Grimm (Red Hood) vs Mike Banning

Grimm is a skilled hunter who has a lot of guns as well as super speed. It would be very difficult for Banning to really try and stop her in a fight. She could easily dodge his bullets at any time and that would leave him fresh out of options. Grimm could overwhelm him in close quarters combat or from afar but either way he is definitely not getting out of range here. Grimm (Red Hood) wins.

Yoshino Himekawa vs Lagss

Lagss is a character that not a lot of people know about but her skills are the real deal. She was able to take on Ultra Instinct Goku and that’s not something that Yoshino could pull off. That’s why Yoshino will ultimately have to take the loss here as she is just outgunned and outmatched. A single good shot could theoretically destroy her. Lagss wins.

Jon Talbain vs Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta is a powerful fighter and it’s safe to say that he’s completely out of Jon’s league here. Nothing against Jon but he doesn’t have the speed to dodge Yuta’s attacks or enough durability to endure them for very long. Yuta’s a seasoned warrior and he will eventually get a good shot in. With his offensive might, one good shot will pave the way to victory. Yuta Okkotsu wins.

Mike Banning vs Nemo

This is a tribute to angel has fallen. Mike Banning may have been on the run a lot here but I would say that he looked great overall. The guy took everything in stride at all times and was always ready to secure the win. Nemo can’t really do a whole lot against Mike here and doesn’t have the years of experience that Banning has. I don’t see Nemo lasting too long here. Mike Banning wins.

Mike Banning vs Corky Withers

This is a tribute to London Has Fallen. Mike Banning really did an excellent job of staying on top of things right from the jump. He’s a solid fighter and with his gun skills I don’t see Corky doing much against him. Corky just isn’t strong enough to take on a true fighter like Mike and would quickly be overwhelmed. Corky isn’t exactly bullet proof either which gets dicey for him. Mike Banning wins.

Veldora vs Goku

Now this is a fight that had to happen since these are two fighters who have both mastered the Kamehameha technique to a high level. A single blow from that attack can destroy a whole lot and it’s why the ability is so feared. Goku can certainly overpower him in the inevitable beam struggle though and that will be the end of the storm dragon. There are very few who can match Goku. Goku wins.

Meruem vs Cell

Meruem returns but now he is fighting a DBZ character of incredible power and speed. While the two may have similar designs, Cell is a fighter who could end the entire solar system so that ends the comparisons between them. Technically speaking their personalities are also rather different so it’s really the design that gets brought up a lot. The power scales in DBZ and HXH are too far apart for Meruem to stand a chance though. Cell wins.

Shion vs Milim

Shion is a fun character who always puts up a good fight. Her abilities are considerable but in no circumstance would she be able to hold her own against Milim. Milim is one of the demon lords and could end the majority of the cast without breaking a sweat. Milim likes a good fight though so I could see her sandbagging for a while so Shion gets to have fun too. Milim wins.

Number 6 vs Deku

Number 6 is one of the strongest Vigilante villains around. The guy has super strength, speed, regeneration, and a whole lot of other tricks at his disposal. The guy could take on most fighters but I would still give Deku the edge here. Deku has enough raw power where he should be able to get past Number 6’s regeneration. Additionally with 100% power Deku should be able to match his speed as well. It may be a difficult fight but it’s one that Deku should win. Deku wins.

Tohya Ebata vs Aichi Sendou

Tohya is a tough cardfighter who has certainly defeated his share of opponents. That being said, he isn’t quite ready for Aichi who has significantly more cards than he does. Aichi also has the powers of Psyqualia at his disposal which is an instant game changer. Good luck getting anything past someone who can see into the future and talks to his cards. Tohya is just out of his league in this battle for now. Aichi Sendou wins.