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Yog-Sothoth vs Bass

Suggested by Anonymous Yog-Sothoth is a pretty powerful cosmic being. There is a lot of lore around this guy that suggests he is one of the strongest absolute beings out there. Fortunately for Bass there is only one true King of media and that is himself. Bass has never lost a fight on the blog nor do I expect he ever will. His speed and strength are basically limitless and the guy’s other abilities like “Get Ability” make him even more invincible. Bass wins.

24 thoughts on “Yog-Sothoth vs Bass”

    1. Yog is good, but he doesn’t have enough speed or power feats to really hope to keep up with Bass. Bass is just on a different level. Also he can activate his Get Ability if needed and wipe out Yog

      1. That’s a no limits fallacy, Bass has never shown him using his Get Ability on higher dimensional beings, and besides that, Yog is omnipresent so Bass couldn’t blitz it, Bass also couldn’t use his Darkness Overload, as Yog has True-Godly regen, meaning Bass’s abilities would do jack shit to Yog. Yog could also rewrite Bass out of the plot, so yeah, there’s a lot of ways Yog can win, and there’s pretty much zero chance of Bass getting the victory.

      2. Get Ability works on anything that tries to harm Bass though. Being omnipresent is just a weakness if anything since Yog will be everywhere at once and thus he can’t dodge Bass’ attacks. If anything that trait will be the death of him. Yog can regenerate for a while, but eventually he’ll run out of energy

      3. Just because hes omnipresent doesent mean he cant dodge, infact it means he can instanly dodge while hitting bass, Yog has shown no signs of stamina Drainage, and hbis regeneration is unlimited, the get ability just wont work, it cant work on beings that could decide the get ability does nothing and it will do nothing, yog soth can do that.

      4. I don’t know about that one, dodging while throwing in an attack is harder than it seems. Bass still has the edge in speed and power. No regeneration is unlimited so eventually it’ll run out and then Bass will take the edge

  1. I don’t know if you’re just the most dedicated troll on the internet, but the joke’s run thin. Yog-Sothoth is omnipotent, which means he can do anything. I’m not sure if you’ve read Lovecraft, but this isn’t like Marvel, or DC, where that term is just thrown around. Maybe you should read some.

      1. You have to read Through the Gates of the Silver Key, by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s online, and it pretty much explains Yog and what he really is.

      2. Yeah but the issue with that book is it’s very meta. The feats there are mostly hype and vague global stuff like causing storms and destroying everything with a thought. I’m talking about more physical type feats

      3. Yeah, that’s the problem. Yog doesn’t really belong in “VS” debates, as that’s not the purpose of his character. He’s more of a metaphor for how vast the cosmos is, and how people cannot fully understand it.

      4. Yeah which is definitely great for showing that he’s ambitious but like you point out it means he is completely doomed in a lot of these fights. It’s still worth including him and all but things definitely wouldn’t end well for him if he had to put up his dukes

  2. No, you’re missing the point. It’s not that Yog-Sothoth can’t fight, it’s that he just doesn’t. He’s a being as old as the concept of time, and knows literally everything, even before it happens. To him, a fight would just be a waste of time. And in some letters written by Lovecraft, he says that anything Yog-Sothoth touches is destroyed, or that even properly pronouncing his name is a death sentence. The only reason why people can say his name, is because they’re mispronouncing it.

    1. Right, but can’t and won’t can often mean the same thing or at least roughly so. I think this is one of those moments. Since we’ve never seen Yog fight, we can’t assume that he can. Since it’s a waste of time for him that also means he likely never will.

      It’s a self fulfilling prophecy of Yog being so strong that he never fights but has no feats because he’s so strong. As a result all he’s got going for him is size

  3. Also, Yog is omniscient, as he exists at all points in time. He communicates telepathically, and his brain waves were described as universes colliding with and destroying each other. But this doesn’t even matter, as he’s the Supreme Archetype, meaning that all beings and thinkers are just different facets of him. So, if Bass is truly as strong as you say he is, which I doubt, he would be just another facet of Yog-Sothoth. But ultimately, he isn’t written to fight because Lovecraft’s intention wasn’t something like that at all, very unlike Marvel, DC, or Megaman. It’s more philosophical than them.

    1. Right, I get what you’re saying but it doesn’t translate well to a fight. If Yog is everywhere that also means Bass can just blast anywhere on the planet and take him down. If you think about it, it’s also Yog’s biggest weakness. What could he hope to do to defend himself when he’s just everywhere? At the end of the day he’ll just be doomed

      1. That couldn’t happen, because Yog’s consciousness exists on a much higher dimensional plane than Bass. Again, it’s kinda hard to explain, even if you’ve read the story. He’s not like most other “omnipotent” characters, as the term is only ever used for him in the Mythos. He shouldn’t really be in any VS debates, as Lovecraft was intentionally vague about his cosmic higher-ups, because he was primarily a horror writer. Lovecraft himself admitted that Yog-Sothoth was really trippy, and is probably why he only physically appears in one story.

      2. Even if his consciousness is in a high plane like that, it won’t do a whole lot of good against Bass. You still have to focus the same way when engaging in combat and that will be Yog’s downfall. There just won’t be a way for him to defend himself here and so ultimately he would do down. I agree that it’s hard to use these guys in vs debates because of that and things don’t tend to go well for them

  4. That wouldn’t work either. The only way to meet him is through the Ultimate Gate, which is guarded by his avatars, and you need a key to get in. And even if Bass was allowed in, and wasn’t driven to insanity simply being in the abyss, if Yog sensed ill-intentions, he’d just vaporize him with his universe-destroying brain waves. I’ve played a lot of Megaman, and nothing has shown me that Bass could survive that.

    1. Well, for the fight Yog would have to be there unless he disqualifies himself from the start by ducking the fight. So let’s say he’s already faced with Bass. Bass definitely won’t go insane by being around Yog because as it stands he has already had to face the toughest opponents in the cosmos. Yog also wouldn’t be nearly fast enough to even be able to react to the power of Bass. Remember that Bass was FTL before he got Hubstyle and Beast Out. Both of which made him many times stronger

      1. That wouldn’t happen, either. Yog exists at all points in time and space, but I’d also beyond them. He also doesn’t have a physical form, he’s just a divine consciousness. Again, it’s hard to explain. Lovecraft was intentionally vague about his gods, to create an air of mystery. And Bass could go insane by finding out that there are an infinity of duplicates across infinite universes and dimensions, thus losing his identity. Yog-Sothoth doesn’t really belong in VS battles, because he’s very hard to explain, and because he only appeared physically once in Lovecraft’s canon. He’s definitely more powerful than Azathoth, though.

      2. No physical form hurts a lot in these battles though. If a character powers up enough they can utterly shatter any apparitions next to them. This would really ensure that Yog doesn’t have a leg to stand on in the upcoming battles. He would just not be able to do much against a fighter like Bass. If anything Bass is the guy who makes the other fighters go insane in the end.

  5. Yog has avatars, and is made up of infinite dimensions and universes. Plus, omniscience is a deal-breaker. He knows what his opponent is going to do, before he does it. His limitless knowledge and size is what separates Him from other so-called “omnipotents” in fiction. He knows the past, present, and future. But I feel this has gone in long enough, lol. Let’s just agree to disagree.

    1. He’ll know what Bass is about to do but that doesn’t mean he can stop it.

      True though we’ll probably just keep going in circles. Was a fun debate, agree to disagree

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