Michael Demiurgos vs Loki

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Michael Demiurgos is known as one of the strongest cosmic beings out there. In DC he is able to easily take down the Spectre and has some decent abilities. He can fly, wields a sword, and also has energy based skills. These will not be enough to stop Loki though. Loki has a lot of illusions up his sleeve and it’s also worth noting that he has obtained cosmic powers of his own at different stages in his career. Michael doesn’t have enough combat experience to block Loki’s attacks or truly counter them. Loki wins.

6 thoughts on “Michael Demiurgos vs Loki

      • Bruh, Michael Demiurgos is much more powerful than Loki in every way. Michael can erased Loki from existence just with looking at him

      • I never put too much stock into the glances. I know it’s one of the big moves for the reality warpers but at the same time I can’t help but think it just wouldn’t work out so well

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