but not quite enough. Sonic would have the match over in an instant before Sonic even knows what is going on. That’s something that Mario can’t really fight against

      • If his starship would been flying automatically Mario would still be at that speed is just like saying that you put your plane in autopilot put you still would been traveling at the same speed. So Mario would be throwing attacks at Sonic while his starship is flying automatically. In Smash Rainbow Mario is immune to Super Sonic´s attacks and to the other final smashes so that proves that Super Sonic´s attacks wouldn´t even tickle him. Sonic can´t really do anything against Mario´s power ups. You say that I am underestimating Sonic but you are the one who is underestimating Mario my friend.

      • It doesn’t work. Okay, using your plane example, if you’re riding a plane on automatic you wouldn’t say that you’re fighting someone at hyper speed right? You’re still moving with the same speed as always. That’s the case in this fight. Mario can put the ship on automatic so Sonic jumps onto the ship and they start fighting. There is no difference than fighting normally which is why I’ve been trying to say how the Starship doesn’t help. Either way Mario gets washed here. I like Mario, but he’s just not as powerful as Sonic. Trust me, Sonic’s got this on in the bag

  15. Mario could put the starship on automatically but it would still travel in the same speed and Mario could be shooting attacks at Sonic and If Sonic gets in the starship he would still lose I already told you that the power ups is the key here. it would overpower Sonic without problem and the star or the invincibility leaf that grants Mario invincibility for Super Sonic or even Hyper Sonic and Rainbow Mario would be immune to Super Sonic´s or Hyper Sonic´s attacks. Sonic could win in some circumstances but Mario wins most of the time.

    • Right, if the ship is automatic then when Mario and Sonic are fighting on the ship they’re back to normal speeds so Mario is just walking around while Sonic is zipping around him at light speed. The Power Ups wouldn’t be able to do anything against Sonic because of the massive speed advantage. Sonic would be throwing him all around and that’s what really puts Mario in a bad spot. Sonic could even activate Super Sonic mode and then the fight would be over in an instant

      • Mario has many power ups for Sonic´s speed like the time freeze he would froze Sonic and then he would land a fatal blow and even though Sonic is fast he can´t avoid all of the attacks it would be a matter of time that Mario hits Sonic. And as for Super Sonic Mario has the Star and the invincibility leaf that would grant Mario invincibility and would be immune to Super Sonic´s attacks. Mario´s power ups are the key here to stop SOnic.

      • Mario can try to freeze Sonic but that’s not going to work on Super Sonic. He can power through that and Mario’s star isn’t a match for Sonic’s power. Sonic would knock him straight out of that form with minimal effort. It’s why Sonic is known as one of the strongest beings of all time. Nobody scares him, not even Mario

  16. Maybe the time freeze wouldn´t work on Super Sonic but Mario has a power up for that he has the star and the invincibility leaf that grants Mario´s invincibility and Sonic wouldn´t knock Mario out of that form because Rainbow Mario is immune to everything even in Smash Super Sonic can´t affect him so his attacks wouldn´t even tickle him. Sonic sure is powerful but he isn´t one of the most powerful beings of all time there are still many characters that would beat him with ease like: Jiren, Beerus, Goku, Saitama, Sephiroth, Palutena, Vegeta etc. And Mario is one of them.

    • Mario’s Power Star would allow him to block Sonic’s blows for an instant but then Sonic would just punch him out of the form. It’s why Mario can delay the inevitable but that’s about it. He’s definitely not quite ready to take the win here. Sonic would lose to some of those on the list but not Palutena and especially not Mario. They aren’t in the same league here as Sonic is just insanely powerful

      • In Smash Rainbow Mario is able to take all of Super Sonic´s attacks without problem so that is enough proof. Super Sonic´s attacks won´t even tickle Rainbow Mario. Mario is one of the characters that can beat Sonic and Palutena too.

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