Mr Incredible vs Lady Shiva

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty tough fight. On paper Mr Incredible beats Shiva in just about every category ranging from strength to speed. He has some pretty good feats as well, but basically no hand to hand experience or combat skills at all. He’s the definition of a character who uses his abilities as a crutch while Shiva has no special abilities and has worked to perfect her craft of hand to hand combat. So, I think the question here is really if she can injure him. Well, Mr Incredible has been shown to not be completely impervious to sharp objects or blunt hits if they’re strong enough. We can forget the blunt attacks, but Shiva has the sharpest tools that you can get in the League of Assassins and I believe they would pierce Incredible. It would take some time, but with her agility Shiva would be able to take the win. Lady Shiva wins.

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