Bass vs The Rest of Media

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This one’s a bit of a no brainer. Bass has the Get Ability and can get all of their powers and destroy them all. Also Bass is the strongest being in media and can take anyone down in an instant. So the Rest of Media is pretty big and stuff, but Quality>Quantity. Bass pwns this match with ease and shows why he’s the best. I tried to add in as many pictures of powerful universes as possible. If there’s a really big one that I missed, be sure to let me know. Bass is outnumbered by essentially infinity to 1, but he always finds a way. Bass wins.


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    • Yeah, I remember that video…or one similar anyway. The sizes are definitely intense! (Someone showed me this once to prove that Bass couldn’t win also as a matter of fact) I think their size may be used against them. They are so huge that getting someone as small as Bass would be a problem. Especially with his incredible speed!

      • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can hit every point in space and time in proximity (and that’s a pretty huge proximity) simultaneously. There is no missing. The enemies even tried using missiles that alter probability itself to ensure they hit and cause maximum damage, and Team Gurren were able to stop that. There is no missing. There is no dodging. Bass WOULD get hit

      • Well, Bass reflects the ones in front of him and then charges into him. Or he could put up his ultimate barrier that should block the blast. So, he doesn’t need to dodge it, so much as block it.

  1. But would he be able to block it? In the face of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s attacks, I doubt even Bass’s defences would hold up. Bear in mind that Arc-Gurren Lagann (the mecha within the head of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann which in itself is within the head of TTGL) had attacks strong enough to tear holes in the universe. No guard will be sufficient; this is the drill that creates the heavens!

    • I think he could tank it, but if not, he doesn’t have to. He has the reflectance which just reflects the beam and shoots it back with double the power. Not even the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann might be able to tank that kind of attack!

  2. TTGL could deflect the beams with the same drill. Since a Giga Drill is generally far larger than the Gurren Lagann form using it (in fact, the standard Giga Drill is almost WIDER than Gurren Lagann is tall, and they generally stay proportional in size to the Gurren Lagann form using them), the drill obscures the mecha completely while TTGL is using it. That’s assuming Bass’s attacks are strong enough to do any damage at all to TTGL in the first place.

    • Well, if he reflects it Bass can reflect it as well and the cycle will continue, each time the beam gets 2X stronger. Eventually it would get strong enough to pierce through the drill and take him down. Plus if Bass gets close enough he could just break in the robot and take out whatever human is inside. Or, if it’s electronic he could jack in the robot and power it down

  3. Due to the shape of a drill, any beams reflected off it would fly not directly back at Bass, but away at an angle

    TTGL is piloted by about ten different people in different parts of its body. Defeating the others will lower its overall Spiral energy a little. To get to the main pilot, Simon, he’d have to attack near the head. Inside the head is a cockpit with Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann at the controls. Inside its head is another cockpit with Arc-Gurren Lagann controlling SGGL from with, and inside ITS head is the original Gurren Lagann. The head of Gurren Lagann is Lagann. Inside that is Simon. By the end of the series, he’s practically a miniature Gurren Lagann form himself.
    Bass would have to smash through each one one by one without being intercepted by drills, beams or the like. His speed wouldn’t help here as the action of breaking through a Gurren Lagann face would slow him down enough that the smaller Gurren Lagann could shove him out with drills or such. Then it would auto-repair.

    Attacking electronics wouldn’t work. By this stage I doubt it has any. The smaller forms probably would, but TTGL wouldn’t need them as it’s probably animated purely by Spiral energy.

    • Well, Bass’s intense speed plus power means that he would probably break through each layer without slowing down much if at all. Plus I think he could still evade the weapons that the others have while getting deeper and deeper. Plus, once he’s inside of the big one, the rest won’t present as much of a problem to him. Once inside, he won’t have to worry about guys like Goku and Naruto getting in the way because if they follow him, then he can just keep them back with energy blasts or “bug” them.

      Plus, Bass has his own auto repair. If a drill does manage to injure him, then he can keep going and he’ll be healed instantly. Loss of limbs is nothing to Bass. If he had too, he could even use his Hubstyle, Dark Form, or Beast Out to increase his speed and power even further

  4. Name: Bass
    Origin: Megaman Series
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Advanced Robot
    Age: Unknown
    Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, and durability. Can shoot his own Charged Shot, as well as fire normal shots in rapid succession, and learns new abilities from defeated enemies. Is able to fuse with Treble similar to Megaman and Rush. In Megaman 8, he gains access to Evil Energy and can fire powerful laser beams.
    Weaknesses: No notable weaknesses
    Destructive Capacity: Multi-city block level
    Range: A few meters
    Durability: Small building level
    Strength: Class 100
    Stamina: Superhuman
    Speed: Possibly Hypersonic+
    Standard Equipment: Arm cannon
    Intelligence: Due to being an AI, we can assume he has a vast knowledge on many things
    im sure many chacters are stronger then Bass alone.
    post actual stats of bass from a website on the internet that proves these stats wrong.
    or Bass is actually weaker then you think. much weaker.

    • Thing is…that’s (Kid) Bass. Not Bass. Remember, there are two different Basses. Bass from Mega Man and Bass from Megaman. They are completely different and Kid Bass is nothing compared to Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and stuff

      • What? The two Basses are the one from the original Megaman series and Megaman E.X.E

        And neither were proven to be planet busters.

      • EXE has appeared in various forms of media though. Manga, Anime, and Games. In the manga he’s extremely powerful and unstoppable. But yeah Bass from the classic Megaman series isn’t anything to brag about

      • Wait, different series incarnations of Bass count as seperate characters but the Transformers with the same name and movie and original versions of other characters don’t?

      • Well, these different versions of Bass aren’t the same character. Transformers doesn’t count because it’s the same character, just an alternate retelling or alternate timeline version. For Bass and Bass EXE they’re completely different. (Kid) Bass was built by Dr Wily in the hopes that he would be the perfect navi, but later he built Zero to take everyone down (Leading into the Megaman X Series) Meanwhile Bass EXE, it depends on the version, but he’s basically the ultimate navi who rules the undernet and cannot be stopped.

        I’ve never considered EXE to be an alternate universe to Classic, but something completely different. Supposedly its not in the same continuity, but I have my doubts. EXE is really high tech so it probably takes place after Legends if I had to place it somewhere. Then it leads into Starforce

  5. I guess you must think Bass also has absolute power over every element such as time and space. I really don’t see where you think that he has such feats.

    • Nope. He is the highest being in your delusion of him. But that isn’t reality.

      His Get Ability Program is limited and he never once showed anything that can be thought of as planet busting let alone anything higher like solar system busting and whatnot..

      He is below Krillin. Hell, I may as well say he is below Raditz. And barely up to early Saiyan saga Piccolo standards. He might even only be on Master Roshi standards considering Roshi blew up the moon one time in the manga.

      • I’d say that he’s the strongest being in all of media. You don’t think it’s reality and I do. We all will differ in our battle opinions at some point.

        The Get Ability program isn’t limited and it can absorb anything.

        Roshi and Raditz aren’t nearly fast enough to stop Bass. Likewise with Krillin

  6. Not only that but Bass alone isn’t even the GOD of all media so he can’t even absorb anything from another universe that way since it has a different nature in general. He can’t even absorb something without killing it. So since the last feat that Bass showed, which was theoretically at being barely able to bust a planet, he can’t even begin to match up to the Dbz planet busters. There just is no factual evidence to support your claims.

    • He’s above such things. He can basically absorb just about anything that he needs. Actually, he doesn’t need to destroy someone to get their powers. In the manga, he was able to get Megaman’s powers, just by battling him. Bass’s speed and power are lightyears ahead of anything DBZ can throw at him by the end of the series

      • If he isn’t the God of all media then he can’t absorb anything from another universe other than maybe simple universal objects that don’t constitute to anything important. He can absorb about as much as a simple rock or a car. Bass’s speed and power are a speck compared to even low tiers like Namek saga Krillin. In the manga he never showed anything past being a moon buster. The rest is a bunch of speculation.

        Proof first. Then belief. Not just uneducated words. The manga shows no such feats of being a planet buster let alone the strongest being in all of media. He can’t even level a solar system if he couldn’t beat the fused Cyberbeast alone, or absorb someone who can blow one up since no such being has been shown or foreshadowed to even exist in Megaman and he isn’t the god of all media so he won’t absorb anyone from another universe. And Duo only showed his power to destroy a planet but no one could even scratch him in Megaman EXE anime so Bass is weak as dogs compared to Dbz characters.

        Just because his powers sound fancy doesn’t mean they are as good as they sound.

      • Yes, but this is all If he isn’t the god of all media. So, already that’s a bit iffy. There’s no possible way that Krillin could keep up with Bass’s speed. Bass was moving faster than light in his first appearance and like Goku, he got many times stronger as the series went on. He shook the entire planet just by powering up, so the planet busting part is pretty easy to figure out.

        In the megaman anime they were toned down, but if you think about it…that shows how tough they are. Duo was a planet buster and early manga Bass would still destroy him. Bass is just too strong to lose. His powers are both fancy and awesome. I’ve seen them in action

      • And he was still battling Megaman. But he didn’t absorb Megamans raw power. He only absorbed what he could from Megaman giving off from his Hub style. He can’t absorb raw power unless he kills them. And his ability cannot just steal from them with killing or using what’s left from what came out. He at first didn’t kill to survive when he got betrayed by Scilab. He absorbed already dead data and bug fragments.

      • What do you mean, he didn’t get the raw power? He got Megaman’s power and became his superior. Megaman only won because good guys always win to some extent in the end. Bass can asorb through a variety of means, so it’s basically impossible to stop him. One way or the other he will always absorb his opponent’s power. Whether it’s through battle or victory

      • Bass is not the god of all media. Fact since he isn’t present in all media in one way or another. And Bass wasn’t moving faster than light. And even if someone says so in the manga doesn’t make it true.

        When Goku fought Piccolo in the tournament Kami claimed that his “godly eyes couldn’t keep up” and they must be moving faster than light. But that doesn’t make it true.

        There is no image of the manga showing the planet shaking. It only shows glimpses of land shaking. Not the planet itself. Bass is still outmatched by even Krillin.

      • He’s not present, but he’s always the strongest. He was FTL and he’s showcased it many times. Goku may have been FTL at that point. He was definitely immensely fast at that point. Megaman said that the planet was shaking which is good enough for me. Also Krillin wouldn’t stand a chance!

      • Bass absorbed an ability NOT raw power. To absorb raw power means that if you measure your own power level to someone elses and absorb that person then you add their power level. Buu does that sort of thing. But just taking a single one of a persons abilities doesn’t equal to raw power of his entire being being absorbed.

      • Bass pretty much absorbed his power and added it to his own. They didn’t make a big deal about it like Z, but that’s why he was so much stronger than everyone. Bass absorbs pretty much everything

  7. You always say that Bass.Exe can move, like 100,000 times the speed of light or something. Well, that’s completely not true because if something tries to move faster or even at than the speed of light, Mother Nature will create a paradox to slow down time so that he is only moving a little bit slower than the speed of light.

    • This is completely inaccurate Dylan. sure, one cannot move from point A to point B faster than light is allowed to go, but one may travel across 10 lightyears in less than 10 years due to the warpspace and exotic energy principle. as an OPAC ship would have exotic energy pull in the front and basic matter-to-energy converter in the back,it can warp spacetime itself to travel across great lengths of space in a shorter amount of time than light can.
      but this method of travel for one being is highly unpractical.
      the closer an object gets to the speed of light, the more energy is turned into mass. taking more energy to speed up. therefore nothing can reach the speed of light.

      • I am dylan, just changed, k? I think you are going into warp-speed terms. Warp speed is technically “faster” than light speed. But warp speed is completly fictional. Mother nature WOULD create a paradox. Let’s pretend that an OPAC ship could go WAAAAAAAY faster than the speed of light, theoretically. Well, going faster than the speed of light is basically time traveling. If you go at the speed of light, then time stops. And time travel in real life, even with the most advanced technologies, is impossible. The paradox would either destroy what was making it (the ship) or just make it go a second slower than the speed of light. It is impossible to go AT the speed of light, much less faster than it. For example, if we were on a train that was going .000000001% of a phantosecond slower than the speed of light, right? And then I punched my hand out. Wouldn’t I be going faster than the speed of light? Well, what would stop me from freezing time? That’s why Mother Nature creates the paradox. What would happen is the paradox would bounce back and forth between the ship and eventually it would implode.

        THE END

      • Lightspeed only works by that logic in the real world. In fiction, people surpass the speed of light many times. Timestop is merely one scenario that can occur. One can also think of it this way, time Is stopped for everyone else, but not for the combatants. It would explain why guys like Krillin can’t even see Goku while he’s fighting the stronger opponents. Maybe time is just stopped for those guys. That being said, I don’t believe that it would necessarily stop time

  8. Hi there, I am Michael. If Bass were to use his Get Ability on all of media wouldn’t he lose immediately because of Kamijou Touma?

    • Touma is a force to be reckoned with for any character since his hand can negate “all” abilities. That being said, his arm is the only reason why he is usually a threat. Bass can easily speedblitz and hit him from behind. I also doubt that Touma could stop his Get Ability.

      Still, he wouldn’t get the chance. The Get Ability is not something that Bass shoots at his opponents. It just happens when he is defeated or absorbs someone. The only chance that Touma has of nullifying it is making contact with Bass and that won’t happen because of Bass’ incredible speed!

    • The original Bass can’t move at massively FTL speeds like EXE can and plus he lacks EXE’s barrier. Demonbane lacks speed and STTGL won’t be able to cope with Bass’ speed either

  9. Media means mass form of communication. Movies and Videos games are a form of communication, so that means God IS media.

  10. you dont move faster than the speed of light. you simply go from place to place faster than light can do so. it is like folding a piece of paper to meet the two ends and traveling from one end through the space, to the other end, instead of going across the paper itself.
    the universe simply cannot create a paradox.
    yes, if something were to go FTL, from place TO place, going across the space time contimuum instead of thru it, then yes you wouild go back in time.
    but dude this is manga. Gemini Saga has the ability to manipulate his body around space time. therefore, he can move to any position in the universe whenever he wants.
    also his range is universal+ so he can hit any enemy from anywhere.

  11. A bear can actually run at 1,000,000 times the speed of turtles ( turtles are faster than light ). Wildfires are caused when a cub crawls. Supernovas are created when a bear growls. Hunters who hunt bears are actually 0.5% Morgan freeman, who created the universe and all other ones. But since bears are also 0.5% Morgan freeman, it can go either way. Which is why a bear can beat bass any day. They even eat clones of him as they swim through streams.

  12. Kcuhc Sirron will destroy bass, along with the entire mega man franchise, and dragon ball, and asuras wrath, and all comics, and tenchi muyo, sailor moon, Pokemon, digimon, saint seiya, and…… I can’t think of any more powerful universes.

    • An intriguing thought…..but I wonder how he could fare against Tezuka from Animal Land. That could get interesting…..very interesting ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. OK, I told myself I wouldn’t get back into this conversation, but I just remembered someone who’s in the “all media” team – Giorno Giovana, the fifth JoJo of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. His Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, can negate cause and effect. Not only could it prevent Bass’s Get ability from giving him any new powers, any attacks made against him or the rest of this alliance would be prevented from ever having happened. And as a side effect, if Gold Experience Requiem itself ever managed to land the final blow in defeating Bass, he wouldn’t be able to come back to life because he’d be caught in an endless loop of dying that same death over and over again…

    • From what I gather, it gets rid of the effect of an ability. So, if Bass uses his Get Ability…it simply wouldn’t work. Likewise if Bass tries to punch him. That being said, it doesn’t seem as if Giorno has mastered this ability. Does it activate on his own or does he have to think about it? I don’t believe that Giorno is fast enough to hit Bass and lacks the power to destroy him so he won’t have to worry about the infinite loop. It will be hard to defeat Giorno physically, but that’s where Bass can fly him into the sun. I don’t see how it could stop the effect in that case, but it also depends how long range the ability is. Bass can try to use a loophole by attacking the planet instead of Giorno and leaving him to die in space. (Unless Giorno can breath in space)

      • Gold Experience Requiem seems to be able to act on its own to some degree. Essentially, from what I’v heard, Bass could try to punch Giorno or blow up the planet, but GER would make it so the attack doesn’t actually amount to anything. Or maybe it happens,but GER erases that part of the timeline and resets everything to before it happened, I’m not entirely sure

      • How I see it, there are only two outcomes to the battle in that case. One, Giorno’s reset ability eventually stops working due to fatigue. Bass will keep up blowing up the planet thousands of times until Giorno goes down from the strain. Otherwise, Bass just casually throws Giorno and Giorno never stops going through space until he dies of old age. (Naviess are immortal)

      • Both those circumstances are negated by the ability itself. Giorno’s stamina is reset like the rest of him, so he’ll never get tired of using it, and an attempt to throw him into space could be negated like any other attack (it doesn’t specifically have to be something that happens to him)

      • In that case, the stamina being reset would likely be reset at some point. As all abilities have their limit, it would run on empty at some point. Whether Giorno got tired or the ability was maxed out. Giorno probably also needs to comprehend what is happening and he could die before the ability has a chance to be used thanks to Bass’ immense speed.

  14. The digimon verse will destroy bass. If bass absorbs the D reaper, the d reaper will just take over him. If bass tries to infect the digital world, omnimon x will use all delete and reset the digital world. Bass’s biggest problem is zeedmilleniummon. Zeed can easily destroy entire omniverses and can live outside of space and time. Speed wouldn’t be a factor as zeed can be anywhere he wants to be. If bass tries to attack him, the rings that limit zeeds power will be destroyed, causing the end of everything. Zeed can already destroy omniverses with his power limited, so if the seal is broken, bass will be destroyed. And his get ability won’t work either as Zeed will completely erase bass from existence. Or NEO, the bass of digimon, will breakdown bass into digital code and either erase it or absorb it and become stronger.

    • Neo could try to absorb Bass, but he would simply be corrupted and turned over to the dark side. He doesn’t have the power needed to resist Bass’s Ultimate Program. Omniomon X would not be able to delete Bass due to his impossibly powerful barrier. The D Reaper would be the one that gets infected if he went up against Bass. Bass could overpower Zeedmilleniummon with a classic Darkness Overload that would go through his blasts. No matter where he goes..Bass would find him. The Digimon universe is strong, but it’s not a match for Bass.

  15. Since Bass.EXE is made of digital code, NEO can easily destroy him and his get ability. Any attack Bass has would be turned into code, thus disabling it. NEO is already evil. His get ability wouldn’t work because he wouldn’t exist. The d reaper is a deletion progam gone viral. You can’t infect an already infected program. The only person who can beat zeedmilleniummon is ryo who weakens him by is very presence. Any program Bass has would just be overided.

    • Neo would not be able to stop Bass’ code. It’s like how the D Reaper took down the Digimon; its programming was just too advanced for them. Likewise, nothing can stop the Get Ability. Either way, Bass could just blast them from afar and those Digimon would go down pretty quickly

  16. NEO is the god in the digital world. In the games, he has fought numerous galaxy and universe destroying digimon. Anything made of data will be destroyed. Doesn’t matter if the opponent is omnipotent, immortal, or afar, NEO can destroy their data no matter where they are and erase them from existence. Every time Bass is killed, his get ability will revive him. But how would it work if he doesn’t exist on any plane, digital nor physical or spiritual.

    • It wouldn’t come to that. NEO wouldn’t be able to destroy Bass. Bass is far too fast and deadly. His endurence levels are also off the charts and he tanked a full powered Hub Blast from Megaman. I don’t really see Neo keeping up with Bass, but even if a hit did land…it wouldn’t be enough to take Bass down for the count. Bass’ Get Ability is a last resort, but it would be able to do the job. It would empower him as they’re fighting so he wouldn’t need to be destroyed

  17. What about a truly omnipotent being,who does posses every single conceivable power in existince and all powers that are inconceivable who is infinitley FTL and can eliminate bass from ever existing therefor he loses,btw Toaa is that being i bet you didnt concieve of what omnipotent really means it is said true omnpotence is a infinite beyond infinite a eternal beyond eternity i beleive you need to do some more research because toaa is considered by many to be the most poweful being in fiction.

    • Similarly, Azathoth from the Cthulhu Mythos. Just by waking up, he would stop Bass and everything else in every dimension from ever having existed because reality is all one of his dreams. Personally I find it better to leave them out of things entirely, but dreager just elects to treat them as powerless outside their own ‘verse seemingly.

      • Sometimes the dream surpasses the dreamer. Bass believes that he’s real and thus, he is real. Azathoth would be in for a rude awakening when Bass walks up to him with the Darkness Overload. Virtual or Reality Crushing feats just aren’t as impressive as a solid hand to hand combo or energy blast and Bass has the latter in spades

      • “Virtual or Reality Crushing feats just aren’t as impressive as a solid hand to hand combo or energy blast”

        That is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard you say.

        “Well that guy could erase the other guy from existing, but obviously that only works if the target WANTS to not exist. But the other guy, he can PUNCH THINGS REALLY HARD! He’s obviously the more powerful!”

      • Well, it makes sense. Every character has the right to exist and the right to stand a fighting chance. It’s why I don’t believe in pure time stop or wishing someone away from existence because that being had cosmic abilities. It’s also a lot harder to quantify them and their abilities just don’t stack up well. Guys who can punch hard are typically the best fighters like Terry Bogard and Jin Kazama. They could defeat guys like The One Above All of the Presence because they know how to fight. Erasing someone from existence isn’t powerful. Now, there can be good reality crushing feats that are actually impressive like Superboy Prime, Goku, and Simon (Gurren Lagann) Unfortunately, most of the time it’s just not impressive and just tough talk from the cosmic beings. I go with guys who punch things until they break

    • The problem is that nobody can be infinitely FTL and eliminating someone from existence by thinking about it just isn’t believable. If Bass wants to stay in existence, then nobody can really stop him from doing that. The One Above All claims to be omnipotent and all powerful, but we’ve never seen him fight. We just have the Tribunal’s word about this. Until he provides us with some actual feats, I am forced to doubt his true power

    • Definitely. Bizzaro logic can be tricky, but Bass’ power would scare him into talking straight and realizing that he was losing. Such is the fearsome might of the Black Shadow!

    • Yeah, I definitely remember you from there ๐Ÿ™‚ I check in a lot, but I’m typically a silent observer as I just love to see everyone’s thoughts on recent characters or age old matches that can be pretty epic. Meta Knight definitely seems to be a lot faster than I had originally figured.

      Bass always wins ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. you sir are an idiot, bass cannot use his get ability forever, there are hundreds of people that can negate that ability, what about people that are stronger than him, what about people that are faster than him, you are over hyping him all too much, id name off a list off people that could but it would be way to long to post.

      • Are you for serious?

        All this time I assumed Bass must have done something truly amazing on-screen/panel to earn this glowing blog portrayal. And now, when asked to show his greatest feat, you show us this? The “weapon shatters, enemy dashed past and destroyed it really fast” has been seen for many, MANY other characters so far. It’s almost a recurring theme of action manga/anime. There is nothing, NOTHING here to suggest he’s even all that notable outside his own series. Kamina-shades guy claims he’s lightspeed with no real backup, but even if he were…

        But on top of that, as if realising this scene in itself doesn’t prove he’s all-powerful, you remind us that he gets more power boosts after this. This would be a perfectly logical argument were it not for your argument, repeated ad nauseum in every battle involving One Above All and the like, that ONLY SHOWN FEATS COUNT. Ergo, anything after this taken from claims or assumptions, whether true or not in-universe, is unable to take effect on this blog. You cannot pick and choose who to apply the rules to!

        (Well, you CAN, it’s your blog so I guess you can write what you want. But I digress)

        I guess what I’m trying to say was that with that previous guy’s comment I was kind of looking forward to seeing a feat that could justify anyone getting the title of “Strongest being in all media”, and now I’m disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Seriously, this is Bass’ ultimate feat!

        Now, there is a difference between unseen power boosts and seen ones. We see Bass improve throughout the series so they are shown feats. He doesn’t bust a universe on screen or anything, but that’s okay. As I’ve stated in the past, it’s okay not to do something officially when you can do it. Goku never busted a solar system, but I know that he’s basically a universe/reality buster based off of his true power and the beams that we see him fire. Likewise, I consider Yusuke Urameshi to be a planet buster and Toriko to basically be lightspeed.

        For the One Above All…he’s all hype. If he were to shoot a single energy blast, I would gain a lot of respect. The fact that the Tribunal says that TOAA is stronger is not a valid feat. It’s just a completely different situation from Bass. We see Bass improve so we can power scale accordingly. His speed is basically absolute.

        It is disappointing that Bass didn’t have a more impressive looking feat to display, but that feat is a lot better than it looks. Remember, this was at his weakest. Imagine if Naruto or Bleach had started out with the main character pulling these feats off. It’d be pretty insane right? That’s how insanely powerful Bass is! (I’m not counting his origin story side chapter btw…) I still recommend checking out the manga to see just how skilled Bass is. He’s leagues ahead of all other fighters. (I agree that Kamina isn’t light speed in his base form. Not even supersonic…)

      • your kidding me, right? if not than wow you just proved your self to be the most incompetent most unrational debater i ever met, there are hundreds if not thousands of fictional characters that can break weapons and travel faster than light, even the breaking the black hole thing was more impressive than this.

      • If I said that I was kidding you…would it make this a little more believable? ๐Ÿ˜› *irrational*

        In all seriousness that I can muster, this isn’t your average FTL feat. This was his starting feat and he only went up from there. How many characters have a starting feat of lightspeedness? Not many. There are no characters who are quite as fast as Bass. I agree that the black hole was impressive as well though and Bass has so many epic feats that it can be hard to choose between them. No other character can pull off the stunts that Bass does in the series.

      • >Fighting Overpowering Megaman and Protoman with ease
        >Defeating 100 opponents in .02 seconds
        >Overpowering Megaman Hubstyle Mode
        >Defeating the legendary CyBeast in a single hit
        >Defeating the legendary Devil Virus in a single hit. Said virus defeated the complete army of Netopia along with Colonel, Protoman, Megaman, etc
        >Broke a Black Hole
        >Massively Lightspeed
        >Continued to get power up after power up in the series

      • What was that about Kamina? I never said he was lightspeed or anything. I was talking about that guy in the Megaman strip, the one with the shades (somewhat like Kamina’s. I guess in retrospect

        Anyway, I think I understand what you’re trying to say here. If a claim is made about a character and that character has also shown similar abilities before it’s reasonable to assume they can do so. You extend that to characters from other series who look to be similarly fast or powerful and assume the given values. However, even assuming that is so

      • (Sorry, accidentally hit the “post” button)

        Anyway, even if that were so and everything you have said about Bass is true, he would be no match for all the forces of all other works of fiction put together since power, speed and durability can only get you so far. There are powers that can bypass speed and power altogether, reality alteration, mind powers, power copiers, illusions, characters immune to power copying, abstract powers, and others with all the powers I’ve seen quoted for Bass and more. Bass cannot be assumed to be immune to these things without some kind of proof.

      • Oh, I thought you actually meant Kamina. The shades guy is Bly and he’s known to be light speed because all of the fighters in that series are technically made up of light speeds so they should be lightspeed. It can be argued that this only applies to their flight speed, but we do see Megaman and other villains casually fly to space in an instant and then back to Earth, which is why it’s really accepted.

        Yes, like for a good example. Frieza could planet bust and he was very fast. We never see Cell blow up a planet, but we can definitely be assured that he can since he’s from the same series and he’s much stronger. Now, if Cell had just stood there for the whole series and everyone commented on his insane power level, then he would be powerless on the blog. He has to do Something at the very least to be considered for that power. A quick display or power or speed would be sufficient to consider him as a top tier fighter.

        Bass doesn’t really need to be immune to most of those since his speed will compensate. As soon as the match starts, Bass can blow up the planet. Let’s be generous and say that 30% of media survive that initial attack. (Imagining that they could all fit on a planet of course and that the shockwaves would decimate the weaker starships) Bass could use his speed to just wipe everyone out. I really don’t think that there are any fighters faster than Bass. I don’t really believe in telepathy (being effective anyway) and strength of will should be enough to overcome the illusions. Abstracts and Reality Warping won’t deter Bass and he won’t need to copy abilities from almost any of the fighters. The Get Ability would be able to get through the immunity though since it’s more of an effect than a scanner. Bypassing speed and power is essentially impossible though unless you mean through more reality warping or time stop. Time stop isn’t really valid and reality warping has never really been useful for combat imo. It would be a fun fight, but I would still take Bass to win the round. His immunity to projectiles and super speed should be enough.

      • Those are good feats, but they are no match for Bass. Bass could do all of that I’m sure. He didn’t show it though so we don’t have to debate that. Either way, nothing would stop Superman from just being speedblitzed to oblivion by Bass

      • I’m definitely a huge Bass fan ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m not sure about the term fanboy though. I’ve never cared for it. Bass is unbeatable though.

      • Meh, these feats are only a FRACTION of what Superman is capable of. Don’t forget how he destroyed a solar system by sneezing ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I do love that feat, but Bass shook the entire planet just by powering up. I don’t see how he doesn’t wreck Superman if they fight. Would this ever happen to Bass?

        (Start at 2:18 and then watch as Superman gets destroyed by mere mortals)

  19. You’re in idiot if you believe he is unbeatable, Gemini saga has destroyed entire galaxies, bass has never destroyed something of that magnitude.

      • His speed is his greatest strength. Goku never blew up a planet, but we know that he could. Can Bass destroy a Galaxy? Of course, but we have no proof so we don’t need it anyway. He can destroy Gemini Saga before he even knows what hit him. Think of the Shirou vs Gilgamesh fight on the bridge or Luffy vs Bellamy. That would essentially be how the fight would go down.

      • Really because we know how powerful goku is at base and we know how much his super saiyan forms multiply his power, while we know nothing of the sort for bass and from there, we cant determine his power which would make it impossible to determine who he should fight and if he would win

      • As the scan that you shown me he can only travel light speed, now as i say again, we dont know the mulipliers of his forms therefor we can not calculate his fastest possible speed, so therefor we can only assume he can go lightspeed, and there are hundreds of characters that can travel faster than light

      • We can easily power scale his speed. A lot of the new series like to add exactly how much stronger a form makes a character and all, but most older series didn’t bother with that either. It’s all about eyeballing the scans and determining how much stronger the new character is. That’s how we debated back in my day. He is massively FTL through power scaling and he is easily the fastest being in all of media. Just think of it like a Scrambled Egg Sandwich. The bread and the eggs taste great, but they are lousy when put together. (If it is sliced bread)

    • Conidering that i like egg sandwiches escpeccialy with mayo on it i consider that a bad example, provide me scans of such an occurence and see if what you say is true.

      • Scans of what occurence? The big jump in speed or the whole eyeballing the scans? Because I eyeball scans all the time…it’s just something that you do. Mayo with an Egg Sandwich? That sounds decent, but only on a roll. I can deal with eggs on my sliced bread.

      • 1.Not an impressive feat whatsoever that is a fighter jet so i would say around the sound barrier and plus he was traveling around the same speed, plus that was a human reaction time, not impressive either.

        2 the only time i saw megaman in that entire page was in the second box and to what i saw he didnt say or do anything what so ever to distract Bass, so the defense program is faster than him

      • Your link is always intriguing, but I have to delete it for the blog’s sake ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Human Reaction time can be decent sometimes. Remember Krillin? It’s an amazing feat when you consider the FTL one.

        2. Megaman getting caught by the net was the distraction. The villains knew that it was the only way to catch Bass unaware. These guys are skilled…but Bass is still better. Nothing is faster than Bass…nothing! Let’s face it, Bass is invincible at this point and his feats speak for themselves.

      • Oh wow he got grabbed , what a feat, seriously that doesnt show me anything, he just got grabbed

      • Too bad. The rest of the media = omnipotents like TOAA, Eru Iluvatar (he showed the ability to sink continents easily with a thought so boom, there’s your feat and Bass is vaporised easily), The Presence etc.

        Then you have powerhouses like the Living Tribunal, Superman etc. Bass dies and any logical person would admit it. Also if he can travel light speed, how is he going to react to God Emperor of Mankind who can stop time upon WILL before emperor-slapping him through multiple planets and supernova beaming him? Admit it Bass loses HARD.

      • Eru sounds tough, but he would still be too slow. Bass is just too fast since he’s basically the fastest in existence. Time stop is an ability that doesn’t do a whole lot on the blog due to its nature. It would be more of a time slow, but Bass is too fast. I can’t admit it because Bass is simply too good. He has the Earthbreaker and Darkness Overload. That isn’t even counting his Hubstyle abilities!

      • And yes Bass will get vaporised. All those attacks heading for him from every direction from EVERY character in the media will overkill him. There are like thousands of characters in media and more are still being made. Bass gets swamped.

      • Over 90% of the characters in media are too slow anyway and thousands of them will just die when Bass nukes the planet. He can use a hit and run strategy to wear the enemies down or he can just use the Get Ability and power his way through. Sheer numbers can’t stop him!

    • Unfortunately for you, Eru is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent since he is THE GOD of his universe aka. Similar to the Catholic God. He was there to sink the continents and he knew what was happening around the world because he was all over the world too. Bass gets godstomped by Eru. Also even the Shrike can rip Bass to shreds and infect him with Merlin’s sickness to prevent resurrection of any sort given how Merlin’s sickness moves Bass back in time to the point before he even existed so basically Bass is removed from existence. Also the Shrike makes time relative to itself to the point lasers appear frozen in the air when it moves. Bass gets stomped so hard. Rand’ Al Thor can also keep up with Bass and hit Bass with Balefire which basically removes him from time and existence thus anything Bass has done would be undone. Just say if Bass destroyed a city and then Rand’Al Thor hit him with Balefire, Bass would be erased and the city would be as it was before Bass attacked it. Plenty more could make him bite the dust. Lucifer from SN could click his fingers and explode Bass to millions of tiny pieces.

      • The problem with being everywhere on the world is that you’s susceptible to all attacks. Bass could punch the ground and it would hurt Eru since he is everywhere. The Shrike isn’t fast enough to land a hit on Bass so he would be terminated like Rand. Rand is all right, but he’s overhyped. He’s essentially an adult form of Harry Potter whose spells happen to be 50X stronger. (Although, Harry does have an insta kill spell so it doesn’t get much stronger than that) Lucifer wouldn’t be able to stand up to a Darkness Overload either so I wouldn’t count on him. Bass is just too powerful and that’s why he’s at the top of the blog ranks.

      • Uh no…The Shrike is made out of blades and techno stuff hence why going close combat with it is a very BAD idea. Also Bass is very ordinary so stop trying to hype him and make him seem special. Darkness overload won’t do crap to Lucifer who’s at least a universal level threat in SN. Lucifer exploded a damn angel by clicking his fingers and killed a pantheon of pagan gods in a matter of seconds. Satan> Some cyborg made by Dr. Wily.

      • Bass would break the blades and corrupt the tech. See, this is why Bass is underrated. We don’t typically consider some of his abilities, which are actually huge game changers. Wily didn’t build Bass so I’m going to have to stop you there. You’re thinking of classic Bass, which is an entirely different animal. Lucifer taking out an angel should be impressive, but it depends on how tough they are in the Supernatural world. Definitely weaker than RL so we need to power scale them accurately. Either way, Bass could just punch Lucifer across the horizon and into the sun. He couldn’t stand the heat.

      • Yeah…Like Michael the Archangel didn’t try to do that to Lucifer (sarcasm) but Lucifer shrugged it off for only archangel Blades and the Christian God can harm him and kill him. Whats to stop Lucifer from clicking his fingers or thinking it and Bass goes boom? Don’t give me the speedblitz bullcrap because Bass is not faster than thought. Also chaos emerald users can create universes in a matter of seconds, hence why through Plot hax and game mechanics, the super hedgehogs were able to defeat Solaris (defeat and stop him for a certain period of time). I’d like to see Bass survive timeline destruction and dimension level destruction. No proof of him surviving something of that magnitude? I want proof not excuses. Until Bass survives a dimension devouring attack then he loses. END OF STORY.

      • Whoa there….Lucifer is overrated, at least compared to Bass. Bass is too fast and he can’t be willed out of existence. The hedgehogs defeated Solaris legitamitely..just like what Bass would due to the all powerful being. Let’s face it, Bass just doesn’t go down. I’ve given both proof and excuses in the past. Bass is much faster than thought by the way. Just look at the scans.

    • *Facepalm* Hence why Eru is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. You cannot harm him due to his infinite power. He intended the everything that happened in LOTR. Morgoth’s betrayal was actually part of Eru’s plan as well! Also the Shrike is FASTER than light given its easy time manipulation and how it can simply travel back to the past and eliminate Bass before he could be fully built. No use trying to reason with a fanboy like you though. You think Bass can beat omnipotents.

      • Eru may have planned everything, which shows how intelligent he is, but he won’t be able to stop Bass. To save face, he can plan his defeat, but that’s about all that he can do. Shrike may be FTL, but Bass is the fastest FTL fighter that I’ve ever seen. He can’t go back in time to stop Bass. As soon as the fight starts, Bass will wrestle him to the ground and defeat him before he can leave. Either way, I don’t count time travelling to before the match since that wouldn’t be fair to guys like Kirk or Indiana Jones.

      • Eru is equivalent to the Abrahamic God in LOTR so no Bass gets erased from existence. Also Bass attempting to wrestle the SHRIKE out of all the THINGS? Thats instant suicide right there. You can ask the last person what happened when they tried to wrestle the Shrike. Oh thats right! They got chopped up to millions of tiny pieces and each piece was stuck on the Shrike’s tree. Looks like that Hyperion guy’s nuke tanking armor didn’t help him against the Shrike’s blades. Bass is going to get sliced up by the Shrike if he tries either close combat or long range because he’s too slow for the Shrike. Bass is actually one of the least strongest beings in media as agreed by many other proper battle sites such as spacebattles, comicvine etc. But oh no a fanboy like you thinks he’s better than an omnipotent god because you’re that delusional. At least I know when my favorite character’s beat but you don’t because once again you’re a delusional fanboy like those people who think Voldemort can beat Galactus.

      • I don’t know about that. You can’t erase someone like Bass from existence without a fight. As for wrestling the Shrike, I think that Bass can pull it off. He’s not your average warrior and he’s much faster than Hyperion. Shrike’s blades wouldn’t catch Bass and Bass definitely has the overwhelming edge in speed here. I never cared for the term fanboy, but I am a huge fan of Bass. Voldemort can’t beat Galactus, but Superman could so it’s a moot point.

      • How would you react if the creator of Megaman told you Bass was actually one of the weakest characters in fiction hmmm?

      • Too bad he’s the creator of the franchise so if he’s like ‘lolnope Bass is weaker than Superman’ then he MEANS it. Most creators would like to think their characters are more powerful than other characters and will readily admit that they are beaten if they think so.

      • He means it, but I choose not to believe it. Even if the creator says it, then it’s just hype or reverse hype. He’ll have to show me through a comic that Bass is weaker and then say “No Johns” before I can think of an excuse. It’s tough to do this, which is why it’s so rare.

      • He could easily say, “Look you’ve overestimated Bass as a fan, he is not truly light speed and that quote was in the manga just as a bluff or as a build up for excitement. His darkness overload cannot even destroy a continent and again its usage was mainly for entertainment purposes and show.” Boom, checkmate you lose.

      • I would counter with “The scans speak for themselves sir. You didn’t realize this as you were writing the series, but Bass is actually the strongest character ever. You can’t downplay feats like the Darkness Overload and the bluff has been turned real thanks to the fans” I can never lose in a debate about Bass’ feats!

    • A single Dragonite should be sufficient enough to take out Bass. Spam agility, draco meteor, dragon rush etc. and Bass gets overwhelmed.

      • Dragonite could try, but then he would realize that he had been attacking Bass’ after image for a while and he would be pretty discouraged. Bass is simply too powerful and he proves this on a regular basis!

  20. I know this post is very long, but please read at least the majority of it, as I spent a lot of time into this.
    I can name so many characters that could beat Bass… It’s ridiculous that you think they could not kill Bass all teamed against him. I know from looking at comments that you have not heard of most of these but some you have. Please reconsider your *coughcompletelydilusionalcough* thinking and look at these characters. Some of these have been mentioned before to you, some of the, haven’t.
    Examples with abilities listed below:

    Giorgio Giovanna.

    Enhanced physical stats due to being a Stand User, his Stand Gold Experience can turn inanimate objects into living beings that he can control, anyone who attacks these creatures has the damage reflected back to them (Karma manipulation), if it hits a human it accelerates their perceptions beyond the ability of their bodies to keep up, thus making them vulnerable, can also be used to regenerate himself and heal others. Later gains the upgraded version of the stand, Gold Experience Requiem; which has its own independent will and will automatically nullify all attacks by setting the state of them to 0, including the attacker’s will. If an enemy is killed by Gold Experience Requiem, they will continuously experience death over and over again for all eternity; basically can manipulate time, space, reality, karma, and death/life of its victims.

    -Gold Experience Requiem: His evolved and ridiculously more powerful stand that has it’s own independent will. It’s able to react automatically to threats even when time is erased and sets all attacks and the opponents willpower back to zero, and can trap a person into facing a series of death over and over again for eternity. It can basically manipulate time, space, reality, and death/life of its victims. This is considered to be one of the most broken abilities in fiction. It could clearly kill Bass as all attacks Bass could ever throw at him would be negated, and all Giorno Giovanna would need to do is trap Bass, and his Get Ability wouldn’t work since he is trapped into facing his death over and over infinitely.


    Ultimecia can manifest and give life to subconscious thoughts and inanimate objects. This includes giving life to Griever; Ultimecia manifests Griever from Squall’s subconscious mind, having found Griever to be Squall’s conception of the most powerful force that could exist, and brings him to life for battle against Squall himself.

    Ultimecia uses her ability to compress time to become omnipotent through the absorption of all time, space, and existence. She can invade and control an individual’s body and mind both internally and externally, and through the use of Junction Machine Ellone utilize this ability throughout different eras. Ultimecia can reach into a person’s mind to steal or give life to thoughts, knowledge, and magic. Her ability to manipulate objects and matter has also led to some interesting junction forms. Pretty self explanatory how this would beat Bass.

    Elder God DemonBane

    Elder God Demonbane withstood some of the most powerful attacks from the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods (beings who possessed the power to wipe out entire multiverses at once) without any indication of being harmed. It also fought against the entire Court of Azathoth and was unable to be destroyed. Consequently, Elder God Demonbane is nigh impossible to destroy, but this is in part due to its abstract nature as a being that can bend, reshape, and recreate reality according to its own will.

    Elder God DemonBane maintains all of the abilites of Demonbane and Mars Demonbane. Possesses the ability of reality warping, dimension traveling and teleportation. Is able to express complete control over time and space (it can even exist outside of these realms). Immune to everything from all beings except for Azathoth (the only other being more powerful than Elder God Demonbane). If in possession of the Shining Trapezohedron, (Has been before so it counts on the blog) Elder God Demonbane can rewrite reality completely and all of its rules and universal constants. It can also summon infinite copies of itself and different versions of itself as well. (The functions of these copies can also be assigned/rewritten. For instance, if Elder God Demonbane were battling against what we’ll call “Enemy A”, it could very well summon a Demonbane that is quite literally “Anti-Enemy A, a.k.a. Anti Bass.
    Anti Bass + Elder God + all Media v.s. Bass.

    The Amalgam brothers (Either one)

    Considering that the Brothers are the sum total of everything in the Marvel universe and the rest of the multiverse, they are incalculably powerful, and even such cosmic entities such as Eternity are like insects to them. The Living Tribunal, the most powerful being known in the Marvel Universe, was barely able to stall them, and was beneath their notice. Since both brothers are everything in every multiverse combined, they could not be killed, or even harmed from anything in fiction that attacked it, for they would quite literally be attacking an evolved version of themselves, maintaining all abilities in the process. The only known way to “kill” or destroy one is if the brothers fought each other. Much like matter and anti-matter, both would cancel each other out and disappear.

    Luckyman is the luckiest superhero in the universe. His attacks are all fairly weak, but they always do massive damage in some form because heโ€™s incredibly lucky. If he pulls a โ€œBig luckโ€ or โ€œEternal luckโ€ card, thereโ€™s simply nothing anyone can do to defeat him. Bass would try to use the Get Ability, but his systems would malfunction and delete the program just as he gets hit by LuckyMan. Kenshiro would attempt the Musou Tensei, only to suffer from diabetes and then die from scurvy because he doesnโ€™t eat vegetables. Goku would try to power up in Super Saiyan, only to die from a heart attack from training too much. Bass would try to kill LuckyMan, but then accidentally delete the Get ability and destroy himself. You donโ€™t have to believe meโ€”the Japanese themselves have anointed Luckyman the most powerful being in anime in forums like 2Channel and other message boards. Since they created all of these guys, we should take their word for it, don’t you think?

    Light Yagami
    Light Yagami has his Death Note, a formidable weapon. When he writes the name of someone/something, they will die in 40 seconds. He is the smartest human I have ever seen in any Manga/Anime. Since the Death Note is connected with the Shinigami, and they are Gods of death, anyone who was killed with the Death Note would consequently be sent to Heaven or Hell (Even Bass because Ryuk and Rem both said that the person who uses the Death Note will go to neither Heaven nor Hell, obviously implying that there is a Heaven/Hell.)

    Bartholomew Kuma
    Kuma is a character from the popular franchise One Piece. Kuma is the only character I have listed so far that could not counter or disable the get ability. However, if he was teamed with the entire u/m/x/o/mdd-verse then he could do a lot. This is meant to be out together with another character seen below, which you have been commented on multiple times and are familiar the name. Now, what Kuma can do is he has the Devil Fruit ability, and he’s so powerful that he can teleport anyone/thing to any place in space. He can manipulate space, a very powerful ability. Suppose the matchup was Bass v.s. Superman. Now, he can (By your opinion) kill Superman. But, with Kuma’s ability he could transfer all the pain that Superman is feeling into Bass. An argument would be that he’s a robot therefore he doesn’t feel pain, but I’ve read all of NT Warrior. Netnavi’s clearly can feel emotions. Do you really think when Laser-Man and Dark MegaMan threw MegaMan to the ground and smashed him bruised, he didn’t feel anything? No, obviously he did. Even if by some point he didn’t, Bass would feel an enormous amount of damage. You see, for whoever Bass attacks, (Even Kuma himself) Kuma could simply redirect the attack at him. He is very fast and can teleport others to safety while reflecting off and absorbing pain and transferring it to Bass. Literally, if Bass hurled the Sun at him, he could simply “push” or deflect it right back at Bass. He is THE best healer and with all these characters on his side, there’s no way he could be defeated.

    Dark Schnieder
    Dark Schnieder is from the popular franchinse Bastard!!! and stars as the main character, as well as the most powerful wizard in the series. He can use a technique that prevents any revival from the dead, including the Get Ability. Without this ability, Bass could be destroyed easily, since all of Media contains many people that are above him in terms of raw power and agility. The Get Ability was the only argument you had that could keep him alive, but since DS can negate this power, this allows for an easy victory for RAM( Rest of All Media).

    Now this should probably go in one of the TOAA fights, since you have almost ridiculed him, and you have so many posts saying that he would lose to ridiculous people. Fans of the Marvel universe know that he is God for Marvel. So to have him as most losses for a male character, the literal GOD of Marvel, had got to make some of them mad. And when I say God, not just me thinks this, but even Marvel themselves have named him God. If you look at the TOAA Marvel Wikia page, under Aliases, it says God. Anyway, even if he didn’t have any recorded feats, there is still no reason to do this. Just remove him from the blog if according to you he’s just some old man. We don’t need to see the latest TOAA v.s. (Insert character here) if you’re just going to make him lose. I don’t see the point in this, and it’s just angering fans. Anyway, now I can get onto explaining how he could easily defeat Bass. For every character Bass killed, TOAA could simply revive them. He has revived the Thing in Fantastic Four, proof that he can do this. He was in Heaven at the time, and after Aunt May’s death, TOAA is on Earth. This proves that he can not only teleport. But teleport or travel into different dimensions. If Bass were to ever try to hit TOAA, he could use his interdimentional travel to get away. In NT Warrior, where you claim 90% of Bass’s feats are, (And I have read ALL of it) Bass never travels to different dimensions, much less Marvel Heaven, so he couldn’t follow TOAA there. If all of Media’s characters could never die, this basically assures that they would destroy Bass.

    Nova is not a very well known superhero, but he is part of a superhero police force in the Marvel Universe. If you read the Manga (NT Warrior), energy blasts and beams account for probably a good 80-90% of Bass’s attacks. Well, Nova has the ability to absorb any form of energy projection, no matter how big, and redirect it or store it how he likes. This would handicap Bass to a point where the Z universe could take him for sure.

    Now, one Q from Star Trek would be enough to annihilate Bass, for a variety of reasons.
    The Q were a seemingly omnipotent and immortal species who inhabited the Q Continuum, possessing the ability of instantaneous matter-energy transformation and teleportation, as well as the ability of time travel. The Q had control over space, time, matter, and energy. In addition, the Q possesses an IQ of 2005.
    With control over space, time matter and energy, you could literally do anything. A Q could make Bass.exe have no power, not be able to move, or be frozen in time forever. They could also simply reverse time until Bass ceased to exist, but you seem to have something against that on the blog, so I’ll let that one go. Even so, The Q are All knowing, and know everything in the multiverse, therefore knowing how to defeat Bass. There are many characters in fiction that know everything, therefore there are many characters that know how to defeat Bass. An entire planet of Q’s plus the rest of the people I mentioned plus the rest of fiction?

    All these characters teaming up, and simultaneously attacking Bass in a coordinated fashion? Bass wouldn’t stand a chance. There are several Omnipotent and Omnipresent beings in Media, (The Presence, TOAA, Q) but you would probably say you “don’t believe” in those characters or something, so I will try not to put those arguments into my debate, either. I mean, the levels of fanboy can come and go, but think about this for a second. You are claiming that something in fiction is more powerful than the entire Marvel universe, the entire D.C. universe, the entire DBZ universe, the entire Bleach universe, the entire Naruto universe, the entire One Piece universe, the entire SAO universe, the entire Mario universe, the entire Halo, CoD, Battlefield, Counter Strike and Modern Warfare universe, the entire Aot universe, the entire Pokemon universe (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold & Silver, Crystal, Ruby & Sapphire, FireRed and Leaf Green, Emerald, Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold & SoulSilver, Black and White, Black and white 2, X and Y, and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.), Bass’s OWN universe, the entire Psychopass universe, the entire Medaka Box universe, the entire Tokyo Ghoul universe, the entire Blue Exorcist universe, the entire Neon Genesis Evangelion universe, the entire Hellsing universe, the entire Elfen Lied universe, the entire Full Metal Alchemist universe, the entire K universe, the entire Magi universe, the entire Digimon universe, the entire Pokemon (Anime) universe, the entire Cowboy Bebop universe, the entire Durara universe, the entire Bastard!!! universe, the entire Btooom! universe, the entire Seraph of the End universe, the entire Death Note universe,the entire LOTR universe, the entire Harry Potter universe, the entire Narnia universe, the entire Elder Scrolls universe, the entire League of Legends universe, the entire World of Warcraft universe, the entire Diablo universe, the entire Warcraft universe, the entire Civilization universe, the entire Faster than Light universe, the entire Grand Theft Auto universe, the entire Left 4 Dead universe, the entire Dead Space universe, the entire Team Fortress universe, the entire Half Life universe, the entire Portal universe, the entire Boarderlands universe, the entire Rayman Legends universe, the entire Bioshock universe, the entire Xcom universe, the entire Super Smash Bros universe, the entire real universe, (Times about a billion, since there are so many novels, video games, TV shows, and movies that take place in the real world), the entire Mortal Combat universe, the entire Street Fighter universe, the entire Tekken universe, the entire Capcom universe, the entire Pixar universe, (The Incredibles, the Incredibles 2, Brave, Wall-E, Monsters Inc, and Monsters Inc University (The prequel)), the entire Final Fantasy universe, (Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 11, (MMO) Final Fantasy 12, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 14 (MMO), Final Fantasy 15), The entire Kingdom Hearts universe, the entire Last of Us universe, the entire Far-Cry universe, the entire Resident Evil universe, and so so so much more, combined, facing one enemy. I could go on, but my point is just think about how ridiculous this is. You are saying that Bass wins against all of Media, plenty of downright invincible characters, plenty of gods, plenty of omnipresent, omnipotent, characters, plenty of characters who know everything in the universe, plenty who can negate Bass’s ability, plenty who could trap him, and plenty who are better than him in every shape, way, or form. For you, who doesn’t even know half a percent of all media, to say that one character you happened to stumble across is better than all the rest that you don’t know, is, in my opinion, one of the most ignorant things a person can do.

    • I would argue that all the guys you listed could beat Bass alone (except Light, since the Death Note only works on humans), let alone all of them plus everyone I argued for just previously (including Giorno again) but DReager will no doubt disagree. By his logic, Bass arbitrarily has the strongest base statistics in any series because one guy once said he was faster than light and apparently when you get a new form literally everything scales proportionally, and any other ability can apparently be negated by sheer power. Plus all cases in his own series were Bass was beaten are dismissed as “plot hax”. Seriously, when it comes to Bass, this guy cannot be reasoned with

      • @Adrogoz To counter your point, let me explain why that’s not true. I have read all the DN Manga and most of the Anime, and it’s one of my favorite mangas of all time. Now, let’s see what we know here:
        Shinigami are the gods of Death.
        They can kill humans, but not themselves.
        There is a heaven and hell in this universe.
        Since Shinigami are the gods of death, and near all fictional universes follow the laws of death, don’t you think it would be fair to conclude that they don’t have different Laws regarding who can kill them, if they all follow the principle that the live, and die, regardless of whether they know the Shinigami exist or not? Especially if they are in the DN universe?

        Anyway, on a more casual note, I totally agree that DReager1 is either a very delusional person, or a troll. There is no third alternative. Like, just look at what these guys on Factpile did:
        I mean, DReager is one of those people on the Internet that you’ve ever heard of, or hate. Again, no third option.
        I mean, you can read my post on “Bass, the Strongest Being in All Media” basically saying what you just said. I’m waiting for DReager to reply, but he’ll probably use the same flawed argument for half of the things I mentioned, and ignore the rest.
        I haven’t posted here for a while, but I remember you, Adrogoz. You had your own blog, didn’t you? Yeah, I went to it before.
        @DReager1: You haven’t replied to my comment. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

      • @??? I’m working on it. It was a nice and long comment so I want my response to be appropriately detailed with my epic comebacks. I shall have my reply up today though! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      • I think I should clarify at least one thing here, ???. DReager’s logic is seriously warped in places, and his opinions on these matters are often far from accurate, but I don’t “hate” him. Actually, I respect him and his blog. Sometimes the reasoning for who wins a fight comes down to the silliest reasons, but this guy puts out, what, five fights a day?! And while it seems impossible to get anywhere in suggesting that perhaps his conclusion on a fight is insane, he will explain his nonsense in as friendly and tolerant a manner as possible. People insult him, but NEVER ONCE have I seen him insult them back. If he wasn’t so stubborn and illogical, I believe DReager COULD make the actual “ultimate fighting blog”, because he has the dedication and patience needed to do so. (Now all he’s missing is the common sense).

        So no, Bass couldn’t beat everyone in every other story working together. To even suggest such a thing is ridiculous. Even assuming he has the highly-exagerated power set DReager accepts as fact and all the powers that DReager “doesn’t believe in” just fail to work, nobody could pull that fight off. The full population of all the stories ever told would be beyond anyone’s comprehension. But if DReager wants to believe it, I say he can go right ahead. Just don’t expect anyone else to share this theory

    • All right, let’s look at why Bass can beat everyone. Giorno would need to trap Bass to start the cycle and that isn’t happening. Remember, Bass is massively FTL as we found out the FTL thing before he even got any of his super forms. They all stack so he is untouchable. The Stand has its limits and would eventually break as it simply couldn’t nullify all of Bass’ immense power. After that, Giorno would be easy pickings for Bass.

      Ultimecia gets speedblized. The big weakness in being omnipotent is that the character has gotten as strong as he/she will ever be. No improving means that Bass will always have the edge. The Demonbane guy is tough to destroy, but that’s really all that he’s got going for him. A Dark Arm Blade would take him out of the picture. The Amalgram Brothers…I’ve actually seen those guys and they are exceptionally weak. A punch or two from Bass can take them out. Luckyman is very lucky, so lucky that he will trip and knock himself out to avoid fighting with Bass ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      For Light Yagami, Bass just powers up and the country will explode instantly, maybe even the world. No time to use the DN. Kuma? That guy took a while to beat lightweights (I use that term relatively speaking. They are still strong in their own right as they>>>Superman for me) like the Strawhats so I don’t see how he can keep up with Bass. Even with the rest of the multiverse. Dark Schneider stops Bass from coming back from the dead, but that’s not really the Get Ability. It simply improves Bass as he fights with the added bonus of also being immortal. Bass still outranks him in speed so he would take the guy down and break his Dispel Bound set of barriers before crushing him with an Earthbreaker.

      TOAA……nuff said.

      Nova? That guy got mind controlled and lost to Captain (The Man) America. Granted, the Captain temporarily got Nova powers, but Bass would still speedblitz and win with a hit. Q is essentially TOAA level. He knows all, but can’t fight for chocolate beans.

      I like how you threw Wall E in there. Now, I realize that Bass is outnumbered trillions to 1. Practically infinity to 1 if you think about it. That being said, Bass can wipe out the solar system in a quick hit which would take out a few billion and his speed will allow him to take out thousands of opponents in a second. Bass never gets tired thanks to the Get Ability. It would take a while, maybe even years to find and destroy every character in media, but he could do it. Also, the characters aren’t (all) machines. Even if they team up, they would be blasting each other a lot of the time and at least 90% of all media would die instantly against Bass. The few thousand/billion fighters who could stand up to Bass would systematically be taken care of. I do agree that this is the boldest thing that I’ve ever said, but it needs to be said. I do think that Bass can take out all of media. I never said that he could do it in a day or with a single attack. But eventually…he will have defeated them all. It’s a battle that would last for an eternity, but there is no stopping Bass. At most, you can delay him…but that’s about it.

  21. If Bass uses data, then Apocalymon from Digimon can just go KABOOM like in Now Apocalymon and delete all data. Or Ken could revert to Digimon Kaiser and harness all data so Bass can’t absorb anything. Giratina could trap Bass in his Alternate Dimension, like Apocalymon and Vadermon can, then they could just leave. (Bass then starves/runs out of charge/breaks down). Or they could use Timoxy Bubuthenol on him. Lightspeed? Use tachyons. They go faster than light. They should be able to defeat Bass.

    • Digimon Kaiser was tough and there are some pretty good FTL fighters, but I’d say that Bass is still too powerful for that. He can outspeed any other fighter no matter how quick they are. Bass can shatter black holes so dimensions shouldn’t be too much of an issue for him. Even without absorbing him, Bass has physical capabilities that put most other fighters to shame!

  22. what about the kamen rider universe? it has some hax like Gaim who can do anything with the forbidden fruit. And what about Decade? he has all of the showa riders’ power’s. And then there’s Drive who can move faster then who he’s fighting with his Slow down ability. AND then there’s black RX who has the abilitys of a god. sooo…. i don’t see how Bass.EXE could possibly win. just my opinion.

    • Kamen Rider verse is tough, but Bass has punched through a black hole before and he shakes the whole planet just by powering up. He could likely charge up a giant blast that would destroy the whole Kamen Rider verse with his Darkness Overload unless they were able to somehow block the blast.

      • he punched through a black hole? how? a black hole sucks in everything including light, so how did Bass.EXE bend the rules of physics?

      • CA supes could. He held 52 universes. Also he’s the ultimate plot armor. He can’t lose. Bass isn’t even planet level is he?

        And fury survived the destruction of a universe. Could Bass dish or take that kind of punishment?

      • Bass is definitely planetary level imo. Remember that he shook the whole planet just by powering up. Bass can take any kind of punishment thanks to his Get Ability.

      • No your just over-estimating bass.
        Maybe he’s planetary but he’s not universal.
        And CA supes can take all punishment thanks to his adapt ability
        And CA supes held 52 universes in his hand
        CA supes can’t lose. He is literally PIS in a robot

      • Luckily PIS has its limits. CA Superman is strong, but he better hope that his durability is up to snuff since Bass would keep on hitting him over and over again until he’s gone for good.

      • His durability is infinite. He’s as durable as he needs to be so bass will be like a fly.
        And it’s not like CA supes is the only guy there.
        If flash has feats greater in speed than bass then yes he will

    • Do you know who CA supes is? Have you read the comics he’s been in?

      He was meant to break that idea. He doesn’t start out infinite but he becomes strong enough to surpass that limit. He is the concept of a perfect hero basically.

      Also that means bass isn’t infinite right?

      • CA Superman breaks records, but Bass breaks the rules. Granted, I’ve never read a comic where CA Superman got to appear. I’ve certainly heard about him over the years though. Bass isn’t infinite either, but he’s the closest thing to it. His speed and power are basically unimaginable which is the only reason why I would dare put him up against all of media at once.

    • Then what’s your evidence bass beats CA supes when he has feats and statements beyond him?

      Bass is maybe 10 times FTL (generous)? CA supes is beyond the concept of speed itself.

      • Bass’ speed is also basically at conceptual level. It was never determined just how fast he is. His Get Ability will also let him copy CA Superman’s abilities and speeds which will simply make Bass even more powerful!

    • For a lot of characters there speed has never been measured. That doesn’t mean they fast.

      So could Protege from marvel beat thoughtbot since he has a copy ability too?

      Also how is he going to copy the powers of a higher dimensional entity? Has he ever done that before.

      • True, but the manga states that Bass is FTL during his first ever appearance. He didn’t get any slower after that, but got many big speed buffs. His speed is that intense! Bass only needs to copy the combat abilities not the meta part.

    • I’m sure there’s other cases in media similar to that.

      Also here’s a question. How many times the speed of light would you rate bass?

      So anyone with a copy ability can beat anyone?

      • That’s the thing, there’s no way to rate it. As far as I’m concerned Bass and Megaman are the 2 fastest beings in all of media. Goku would be third and after that it gets hazy. Copy abilities do have limits, but Bass’ natural physical abilities help him have an edge here.

    • So despite flash having feats greater than all three of them he’s not faster?

      Doesn’t this blog use feats?

      Also Bass is well below CA supes in everything. It’s not a bad thing though most people are

      • I do consider Flash to be the 2nd fastest comic book character of all time. I think Superman at his best is a little faster, but Flash’s speed feats are rather insane as well. Being able to time travel through speed is quite good. CA Superman is very impressive so I’ll grant you that.

  23. What about Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan? He could speed blitz Bass.EXE so quickly you wouldn’t even see them fighting. Or, Broly would just blow up the universe they were fighting in. If things got TOO dicey, Broly has his Legendary Super Saiyan 3 and 4 forms to fall back on if the need presents itself.

    • Broly is fast, but I’d say that Bass is faster. Also, any energy blasts he tries to use will simply be reflected or absorbed by Bass. He’ll have to stick to hand to hand combat and Bass has the edge there.

      • Why?
        Lord English can only be killed via special methods. Darkness overload isn’t one of them.
        Also don’t overate this darkness overload like it’s hyperversal or something. It’s never displayed a feat that’s universal.
        Which means Godhead Pickle inspector could tank the attack while Lord English kills him.

      • Don’t overestimate Lord English either. The MS. Paint Adventures are classic and I’ve used the program for my sprite videos as well, but he’s not all that tough. I’d take Train Heartnet over English. English has a decent amount of durability, but nothing is absolute. He can still be taken down by any attack provided that it is strong enough. A Darkness Overload is like a Kamehameha, I can’t picture it not working.

      • Y’know DReager, sometimes I don’t have any clue how you come to the conclusions you come to. In what stretch of the imagination is Lord English “not that tough”?

      • I’ve just never been all that impressed with him. A akin him to a final boss in the Droon series or a Cthulhu from mythology. English is very tough for his universe and their normal weapons cannot hurt him, but beyond that he’s mostly just hype. He can tear reality and has a lot of time shenanigans, but he doesn’t have much in the way of good speed or endurance feats. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that he could survive a Railgun attack from Train or even keep up with his speed. As for the whole “destroying universes” part, I picture it in the same way that the Presence or Living Tribunal could. A wave of the hand or something like that, but not a tangible blast or feat that would be applicable. I think he is probably in the top 5 Homestuck characters, but I don’t think it would translate well to other series like Street Fighter or Marvel.

    • A hyperversal guy that Slaughters Dark Gods and frogs that contain Infinite universes as well as the fictional representation of the author isn’t tough? Well everyone has their own opinion.

      Kamehameha’s aren’t that strong. I can think of so many people that could walk through a Kamehameha via durability feats.

      The thing with LE is his durability is almost absolute. He can only be harmed by specific items meant to harm him. Unless Bass gets those items or he is an omnipotent God then he can’t kill him.

      LE can kill Bass on the other hand. There’s also the hax LE has which he can’t answer too

      • Defeating the author is always cool so I’ll give English some cool points there. That being said, destroying infinite universes and such is where things go from cool feats to just plain wonky. It turns into a bit of a circle where after a while, those feats don’t really mean much anymore. The One Above All is a perfect example of this phenomenon. There are definitely a few characters who could go through a Kamehameha (One of them being Bass) but most other fighters would just yell “Good Game” as they get hit and are instantly obliterated.

        See, limitations like that which are set by the universe just aren’t valid. It’ll be tough to destroy him for an average foe, but Bass isn’t your average fighter. All of his attacks are simply off the charts and I can’t imagine LE faring too well. Destroying Bass is super tough as well given that he has such great speed feats and also possesses a Get Ability.

      • Your the kind of person who likes on Pannel feats right? That’s why TOAA loses most battles,because we don’t see him do sh!t on panel so we can’t trust the hype right?

        Well LE (On pannel might I add so it should be valid for you) With a ENGERY blast destroyed a dream bubble which are entire dimensions that exist beyond the scope of those frogs that I listed. On top of that this blast cracked Reality itself.

        The Kamehameha is strong in the DBZ verse but it’s barley even universal. Certainly not a LE level blast

        The Homestuck verse is a powerhouse verse though. Even lower tiers could destroy the universe and multiply their mass by googleplex

        By great speed feats you mean being FTL and no feat above that?

        What counters does Bass have for LE’s hax?

      • Yes, on panel feats are a must! Destroying the bubble is great, but I’m not sure if I’d call that a universe blast though. Just because the universe and dimensions were in it doesn’t mean it’s that durable. For all we know, Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshou could have broken it with minimal effort. I would definitely take the Kamehameha over any LE blast. Keep in mind that in GT it did rip a hole between dimensions. All those abilities in Homestuck sound intriguing and I’m glad that the writers had fun with it like how in Toriko everything’s been super exaggerated lately, but then we have to look through the feats and see if they make sense. For example, Toriko’s gang rarely live up to their hype.

        Bass is basically limitlessly FTL. His power ups after already being FTL make him insanely fast. He doesn’t need much to stop the hax because he can speedblitz LE and destroy him with the Dark Arm Blade as soon as the match starts. The speed is really crucial here as well as his overwhelming power.

      • Where is your proof that the dimension is not as durable as a normal dimension should be? If we use Occam’s razor logic then unless we have proof it’s not durable it IS durable.
        Dream bubble’s were specifically made by The Dark gods to BE durable and stable. And are you saying Reality in homestuck isn’t durable? Despite the fact that GPI probably made it durable so he could keep regrading creation? Well then let’s get rid of all feats like Bass’s blackhole feat and say it wasn’t durable. Goku’s Kamehamha and say the barriers weren’t durable. That’s lowballing and makes it hard to gauge feats Don’t do that.

        He is FTL with upgrades but he’s never shown a single feat making him even flash fast.

        Lord English has no reaction feats your right (IIRC a lower tier crossed the universe quickly) But I can see flash speed sharing with everyone which will make LE roughly at Bass’s speed level.

      • Based on LE’s other feats, it’s no stretch to say that it may have been as durable as a dimension. That being said, just because it holds the dimensions inside of it, I wouldn’t say means that it is that tough. It’s like a container for a nuclear war head, it’s not nearly as tough as the actual nuke. Bass continued to get drastically stronger and faster with each upgrade. Since he started out at light speed, it’s safe to say that he’s increased quite a lot since then.

      • The dream bubble contains dreams and is a lot like graphene. I’m not sure if I agree with that warhead analogy but I’ll accept it.

        It is reasonable to say Bass is FTL. But other Cherubs are FTL and LE has a lot of upgrades and Ju Ju’s

      • Not just reasonable, but proven. Protoman’s statement wasn’t vague or anything like that. Personally, I’d say that Bass is the fastest character in all of media due to the sheer amount of upgrades and potential after his already impressive FTL feats, that’s what separates him from the pack.

  24. I just looked back at Homestuck and I found out that LE might be able to react to Bass.

    Lord English is an Adult cherub who is amped to a nigh-omnipotent amount. So we should be able to scale off other adult cherubs.

    Adult Cherubs mate inside a large blackhole. So they need to be FTL to escape it. Furthermore Cherubs are capable of traveling across star systems quickly. Also if Cherubs choose to they can be one AU long (Distance from Earth to sun)

    • Of course, that also makes them a bigger target so he’ll want to be careful about that. Are you sure that Cherubs cannot teleport? If they can, it would nullify the possible speed feat. That being said, LE being FTL certainly helps to at least put him in the conversation of not getting speedblitzed here.

      • In the game you see most Cherubs fly not teleport. Only Lord english is a known teleporting cherub. Calliope might have done it at some point but I don’t re-call it

        Also he tagged hussiebot who was moving within the span of Three Nanosconds. So that’s cool

      • Yeah, that’s definitely a pretty impressive feat. Not sure I’m crazy about the name of that villain, but that bot was certainly quick.

  25. Also what about Elder god Demonbane? A weaker incarnation of himself was trading blows within the span of fetmoseconds.

    And Bass.EXE isn’t unbeatable. He lost to Megaman.EXE

    • Yes, but keep in mind that Bass scoffs at such speed. Demonbane also won’t be able to use any energy attacks and Bass’ Get Ability will gradually power him up enough to make up for any difference in power, although any difference is debatable at this point.

      • Well combat speed in the Fetmoseoncds should be around Bass level speed. Even with the upgrades

        EGD doesn’t use energy attacks anyway. He could seal Bass with the shining trapezohedron or Summon all demonbanes possible and not possible. Or he could cut bass to pieces.

      • I doubt his slashes could cut through Bass’ barriers and sealing Bass away would only buy EGD a few seconds at best. Combat speed on that level should buy him a few seconds, but with Bass still having the better offense and adaptability, it will only stall him in the end.

      • How Durable are Bass’s Barriers?

        The sealing is Permanent. It sealed every Outer god at once so it should seal Bass

        Bass doesn’t have better offense. He does have better Adaptability but then Doomsday would come in. He’s no joke when it comes to speed as he blitzed the JLA.

        Also EGD has an attack that summons all Demonbanes possible and not possible. There will be a Demonbane that can adapt . A Demonbane that can copy. A demonbane that is a master martial artist etc etc.

      • It’s hard to say. They withstood a full Megaman Hub Style Blast so it’s safe to say that it is nigh indestructible. With the Earthbreaker and Dark Arm Blade at the ready, I don’t think any fighter has a better offense than Bass. As for adaptability, Bass won’t need to compete with Doomsday on that as he can quickly punch him into oblivion. The Demonbane thing sounds fun, but they would lose by the numbers.

      • How Powerful are Megaman’s Hubstyle blasts?

        I’d say the Shining Trapezohedron Is one of the best offenses in fiction.

        Bass one shotting Doomsday is very unlikley. The Omega beams blasted him full on and he didn’t die. He adapts to anything the moment it touches him. Anyway I don’t even know if it’s possible to kill doomday with one punch due to his healign factor and the fact that he has no vital organs or blood

        Demonbane losing by the numbers is very unlikely when Demonbane can summon a demonbane that brought infinite solders (Book actually describes that as one of the demonbanes that can be summoned)

      • It’s unknown, but it was strong enough to take on many foes. I’m having a hard time recalling who Megaman defeated with it. He did use the 1% version to pierce Bass so the 100% shot must really be something. How I see it, if Doomsday has trouble with foes on the level of Superman and such, then he’ll be no match for a powerful punch from Bass. If Bass hits him hard enough, he’ll be completely obliterated. Think a Saitama punch. As for Demonbane, infinite soldiers is good, but Bass’ Darkness Overload covers a large area. They’ll all start falling as soon as they are summoned.

      • It might be strong but it’s not Hyperversal like the Shining Trapezohedron is.

        Only weaker versions of doomsday had trouble. HP had no trouble taking him on. He also beat the JLA. I’m not sure Bass can hit hard enough to turn him into a puddle.

        It’s an AOE but does is it a never ending AOE? Because Infinite is never ending

      • I just looked up the Shining Trapezohedron and it definitely doesn’t seem very impressive. Summoning that demon as an avatar is cool and all and he even appeared in TMNT which is neat, but I don’t see anything that would suggest he could react to Bass or even land an attack that would deal damage. I don’t really consider any H.P. Lovecraft monsters to be all that tough. Beating the JLA is good, but it’s usually with quite a lot of difficulty. Bass could wipe them all off the planet with a single shot.
        Nothing is infinite though as everything has limits. So an “infinite amount of soldiers” would be more like 1000 or some arbitrary high number. The Darkness Overload is a wide blast so it would hit everything in front of it, which would be all of the soldiers and the portal summoning them would be destroyed as well.

      • How is the ST not impressive? Appeared in TMNT? That’s not canon.
        How are the lovecraft monsters not tough? Lovecraft is one of the most powerful verses in all of fiction.

        HP had no difficulty at all and he 1-3 shot all of them.

        The book says “There was Demonbane that brought infinite amount of soldiers. ” Not “A demonbane that brought a portal which was summoning infinite soldiers.”

        Infnite means never ending. he just brought a never ending amount of soilders. That’s not hard to believe. Even if you still think that’s not possible the Athleta Aeternum summons all Demonbanes possible and Not possible. So he can summon a demonbane that does the impossible

      • See, I definitely have to disagree with that. There’s only so much you can do in stories and lore. Lovecraft’s monsters never back up their tough sounding legends with any actual feats. ST just sounded like any other old legend. It shouldn’t be messed with, summons a cool avatar, but that’s about it.

        Right, but the impossible and infinite are concepts that still just won’t happen. They can try to use an attack with infinite soldiers, but it will never truly be infinite. Every character has limits of some kind even if their original creator and media won’t acknowledge it.

      • It’s a book. Of course it’s all words. There are no pictures. You have to trust the words and description.

        This is fiction. Stuff that’s not logical can happen.

      • Right, but there’s only so much a book can do. Visual feats will always trump written ones, no matter how impressive they sound. A city buster in an anime will always be stronger than a planet buster from a book due to how the medium is.

        Still doesn’t allow infinites and all limits to be broken. Otherwise, paperbag busters like the One Above All would be crushing everyone!

      • Well then according to the rules on this site then EGD can’t be debated for or against.

        A lot of people do think TOAA is the strongest guy (tied with other omnipotents) in all of media. But he’s not on this site since we can only use on-panel feats. If go on a site such as comicvine or reddit the general opinion is much different

      • Yeah, book monsters and individuals at least need a picture to be allowed entry, but of course even with a picture they are heavily nerfed in the grand scheme of things. Even if you go to a place like Death Battle, they tend to agree with the mainstream opinions. Just about every sight has TOAA on top, his fans must be pleased.

      • TOAA,Presence,GEB,EGD,Hajun,Featherine Augusts Aura,U-DO,Nameless mist,GPI,Lord English,Lucifer and Micheal …………. They are all top tiers in fiction. But on this site they are lower tiers. How does that make you feel?

      • Yeah, those guys are not just low tier, but bottom tier here. Nate The Great could give some of these guys a run for their money. Feels good B) It’s like I’m illuminating the future of debating!

      • I’m fine with it, everyone’s got their own opinion. It just so happens that a lot of people tend to have the same ones when it comes to those guys. I don’t hold it against them or anything, I mostly just find it amusing and have fun trying to debate them on some of these points. I had quite a lot of fun debating on Factpile and the MVC Lounge for a while

  26. No character in media can actually beat the rest of media.

    Too many people with too many hax.

    There are people with Fate manipulation,Reality warping, Molecular deconstruction down to the Atom. Plot Manipulation etc etc.

    And Bass is a robot. Pre-retcon beyonder has broken apart machines before and there are some very advanced hackers in Media.

    I’m sure there’s more hax. That’s all I can think of of the top of my head

  27. You think that Bass is strong? Lol. There are tons of beings who could kick his butt. Like the Anti-Spiral from Gurren Lagann. One Infinity Big Bang Storm should finish him.

  28. Lol Bass gets stomped. There are tons of characters that can beat Bass. Like the Anti-spiral from Gurren Lagann. One Infinity Big Bang Storm should finish Bass.

      • It’s true. Ion got to a point of power where he could affect time on such a scale where he made ZH Parallax, a universal reality warper, a chump by removing his power from existence. He could either remove his creation from space and time of prevent him from having any amps.

        And he’s omnipresent.

      • That definitely seems like a pretty handy ability to have then. I highly doubt it will be able to do much against Bass if we’re being honest though, but it should be good against most fighters.

  29. Why wouldn’t ION removing him from time work?

    And Bass’ attacks wouldn’t connect. He’s everywhere at once. He could probably rip Bass apart from the inside.

    • He could try, but Bass is an existence. He’s basically a conceptual law at this point and can’t be removed so easily. Being everywhere at once is the problem since Bass could punch in a random direction and still land the hit.

      • Ion can remove him without affecting the universe in anyway. Everything would be set normal, but Bass wouldn’t exist.

        And prove he’s a conceptually law of reality.

        I’d imagine Ion’s omnipresence works like Alucard’s from Hellsing, without the weakness of self belief. He’s simply unkillable.

      • Right, I don’t think that would work on Bass. Show me a scan of Ion removing Bass from existence. You can’t because it simply couldn’t happen!

        Nothing is unkillable though. Enough sword slashes and energy blasts will take anyone down. Just look at how Goku took down Buu in the end.

  30. Fine. Using your logic…

    Can you show Bass resisting high tier Time Manipulation and Reality Warping from Ion? No, you can’t.

    You know, asking me for a scan of Ion blinking Bass out of time and space is unfair. There isn’t a crossover between the two franchises.

    In fact, I could simply ask for a scan of Bass harming someone from outside the universe or with Omnipresence, and you couldn’t.

  31. Lord English has fate/plot manipulation, something Bass can’t counter, and killed Andrew Hussie, the author of MS Paint Adventures.

    He beats Bass.

  32. So do you think Bass can survive multiple attacks from these guys:

    1: Godzilla’s atomic breath
    2: Superman’s heat vision
    3: Dante’s Blade of Yamato
    4: A blast from Picolo
    5: Lord Voldemort’s Death spell.
    6: WB Hulk’s stomp at the end of World War Hulk
    7: Planet Busting
    8: A supernova from the Living Tribunal
    9: STTGL’s Giga Drill Break
    10: A spirit bomb
    11: Unicron’s hunger
    12: Pre-Retcon Beyonder’s power
    13: Multiple Hubblast from Mega Man.
    14: Elder God Demonbane’s Shining Trapezohedron.
    15: The Glory
    16: The final blast used by TOAA in his fight with the Presence in that Death Battle.
    17: Omniverse Busting Attack

  33. Actually, Goku Black Could Defeat Bass.EXE Easily, Due To His Limitless Potential. Or He One Shots Bass.EXE With A Black Kamehameha, Or A Ki Scythe.

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