Mobile Update

In Sonic Forces I am now Level 10. I have gotten level ups for almost all of the characters as well. Most importantly, I now have all of the characters in the game including the recent addition of Cream.

Here are the character stats

Amy Level 10

Rouge, Metal Sonic, and Vector level 6

Shadow and Espoo Level 5

Zavok and Chaos Level 1

Cream Level 3

Blaze Level 4

Everyone Else Level 9

In Fire Emblem Heroes I obtained 12 new heroes. I now have 108/224 characters.

In Fruits Mania I have completed 24 more levels and am now up to 213.

In Lollipop I have completed 53 more levels and am now up to 419.

In Pokemon Go I finally caught a Mewtwo! That was definitely a really tense fight. I also obtained Kyogre and Rayquaza among many others. I now have 349 unique Pokemon caught and am only missing around 12 now counting Regionals.

Two other milestones for he game is that I have now won 7000 Gym Battles and have caught over 50000 Pokémon! The game is definitely still going strong.


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