Jiren vs Broly

Suggested by Random This is definitely a pretty popular fight after the Broly movie came out. Honestly, as soon as Broly was confirmed this became a pretty big debate. I’d say that Broly is definitely the winner in this match though. Jiren was able to take on MUI Goku and held his own even though it was clear who had the edge throughout the fight. However, Broly was taking on SSB Gogeta who is far superior to MUI Goku. Broly just outclasses Jiren in all categories and even if it’s not by much, the advantage is still his. Broly wins.

4 thoughts on “Jiren vs Broly

  1. Finding out the winner to this debate was VERY hard.
    so what i did was split this into two parts
    one being broly from the orignal broly movie and one from the dragon ball super broly movie.

    For the original broly jiren wins.
    heres why
    jiren went up agiants more powerful foes then broly had at the time. broly at the time was definitely strong but not on jirens level,
    goku before going ultra instinct, took on jiren with vegeta with a super saiyan blue kaioken times 20 while vegeta kept up with goku by oging blue evolved, and soon after jiren had to fight ultra instinct goku and he still managed to take the win.
    whereas broly was defeated by super saiyan goku gohan and gotenks with kamehameha.
    So broly from the original movie would be destroyed by jiren

    Now for the hard part broly from dragon ball super and basically now the canon one
    Finding the winner for this one, was fucking hard.

    Now to find out the winner we can start with the fights before the ultimate battle begins
    what im saying is
    jiren vs goku and vegeta
    broly vs goku and vegeta

    lets look at jiren vs goku and vegeta
    in their fight, jiren did indeed struggle for quite awhile,
    while in broly’s fight, broly wiped the floor with those two
    but what makes this hard is that in jirens fight, goku and vegeta added more power to theirs by going kaioken and vegeta going blue evolved while in broly’s fight, broly had to go super saiyan. now we dont know if broly in base form was enough to beat goku and vegeta in their blue forms.

    so in their before fights, jiren and broly seem even.
    so its time to look at their peak fights.
    jiren vs goku ui
    broly vs gogeta blue

    to find the full scale winner, we first need to look at a new debate
    Goku ui vs gogeta blue.

    now first off base form gogeta was able to dodge all of super saiyan broly’s attacks before going super saiyan himself, in which case, super saiyan gogeta was wiping the floor with broly in his super saiyan form, it was only when broly transformed into a legendary super saiyan was then he could match super saiyan gogeta, but by the time gogeta turns blue, it was a complete ass whooping.

    so now that we know gogeta blue is stronger then broly in his legendary super saiyan form what next?
    well jiren in the first half was outmatched by goku ui and then eventually being able to turn the tide and wear out goku. hell in an offical interview with toyataro. it was confirmed that mastered ultra insticnt goku was still weaker then broly.
    and considering we established gogeta blue was stronger then broly, that means broly put up a bigger fight agiants a stronger opponent then jiren did, so is that it? broly wins? well not entirely.

    while it was confirmed goku ui was weaker then broly, it was never confirmed that broly would win.
    Goku ui is not about sheer power. its about emptying your mind from thoughts that get in the way, allowing goku to react to attacks at a crazy rate. so even if we know gogeta blue is stronger in terms of power. goku would be much faster and react much better, after all you cant defeat an opponent if you cant hit them.
    so does that mean jiren would win cause he managed to beat an opponent who could not only hit hard but also react fast?
    well what makes it harder is that if gogeta manages to land a hit in which he should considering jiren could, and goku ui is weaker then broly, and gogeta blue shits on legendary broly.
    so with gogeta’s superior power and goku’s faster reaction time. who had a harder time?
    the thing is jiren had to fight more battles in the tournement of power then broly, but broly in under a minute, shit on goku and vegeta so much they had to retreat from the battle, hell they probably only could retreat cause frieza was there to take the ass beating.

    but what makes this harder was that jiren was not only strong, he was also very smart, much more smarter then broly. so he could out fox broly given the chance. which makes this shit even harder to decide. so who did i pick as the winner?
    the answer,maybe jiren

    jiren is an actual skilled fighter and has power that outmatches mastered ui goku
    where as broly is sheer power and rage. this really could go either way.
    but in all honsesty, i think jiren would win more times then broly, about 60% of the time.
    well in the tournement of power, jiren was held back by rules. different gravity, no flight, no killing.
    hell beerus sensed power from jiren and was stunned but from broly he was unfazed.
    but in broly’s fight there were no rules.
    does broly surpass jiren in power? yes
    but with jirens superior skill and bound by now shit ass rules from a tournement its likely he would take more wins.

    more updates on this later

    • Pretty solid breakdown, definitely a lot there. Personally I still consider Broly to be above Jiren though. One big thing is I’d say that Goku and Vegeta from the Broly film should both be much stronger than how they were when they fought Jiren. So because of that all of their forms also would have been buffed and Broly was still shredding them. Mix in that I’d put Gogeta many leagues above UI and I feel like Jiren would no longer be able to compete with Broly.

      Jiren’s also been having a lot of trouble in DB Heroes but of course the power levels there are wonky so they shouldn’t be taken too eriously

      • Alright so a couple of updates from my previous analysis i got a few things wrong,
        After watching tournament of power and the broly movie about 20 times to be sure i made my analysis.

        for one i was wrong about jiren being stronger in mui goku, mui goku does win agiants jiren though in power jiren beats mui goku.

        2nd some changes have been made to mui goku vs gogeta, while yes in terms of power gogeta beats mui goku, in speed and reaction time, not really. Plus keep in mind gogeta has about 30 minutes to beat mui goku before time runs out.

        but this aint about who wins between mui goku and gogeta.

        Anyway im making this shorter btw, in conclusion
        i beleive jiren could very well beat broly, if he is fast enough, he would have to beat broly before broly can turn super saiyan or become a legendary super saiyan. otherwise its likely jiren would lose. cause while max power jiren could match mui goku in speed for awhile, mui goku’s speed and reaction time was far more faster.

        So jiren could beat base and angry broly, but super saiyan and legendary super saiyan broly, not so sure.

      • Yeah I can agree to Jiren beating base forms of Broly. Once Broly goes all out then it’s game over though. Broly is just way too crazy strong and keeps getting stronger every minute. I do think that Gogeta scales above MUI Goku though. At the end of the day, no matter how strong the singular form for either Goku or Vegeta, I don’t see it beating a fusion of them. They’re too evenly matched in power so that multiplication effect is too much.

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