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Phantom (Zero) vs Greninja

Suggested by Anonymous Greninja is a pretty tough Pokemon to be sure. In his Ash form all of his abilities are greatly amplified and this is an issue for Phantom. Phantom’s speed is considerable but his attack power isn’t quite high enough to stop Greninja. They fight with similar styles but ultimately Greninja holds the edge in most stats and it’s hard to overcome such a deficit. Greninja will only continue to grow more powerful. Greninja wins.

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Phantom (Zero) vs Ashe

Suggested by Sonic Phantom (Zero) hasn’t fought in quite a long while but her return won’t be quite as triumphant as she may have hoped. Ashe has access to a ton of different Megaman abilities which makes her very difficult to take down. Ashe can match Phantom in speed and easily surpasses the reploid in attack power. Phantom can still put up a good fight, but I just can’t see any kind of victory emerging. Ashe wins.

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Phantom (Zero) vs Nightmare

Once again it’s time for overwhelming power to fight super speed! Phantom (Zero) can run rings around Nightmare, but in terms of attack power is far weaker than Nightmare. Of course speed really helps in these fights. Nightmare may have the power, but what good is it if he can’t hit Phantom (Zero)? Phantom (Zero) wins.

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Phantom (Zero) vs Phantom (MAR)

These 2 Phantoms mean buisness. Phantom (Zero) is a ninja who has good fighting skills and shruiken skills. Phantom (MAR) has a lot of arms. Phantom (Zero) has more experience but Phantom (MAR) is tougher. Phantom (MAR) wins.
But now Phantom Zero got a super form. Phantom (Zero) wins.