Hedorah vs Ant

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is one of the strongest Kaiju of all time. He was completely dominating Godzilla when they first fought and that’s no small feat. The Ants are strong in numbers and they can grow to huge heights as well, but one on one there is no way an Ant can take down Hedorah. The difference in their abilities is absolutely massive. Hedorah can’t even be injured by the Ant. Hedorah wins.

Antman (Scott) vs Ant

This is a tribute to Endgame. Scott looked really good in the film and at the end of the day he may as well have been the main character. He shows us all that you don’t need fancy super powers to do your job and bring hope back to the world. He may not get a whole lot of respect from the other Avengers, but deep down they know that without him they would have been completely doomed. What can an Ant do against such a leader? Antman (Scott) wins.

Lubba vs Ant

Suggested by Destroyer Lubba is a pretty big star sprite but I still don’t like his odds against an Ant. Have you seen the film THEM? Those guys were not playing around and they could squash Lubba with ease. Lubba could dodge for a while but he wouldn’t really be dealing any damage so eventually he would get tired and be brought down for the count. Ant wins.

One Above All vs Ant

Suggested by Destroyer The One Above All has no chance against the superior attack power and raw durability of the Ant. The Ants are good at running around and they can lift up to 10x their weight so that’s impressive. Thanks to the movie THEM, the Ants can also grow to a pretty large size so TOAA can’t run and he can’t hide. Ant wins.

Tuxedo Mask vs Ant

The first blog tourney is underway with round 1 beginning here. This tournament is made up of fighters with no wins so each win is massive. The Ant is a noble fighter who has tried his very best to rise up the charts, but I don’t think he has the skills needed to win this round. Tuxedo Mask has fought with aliens and has shown impressive speed over the years. He doesn’t have a whole lot of attack power, but he’s gotten by just fine. The Ant will not be able to stop him. Tuxedo Mask wins.

Biollante vs Ant

Ants are numerous and they are powerful when together. Unfortunately, it would take thousands if not millions of ants to overwhelm a Kaiju as large as Biollante. Biollante can just use her acid blast to take out the Ant and win the round. It must have been difficult to see her take a loss against Havok in the last match, but it would appear that Biollante has finally regained her momentum. Biollante wins.

Eren Jaeger vs Ant

Ants are plentiful and they are always around. This could be bad for Eren, but he can still take the win. Ants are tricky, but Eren is also tough in his own right. The Ants are going to have to take another loss in this round, but the important thing is that they gave it their all. Eren Jaeger wins.

Captain America vs Ant

This is a tribute to Captain America The Winter Soldier! Captain America looked pretty good for the most part and he didn’t cross the ultimate line. Ants are strong in numbers, but Captain America can take them down. Captain America isn’t someone that can be defeated so easily and he takes a solid win! Captain America wins.

Living Tribunal vs Ant

An Ant is a tricky creature who can definitely put up a solid fight, but will he have what it takes to defeat the Living Tribunal? The Living Tribunal is a cosmic being and all that he has to do is step on the Ant to win this battle. The Ant may have a giant form thanks to THEM, but it just won’t be enough to stop this being. Living Tribunal wins.

Laserdisc Guardian vs Ant

The Laserdisc Guardian was once a librarian, but then he realized that he had immense powers and used them to save the building. He can fire lasers and use sonic vibrations to his advantage. I don’t think that the Ant will be able to win this round. The Laserdisc Guardian is just too powerful and quick. Laserdisc Guardian wins.