Summa-verminoth vs Jinsung Ha

Summa-verminoth is a pretty giant monster so it’s hard to bring him down but that’s not really a problem for someone like Jinsung. He’s able to take down anti commander spaceships with a single blast and the guy has yet to actually get serious in a fight. A single punch would likely go right through Summa and immediately obliterate him. The monster’s out of his league here. Jinsung Ha wins.

Congorilla vs Summa-verminoth

Suggested by iKnowledge Summa-verminoth has returned and it’s time for another victory here. Congorilla has some pretty good super strength at the ready but it’s really not enough to make Summa nervous at all. One good attack would just punch through Congorilla’s attacks with no real effort needed. How do you even hope to stop a beast like this? It’s impossible for Congorilla without some kind of upgrade. Summa-verminoth wins.

Summa-verminoth vs King Caesar

Suggested by iKnowledge Size isn’t everything but it’s not nothing either. Summa-verminoth is literally over 100x bigger than King Caesar standing at over 7000 meters while King Caesar is only 50. Now, King Caesar has some energy blasts which is helpful since Summa has no long range options but that just won’t be enough this time. Summa will eventually be able to land some hits with his tendrils and that’ll be it. King Caesar won’t be getting back up. Summa-verminoth wins.