Dory vs Woody

This is a tribute to Toy Story 4. Woody may have ultimately flipped on his final decision last time but he did well to survive the gauntlet of horrors with everyone after his voice box. Dory probably wouldn’t have been able to have stayed cool under pressure like that and I think she would have eventually gone down. That’s why I have to put Woody above her in a fight. Woody wins.

Mandeok Sang vs Tri-Klops

Tri-Klops is definitely a bit of an oddball to put it lightly. He seems to worship technology itself but has enough charisma to actually get a lot of people on board. Meanwhile Mandeok is insane in his own way with the Church of Nox. Both of these guys have rather crazy goals in the end but at least Mandeok has enough power to try and make his goal a reality. I appreciate his tenacity even if he is on the wrong path right from the start. Even once you learn his full story you can’t get behind it but he was one of the most memorable villains to be sure. Mandeok wins.