Hey folks! Occasionally I will run tournaments to shake things up for the groups that are often in the same spot or fighters who have never gotten a win before. I’ll attach a list of tournaments that I have run so far as well as going over a few quick rules. There aren’t much rules so that part is fast.

Rule #1. Seeds are randomized via Challonge. It makes sure the fights are nice and fresh without conveniently having the two strongest duking it out at the end.

Rule #2. Tournaments are single elimination. Double elimination is fun and all but it will become more likely that characters fight each other more than once.

Rule #3. If a tournament match that is about to occur is going to be between two characters who have already fought then I’ll have challonge or some other online system randomly determine the winner.

Tournaments so far

Tourney #1 (Winless group)

Winner: Leader

Tourney #2 (High Rankers)

Winner: Jiren

Tourney #3 .500 fighters

Winner: Toppo

Tourney #4 Purple Hair Fighters

Winner: Yoruichi