Guts vs Superman

Suggested by iKnowledge This is definitely a tough fight. Guts isn’t typically seen as such a high end fighter to be able to deal with Superman like this, but in his armored form his speed increases quite drastically. Superman is a powerful opponent, but I just don’t think he will be able to cope here. It’s a fight that is quite close though and we’ll see if Guts can actually hold onto the lead for very long. Guts wins.

6 thoughts on “Guts vs Superman

  1. Unless Guts has some kryptonite to forge into weapons, Kal-El should be fine. In fact, given his powers, He’d worshipped as a god in the Berserk! universe. A much nicer one than the ones currently in there.

    • That’s true. Most of the gods in this series all sound really unlikable and just mean in general. As for the fight, I think Guts’ combat speed will just be real tricky here

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