Blog Battle Rules

The rules for the battles are long and complicated. While I will try to have them all up in time it’s definitely tough. I’ll try and address as many as I can.

1. All fighters have access to everything. Meaning for instance, at one point Wolverine had the Phoenix Force right? Well he gets that automatically for all fights. (So be warned if you’re trying to drop him!) Another example is Superman wielding Thor’s hammer. He keeps that as well.

2. Fighters get all of their super/alternate forms. So Spiderman gets Ultimate Spiderman. He also gets the Peter Parkers from pretty much all other dimensions. Likewise Godzilla gets his Heisei, Showa, and Millenium forms (Even Kiryu!) Fusion forms are also valid for matches. Alternate versions of the same character are not permitted aside from ones already on the blog. Iconic characters who have various incarnations will usually be labelled as the same character unless they have sufficiently differentiated themselves. For example: Saber and Arthur from Fate and Seven Deadly Sins don’t fall generally into the default King Arthur category.

5. Only 1 on 1 fights are done on the blog

6. No fight can happen twice (Though I do switch the victor accordingly if there is a new power up or something)

7. Only fictional characters are eligible to fight on the blog with the exception of animals already included in the blog. Fictional characters based on real people can be a case by case basis of how they differentiate themselves from the real incarnation. For example: Abe Lincoln from the vampire film is obviously still the real figure so he wouldn’t count, but someone like Saber from Fate is really a character in her own right.

8. Time Traveling to before the character’s created or something that feels like cheating (Since said battle would never have happened) isn’t allowed. Basically anything that sidesteps the actual fight wouldn’t work.

9. Only shown, or otherwise eligible feats count. So guys like The One Above All are technically powerless to fight unless they actually fight in the future

10. No willing people out of existence. This is a fight after all! You can’t just blip someone away.

11. Location is at a place hard to describe and yet fair. Think Final Destination from Super Smash Bros but no blast zones. Effectively it’s a place that has water for fish like Nemo, air, forest, land, etc. So there’s no ring-outs here and characters can go all out.

12. A fighter needs to have a picture to count on the blog. If your character is so obscure that he/she has never appeared then that’s not quite going to work.

13. Healing items can’t exceed the original max health or give it back more than once. So only 1 Senzu Bean at max and for recovers, Megaman can only heal damage equal to his original health. If it’ an ability they can spam it, but not an item

14. Summoning. I know that this one is complicated, but bear with me. Ash gets his pokemon because he caught them, so they count as items. Likewise with Lightning and Odin. However Batman won’t get Superman and scientists won’t automatically get their machines. They have to actually control them. Whether telepathically or through a chip that forces them to obey. Just because they are friends doesn’t mean they can help. Like Galactus and Silver Surfer or Goku and the Z fighters. So for Pokemon, Ash needs to catch the pokemon in a pokeball for it to count (Obvious Pikachu exception) As for the rest, I’ll tell you if it counts or not

15. You can only have up to 100 battle requests at a time. I used to go up to 1000 but then you’re not going to see your fight for years anyway so that’s a bit extreme.

16. Zombies won’t count on the blog unless it’s a specific character with his unique name. Most zombies don’t count on the blog for the same reason that random humans don’t. Humans/Zombies are really non-specific and even when there are different versions (Like Dead Island) they are essentially just humans. This is one of the blog’s newest rules so you may see a zombie or two from the old times once in a while (Zombies who are already on the blog as permitted to keep on fighting) but you won’t be seeing any new ones. (Unless the zombie is a specific character like Brook (Not that he’s a zombie))

17. Aside from animals currently on the blog no new ones will be admitted at this time

These are some of the rules, but not all of them and probably not in depth enough. Still, it’s a basis to look at when you are viewing the fights or requesting one. I hope this clears whatever questions you may have ๐Ÿ˜€

*All examples may have exceptions* *Some fighters were introduced before rules were implanted and are exceptions* *If anything should seem unclear drop a comment and I will address it*

231 thoughts on “Blog Battle Rules

    • Bass can’t be defeated by the other High Aboves because he is the King of the High Aboves ๐Ÿ™‚ Meaning he could not only take them down, but also take every single character teaming up down. Bass is invincible ๐Ÿ˜€

      Strongest DBZ character is Vegeta unless we’re not counting High Aboves, then it’s Goku ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Vegeta canon wise is not stronger than Goku. Goku has SS3 and SS4 and now he has been shown as the one out of the 6 saiyans of pure heart (new Dbz movie) to obtain Super Saiyan God Mode. Goku far outclasses Vegeta with that.

      • Well if we’re counting GT, then Vegeta has SSJ4 as well. As for Z, Goku’s new form definitely helps him, but in the sequel I’m sure that Vegeta will get it as well

      • If there is a sequel. But it won’t go well if they don’t get Toriyama to work on it like he did the movie. GT has been considered a disaster by many. And it won’t go well if we find out that they did the same thing and leave it up to Toei or some other company without Toriyama at the head of it all.

      • I mean a sequel to the new movie. It has been rumored a little and I could see it. Why wouldn’t he want to make a sequel now that he has relived the epicness of Z? I think it’ll be pretty awesome

      • i feel the high above rule is kind of unbalanced, with this rule in place like vegeta could beat characters like jiren that normally they could not, its kind of bad for a rule like that to be in a place where superman can fight godzilla and takes all the logic out of it.

      • It’s definitely an unbalanced rule, but that’s supposed to be part of its charm. It really makes you think of the good ole days

      • Ehh i dont know, the characters in the high above slots seem to be your favorites…

    • i just think these rules are unfair, you make your favorites more powerful than the rest. Omega shenron and jiren have defeated the strongest vegetas weve seen. and even bass the king of high above has been defeated by megaman, then reincarnated as pharohman. This blog would be better if you even just removed the high above rule.

      • Keep in mind that with composite Vegeta has access to Vegito Blue and SSJ4 Gogeta. As for Bass, well Megaman only tends to beat him with plot hax and such. The High above rule is a controversial rule, but one that can be fun to have. I do acknowledge that you aren’t alone in thinking it should probably be removed. Perhaps I’ll get rid of it at some point although while that would result in some of those characters getting losses like Vegeta, it wouldn’t overturn any of Bass’ matches. With or without the rule I believe him to be the strongest

      • But doesn’t also goku? Also plot hax doesn’t exist, its just a simple fact that mega man > bass, not any lazy, we need to get rid of this insanely op character, plot push at all. also the characters who are obviously strong but never show any fighting potential rules bogus, its 100% obvious the TOAA could just erase everything with a thought, hes above all, and its been acknowledged that everyone should fear him, even if he doesn’t interfere and fight. The time hax rule is understandable, but i dont think its needed. The willing away rule shouldent be here either cause I mean characters Like Zeno and Eternity should be able to do that to weaker opponents at least. But this is all just my oppinion

      • True, Goku’s got that too. Plot hax is very real though, it’s hard to find any series where it doesn’t show up. Megaman is strong, but I would definitely put Bass above him.

        For the high aboves rule, it’s just too easy for these cosmic beings to walk in and just act like they can wipe everyone away. At that point it’s not even a fight so I’ve never bought into it. As for doing it against weaker opponents, if they can’t win without it then I feel like the opponent wasn’t weaker at that point

      • Sorry it took a while for me to reply, but plot hax may be real, but you have the wrong definition. If things were established, or even the tiniest bit possivle that this could happen, like megaman going to defeat bass and Goku winning the tournament of power, then its not really plot hax at all.

        Now the cosmic beings erase stuff because their way more powerful than them, and all these limiters cause people like the omnipotent TOAAA, who can solo the entire marvel universe, to be easily beaten. Its kinda unfair you know

      • For me I’d say plot hax isn’t necessarily the direct outcome there (Like Goku winning the TOP) but it shows up in all the steps leading up to the end. There are just many moments during the tournament where he should have lost but didn’t due to plot armor.

        As for the cosmic beings, I just don’t buy into their being able to just wipe people away. They gotta show me some kind of physical feat and then I’ll be able to buy into them. There have been cosmic beings like Whis who can actually fight and I would put him as a top tier fighter. For someone like Zeno though, he’s got to do something more

    • Yeah, it is tricky beans. High Aboves are High Above and defy logic. You could argue that Vegeta’s a better fighter than Goku and since they have the exact same power level in Gogeta SSJ4 Vegeta takes the win. As for Broly, Vegeta surpassed him thanks to SSJ4 form ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hmmm wellllll goku did beat vegeta but I think that โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ well goku’s stronger with his will to protect his friends. Have you ever seen the part where goku looked liked he was about to go super sayain when someone killed a bird yeah that’s right a b.i.r.d

    • In the Cooler film? Yeah, Goku is definitely tough, but Vegeta also turned Super Saiyan just when he pictured Goku! It’s definitely a close fight, but in the end I always go with Vegeta ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Goku went ss when Frieza kills krillen so yeah acually it was the thought that to people became ss befor the ” prince” of all sayins wich were goku and trunks just think about it more it’ll click in you very intelligent brain I just did quotes cause I felt like it I know he really is the prince of all sayins

      • Well, it’s mostly hypothetical. Bass is made of data so it probably wouldn’t work. Still, we have to explore all of the angles right? As for Vegeta, hypothetically it could maybe work……probably not though ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Well Kid Bass is technically just called Bass. But he’s a completely different Bass than Bass so to make it easier to differentiate them I just call him Kid Bass for short ๐Ÿ™‚ Also there’s nothing rusty about Bass ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Won? Sigma took him out in that fight. Admittedly Zero did do good and now he has Black Nightmare form so he can definitely take out a lot of fighters!

  3. If only shown feats are allowed how come Yusuke is said to be able to destroy planets with his spirit gun when that never happened in the series?

    • Well, by shown feats I mean, if someone says they can shoot energy blasts, but they never do in the series, I won’t count it. If someone says they’re a planet buster, but shoot a really awful beam, I may deny it. For Yusuke, he’s been shown to shoot good spirit gun blasts. So, then I check to see if his blasts are planet busting or not. I’d say he’s a possible planet buster during the tournament, and a casual planet buster by Sensui arc. So, the damage is more or less guessing by how powerful the blast is

  4. Bass can’t be defeated? And yet he was beaten by Slur in the official media. Man. I am sorry but that is called wanking. Bass is only about as strong as Nappa from Dragon Ball Z since his power is equal to probably a super nuke. It doesn’t take a level of Frieza or Goku just to get the planet to shake. It could feel like it is when someone is powering up but not to others.

    Unless he can blow up planets like there was no tomorrow then there are tons of guys stronger than him. Bass is definitely a candidate for coolest character but he isn’t the strongest. Even if he is data, to fight someone they need to be able to hurt each other as part of a fair fight.

    In the manga his power was materialized into the real world along with himself. So we already get a good idea on how strong Bass really is. At the most, guys that you list as planet busters are just life wipers (wiping out all life on the planet without destroying said planet). These rules need some serious work. I never have someone as invincible since I don’t believe any character to be invincible since that would make someone omnipotent.

    • Slur threw him into the undernet so that the fight couldn’t finish. Bass would have defeated her had they kept fighting. Plus, he wasn’t at the peak of his power yet. I’m saying that currently, his power is unbeatable.

      Bass is able to hurt people in the real world, by utilizing his dark power, which enables him to appear in the real world. Bass is the only character that I think is invincible, but I do think that he’s invincible. With his Get Ability, Speed, and Power, he won’t lose to any opponent. No matter how powerful they may appear to be, against Bass no being has even a chance.

      As for the rules, I add some from time to time if I think of something, but for the most part I’d say that they’re basically set. What rules do you think I should change?

      • 1) I think with the way Slur was portrayed she was supposed to be stronger in there first fight.

        2) I think his Get Ability Program works like this. He needs one piece of data left to use it to recover. And he only gets stronger depending on how much power he absorbs from recovering since to recover he needs to absorb power from something he killed or something already dead.

        3) I think the only rule needing change is that there is an invincible character of any kind. Personal preference IS NOT something I find useful in a debate on character comparisons unless it is about how awesome they may be but not how strong they are. I use stated feats and deductive reasoning in my own arguments like how Bass never once defeated someone who DID or was STATED to have destroyed a planet like Goku beating Frieza.

      • But with Bass it’s okay even if his opponent is stronger. If he were to make physical contact with her, he could install bugs in her program which would slow her movements and drain her energy. Plus his Get Ability Program.

        Well, the forms of media helped make his Get Ability more potent. He just has to either A. Beat You B Get Beaten C Make Physical contact and absorb your powers into him. So, it works on pretty much everyone and he sitll gets a lot of power (Unless you’re super weak)

        Well aside from High Aboves Bass isn’t really a rule. He just is invincible so I put that there as a warning in case people try to drop him. I don’t allow bias on the blog. The High Aboves have been whittled in rank and only some survive.

        For Planet Busting and FTL stuff it’s really how you gauge it. Characters saying stuff is cool, but showing it is always a lot more potent. Still, it is always good to use facts

      • But he can’t install bugs in flesh and blood people since they are not computers or data.

        And If he could actually absorb just by touching then he would not have lost to Slur in any way since his second attack was hands on. He needs to at least kill said opponent to absorb them into him/her.

        And invincibility is always a matter of perception. You may view him as invincible but that won’t make it true. Just like how I can say my own character can beat any and all forms of Superman and Goku. But that won’t make it true. No matter what it won’t matter how much someone says something there needs to be enough evidence to claim something. Bass needs to be actually fighting anyone and everyone to claim himself as king of media. So the people who made the different series need to come together and have a show where they all agree on a single invincible character.

      • In the movie he just grabbed Megaman’s emblem and stole his powers. With Slur he just needed to grab her for a sec, but he never really got a chance.

        But if everyone went together and picked someone, it would most likely be someone like the One Above All or Presence. To which I think Bass could beat both of them in a single shot. Eventually I’ll convert more and more people into Bass is Invincible guys, but it takes time. The manga is my highest form of evidence

      • In the movie he willingly gave him his program to defeat Nebula Grey. He didn’t steal it.

      • I think it’s more so just an imitation of blood. Or a data beings equivalent. Unless I see him absorbing more than a netnavi and other data I can’t say he can absorb a human or anything like that.

      • The EXE franchise is basically dead so you could be waiting a Long time. With all of the extensive blood loss in the manga, I wouldn’t say it’s an imitation or an equivalent. Netnavies just happen to be organic in the real world

    • If it can be resisted then the get ability program isn’t a definite skill that guarantee’s a victory or anything. He can only absorb programs and other forms of data anyways so you would have to tweak him with your own personal powers to make him capable of absorbing more than that. He was still born as data and not flesh so his scientist creators didn’t feel any need whatsoever to give him a program that can absorb more than bugs, viruses, navi’s, and other data. So you would have to apply your own personal desire for his powers. You may as well call this bass your own version of him.

      • The navis can bleed so I’d say they’re flesh. Especially when they come to the real world. Bass’s Get Ability lets him absorb other abilities, that doesn’t just apply to data abilities, but to all abilities. As for the Get Ability, I wouldn’t really say that it can be resisted, in the longrun Bass will always take the power

    • Interesting question Destroyer. Well, for the most part the answer to that would be….Yes! Like how Bionic Bunny and Dark Bunny are counted even though they are in a TV show within a TV show. A character appearing in a vision? Well, I doubt there would be many of those so it depends I guess. If the character gets a real name and appearance I don’t see why not, but within reason.

      Example: Let’s say Spiderman has a dream where some guy named Perry Parker is actually Spiderman and knocking people around…he wouldn’t really be a character since it’s metaphorically Spiderman in that example. Still, for the most part I would say that they count.

      Finally, the holograms example. Well, Cortana from Halo is a perfect example of one who would count. As long as it is a character it should be legit, but of course exceptions can happen ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      • Now let’s say there’s a holographic world that’s not technically real, but just a hologram making the user think it’s real. Now would characters that appear in this un-real simulation count?

        Let’s say Spider-Man was given a headpiece and through that headpiece he was sent to a holographic future of what could be. In that future he runs into a dark clone of himself. Same for the Avengers. Now, would those dark clones be counted as characters?

      • Well first I’ll go with the second example. That most likely wouldn’t count because it’s a possible future and while they’re dark versions, they could still be the real deals. Just turned evil. So, I’m pretty sure that one wouldn’t make it.

        As for the first example. I dunno, I’m leaning towards a no on that one as well. I mean, take the Xmen danger room. If in one simulation Juggernaut turned into a Joe Link, he’s not much of a real character. Of course there are exceptions and some of the more complex situations need to be taken on a case by case basis

    • Brobot counts as a character >_> For the most part, Robots are definitely legit characters. It’s more armors and electronics (That aren’t robots) that don’t count

    • Well, Thor is really powerful to be sure, but I don’t really make any characters join the High Aboves list anymore. There are only a few of them left and while those probably won’t drop, I don’t see any more making the list. Thor still has a solid record though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Oh, that’s just more of a coincidence. I like a lot of characters, both female and male. Those guys just happen to be at the absolute top, but the high above list continues to shrink. For my favorite female characters (Not necessarily in this order)

      Slur (Rockman EXE)
      Harribel (Bleach)
      Dorothy (MAR)
      Yoruichi (Bleach)
      Android 18 (DBZ)
      Serenade (Though I’m not sure if she/he/it counts

    • The Golem would count and the souls from hell would not. I’m unsure about Man O War and Efreet. I’ll have to learn more about them. Efreet doesn’t seem like a summon, so he probably wouldn’t count and would be seen as more of an ally. Still, I can look into it. (Not that it would really impact a Dark Schneider match since he’s already so powerful)

  5. Goku is stronger than Vegeta though (power level wise, always has been, in the last episode of DBZ Vegeta even admitted it). However, I would say Vegeta has more battle sense than Goku.

      • Come on man, that was complete Cannon. Because the God of Darkness slapped Bulma, Vegeta’s SSJ1 or SSJ2 (hard to say since even Goku’s SSJ2 had no electricity) somehow surpassed Goku’s SSJ3 form. As aforementioned, that movie does not mean anything. It was not really even an action movie, it was more of a comedy.

      • That movie is completely canon and while it was very inaccurate and had too much comedy, it’s still DBZ. Goku’s tough, but I’ve never found him to be as cool as Vegeta.

      • Heck even Goku’s SSJ1 at the end of the film surpassed his SSJ3, that movie was totally cannon.

  6. In regards to rule 7, some real people have television shows depicting a fictional version of their self. Examples being Jackie Chan and Chuck Noris. Are they barred?

    • Nah, High Aboves can’t be defeated. See, it’s not that they’re actually high aboves, but the blog has given them the right to win. It essentially means that the battle is over before it has begun, but I essentially have to act as if the rule isn’t in place during the summaries which is why I still make the high aboves sound impressive. The whole high aboves concept never got great reception so I ended up getting rid of over half of them, but the few who are left are basically there to stay. They’re basically fighters to stay away from since they’re invincible

      • True, but that would likely work better if I believed in the cosmic powers used by the Presence or the One Above All. It sounds like it would counter those, but the High Above thing is a little different

  7. PFFFFFFFFT!!! Is this guy for real?

    Y’know what? I’ll give you a chance to humor us dreager1.

    Give me Bass’s GREATEST feat so I can measure how untrue your bold statements are.

    • Well, his best physical feat was probably knocking Mega Man around and actually dealing him some damage. His best speed feat is that he was actually able to speedblitz Hubstyle Megaman

      • Well yeah. I could bring up something else like shaking the planet, but overwise that’s why I said his most impressive part was taking down Megaman

      • That’s not very impressive when measured to the other beings I’ve learned of.

        I’m actually disappointed (-_-)

      • Well, since you gave me the greatest feats Bass has ever displayed I know what to measure him by.

        I still don’t see what all the hype is about dude.

      • Well, unless he can separate the subatomic structure of his planet with a wave of his hand from the comfort of a parallel universe while also learning about other alien races by observing the various layers of reality in an attempt to understand the meaning of existence then I can’t take him seriously at all.

      • “Not a cool power”

        If I had the power to telepathically make molecules obey my command, I would be able to control EVERYTHING.

        I could control my own density to make my body virtually indestructible and incomprehensibly strong.

        I could regenerate the limbs of my body or the bodies of others.

        Any attacker made of matter could easily be dispatched by a simple molecular wave, thus separating all of their molecules as effortlessly as one would separate the pieces of a puzzle.

        I could destroy and rebuild anything and everything due to the fact that everything in reality is composed of molecules.

        That is precisely what reality is–a massive puzzle where the pieces are the molecules, and only I could move them and MAKE them fit in different spaces.

        Planets, suns, galaxies, black holes, quasars, the entire universe–all of it would be at my command.

        The only limit to this power is the imagination of the user.

        Therefore, I happen to think controlling molecules is far greater than you perceive it to be, as shown here:

      • I dunno, give me the Kamehameha move and some decent strength instead any day. Molecules are good, but if you’re strong enough, then you can stop people from messing with yours. It’s all about will power and durability. That’s where the true strength lies. Not saying it’s a bad power, but I never cared much for it

      • Will power has noting to do with it. Molecular manipulation isn’t a power like mind control where you can resist its controlling abilities.

        Like more common powers, molecular manipulation it is ALSO physical at a more meticulous scale.

        Think of it as an invisible. omnidirectional, omnipresent ability that can disintegrate an enemy from the inside out with no more than a sideways glance.

        Besides, with the how long it takes to charge a kamehameha, there is plenty time to think of the numerous possibilities to get out of such a predicament, such as controlling the molecules of the energy being charged.

      • Will Power always has something to do with it. Your molecules are your own and can be controlled if you think about it enough. You can stop people from messing with you if you really give it your all! You can try to disperse the Kamehameha, but it’s pure energy of such magnitude won’t be stopped so easily.

      • That’s the same as saying I won’t be hurt if I get kicked in the face if I just WILL IT.

        That’s the same as saying you can survive an explosion just by saying it can’t hurt when in obviously can.

        I mean, if you burst into flames, do you just stand there believing you can extinguish the flames just by thinking so?

        Plus, all of these scenarios are like mosquito bites on a Kevlar vest compared to separating the bonds between particles.

      • Well, you can block out pain to an extent through meditation techniques. That being said, this is a whole different ball game. It’s just like how you can resist telepathy through will power or stop yourself from being moved telekinetically if you’re physically stronger than the other person’s mind. If you are stronger than a molecule user’s mental abilities, then you’ll be just fine.

      • But the power doesnโ€™t control minds, it destroys objects and people.

        Itโ€™s like a kamehamehan that canโ€™t be seen, doesnโ€™t need to be charged, and can be fired at EVERY direction or location simultaneously while the user just stands in one place.

      • You’ve also just gotta use scans with attacks that aren’t quantifiable to see just how strong someone is. Just look at the Darkness Overload attack Bass has. He’s never shot it at a planet so we can’t calc that, but we know that it is insanely strong

      • Still, even by identifying his Darkness Overload as “insanely strong”, I still don’t see how that put him above the Heavy hitters on my list. Also, based on how you answered my request for his greatest feat, Darkness Overload isn’t his most devastating attack. And even then, his greatest feat is about as great has bending cardboard compared to powerful beings I’ve learned of.

        Simply put, I’m still not impressed

      • Well, lets put it into perspective. The heavy hitters you’ve named have some pretty interesting feats, but they’ve never fought with such intensity and speed as Megaman and Bass. Read their fights from the manga and you’ll see why they are so insanely powerful!

      • And, don’t you think the fact that my heavy hitters HAVE greater feats automatically means they are greater that Bass?

      • No, they ARE better overall.

        If there isn’t solid evidence of Bass being able to mach my greatest champions, then there’s no use in making him the best if there are those who have done better than him.

      • You put too much faith in quantifiable feats though. Bass has the raw power and the speed to keep him ahead of all other fighters. He has the best feats, they just don’t look like feats…

      • But… if you can’t measure the quantity or potency of a character’s abilities, then you don’t know how strong or weak the character actually is.

        For instance, if I were to throw a punch at the air, how would we determine how strong of a punch it was? Just because it hit the air doesn’t mean it’s a powerful punch.

        It would need to come into collision with an object in order to compare the amount of force and speed being used. And, if a person is capable of exceeding that amount of force as shown from its collision, then they are obviously considered stronger in the sense that their punches are stronger.

        The same would go with any hero or villain of immense power. How else can one establish their destructive power if their power is never shown or described in the context of the source material? Would you just base their power on inaccurate assumptions and lies instead of using facts?

        I mean, it only seems logical.

      • Well, we try to avoid the lies or any inaccurate assumptions. Remember, the blog thrives on its 100% accuracy policy so we have to check and double check to make sure that everything is air tight. That being said, you can certainly eyeball feats and get a pretty accurate idea without a character yelling “That could blow up a universe” or other forms of exposition. The surroundings, the impact, and every piece of a feat are what really determines how strong something is.

      • Precisely.

        But, while Bass’ feats do put him at a good level of power, would’s your logic of using the various components in a character’s feats mean that he is at a lower level.

        For instance, like you said, bass managed to cause great disturbances throughout the world by powering up. While this feat is nothing to scoff at on your end, it WOULD be if someone were to expect him to do damage throughout the cosmos with even less effort; what with there being characters who can.

        However, if he did not meet those expectations, then he does not meet the requirements that could put him above or near the level of other powerful characters.

      • Wait, I think you lost me. Bass is at a high level because he’s proven it time and time again. His speed is out of this world and his power is insane. As such, he’s the strongest being in all of media. There are no characters stronger than him. Don’t forget that a big part to Bass is his Get Ability which allows him to get stronger than his opponent no matter who or what they are. Bass can meet any and all expectations/requirements. It’s all in the manga, have you checked it out yet?

      • Does this get ability allow him to absorb organic beings as well as defeated robotic entities.

      • Does Bass’ ability allow him to transfer powers from organic beings as well as artificial ones.

      • So, what you’re saying is he HAS taken the abilities of beings who were NOT robots created by a scientist.

      • I believe so. He absorbed Megaman’s abilities and Megaman transcends the usual netnavies that run around. He also did the same to Serenade and she wasn’t built by humans as far as I am aware.

      • Actually, Megaman was also a robot created by Doctor Light, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to combat the robot forces that try to thwart him.

      • Keep in mind that we’re talking about EXE not classic. I believe it was Dr. Hikari who created Megaman here and after the twist, it was actually that he put Lan’s dead brother’s mind into the shell which is why he has a soul

      • True, but she is as far above netnavies as netnavies are above mere mortals. Put it this way, I’d say that she’s the equivalent of Silver Surfer in Marvel

      • But, based on the source material, Bass’ Get Ability has never been shown to let him absorb abilities from ORGANIC beings.

        As in beings who are not artificial transcended NetNavi.

      • I dunno about that. We’re really generalizing netnavies now, I’m not sure if we can count the Cybeats, Virus Beast, and Serenade as normal netnavies

      • Hmmm, it’s iffy. I wouldn’t exactly call them robotic, but I suppose not purely organic. That being said, Serenade did appear in the human world and got absorbed

      • So, these “robotic entities” Bass has faced are actually cyborgs that utilize both human parts AND robot parts?

        IF that is the case you are trying to confirm, that still means that the opponent Bass faces HAS to have some degree of cybernetic enhancements in order for him to take their ability.

        Since he hasn’t absorbed abilities from metahumans who gained their powers without using technological means, there is no way to confirm that Bass can take the abilities from beings who naturally possess powers without the use of scientific enhancements.

      • I mean, that’s Bass’ whole gimmick. That’s like saying that Link’s Light Arrow only works on villains or that Naruto’s abilities only work on people who have Chakra. Bass…has the power. Why wouldn’t it work on anyone?

      • Because it has only shown to work on enemies with his similar or even more exaggerated robotic composition.

        Besides, if we are referring to the manga, I’ve only learned of him being able to gain the Beast Out power, the attack reflection power, and Hub style. From the looks of it, he can only absorb powers from fellow NetNavi.

      • Well, in the manga those were definitely the main ones. Lets not forget about Bass Soul Megaman as well. He also got the Twin Cannons from the Virus Beast as added attack power

      • Well, it looks like he can only obtain abilities that are specifically designed to be utilized by other NetNavi.

      • I think you’re making a big jump in logic here. That’s like saying that McDonalds….well, I’ve probably said enough analogies for now

      • As have I.

        Still though, the same can go for a character like Rouge. She can absorb powers and can keep those skills stored in her memory. However, if she were to touch someone like Iron Man, instead of having his repulsor blasts, she would have his intellect.

        The same would go for Bass. He has never even come in contact with a metahuman, so he hasn’t shown to have the ability to absorb powers from them.

        Maybe if you found a description of his Get Ability, I might be able to change my mind if it says he can inherit powers from anyone.

      • Have you read the manga yet? It does a good job of explaining the Get Ability and showing it in action. I think your doubts will be cleared away once you see it in action. It’s really a thing of beauty with how well it works and operates. It’s like a well oiled machine

      • Sure.

        Though I must ask a question that is important to Bass’ Get Ability.

        If I may.

      • You don’t shoot the ability. Think of it as an immune system. When Bass is hit by an attack, his body processes it and adapts him to gain the ability, gain some resistance to it, and strengthens him in the process. The other way he can use it is through physical contact so he has to actually grab the person

      • So, from what I can infer, the Get Ability only works if Bass can either absorb a projectile or obtain it through physical contact.

      • What if there is an enemy who doesn’t need to be on the same planet as Bass and can easily destroy everything around him?

        Better yet, what if the enemy doesn’t even need to be in the same universe as Bass?

        What if said foe has an ability that trigger’s Bass’ surroundings at the atomic level rather than being so bold as to face him directly?

        For instance, what if a being capable of telepathically controlling the molecules in his reality controls the molecular composition of his planet without even being anywhere near his star system?

        Would Bass desperately try to absorb the molecules of the object when the object itself is not the main issue?

        In fact, being composed of matter like all objects and living creatures, this individual could even effectively alter the molecules that encompass Bass’ entire body.

        Unless Bass can rip the fabric of reality to open dimensional rifts in the multiverse, I can’t see him escaping such a perilous situation.

      • -I don’t think it’d matter.
        – Still not a factor
        – It would be fitting for an enemy to use such a tactic but he/she would get speedblitzed fairly quick.
        – The being would be speedblitzed before finishing the ambitious attack
        – Bass would adapt to whatever the attack is
        – Bass’ molecules are too strong to be manipulated
        – Bass can do joust about anything so he’s got this

      • …Ok, there are few things I’d like to address:

        1. You have not given me anything that suggests Bass can travel through universes. You haven’t even proven that he can travel through space at all.

        2. You also haven’t given me evidence that suggests he can escape or survive dying universes.

        3. You have even failed to provide evidence that somehow his molecules CAN’T be taken apart. If Bass has sustained damage in the past, that means his molecules CAN be taken apart.

        I mean, he’s made of matter like everything else. He WAS made from materials provided by the Doctor himself after all.

      • 1. He survived and thrived in the Undernet not to mention that he has lived through just about everything possible. Why would he not be able to travel through universes?
        2. Bass has FTL speeds beyond imagining, he can outrun any attack
        3. Nobody can be taken apart by molecules if they don’t want to be. It’s about being confident of self and all that.

      • Isn’t the Undernet a location in the Cyberworld?

        Also, isn’t the Cyberworld just a digital world created in a similar fashion as one would create the overworld to video game?

        That would mean that this “Undernet” is just an artificial construct of advanced technology rather than an actual environment carved by the tides of time.

        Artificial digital realm= fake realm

      • Look, can we agree that if there is ANY uncertainty about certain matters in media we should at least try apply logic in order to figure out the truth.

        I mean, there are numerous unbiased people on the internet that can give us the information we need to come to a consensus.

      • Absolutely, I mean, that’s what this whole site is about. We have a 100% accuracy policy as we strive to look at the facts and just the facts.

      • Good, glad we can agree.

        Look, I’m not going to lie, Bass is pretty cool. And had it not been for Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, or Beerus, I would have him on a higher standing point on my list of villains.

        I just wanna make sure we are BOTH being honest about what we know and use factual information displayed in the media we are using as source material.

        Like you, I too have a rule about battles I engage in:

        *The Source Rule: All information being displayed must have additional proof to verify the comment’s honesty.

      • Of course. Those guys with the exception of Beerus imo are definitely solid as well. There sure are a lot of villains out there. We have to keep up the facts and evidence or else matches can be suspect. I’ve been in hundreds of debates with Goku and Bass so it always helps to have the classic scans at the ready

      • Correct.

        And is it not the duty of an honest battle ocestrator to give the other opponent their victory if they have done more in their scans than the other opponent?

      • Absolutely and that has happened a few times. I’ve overturned around 50 or so matches over the years if not more. That being said, it’s hard to picture switching one for for the top . Keep in mind that Goku is the third strongest being in media only behind Megaman and Bass. So, by default that’s like saying that nobody else can beat him.

      • Wait, do you only feature Bass as your favorite because he’s strong and cool looking?

      • Isn’t that a little close minded?

        I mean, only liking a hero or villain because of how cool or powerful they are takes away from the effect they are suppose to have on the story as a whole.

        For instance, the reason I LOVE Doom is due to how his tragic story brought him to become the masked monarch I know and love. Losing his mother to a demon, having his face dismembered in his attempts to get her back, and learning that mankind’s prosperity lies in in his hands. Doom traveled to the future to see that the world’s sanctity can only be secured if he rules it and tries time and time again to best its heroes in order to make the world the utopia humanity deserves.

        Now THAT is a backstory.

        THAT my friend is what I try to find in a villain in order have any interest in them. For a villain I want to find something about them that makes the audience empathize with their cause.

        In fact, I have no interest in villains that are flat and lack any motivations that make them interesting. If a villain just destroys for sake of destruction, that is a red light for me.

        A character doesn’t need to be cool-looking or powerful in order earn the respect them. They don’t need excessive powers or extravagant costumes in order become the best.

        Plus, Bass isn’t even the only one who can copy powers.

        There’s Phantom, The Protege, Rogue, Hope Summers, Amazo, Medaka Kurokami, Rufus Lore, Leo Regulus, Ryoko, Hakubi, and Midora.

        If anything, some of these guys are more impressive due to the fact that some of them have even shown to have the ability to combine these powers to reach a unique effect.

      • Not at all. We definitely have very different reasons for liking characters based on what you wrote here. I don’t want a sympathetic villain or some kind of tragic backstory that tries to justify their evil behavior. If a villain is evil, he may as well know it. I like villains who just want to fight and destroy stuff in order to feel powerful or level up. That’s why I like guys like Grimmjow, Bass, Bly, and other characters with really cool designs and awesome powers. Bass has a cape and an ultimately cool design. I don’t see just about any character managing to be that cool ever again. You can’t help but get the chills whenever Bass punches someone or gets another power up. The more powerful and cool the character, the more likable they are.

        I can agree that Medaka is very impressive and she can basically wreck everyone in that list, but her abilities still pale in comparison to the all powerful Bass.

      • Well, you’ve given me Bass’ greatest feats and it still doesn’t really amount to much when measured against what I have.

        I don’t really see why you think characters like Bass are stronger when there are so many characters that can do what he can do effortlessly.

        Shaking a planet, moving faster than the speed of light, destroying a black hole, and stealing skills from NetNavi doesn’t really amount to much when there are character who don’t even need lift a finger to do all of those things.

        Besides, stealing abilities from other characters never really strikes me as cool.
        Basically, one of the character’s primary powers is the power to make up for his weaker abilities by taking powers from others. It’s actually pretty lame knowing that the character needs to mooch off of someone’s greater strength in order stand toe to toe with them.

        In any event, if you have shown me everything Bass can do, I’m no more impressed than a I was before.
        Bass’ strength is outclassed by numerous other characters, and I’m astonished by how you decide to ignore that.

        Having a favorite character is one thing, though lying about them being the strongest is another.

      • Bass is just the absolute strongest being in all of media. It’s hard to describe him all that much besides that to be honest. I mean…the feats speak for themselves. Keep in mind that Bass is ultimately FTL so nobody can catch him.

        Nah, copying abilities is the definition of hype. Bass is just too cool. I don’t lie about characters though, the blog has a 100% accuracy policy after all. Bass just happens to be that amazing.

      • Also, it isn’t so much provoking sympathy or justification as it is making heroes and villains interesting in terms of their character.
        Though, Bass’ character never really made me any more interested in him. He’s more of a flat character.

      • Right and it sounds like you enjoy really deep back stories. I just like to see villains hurl insults around and keep on fighting. That’s why Bass is just so awesome. He’s always talking about power and fighting so much that you just can’t forget it.

      • Alright, based on what I’ve seen from your “arguments”, you are trying to imply that Bass has the greatest feats in all of media.
        Is that what I am meant to believe?

      • Yeeeeaaah…no.

        Bass’ feat are good, but there have been NUMEROUS beings who surpass his power with much less effort.

      • Weeeeeell, for starters…

        1. the ability to phase through solid matter
        2. the ability to travel through the vacuum of space
        3. an intellect capable of constructing a time machine
        4. multiversal knowledge
        5. leadership over a universe and a multiverse
        6. Immortality
        7. the ability to control bacteria
        8. the ability to destroy galaxies by simply standing in place.
        9. the ability to move over 1,000,000 times the speed of light
        10. Humility
        11. the ability to travel through universes with the amount of effort it takes to stroll through the park
        12. shape-shifting
        13. knowledge of advanced alien technology
        14. the ability to transfer one’s subconscious through technology
        15. a mind capable building a device that can turn suns into black-holes
        16. the ability to change the probability of a scenario
        17. the ability to bring people back from death
        18. the ability to travel through time
        19. the ability to control time
        20. the ability to destroy and create stars
        21. the ability to see the future
        22. the ability to hear at sound frequencies from 25 light years away
        23. the strength to lift eternity and infinity
        24. the power to destroy a multiverse by venting anger

        …and those are just a few off the top of my head. (-_- )

        Also, Bass’ Get Ability is far less efficient compared to other absorbing powers. This power has been described by as a power that can absorb any PROGRAM from enemies. Meta-beings don’t need programs in order use their powers.
        The same can be said about Ultron. Just because he has been shown to have the ability to download information doesn’t mean he can download information from an organic body. If he’s only been shown to effect artificially constructed programs, then can only effect artificially constructed programs.

        Unless you have a scan of Bass taking powers from people who are NOT Navis, then I’m not changing my mind.

        Remember, you can’t just SUGGEST Bass can absorb organic powers unless you have evidence to support your claim.

      • Immortality is overrated. You can still slice and dice and that’s game over. I’ll take Bass and his abilities any day. Not only is he infinitely faster than light, but he has enough raw power to decimate the planet many times over. It’s pretty scary to be honest. Aside form disagreeing with everything in the top half of the comment, I have to disagree with the bottom as well. Other absorbing abilities don’t hold a candle to Bass. He doesn’t absorb weaknesses like Amazo, he can’t be hacked and messed with like Ultron, and Bass has no limits. He just gets as strong as he needs to be and that results in him being basically invincible by the end. It’s easy to see why everyone fears this guy so much. It’s just crazy.

    • But the power doesn’t control minds, it destroys objects and people.

      It’s like a kamehamehan that can’t be seen, doesn’t need to be charged, and can be fired at EVERY direction or location simultaneously while the user just stands in one place.

      • If Goku’s resistance is as great as you say, explain the heart virus? Subatomic control is the same as orchestrating a disease that breaks down organic or inorganic particals INSTANTLY rather than giving anyone time to create a cure.

        Also, instead of decaying at certain organs, it completely destroys everything.

        Don’t think of it as telepathy.

        Instead, think of it as telekinesis that scatters every molecule or resembling the molecules into something else.

        Besides, I haven’t seen anyone overcome the power of complete subatomic deconstruction unless they too can either perceive or control molecules themselves.

      • The Heart Virus was a dicey moment for Goku. He spent too many hours on the farm if you ask me and not enough time wrecking everyone. Also, that was a natural attack vs an external one. If we think of it as telekinesis, then it’s the same thing. Goku can resist it through his physical power

      • Sorry for replying on a really old post but this was my first time reading it and godamn what is it with you and Bass?

        You say he’s the most powerful in all media and then suply his greatest feats at running faster than light, destroying an island and shaking a planet. Only shaking it. He’s not even planetary tier and you’re trying to convince me he can solo fiction? It’s literally a joke! I’m not even kidding, you’re actually a meme the way you talk about (at most) planet busting Bass:

        I honestly can’t even tell if you’re trying to troll at this point or not, I really can’t, so if you are, you’re doing a great job. If you aren’t, well,

        There are people who can literally warp logic and create rifts in existance, replacing the laws of physics, time, and reality, and you’re actually trying to say that some guy who has’nt even been confirmed to be planet level can beat that?

        His greatest feat is probably his speed, but he’s not even the fastest character around, not by a long shot. He’s not even fast enough to rip the time barrier and time travel, which Superman has done. And the Flash is far faster than old Supes.

      • Bass is the strongest though. Those were just a handful of feats I grabbed but Bass has done far more. He’s defeated 100 enemies in the fraction of a second and even overpowered Megaman’s hubstyle. His Get Ability also makes him basically unbeatable. I don’t see how anyone could ever hope to beat him. Altering laws of reality and such don’t scare Bass. He would be able to resist that and there has never been a character faster than Bass. Using speed against him would definitely be doomed from the start

    • Unless Goku’s dealt with matter manipulators before, you can’t really verify that.

      I mean, this physical attack rips apart every bond in their body. Just because you can block the pain doesn’t take away from the overall effect.

      • Keep in mind that as I said, you can’t just mess with someone’s molecules if they don’t want you to do so. We can treat molecule manipulation as more of an energy blast and in that case, Goku’s resisted it all before. Not even fully charged punched from guys like Frieza could stop him

      • This “energy blast” you speak of is similar to millions of invisible and microscopic separators that expand once between particle bonds.

        Unless you have evidence of people who can tell EVERY molecule in their body to stay together, it it’s all down hill from there.

        I mean, there isn’t anything that suggests that Goku or any of you warriors can reassemble their molecular structure.

      • I think you’re overestimating these separates. It’s even listed in the blog rules that nobody can be wished out of existence or another power like that which just makes you cease to exist. It’s because I don’t buy into abilities like that, you can always resist!

      • Yes, I do recall this rule.

        However, this isn’t erasing someone from existence. As much as it is just turning them into a puddle of formless biomass.

        They still exist. They just don’t exist in one piece.

      • Actually, I think you misunderstand what willing a person out of existence is.

        Erasing someone from existence means that you not only erase their presence–it means you erase them from all traces of reality.
        By doing so, they cease to exist as both a person and a concept; thus meaning that they will disappear without a trace and will be completely forgotten as if they were never around to begin with.
        Erasing from existence= erasing the very fact that they were alive to begin with.

        Y’see, subatomic separation is the exact equivalent to disintegrating someone, but with less effort. They are dead and scattered at the molecular level, though they can still be seen through their memories.
        If they were erased from existence, they wouldn’t be remember because they were cast out from the very plane of existence where all aspects of reality intertwine in harmony.

      • Right, but it’s still basically the same thing. I’d say that will power can stop it along with telepathy and any of that stuff. Have you seen Yugioh Dark Dimensions? If not, I recommend checking it out because the film seems to agree with me. The main villain is a reality warper who can phase you out of existence with a gesture so Kaiba just activates the one ability that I always said was crucial…will power. (With a little technology) It was brilliant

      • It’s basically an ability that destroys the opponent with a gesture without having any actual attack. It’s basically like reality warping

    • I am so sorry do I leave it here or on the doc? I am so sorry again I am being dumb and probably frustrating you. Ill just leave it here just in case?

      Iron man Vs Link
      The Mandalorian Vs Link
      The Mandalorain Vs Guardians from BotW(multiple would be good becuase Mando could take a lesser amount easily)

      Once again sorry for frustrating you and I know I said one but idc.

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