Battle Schedule

On the blog there’s usually a pretty fixed schedule. It’s been in place for some time now and I think it’s time that that I made it public so you know what to expect. On a regular week I upload 35 fights.

5 on Monday
5 on Tuesday
5 on Wednesday
5 on Thursday
10 on Friday
5 on Saturday

Aside from Battles I upload 1 bonus article every day. Of course holidays are a different story. There is no definite bonus article and there are some extra restrictions to who can fight. Also most holidays gets 10 fights.

*The schedule has been altered for now. Currently I aim to have 2 battles up a day, but I find it easier to just upload a batch of around 5 once in a while. I wouldn’t expect the old 35 battles a week for a while, but I aim to get there. For now, I am putting a lot of attention to getting caught up on reviews as well. Still, the blog lives on!*


107 thoughts on “Battle Schedule

    • Oh, I’ve been out all day. Barely squeezed in that first one, but don’t worry I’m going to do the other 4 battles later at some point, better late than never right πŸ˜€

    • Thor vs Batman Accepted

      Well, on the menu for today you can expect a Goku match and a Speedy Gonzales match. They should be up at around 4-8 πŸ™‚

  1. how bout
    3 on monday
    5 on tuesday
    7 on Wednesday
    5 on thursday
    3 on friday
    10 on sat and sun.
    same number of matches every week πŸ˜› just a thought

    • Well, I guess I could. That’s close to how I used to do it, but one reason I switched Sunday to 5 was that I usually am not online much on Sundays. Though either way lately I’ve been doing a lot of extra matches every day πŸ˜€

  2. Hello again. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I’d suggest two Battles, but continuing with Tahiri Veila. One with her against Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane and The Joker of DC Comics.

    • It’s tricky because of work, which has made me lessen my blogging posts for a while. I’m trying to get some kind of consistent schedule up soon though and 2 battles a day would be ideal. I’m going to work on that for sure. Currently I have about 10 different requesters with matches in the vault so if I did 2 a day, then I could roughly do one battle from each person each week, which isn’t too bad. I’ll definitely try to get on that.

      • I had a fine Christmas, thank you very much. After you do Tahiri Veila vs The Joker, can you do a battle: Celia (Rave Master) vs Ursula the Sea-Witch?

      • Absolutely, I’ve been a little slow uploading fights recently, but I plan to fix that. Your Celia match may end up coming out first, but I will begin getting both of them ready for release in the next few days.

  3. Thank so much for the Tahiri Veila/Joker fight! I also liked your Rey fights. Two more to consider: Soma Cruz from Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow vs. Dr Strange, and Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII vs Scarlet Witch of Marvel, perhaps?

  4. Requests:
    Spectre vs Dante
    Beyonder vs Demonbane
    Bass.exe vs Galactus
    Hulk vs Man-Thing
    Godzilla vs Spectre
    Bullseye vs Ghost Rider
    The One Above All vs Bass ( I want to discuss this fight.)
    Man of Miracles vs Elder God Demonbane

  5. For my birthday, could you put up the following battle(s): Either one of the current ones you’re working on for me, or a John Constantine (DC) vs. Him (PPG) battle?

  6. If you watch DBS you know bass would never defeat jiren so bass is not the most powerful no matter what you say (HOPE NO OFFENCE DONE) its just the truth and you know it

  7. Glad no offence was taken but even if bass has the get ability goku always comes true in the end plus he has super dragon balls and he can blow up the universe which bass can’t and bass can’t even do that he couldn’t even defeat megaman the first to seventh Time I think

  8. Can you put this up too.Goku vs Ken Keneki cause I think goku would kick his ass because ken is a close range fighter

  9. Dreager could you tell me who would win? GOKU VS KEN KENEKI cause i think goku because ken has to bite him and ken rather just a close range fighter so whats ur answer

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