Yamato vs Tsumugi

Tsumugi returns but is she ready to fight the warrior who even surpassed the lead performers? Yamato’s skill with a club is considerable and while Tsumugi does have some good speed moments of her own, they aren’t quite on the same level. She won’t be able to keep up with Yamato for long. Yamato is also more skilled so at the end of the day that is game over for Tsumugi. Yamato wins.

Hercule Poirot vs Tsumugi

This is a tribute to the Alphabet Murders. Poirot was mostly getting wrecked in every scene and that shows that his detective skills will not be enough to overwhelm Tsumugi here. Her Lollipop abilities are much too versatile and a single strike should be enough to take Poirot down for the count. He isn’t fast enough to dodge her attacks. Tsumugi wins.