Yuji Itadori vs Nobara Kugisaki

Yuji and Nobara are both skilled Jujutsu sorcerers but of course only one can ultimately claim victory here. While Nobara’s screws can land a 1 hit KO if things go just right, Yuji’s speed won’t let this happen. He’s also much better in close quarter combat situations so he will be able to force a battle in a pretty bad situation for Nobara. At that point victory is in the bag. Yuji Itadori wins.

14 thoughts on “Yuji Itadori vs Nobara Kugisaki

      • itadori is strong but in my opinion nobara takes this she has better haxs and from what we saw they are in the same level of strength and speed so i think nobara wins to her having better haxs no sukuna

      • Her hax are really good but I think it would be tough to land a direct hit on Yuji with his speed. Also, her durability isn’t quite as high so I think one black flash, divergent fist could take her out. The question is if she can land a hit before that happens

      • from what we saw itadori doesn’t use black flash at the start so i think she is ok and also we saw her keep up with his speed before so i think she can land the hit before that happen agein this is just my opinion

      • True but that was before Yuji’s gotten even stronger and more experienced with his abilities. Nobara hasn’t had a chance to get any power ups for the last arc or 2 while Yuji’s continued to improve. That’s hurt the gap here

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