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Maya Natsume vs Guts

Suggested by iKnowledge Maya has returned one last time, but she is still out of luck against Guts. Guts is too fast of a fighter and he will be able to overwhelm Maya. Maya can use ki to amp up her attacks and provide good resistance against Guts, but this will ultimately be futile. Her attacks just won’t deal enough damage to take Guts down for the count and he will be landing blows more consistently than her. When you consider that her defense (while still reasonable) is under Guts, that makes this a pretty clear cut victory for him. Guts wins.

12 thoughts on “Maya Natsume vs Guts”

  1. Have you ever done a battle with Gold Experience Requiem? It is incredibly powerful and hax, considering it has the ability to set anything back to its previous state.

    Hell it could arguably beat Bass using that, considering it was able to move during stopped time as well.

    1. Well, Giorno has fought a few times so he had access to the abilities, but I believe he still lost to Bass in the end. Bass’ speed is so great that time stop wouldn’t be a match ending issue for him, but the Gold Experience would definitely be a high level threat to just about any fighter

      1. No, no, Gold Experience and Gold Experience Requiem are completely different. GER is a lot stronger, and even more sentient.

        During the final battle with Diavolo, GER was capable of thinking, moving and reaching within displaced time. And Giorno himself wasn’t even aware that GER could do it, as the stand did it itself. GER could just decide that Bass never even blitzed him or copied his abilities. GER can only really be beaten by very specific and certain hax that bass doesn’t possess.

      2. Ah, gotcha. Sounds like GER basically dials everything all the way up to 11 which is pretty handy. Time stop not affecting him is definitely handy. It seems to me that typically the only way to avoid time stop in most media is to have some hax of your own or to have completely transcendent levels of speed. Bass has the latter though so that should still be enough to grant him the edge. Even if GER decides that the hit hasn’t happened, it’ll come an instant later. GER will have to keep on living with the knowledge that Bass will beat him the instant he stops thinking and then that’ll be game over

  2. There’s your first misunderstanding. Diavolos time skip isn’t really a time stop. More or less, it’s displaced time that only Diavolo can move within (though, to be honest, Diavolo just in general has a confusing powerset). However, when Diavolo went to attack Giorno, he was stopped and couldn’t.

    The main problem is is that Bass, more than likely, would struggle with Stands because only other stand users can see and harm stands.

    1. True, that is different, but displacing time is pretty similar to Hit’s ability as well. I’m confident Bass would still be able to move thanks to his speed. As for only other Stands/users being able to see each other, Bass could feel his presence. As for dealing damage, Bass wouldn’t have a problem there. Limits were meant to be broken after all!

      1. Well, the problem is that GER, through mere physical contact, can cause its opponent to experience infinite deaths – being trapped within a time loop for all eternity without ever being able to escape. I don’t see Bass beating that, or avoid being set to Zero again and again, to a point where he can’t escape from.

      2. The infinite deaths part sounds more like a mental aspect which wouldn’t work on Bass or actually putting him in the loop. The latter also wouldn’t be possible because of Bass’ speed though. His strength of will is just as important as his raw power and I think that’s where he would really pull ahead here. GER’s options are a lot more limited in comparison.

  3. Nah, GERs powers aren’t mental. They’re literal. They’re trapped in a time loop, forever, and can only die an infinite number of times.

    As for King Crimson… Its powers are a lot different from Hits. KC erases time in the literal sense – it takes away the cause while keeping the effect. And only he himself can move in the time he erased.

    Also, speed isn’t everything. Pucci, from part 6, had quite literal confirmed Infinite speed by the author himself, Araki, who has also I believed said that Giorno wasn’t in part 6 because it would be over too quick.

    1. So if they’re literal then it just goes back to the “Can he trap Bass” part. I’m still inclined to say that Bass would simply shatter the time box around him and break through to the next level. His speed is too absolute. As for Pucci’s infinite speed, that’s the problem with infinite in general. If he was that fast then the match is over pure and simple. Nobody’s infinite speed, but if he was even close to it then there better have been a good reason for him getting wrecked.

      KC erasing time is pretty handy as it is more of a literal time jump, but that’s still something that can’t overcome Bass’ speed. He’ll always still be there in the effect landing the hit

      1. Yeah I’m not gonna lie, part 6 isn’t the best written part in Jojo. Pucci was shown to skip 3 seconds of Jotaros timestop, leaving him with only 2 seconds to move. But Pucci, after resetting the universe, was killed by a kid with a stand who turned the air in his lungs to pure oxygen.

        And… Well, GER doesn’t put someone in a “time box”. I’m not sure entirely what happens to them, but it’s not something someone can just break out of. I personally don’t see GER being hurt nor being stopped by Bass considering it doesn’t even need Giorno to activate its abilities.

      2. See, even that part sounds pretty iffy. I think the problem with the characters being so overpowered is you’re bound to write yourself into a corner. I think that’s what happens in Jojo.

        Sounds like GER’s abilities aren’t too well defined. I’m sure they’re great, but at the end of the day he still needs enough time to still be active for the outcome to happen to Bass and that’ll give the dark navi enough time to make a counter attack. Either way I don’t like GER’s chances.

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