Top 10 Pizza Places on Earth

It’s time to look at the top 10 pizza places on the planet! Pizza is my favorite food. It used to be Macaroni and Cheese for a long time, but a few years back I changed to Pizza and never looked back. There’s so much you can do with pizza and so many different ways to make it. I enjoy eating virtually all pizza but my least favorite style is brick oven as the sauce tends to come out rather chunky. I prefer frozen or classic hand tossed pizza where the sauce is more of a liquid and completely blended. Below are the 10 pizzas that take the concept of pizza to the next level and show the full potential of this item.

10. Cici’s Pizza

Cici’s Pizza is a buffet which is an amazing concept in itself. Who wouldn’t want to go and eat as much pizza as they could stuff their face with? Cici’s is every pizza person’s dream. What keeps them from being higher up is that their plain slice isn’t all that amazing. They make up for it with the topping varieties though. The Macaroni and Cheese pizza is out of this world and more places need to give this combo a whirl. Pasta and pizza were created to be mixed together and I could eat quite a lot of this flavor.

9. Tom’s Delicious Pizza

Tom’s pizza is a place I don’t have very often anymore but I used to go there all the time as a kid. This pizza is definitely hand tossed style with a thick crust. You get quite a lot of flavor here and to date they have my favorite spinach and garlic pizza. I just have not seen another place cook it in quite the same way. The garlic is grated quite nicely and there is a lot of spinach. I also enjoy their meats pizza which always hits the spot. This place has earned itself a spot in the top 10 and is consistently great.

8. Papa John’s Pizza

While they have never been able to catch Domino’s, Papa Johns is still a fantastic pizza. As with Tom’s this place uses quite a lot of bread to supplement the sauce and cheese. The crust is very unique and you can usually just pull it off to eat that way and then enjoy the rest of the pizza. The complementary garlic sauce is cool and they will usually let you substitute it for cheese sauce. This place has a lot of variety with the pizza so you never even have to get the same flavor twice.

7. Famiglia

Famiglia is an incredible pizza. This one is more of a thin base with a lot of cheese and sauce. The size of the slices is considerably smaller than the other ones so you will want to get a full pie here. The taste itself is top tier though and quite addictive. This is one place where I very rarely go for any toppings, but if you do want to experiment then I highly recommend their bbq chicken slice. The plain is my favorite tasting slice though, they add quite a bit of oil to really make the taste shine through.

6. V&T Pizza

From all of the pizza places on my top 10 I’ve been to this one the least amount of times. It’s more of a restaurant too which is rare because usually I don’t care for their style of pizza. I’ve been to a few restaurant type pizzas like Uno, Denino’s, and Fairway and the sauce is just incredibly chunky. Of course that’s where the all cheese pizza comes in handy where you tell them to hold the sauce but that wouldn’t knock you to top 10. V&T adds more oil to their pizza than I’ve ever seen but as a result it always comes out quite amazingly. It’s very soft and like a delicacy. I really need to come back here one of these days.

5. Pete’s Pizza

Pete’s Pizza is a fairly recent pizza place. It’s been around for a long time but I only started going here about a year or two ago. They easily have the best fresh Mozzerella pizza that I’ve ever had. The sauce and cheese is added on like a piece of artwork and the slices are thin and crispy without being too cracker esque. You have to eat a whole pizza pie because of how thin the slices are but it’s worth it. This is definitely what I would call a premium pizza and it leaves most other places in the dust. It’s the gate keeper of the top 5.

4. Pizza Hut

You can make a strong case for this pizza being higher in most cases except that the top 3 are so stacked. Pizza Hut has perfected fried pizza as well as the cheese stuffed crust. It’s still quite regrettable that I only have Pizza Hut express locations next to me. The pizza is small but packed with flavor and cheese. The pizza feels very automatic in the sense that it will always taste the same no matter how many times you eat it. The recipe must be quite tight at this point. There is less variety with the toppings but when you have pizza this good why would you need more options?

3. Domino’s Pizza

I eat Domino’s just about every Saturday so you can see how much I enjoy it. Their 7.99 3 topping large pizza deal is incredible. The pizza is absolutely top tier and you can get as many toppings as you can handle for a bit of an extra price. Typically I get steak, pepperoni, and cheddar. This is one of the only places that has steak and cheddar as actual toppings which is always surprising to me. They just make so much sense as toppings that you would expect more people to use them right? This is really what helps put Domino’s on the map here as such an amazing pizza place. Throw in the fact that they have an amazing brooklyn style option and the best sauce cups and you’ve got a true winner. While the next 2 pizza places do defeat Domino’s, this is the spot that I go to the most.

2. Koronet Pizza

Koronet Pizza was my favorite pizza place for an extremely long amount of time. It was only last year when it finally got surpassed. Koronet specializes in the jumbo slices which is a pizza that is about as long as having 2-3 slices in one shot. While the price has started to get a little ridiculous, the taste is amazing. I’ve never seen so much cheese at once and the crust has the best texture that I’ve seen. The only warning I would give is that you can choke on the cheese if you try to eat too much at a time so grab the fork they have at the front and cut up the cheese when it inevitably falls off of your pizza. Once you’ve done that then you are good to go for the best pizza experience you can imagine.

1. Oath Pizza

Oath is the ultimate pizza place. I couldn’t even imagine that such a place could exist. The pizza is super thin and the base appears to effectively be a crepe. The gimmick here is that you get unlimited toppings for no extra cost. I wonder how long they can really keep this up without going up in price but right now it’s a steal. I love going here and getting around 10 toppings each time. You can go higher then that with no problems either. Once you load up all the toppings it’s almost like eating a stew or lasagna but it’s all pizza. The blend of flavors is amazing and this is truly the ultimate pizza. I can’t imagine Oath ever losing the crown, it’s just too phenomenalC.

Honorary mentions to Prince Street Pizza, &Pizza, and Little Italy. Those 3 are also very solid but just couldn’t quite make the list this time. So when you’re looking for pizza places to try you should hit up one of these spots. You can’t really go wrong though, almost every pizza place is great in its own right. It’s all about knowing which flavors to order and then you’re all set.


Why Robyn is the most underwhelming RWBY character

It’s time to look at a recent RWBY character who made her debut in Volume 7. Robyn Hill got a lot of attention right when she was first confirmed to be appearing and then when in the theme song the brief shots we had of her involved a fight with Tyrian. Clearly she was going to be the next big powerhouse in the series and ideally she could take over where Adam left off. We needed a new third party to spice things up. Heroes and Villains make for a good dynamic but what really helps to make both sides more exciting is to have someone who’s looking after their own interests. Robyn is certainly more of a hero than a villain, but she is quite willing to go against the heroes if it means she will be helping her people. Unfortunately the volume really didn’t do much with her and she ended up not coming close to meeting expectations. Lets look at some of the reasons as to why this was the case.

Fighting Ability

One of the big reasons for this is her lack of fighting ability. Robyn may have looked to be fighting evenly against Tyrian in the theme song, but that wasn’t the case in the episode. She had to team up with Clover and Qrow with both of them doing most of the work. Robyn’s crossbow did not look impressive as it deals minimal damage and the arrows are too slow so Tyrian can react to them all. She does get a good hit thanks to using Tyrian’s overconfidence against him, but in a straight fight it is clear that she is nowhere near Clover or Tyrian. To an extent she doesn’t have to be as strong as them but I would have liked for her to have been in the same ballpark. Instead she is relegated to the sidelines. It’s quite telling that in the second last episode she gets taken down in a quick hit and when she wakes up she is taken down in the plane crash once again while everyone else remained conscious. Robyn was constantly being outshined and you can’t have an effective third party is you’re this weak.

Ironwood exists

The biggest missed opportunity for Robyn is actually Ironwood’s continued existence. He ended up becoming the interesting third party of volume 7 as he slowly went down a dark path. This really made Robyn feel redundant because it’s rare to have 4 different factions running around. The only title I can think of that did this is Index with the Sorcerers, Aleister’s unit, Touma/Misaka’s group, The Level 0, and then Accelerator. You also have Anti Skill and Judgment running around if you count smaller groups. So what ended up happening here is that Robyn’s aligning more with the heroes. By volume 8 there’s a chance she will be a full hero as they all unite to stop Ironwood and possibly contend with Salem. Robyn could make for a fun hero, but I’d rather have her as more of an extremist like Adam. Her position is so close to his.

Adam Set the bar too high

Adam’s the greatest RWBY character so perhaps it was unfair to Robyn from the jump to even be compared to him. The odds of her being able to fill in his shoes were never that high from the start. It’s hard not to draw the same conclusions though. Adam wanted to help the faunus because there was such heavy discrimination against them and so he began the revolution. Thanks to Adam’s efforts the faunus now have a much better living situation even if he was taken down before true equality could be reached. Robyn is trying to help the people of Mantle as Atlas has turned their backs on them. Mantle is forced to live in pretty terrible conditions while the people of Atlas still enjoy a very wealthy lifestyle. Ironwood says that this is just temporary but Robyn is through waiting and so she has assembled her “Happy Huntresses” who raid Atlas supplies and try to help people. She certainly doesn’t mind attacking innocents if it’ll get the job done as she would have assaulted Clover’s squad if not for Penny intervening.

One difference from Adam is that she also tries to do this through the official channels. You may wonder how she is able to be known as a wanted vigilante while also running for a chair position. I’d attribute this to her social status. If Ironwood were to arrest her in public it would be a really bad look for him and tensions are already quite high in Atlas. There’s also the knowledge that if she doesn’t win legally then she’ll do whatever she can off the books. Robyn is certainly a lot more heroic than Adam, but she needed to have more of an active role. It all goes back to her lack of power. If she were stronger then she would have had more influence.

Robyn’s semblance is incredibly useful but she never takes advantage of it.

Robyn can detect if someone is telling the truth or not. That’s quite valuable in a story like this where everyone is constantly lying. It makes you wonder why there was any tension after Tyrian’s attack and framing of Penny. That whole framing job doesn’t work for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is the fact that Robyn could use her ability to find out what really happened. Just ask Penny if she was responsible or not. Since Penny’s aura is enough to work as a conduit to the Maidens and recognized as a real person, the same logic would apply to her semblance. She can also question all of the other people in Ironwood’s faction and get the same response. It should diffuse tensions and it would have helped a lot with the plane situation and Clover although I think she made the right move there. Clover was the one being completely short sighted and crazy.

How can Robyn make a comeback in Volume 8?

Robyn’s character isn’t past the point of no return. Being underwhelming is completely different from being a bad character so there are still a lot of things she can do to rise back up. First off, she needs to get some more say in Volume 8. A big way to do this would be to snatch one of the relics. If she manages to use the schism between Cinder and Salem to snatch back a relic that would be huge. Particularly if she can take it for herself. Perhaps she can take Ironwood’s relic instead. Robyn just needs to grab someone or something and use that as leverage to help Mantle out. Thing is, there are not going to be a lot of opportunities for this in Volume 8 since Salem’s attack threatens the safety of everyone including her people.

A new weapon could also accomplish the same thing. Robyn already has a lot of confidence and some pretty good lines. The problem is that she is good at hitting people once they’re down, but isn’t winning any straight fights. A solid win against a big character would do her a lot of good. Perhaps taking down Blake or Neo would be a good start. Ironwood established a lot of credibility for himself by taking down Watts in Volume 7. Robyn needs to take down a similar figure in Volume 8 and that’ll be the way to really get her on the map.

A final way Robyn could do this would be to broker a deal with Salem to protect Mantle. She realizes that there is no way to save them until she joins Salem. Traitors are rarely popular with the main characters, but saving Mantle is really her only concern at this point. If she were to pull this off and save the day then it would make her a character to take note of. Right now Robyn has no real presence and that’s what she has to work on changing. These are some reasons why her character just felt wasted in Volume 7 and some ways for her to get better. The bottom line is that we need a reason to respect Robyn as a threat to the heroes or for the villains to respect her as a powerful ally. At the end of the day this means that she needs some kind of win and she’ll either need better fighting abilities or a really good plan to pull this off.

Robyn has already been saying all of the right things. She is quick to stand up for Mantle whether she is in a meeting with the executives or just talking to team RWBY. She doesn’t trust anyone a whole lot which is a good thing and I’ve already talked about her confidence. It’s a lot harder to change your personality than your skills so that’s a very promising sign. We just need her to go rogue and since most of her supporters are either murdered or injured at this point it should make it a lot easier for her to make a move without having to worry about anyone else being in trouble.


Best NFL Players

With the NFL wrapping up it’s 100 year anniversary I figured it was a good time to take a look at who I believe was the best player to play the game in each position. You’ll notice that not all positions are on this list. I don’t have enough knowledge about the ones I’ve excluded like Linemen, Fullback, Punter, etc. Even if I did research now it would take too long to get an accurate picture of who the best was. The positions listed below are ones that I’m far more familiar with. Some I already knew before starting the editorial while other positions required more in depth searching.


When it comes to the best quarterback of all time that’s an easy pick to make. It’s Tony Romo. This quarterback is heavily underrated due to the Cowboys not winning a championship with him but team stats do not apply here. If you look at Romo’s stats he lit the field up whenever he was on the screen. To date he has the highest career QBR outside of active players and that’s one of the most impressive stats. Additionally Romo has a great arm so he could make even the more difficult of throws. His mobility was greatly reduced after sustaining multiple injuries over the years but this allowed him to improve his pocket passing further.

Running Back

Emmett Smith definitely has some competition for the best running back of all time but ultimately none of the competitors are able to match him. Smith was a powerful back who was known to consistently break tackles in the open field. His speed was also considerable even if it wasn’t quite what he was known for. He could turn up a gear or make a quick move to dodge a defender, but having the ability to break through an opponent was really his specialty. He obtained quite a lot of yards over the years and was a critical part of the 90s Cowboys success.

Wide Receiver

Aside from the quarterback position, the wide receiver is always the most enjoyable for me to watch. There have also been quite a number of incredible receivers over the years. Jerry, Randy, and T.O. are certainly my top 3. There can only be one though and I’m going with Randy here. His sheer athleticism was always very impressive and he could always fight for the ball. He had great seasons with the Vikings and a spectacular one with the Patriots as well. I haven’t seen another receiver who was quite so talented.

Tight End

As tempting as it is to pick Shannon Sharpe with his endless confidence and entertaining demeanor I’m going to have to go with Tony Gonzales here. He was always a consistently great tight end who lasted a while. Gonzales was always going to make the catch so the Chiefs could count on him for the first down. His size and physical route running also made it difficult for defenders to cover him. He had a great career.

Special Teams Returner

While most players aren’t officially listed as special team returners there are a few who were really just perfect for the role and that effectively became their position. Devin Hester was one of those guys and open field running was his specialty. Whether it was a kick or punt return he always had the potential to get the ball in the end zone. Eventually teams started kicking away from him. With 19 total return touchdowns he is far and away leading in that category. I highly doubt anyone will be able to pass him.


Deion Sanders was called Prime Time for good reason. He was a cornerback who made a lot of flashy plays and showed up in the big games. He was immensely talented and could even play other positions like wide receiver and he could return special teams. His real specialty was in the backfield covering receivers though. His ability to catch the football meant he could cover balls with the intent to catch them. At that point unless the QB threw a perfect pass it was a potential interception.


An NFL kicker needs to be consistent and it’s been tough for teams to find one like that lately. It’s an incredibly difficult position as you may have to go into the game cold and still make the kick to win the game. With all of that pressure you have to have some pretty strong nerves. Dan Bailey was the closest you can get to a perfect kicker. While Bailey no longer has the record for highest field goal% thanks to an off year he had, he has gone back to being one of the most accurate kickers in history. As he is still playing he can still aim for the #1 spot in accuracy, but he already has that spot in the position with how he comes through in the clutch.

Middle Linebacker

Brian Urlacher was always a dangerous player on the field during his many seasons with the Bears. He’s the first middle linebacker I made sure to pay attention to because he was such a great player. The guy could easily pick off passes or go for sacks. It was always hard to tell exactly what he would do and just having that kind of pressure made it tough for the other team’s offense. I’m certainly not a big fan of the Bears but they have obtained quite a few great MLB’s in the past. I make the case that Brian was the best out of all of them.

Defensive End

This was probably the toughest position to pick. I was torn between Jared Allen, Demarcus Ware, and Michael Strahan. I compared their stats on Pro Football Reference and looked at some highlights. The main reason why Michael ultimately wins this one is because of his success in the playoffs. While he did have 2 more games to work with than Ware and several more than Allen, he easily led in sacks. He had close to 10 sacks in the postseason and those are the games where you have to show up. He also had the longest career out of the 3 and obtained the most sacks. Strahan was just an incredible DE and always made his presence felt.


Jerry Jones is easily the most well known owner. A lot of owners you never even hear about as they just don’t make the news or try to grab headlines. Jerry may be a controversial figure, but he’s never afraid to speak his piece about the Cowboys. You can count on him to address the media after every game and he definitely wants to win another Super Bowl. I can’t think of any owner with more energy and enthusiasm than Jerry.

So these are the top players of each position! The NFL’s 100th season was definitely a blast even if it didn’t go the way I had hoped it would. I look forward to seeing what the next century of Football brings us.


Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?

One question that’s been floating around the world has been if the famous Hot Dog is a sandwich or not. Well, I lets look at this logically. I lot of the debate depends on your definition of a sandwich. My definition is that a sandwich is anything that is wrapped in between bread. The bread can be top and bottom like a classic grilled cheese or it can be enclosed like in a baguette sandwich. The goal is that something is there, if you’re just eating bread then it’s not an actual sandwich.

So that brings us to the famous Hot Dog. As you may have guessed from the intro, I would count this as a sandwich. The meat is in between the bread from top to bottom. I think one reason why people may not consider it to be a sandwich is depending where you get the hot dog it is one piece of bread that curves around, not two separate pieces of bread. If you buy a low quality hot dog then the bread will probably break and it’ll look like a normal sandwich. I make the case that in both situations it is still a sandwich. My rebuttal to the first scenario is that we already have sandwiches with only one piece of bread as opposed to two. I’m talking about the Italian Footlong.

Go to Fairway, Shoprite, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes and buy one of the long baguettes. Now instead of cutting it up into a lot of smaller ones just cut a slit into the bread and put in the meat. You’ve still got one piece of bread (albeit a large piece) but it is stuffed. Wouldn’t you call this a sandwich? I certainly would so this supports the case that you don’t need two pieces of bread to be a sandwich. The only qualifications is that you’ve got bread and you’ve got something inside of it while not being baked into it. If you churned your own dough with cheese into the mixture you’re just making cheesy bread and not a sandwich. So the distinction is that you’ve still got to have two separate items, the bread and the filling. That’s really it though. That’s all you need for a proper sandwich.

Whatever else you add to the Hot Dog after this point doesn’t take away its status as a sandwich or legitimize it. The instant you’ve put the meat into the bun you have just created a sandwich. This is a pretty short editorial next to my usual ones since there isn’t much more to be said about this, but I had to answer this age old question. It’s a topic that is brought up quite a bit in Yugioh Vrains so I needed to throw in my two cents. What do you guys think? Is a Hot Dog a sandwich or should it really not be lumped into that category and is a unique case?


My 2019 year in review from Sony’s stats

Hey guys, Sony just sent me my 2019 year in review stats so I figured I would share them here.

This image isn’t really surprising. Kingdom Hearts III was definitely the game I played the most in 2019. Yooka Laylee also took me forever with some of the puzzles so it makes sense that it would show up as well. 54 different games also sounds pretty good to me. It’s definitely been a pretty fun year for Sony.

Action-Adventure as my main genre makes sense. I think all 3 of the games above would fall into that category most likely even if they have other genres as well. You just can’t go wrong with a good action-adventure if you ask me.

So it looks like on average I played on the PS3 or PS4 once every 3 days. That seems pretty solid and of course they were all local hours as I don’t remember playing online at all. I wonder which game I was playing for 4 hours straight. I know I was really close with Star Wars so that could have reached 4, but I also played really long batches in Kingdom Hearts III as well.

396 trophies is pretty cool. I don’t see how it’s more than last year’s since I didn’t do any trophy hunting this year, but I suppose that just by having so many games it was a natural side effect.

So that’s my Sony wrap-up. I’d love it if Nintendo sent out a similar email. My numbers would be considerably higher on that one since I still do play Super Smash just about every day. It’s still the ultimate video game experience, a title that never really has to end. I’ll have more of a general 2019 recap soon for the blog itself.


2019 Christmas game wrap-up!

All right guys another Christmas has come and gone. It was my largest haul yet I believe as I got 22 games this year. This is exactly why I love to wait until games are 2-5 bucks instead of grabbing em while they’re 60. While some games are worth snagging right away you can do without most of them til they’re cheaper. Gamestop also had their best deal yet this year with that buy 1 get 1 free deal. It’s just unheard of to do something like that so I was impressed! I have taken a picture with all the games I got, but I’ll also list them here since it can be hard to read them.

Need For Speed ProStreet
Topspin 4
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Little Big Planet 2
Angry Birds Trilogy
NFL Tour
Midnight Club Los angeles
Terminator Salvation
Wario Land Shake It
Yoshi’s Woolly World
Pikmin 3
Madden 19
Beyblade Metal Masters
Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
Diddy Kong Racing DS
Mairo and Luigi Partners in Time
Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans

Beating all of these should definitely take a long time but I look forward to taking a crack at it. Additionally here are some of the snacks I ended up going for. You can see how I tried to decorate my cookies a bit with the spoon and the emblems. I must admit that it all came out pretty good. Also, using the Chocolate spoon for the Ice Cream is brilliant because that’s one less utensil you’ll have to clean up in the end.

Merry Christmas folks!


Top 10 Foods

Now this might have been the toughest list I’ve ever had to write here. Food is difficult to make a top 10 of because there are so many variations. How deep do you go? For example, there are hundreds of different pizza flavors. If I went that far into detail it would take up all 10 slots. Then you’ve got things that are really similar like Cheese fries with normal French Fries, Macaroni Cheese vs Fettuccini Alfredo, etc. I did my best to just capture the 10 types of foods I enjoy the most without going into the specifics. I’m also thinking of it in terms of averages. For example, Chef Boyarde makes the greatest Spagetti and Meatballs I’ve ever eaten. It would be enough to put that dish in my top 10, but otherwise it wouldn’t even be close. So I’m putting the top 10 that are typically great no matter where I have it. That seemed like the best way to go about this. So without further ado lets take a look at what we got here!

10. French Fries

This is definitely an old standby. You just can’t go wrong with a good French Fry. First off, they go well with almost any condiment. Cheese sauce, Honey Mustard, Ketchup, Blue Cheese, BBQ, etc. Naturally they taste great by themselves as well. Another thing that really helps them rank up here is how they are so versatile. You can put them in a sandwich or on a pizza and you’ll be all good. It’s the perfect option to kick off the top 10.

9. Potatoes au Gratin

This one’s a more obscure option, but a fantastic one nonetheless. Few items go together as well as potatoes and cheese. Most of the recipes I have made over the years use both for that reason. A good Au Gratin should be extremely cheesy and filled with the diced potatoes. It’s an amazing combo and it a good substitute for Lasagna if you aren’t able to eat pasta. Tomato sauce is optional for this dish but it definitely does work out quite well.

8. Cheeseburger

This is another classic dish. I typically like to have my Cheeseburgers with bacon but just about anything works out really well. My favorite burger place of all time is McDonalds, but just about any will do. My preferred way to cook them is well done to really get that flavor in. I really enjoy all of the special burgers the various chains have been coming out with lately like the Breakfast burger that usually has a fried egg in it, any with fried onions, triple cheese, etc. Burgers are just amazing and I could eat them all day. It goes without saying but any item in the top 10 is one I could go for on just about any given day.

7. Cheese Calzone

A Cheese Calzone is really just a pizza without sauce. If you’ve got some marinara cups on hand then this essentially is a pizza. I really enjoy Calzones and the only reason I don’t have them more often is because I’m typically enjoying a pizza instead. A good Calzone should have a lot of ricotta cheese and ingeneral will be stuffed with flavor. I also enjoy the Ham and Cheese version of the one with Pepperoni in it. It’s pretty similar to a Stromboli to be honest so you could interchange them. A Cheese Calzone is usually a side item for me, but you could use it as a main one as well.

6. Mashed Potatoes

This is one of the gold standards of food. Not only is it an amazing dish, but it is absolutely mandatory for events such as Thanksgiving. Potatoes are one of the greatest foods out there and as a base ingredient, it may only be behind pasta and cheese. Good mashed potatoes only need some butter and you are absolutely set for action. You can also add some other items though, I once had a really good Mashed Potatoes with bits of bacon thrown in. It goes without saying that cheese and other meats go well too. Almost every fast food place has this as a side order for good reason. There’s not much to say about Mash because everyone already knows how good it is.

5. General Tso’s Chicken

It’s time for a sweet addition. General Tso’s Chicken is pretty nostalgic as I still remember the first time I had it in the Manhattan Mall. To date that was the best version of it I’ve ever had. People make this dish in a variety of ways. My personal favorite is to have a very thick sauce accompanying the chicken. It should be sweet, but have a good impact that you won’t soon forget. The only counter side here is that I can’t eat a sweet dish for too long without getting full so I need a lot of white rice with it. That’s why this is the perfect accompaniment. It’s not uncommon to have it with pizza or Mashed potatoes. One of my personal favorite combos is to put it with Macaroni and Cheese. Part of why this one is ranked so high is because the taste is so amazing and unique. You can’t really find anything quite like this.

4. Boulders of Justice

There is no official name for this that I know of so I coined the phrase. I think the closest thing to a name would be calling this Cheese Balls. It’s effectively Mashed Potatoes with Cheese chunks embedded into it. You roll the potato into a ball, puncture a hole in it and then fill it with cheese. You cover it with more potato, wrap in breading and bake/fry til done. It’s my personal favorite recipe and it took a lot of tweaking until it was just right. Now it’s something I could eat all day every day. On my best day I’ve eaten around 20 of these at once. It mixes all of my favorite tastes together into a wonderful dish of bliss. I highly recommend messing around with potato and cheese until you find a balance that works for you as well.

3. Lasagna

Now we’re heading into the big 3 and these guys are in a class of their own. I’ve literally eaten so much Lasagna that I got sick for a very long time. (Ate almost a full tub of Lasagna) It’s definitely a dish that is dangerously addicting with how good it is. The best part is that it’s super easy to make and it will taste great. I add as much as cheese as possible going up to almost a full pound. I could still eat a full tub of it but I like to think I’d show more restraint in the future. This is one dish that is never a side order, it’s definitely the main star of the party at all times.

2. Macaroni and Cheese

This was actually number 1 for me for many years. I think Pizza only passed it maybe 2 years ago. Macaroni and Cheese is just sacred. It’s pasta and cheese which may sound simple, but the flavor is quite complex. Whether it’s from the box or from the tin this is great. I find that it’s impossible to mess this one up. So long as there is cheese this dish will always be amazing. I even got to taste a sugar Macaroni and Cheese once which I had never heard of before, but was eager to try. It was actually really good which really supported my theory that it will always taste amazing. Naturally the more cheese the better, but this dish goes well al dente or soft and mushy. I’ve experimented in so many ways with this dish and had a blast doing it.

1. Pizza

This is the ultimate dish. You simply can’t beat a good pizza. I could eat this every day all day and not get tired of it. I once went a whole summer to Mike’s $1 pizza. Literally every week day I went there and got my slice while still having pizza on the weekends. Pizza is the epitome of perfection and I doubt we will ever be able to create a dish that comes close. There are limitless amazing flavors like Pepperoni, Macaroni and Cheese, Steak, etc. I may do a top 10 Pizza varieties or pizza shops at some point. As we speak I am getting hungry for more pizza. Frozen, Store bought, homemade, I don’t care which I just want some good pizza!

So those are my top 10 foods. All 10 are naturally amazing. The top 3 certainly do break away from the other 7 quite a bit, but all of them are dynamite 10/10 dishes. I’ve never gotten to try having all 10 at once and even for me that would be difficult, but it is something to think about someday. On my Birthday I usually have at least 4 out of 10 so that’s a start.


Why Toonami needs to bring in episode promos for all their new shows

Toonami is a pretty cool TV block and I dare say that it’s the best block out there. It’s done a really great job of getting its brand out there. When something is on Toonami you know it. The channel has great bumpers, an actual ongoing story with TOM and manages to always have a pretty great lineup. Just having a place for anime to get aired nowadays is really cool since there aren’t many alternatives aside from watching online. At times the channel may make some questionable decisions (Super’s frame rate. There’s a bit of a blame game here with everyone deflecting, but ultimately it seemed to be on the channel not double checking their tapes) (The TV ratings for shows don’t always make sense. I believe channel ratings are up to the discretion of the channel so it could be more of a CN decision, but I imagine Toonami would have some input) but it’s still a top notch block. The channel has been through a lot, but there is one change I’m not too fond of. For a while the block always had 30 second promos for the top shows. Now they’re down to 15 per show and a lot of big titles don’t even get them.

To be fair, Toonami has never made it a practice to give every new show episode promos. I’m assuming this is due to budget concerns and not getting the content quick enough. Even so, I’m here to make the case that all new shows should have consistent episode promos of around 30 seconds. I really don’t think this would have a huge impact on the budget. Editing is no joke, but it’s something that they could certainly have staffers do. One way to get around the time involved would be to make episode promos based on the sub versions. You could just grab the entire thing, but of course this would be more of a last resort. Ideally I’d like to have 30 second dub promos for it the way they used to. For the purposes of this editorial when I say “new” shows I’m talking about anything that is airing on Toonami for the first time. For example something like My Hero Academia which is already available online is still on Toonami for the first time so that should get dub promos. Likewise if Sailor Moon Crystal were to air, I’d want that to get promos as well since it’s on Tooami for the first time. So…why are episode promos important?

1. They are your first glance at a show

Toonami has four kinds of promos. They have the motivational speeches every once in a while, the monthly lineup change promo, episode promos, and new series introduction promos. I’m mainly focusing on the third kind, but the fourth one has some overlap. Every new show does get an intro promo so Toonami does a good job with that. Typically this promo is a minute long and it’s a great way to set up a show for new viewers. To date the best series promo by far was the Sword Art Online Alicization one.

Despite there not being a whole lot of action in the premiere they used amazing editing and a rock solid music choice to get you hyped. I’ve seen that promo at least 50 times since it first aired. It’s just perfect and it’s an example of a show I could see myself checking out without knowing anything else other than the promo. It’s just that good. Episode promos can have the same effect.

Put it this way, the series premiere promo only shows up for 2-3 weeks. After that it’s gone so if you turn on the TV at a random time odds are that most of the shows airing won’t have any promos. That’s where an episode promo comes in. Lets say you turn on the TV and you get the Samurai Jack episode 3 promo below.

You have no idea what this show is, but all you care about is when the episode is going to air. You’ll tune in and now there is a chance that you’ll pick up the show. You’re much more likely to take a chance that way after seeing something rather than blindly tuning in at the time and checking it out. A good episode promo goes a long way to letting you see if you’ll like the show or not. Actual footage goes a long way.

2. They get you hyped for the next episode

An obvious benefit of episode promos is they get you ready for what will come next. Especially as most of the Toonami shows are action ones. A solid promo builds up the hype and anticipation for next week. Lets take this Titan promo for example. We’re finally going to see Eren’s rematch against the titan from episode one. This is an event that viewers looked forward to for several years so just having that scene in the promo really gets you amped up. It’s just not the same with no promo or even with a 15 second one. They’re just way too short for you to do anything with them. We need consistent episode promos and all of the new shows deserve them, not just the top 2-3 each season.

3. A good promo may make you jump on board a show even if the first few episodes didn’t look so good.

This is similar to the first option, but a little different. Lets say you’ve got a show where the beginning looks boring? Say you turned on Dragon Ball Super and you saw the early Beerus stuff. You figure “I’ve already seen this as a movie” so you turn it off and don’t watch again. About a year later you turn on the TV and the following promo shows up. Now you’re thinking “Wait a minute, this looks hype!” and you scramble to watch the next episode. An episode promo like this shows you what you’re missing and may incentivize you to re-start the show. After all, you’re more inclined to do so if you know there is going to be some big payoff like this rather than watching something you’re not a fan of and hoping it’ll get better. A lot of shows have slow beginnings and for some they may never get better while for others they hit that next gear and never look back. Promos are perfect for this.

So, those are 3 reasons why I think Toonami should reconsider their current approach and begin airing 30 second promos for all of their premieres. It would really go a long way towards getting more and more people excited about their current shows. The biggest benefit will be for more casual viewers, but I just love promos even if I’m already watching the shows and am hyped for next week. Promos are just amazing and I’ve always enjoyed watching them a bunch. A good one just goes a really long way and also helps when trying to recommend a show to someone. Well, with or without this change, Toonami has definitely been a great way for us all to experience new titles. Without Toonami I doubt anime would be quite as mainstream as it is today.


My Pokemon Dream Team

I recently saw people discussing who their dream team of 6 would be in Pokemon. I figured that was a fun thing to think about so I went through all of the Pokemon and eventually settled on a top 6. It was a really tough endeavor and to make things fair I didn’t count mythical or legendary Pokemon in this. Only the average Pokemon you could hope to find out in the wild. Getting the list down to my favorite 18-19 was easy enough, but from there it was extremely difficult. First up lets look at the runner ups.

Runner Ups


These guys are all pretty awesome and any one of them would make for a great substitute on my team. Alas, I can’t go over 6 so I had to let these guys hang out on the sidelines this time. Pikachu’s a great Pokemon and he was probably the closest to the top 6, but I just couldn’t think of anyone to drop out. Charizard and Umbreon also just barely didn’t make the cut as a similar style Pokemon beat them out.

So lets now look at my 6. These are my 6 favorite Pokemon and while they may not make for the most balanced team possible, I do think they cover for each other’s weaknesses pretty well.

6. Machamp

This guy’s design is just amazing. You can tell that he is a true fighter and even to this day I consider him to be one of the strongest fighting types out there. He would be a great addition to the squad and a solid Pokemon to lead out with to scope out the competition.
5. Scizor

Easily the coolest steel type in all of Pokemon and probably the best design improvement from a base form Pokemon. I like his speed and power, Scizor is just a very well rounded Pokemon who I believe would especially excel in Doubles where he can keep striking at the opposing fighters to support his teammate.
4. Lucario

Lucario is one of those Pokemon who really caught my eye thanks to Super Smash Bros. His incredible aura abilities and Mega Lucario mode help to make him one of the coolest Pokemon. At times he feels like a Shounen hero with how many abilities he has and this Pokemon could go up against legendaries if needed.
3. Espeon

Espeon is my favorite Eevee evolution just barely beating out Umbreon. A case could be made for Umbreon being in the top 6 and I was super close to putting him in as well. Espeon’s design is just really sound and it’s very easy for her to dodge attacks thanks to her speed. She may not be the strongest fighter in the group, but her attacks will definitely still deal a good amount of damage.
2. Feraligatr

Feraligatr was my favorite Pokemon at one point. He eventually fell to second place and a little further if we count legendaries. Still, I love this guy’s design and it’s one of the fiercest in all of Pokemon. His power and speed are definitely top tier. In a 1 on 1 fight there aren’t too many Pokemon who can beat this guy. He fights hard til the end.
1. Blaziken

Finally we’ve got Blaziken, my all time favorite Pokemon. He just has a super cool design and I was first impressed with him when he beat Charizard in the Pokemon anime. The Pokemon looks like a street fighter and he’s a fire type. That’s a dynamite combo right from the start. Then I got to see him again in Pokken which was really cool. This is the guy I trust to have my back when it’s crunch time.

So those are my 6 favorite Pokemon! If you could choose a top 6 from all the ones available who would make your squad? New Pokemon keep getting added year after year so we’ll see if anyone is able to break into this team one of these days.


What is the average score I give in my reviews?

I recently decided to finally make categories for how many stars I give my movies so I can take a better look at the scores. I already did this for TV Shows and Games so it just made sense to do it for movies as well. Eventually I’ll do it for comics and manga. Maybe books, but I don’t review many of those so there may not be a point yet. I always feel like the scores have had their meanings changed a bit over the years as a 5/10 shouldn’t mean that something is bad. A 5/10 just means that it’s middle of the road. It’s okay and not bad by definition. Here’s how I consider the scores,

0- This is a terrible product. Absolutely horrendous with no redeeming factors. To get this score you had to do something truly distasteful.
1- Pretty horrible film. It may have had some entertaining moments to keep it from being a 0 or perhaps it just didn’t do anything over the top. Most slasher films are here for the excessive violence.
2- Pretty bad film. It may not be so bad that you want to turn the TV off, but it really messed up in every area.
3- Bad film. There was no heart to this film. It was really boring or had a terrible ending that blew the brakes off, but still isn’t as broken as a lower score.
4- Tragic film. It was fairly reasonable, but made enough mistakes where I could not recommend it anymore. It needed a little something to get over the edge.
5-Middle of the pack. The positives and negatives cancel each other out here. For every good scene there was a bad one and the film just never turned the next corner.
6- Good film. This is a movie that was pretty fun, but either made a little mistake that kept it from being pretty good or it dragged on a bit. Still worth a watch and one I would recommend.
7- Pretty Good film. By default this is the score you start out at. As the film goes on it moves up and down based on the scenes and every area of the movie. If you do nothing wrong then you stay at a 7.
8- Great film. This is a movie that was a blast. It has great action scenes, a solid plot, and didn’t really make mistakes. It is a true success.
9- Elite film. This is something that wasn’t simply great, but truly groundbreaking. It’s a movie I could re-watch almost immediately and it will still have a great effect on me. These films were basically perfect.
10- G.O.A.T. film. This is the greatest of all time. As a result only one film can have a 10 star rating for me. If it gets surpassed then it drops to a 9.

I used film analogies for the scores, but that’s the general concept for all of my categories. Without further adieu lets take a look at my scores for the next few categories. The graphs are pretty self explanatory.

Total Live Action Movie reviews: 720

10 Star Movies 1
9 Star Movies 7
8 Star Movies 38
7 Star Movies 137
6 Star Movies 109
5 Star Movies 73
4 Star Movies 79
3 Star Movies 95
2 Star Movies 68
1 Star Movies 68
0 Star Movies 45

Total Games 913

10 Star Games 1
2 Star Games 5
3 Star Games 8
4 Star Games 31
5 Star Games 67
6 Star Games 177
7 Star Games 371
8 Star Games 204
9 Star Games 49

Total TV Show Reviews 117

10 Star TV Shows 1
9 Star TV Shows 16
8 Star TV Shows 28
7 Star TV Shows 37
6 Star TV Shows 10
5 Star TV Shows 9
4 Star TV Shows 6
3 Star TV Shows 6
1 Star TV Shows 2
0 Star TV Shows 2

Live Action Films 39% positive 49% negative.
Video Games: 88% positive 4% negative
TV Shows: 78% positive 12% negative

Pretty interesting stuff I’d say. The most common score for each medium is a 7/10 and if you go back to my rubrik it makes sense as well. If you make no mistakes then that is your destination. Video Games are the most positive which makes sense. I think it’s the easiest medium to do well in and it has always been my favorite hobby. Typically I enjoy all of the games I play. TV Shows are next and most of the ones I watch do tend to be pretty fun. I think the longer nature of the format also helps since the characters get to grow on you. Then you’ve got films which have the most stinkers. That one makes sense as well since it’s the most all encompassing. For games and shows I have a more focused selection of the ones I try out while for films I’ve seen ones from every genre. Still, we’ll see if it eventually gets closer to a 50/50 split.

I’ll probably do another one of these in a year or so once I’ve added scores to the other categories. Plus by then the numbers should have changed a bit as well.