Sarah Kerrigan vs Melkor

Suggested by Unknown Sarah Kerrigan was a strong warrior who was pretty good with a blaster and that was before she obtained cosmic abilities and Psi powers far beyond that of the average fighter. She even turned into one of the aliens that she was hunting at one point. Melkor has gotten a lot of hype, but supposedly Sauron grew to be stronger than him and Melkor did have some trouble with the giant spider Ungoliant. I’m not really sure he would be able to take Sarah down in a fair fight. He is strong to be sure, but she is quick and her cosmic blasts will deal a lot of damage to him which will add up quickly. Sarah Kerrigan wins.


P’Li vs Combustion Man

Suggested by Eric This is definitely a pretty tough fight. Both of these combatants have the same abilities. P’Li is able to control her fire blasts though and alter their trajectory. Combustion Man can’t do this, but his durability and strength are at a far greater level than P’Li’s. He would likely need 1 strike to take the win while she would have to hit him several times. Her increased versatility should help with that, but I do believe Combustion Man would be able to get his hit in. The guy’s a pro. Combustion Man wins.

Gigantosaurus vs Bass

Suggested by Blake The dinosaurs continue to fall as Bass overwhelms them with speed and power. Gigantosaurus’s strength is typically one of his advantages but it will prove to be a liability here as it makes him a larger target. Bass is quite accurate though so perhaps it did not really matter. Either way one energy blast should be strong enough to finish the job. Bass wins.

Megaman SF vs Sephiroth

Suggested by Destroyer Sephiroth still has the most iconic boss theme in video game history. It’s just awesome and Advent Children showed off what he can do in a real fight. He is incredibly fast and his sword gives him a long reach. That being said, Megaman SF is extremely powerful as well. I dare say that he may be faster than Sephiroth and he has a large array of attacks at his disposal. Megaman should have enough tools at his disposal to win this fight. He’ll simply win the match up close and he would also have the edge from afar. Megaman SF wins.

Greedo vs Han Solo

Suggested by Jimmy This is a really classic fight and you can argue that it is one of the most controversial ones of all time. That being said, I think the winner is pretty clear. Greedo seems to only be a threat with a gun while Han is willing to use anything as a winner. Han isn’t just a fighter, he is a survivor. He tends to come out in this kind of a fight. That being said, Han definitely shot first the first time and he will this time as well. Han Solo wins.

Sonic vs Bison

maxresdefault (1)
Suggested by Anonymous Now, Bison is a pretty skilled opponent and will give it a real shot. Sonic won’t be able to humiliate this guy for very long, but he will still have the overall edge. Bison psycho powers won’t work well enough if Sonic is too fast to be hit by him. Sonic has his spin dash and homing attack at he ready. They aren’t very flashy, but they are effective and that’s what counts. Sonic wins.

Joker vs Spock

Suggested by iKnowledge Joker returns to fight Spock. Spock has some decent super strength at his disposal along with his energy blaster. It won’t be sent to stun in this round so that helps him a great deal. A single blast would deal a lot of damage and he also has heightened physical abilities which will help him deal damage and dodge counter blows. I think this combo will be too much for the Joker. Spock wins.

Sofia Sakharov vs Shosetsu Kirisame

unnamed (2)
Suggested by Sonic Sofia got a lot of hype throughout the Buddyfight series but never got to do much with it. Despite having a much larger presence than Shosetsu they dueled around the same number of times. Shosetsu has his sword and is a very proficient close combat fighter. He will be able to fend off Sophia’s attacks as long as he is careful and deliberate. However, his deck is inferior to Sofia’s in every way. The gap between the two is so vast that his monsters would all be down in a short amount of time and then he would be the next to fall. Sofia Sakharov wins.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Stats and Records

Stats time!

21/50 Trophies
Droids Destroyed as Jedi 1315
Droids Destroyed as Clone 669
Falls 112
Challenges 3
Deaths 141
Destroyed Battle Droids 1270
Destroyed Super Battle Droids 363
Destroyed Destroyer Droid 48
Destroyed Spider Droid 68
Destroyed Crab Droid 36
Destroyed Chameleon Droid 85
Destroyed Sabotage Droid 76
Destroyed Magna Guard 28
Destroyed Vulture Guard 5
Destroyed Octuptarra Droid 4
Jumps 1848
Droid Jumps 85
Actor Jumps 4
Boost Jumps 17
Melee Attacks 1370
Rounds Fired 4768
Grenades 83
Rockets 41
Force Points 152160
Run Distance 46495
Hover Distance 551