Bass vs The Rest of Media

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This one’s a bit of a no brainer. Bass has the Get Ability and can get all of their powers and destroy them all. Also Bass is the strongest being in media and can take anyone down in an instant. So the Rest of Media is pretty big and stuff, but Quality>Quantity. Bass pwns this match with ease and shows why he’s the best. I tried to add in as many pictures of powerful universes as possible. If there’s a really big one that I missed, be sure to let me know. Bass is outnumbered by essentially infinity to 1, but he always finds a way. Bass wins.

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  1. I beg to differ. He may be strong, but there is absolutely impossible that a character could exist that could defeat every other character in all media. Especially since your only reasoning is because he can copy powers (which many, many characters can). And then there’s strategy, durability, reflexes and so much more to consider.

    In other words, take five other ability-copying characters and have their moves co-ordinated by all the greatest strategists and I doubt anyone win. And then add every other character from every other series in every other form of media created and the winner is a given. I’m sorry, he may be powerful, but this fight is an impossibility even for him

    1. He’s not the strongest because of his Get Ability. He’s already massively faster than light and a casual planet buster. Even without his Get Ability I think he can take down guys like Omega Shenron! With the Get Ability he’s unstoppable. How would they be able to destroy him?

      In an instant he can destroy a lot of characters by blowing up the planet. With his awesome speed he could blow up loads of planets before the other characters know what hit them. Once Marvel, DC, and Shounen Jump are knocked out of the battle, the rest of the forms of media will be helpless. Of course I’m currently the only person who thinks Bass can acomplish this feat so it’s okay that you don’t agree. It’s impossible for everyone to agree with everything….that’s my motto anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I see where you’re coming from, but even without Jump, DC and Marvel there are a few characters who could cause him a few problems, and many of them could probably survive the destruction of the planet. (Like, say, Makuta Teridax from Bionicle, or Danzo or Madara from Naruto if they used Izanagi). And what about time travellers? Couldn’t, say, Hiro Nakamura from Heroes go back in time and prevent him from ever having been created?
        But anyway, as you say, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      2. Well even if they survive the planet being blown up, Bass can just keep spamming it until they go down. Plus with the Get Ability he’d absorb the powers of the fighters he beat, got hit by, or just absorbed. So imagine Bass with the JLA and Avengers powers! Plus a good Rasenhameha ๐Ÿ˜€ As for the time travel part, I’ve never counted that. Going back to before creation kinda seems like cheating. Though thanks for reminding me, I hadn’t put it in the list of rules yet ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Also, if the others could hold him off long enough, then Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl could get him with his Off-waves and turn him into a trophy.

      4. Well the Off Waves are good, buy I don’t think it would turn Bass into a trophy or defeat him. It beat Mario and friends, but for the most part they’re mere mortals. (That’s why they made sure Sonic wasn’t there, no way would Tabuu have beaten him) Even if Tabuu does make it, he wouldn’t be able to fire it before Bass goes lightspeed and knocks him out

      5. I’m pretty sure Sonic would have been affected too (isn’t he mortal?) had he not been fast enough to smash his wings before Tabuu could launch them). But anyway.

        And yeah, Un-creating people usually is creating.

        As for the absorbing powers, I had thought that by absorbing the powers of everyone else, any power-copying characters on the All Other Media team would gain all their powers (as well as Basses). Although most of these copying abilities are limited (like the way the Sharingan can only copy Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Taijutsu). Doesn’t the Get ability have any limits?

        One more thing, when Bass is destroying the planet, what if Barrigan from Bleach got in the way and aged the attack away? If he attacks him with beams of energy then they would fade before they reached him. If he attacked physically he himself would rot, rust or otherwise fade away.

        Also, I’ve been looking up various sources and Bass appears to be an ordinary “netnavi”. No mention of planet busting anywhere. Could you please help me out here?

      6. Sonic is mortal…I suppose. Well he technically is, but I don’t see the blast beating him in one hit. He’s taken hits from far stronger opponents in the past. Of course it’s usually moot since he’s so fast.

        Well most other power copyers are a lot more limited than Bass’s. Bass gets to keep the opponent’s powers added to his own. Plus he has the advantage of starting out with his strongest forms. Plus Bass can get someone’s abilities by

        A. Absorbing them (In other words destroying them or zapping them)
        B. Getting his body obliterated for an instant
        C. Getting badly injured
        D. Grabbing Them

        So he can absorb powers pretty quickly. The Get Ability has no limits so far. Whenever Bass loses they don’t even explain what happens (Basically main character plot hax in the making)

        Well Barragon is able to destroy the blasts because his death attack is quick enough. If the beam was too fast it would destroy him before it was destroyed. Also you rot if you can rot, but Bass is pretty much immortal since he’s a netnavi.

        The Planet Busting and everything is in the manga. I can get you some scans later (Between 4-6) Right now I’m at the library so getting pictures is a bit tough (Long loading times)

  2. Bass isnt all powerful. just accept that and move on. he is just a 10 year old boy/robot. he was actually made in Megamans image since he was the first *perfect* Navi.

    1. He is All Powerful! Once you’ve read the manga, watched the anime, played the games, and seen the pics you’ll know it to be true. Age was nothing to do with power. Bass is the strongest being in all of media ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Okay, here’s why Bass is faster than light and a casual planet buster ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wiping out 100 enemies in .02 seconds

    Blowing people away just by powering up

    This next part I’m copying and pasting from another site. (I had been making him a respect thread)

    “Well my first attempt at a respect thread. Bass EXE should have one so here goes

    Bass blowing up an island just by powering up … 001/7.html … 001/8.html

    Bass making a barrier too block graviton missilles … 01/11.html

    Breaking a plane with his energy blast … 01/12.html

    Bass making an energy beam that exceeds 300 million joules … 01/14.html

    Blocking a Hubstyle Full power blast … 002/4.html … 002/6.html … 002/5.html

    Speedblitzing and hand to hand skills … 02/21.html

    Another beam feat. Parts of the deflected energy blast hit buildings … 002/6.html … 002/7.html

    His Earthbreaker blows apart Hubstyle form … 02/23.html

    The Hyper Earthbreaker … 03/13.html

    Sword piercing Bass, but then snapping … 02/10.html

    Bass’s power increases drastically … 001/6.html

    Bass getting hit by his own attack, but it does no damage … 02/20.html … 02/21.html

    Bass gets another big power up thanks too the power of Serenade in him now … 003/6.html

    He gains the ability too reflect beams … 003/9.html

    Summoning a giant dragon … 03/18.html

    Bass’s arm sliced in half, but it doesn’t even faze him. So at least some resistance to pain. Also instant regeneration … 004/9.html

    Yet another power increase … 004/8.html

    Bass got hit by this … 04/17.html

    And this … v07/c005//

    Yet he still gets up … 005/5.html

    Speed feat, depending on the laser LS reaction or at least super … 005/9.html … 05/10.html

    Also the laser didn’t take him down … 05/11.html

    Bass’s aura shaking the earth … 001/3.html

    Obliterating a fire dragon in an instant … 03/17.html

    Getting bit by a giant monster thing and not passing out or dying … 004/6.html

    Also breaking out quickly after … 04/10.html

    Able too take all of his powers and shoot it into one beam … 04/11.html

    Dealing damage too Nebula Grey (He absorbs it later on, but the fact that it hurts him is a feat) … 06/14.html … 001/3.html

    Bass tanking a giant beam … 01/13.html … 01/16.html

    Bass absorbing Megaman and turning into the ultimate being of power. He has never been matched in power … 02/13.html

    Stopping Nebula Grey effortlessly with one finger and blasting a hole through his hand … 003/2.html … 003/3.html

    Bass shooting a giant beam that not even Nebula Grey can absorb … 003/6.html … 003/7.html

    Speedblitzing … 003/8.html

    His power’s so incredible his body can’t take it … 003/9.html

    Bass tanking this with little damage if any … 03/11.html … 03/12.html

    Bass’s energy blast going through a portal and still dealing heavy damage … 03/15.html … 03/16.html

    Bass getting bitten by a giant monster and not losing conciousness … /last.html

    Bass taking out the Devil Virus in one hit … 06/15.html

    Not sure how much of a speedfeat this is, but it has some speed … 01/10.html … 01/11.html … 01/12.html

    Cool Intro … 02/16.html

    Bass defeating 100 warriors in .02 seconds … 003/2.html … 003/3.html

    Bass blowing away Megaman and Protoman with his aura … 003/4.html … 003/5.html

    Bass’s barrier withstanding a lot of attacks … 003/6.html

    Bass’s aura stopping Megaman and Protoman from moving … 003/9.html

    Bass moving at the speed of light and snapping Megaman’s sword in an instant … 03/10.html

    If you don’t believe the light speed thing then Bass is at least over mach 5 because Protoman’s over mach 5 and Bass speedblitzes him in his sleep … 001/8.html … 003/9.html

    More Bass speed feats … 01/18.html … 01/19.html

    Bass dodging an attack at point blank range … 002/7.html

    Bass hitting so hard he makes a shockwave … 002/8.html

    Speed again … 02/10.html

    Bass Hubstyle form much stronger than normal form … 02/20.html

    Bass tanking a sword attack that sliced a building in half … 004/4.html … 004/5.html

    Bass tanking another sword attack … 004/6.html

    Bass tanking a super punch … 04/11.html … 04/12.html

    One cannon was over 300 million joules so 2…….you get the idea! … 04/15.html

    That’s all for now, but next I’ll get some Game and Anime feats ”

    I didn’t post all of them back then, so if you have some questions about his planet busting legitimacy fire away ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No need.
      Even so, I would have thought that since the only other characters he would have fought in canon were other robots and programs, it would be impossible to tell if that would work on living organisms.

      Stronger than Tabuu? Who would that be?

      Even if he destroyed the world, the Chaos Gods from Warhammer would remain. I don’t think even Bass could beat them. Bass can destroy planets and Galaxies and what have you, but they have conquered countless entire universes. And they could return all the dead fighters to life with new powers with a mere thought if they chose to. Not that they’d need to

      1. Well the manga isn’t canon. But in it he appeared in the real world and destroyed Jets with humans inside. He also shook the whole planet just by powering up at one point. Because in the manga he’s not limited to the cyberworld and fights in the real world sometimes.

        Who’s stronger than Tabuu? How about Goku ๐Ÿ™‚ Or did you mean from Nintendo or something?

        But the more Bass fights them, the less hope they have. He’d absorb their powers and the powers of the people they revive. This is why BAss is unstoppable

      2. Nurgle and Khorne could probably destroy him a few times, but Bass may be able to beat them because he keeps coming back. Slaanesh’s temptations probably wouldn’t get to him

        The one who’d really get him is Tzeetnch. After setting eyes on Tzeentch, he’d go irrevocably insane. And knowing Tzeentch, any powers he gives his chosen ones to fight Bass with would have inherent weaknesses that Tzeentch himself could take advantage of. In the end, Tzeentch would probably trick him into deleting his own data in his madness. Tzeentch is just too tricksy. Even if Bass could win, he’d be a pale reflection of what he once was.

        And I was asking what foes Sonic had beaten that were stronger than Tabuu. Goku probably is stronger than him though. Unless the Off-waves affect him…

      3. Well if Nurgle and Khorne destroy him once he will absorb their powers. As for the going crazy part, it’d be tough to make Bass go insane. Of course he could probably just reboot himself.

        Well, I’d pick Shadow, Metal Sonic, Mephiles, Emerl, and Scourge to take down Tabuu. Those guys are a lot stronger than they first appear to be. It would be cool to see a Goku trophy ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      4. It would be tough to do so, and he’d probably be able to resist much longer than most people, but eventually his mind would start to be affected.

        As for Nurgle and Khorne, Khorne would still hold the advantage for a while against Bass in that while his powers have been copied, he would still have more battle experience and skill than Bass.

      5. Well to heal himself he absorbs bugs, so that could maybe heal his mind.

        But remember, Bass gets their abilities added to his own. So he’ll be faster and stronger than them at that point. Plus he’s still an expert at hand to hand combat!

      6. Perhaps. Does it happen automatically?

        Bass may be a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, but Khorne has existed since long, long before the universe began. And all that time was spent in battle. When it comes to melรฉe skill and rage, Khorne is unstoppable.

      7. Not auto, but pretty fast. Basically be points his arm at some data and it evaporates into bugs for him to absorb

        Yes, but Bass has a lot of combat experience. He outfought a General Navi and also beat Megaman at hand to hand….Megaman! The navi who’s fought more villains in 5 years than most heroes do in their life! That’s some hand to hand abilities!

      8. Yeah, it probably would be. But when the world’s destroyed I figured the data would still be floating around. All Bass has to do is snag it

      9. His main goal is just to be the strongest. Plus he wants everyone to know that he’s the strongest. So if there’s some big villain out there claiming to be the stronget, Bass will appear just to take him down. That’s why he’s always fighting Megaman, since everyone says Megaman is the ultimate navi

      10. As I say, that’s assuming he can survive having their powers. Having Tzeentch’s powers is maddening enough, but the others as well? His body and mind would collapse.

        Plus Tzeentch is too paranoid not to allow for that. No-one with the powers of his minions could stand against him because he gives them negative powers as well.
        For example, Tzeentch’s minion The Changeling can transform into an exact replica of his opponent, with their skills, powers, strength and speed, but he can’t copy Tzeentch himself. After fighting The Changeling, he couldn’t copy Tzeentch.

      11. I’d say he could survive having their powers. Even if he imploded or something, then his Get Ability would instantly reform him with a body that could handle it. As for his mind, that I don’t see collapsing. Bass has never come even close to cracking and he’s one of the sanest characters I’ve ever seen!

        Well even if the powers wouldn’t work on Tzeentch, I still don’t see how he could survive a Bass speedblitz. Bass could use some hand to hand and planet busting skills in an instant to completely destroy him

    2. Besides, the moment Bass copys one of the Chaos God’s minions powers, they are linked to them, and they could simply remove Bass’s powers as “the gift of normality” or such, and make him into a normal human or such. Or a Chaos Spawn. Or “upgrade” his Get ability into a “Give” ability that gives away powers to others rather than allowing the user to copy them.

      When it comes to Tzeentch vs Bass though, it’s like an insurmountable force meets an immovable object. Except the immovable object finds a way to bypass the insurmountable force’s insurmountability and thus surmount it. Tzeentch plans everything out millenia in advance. His plans are infinitely complex and even if Bass could copy the full power of all four Chaos Gods, Tzeentch would outwit him and turn all that against him.

      1. But, if anything he would be their master. Since he would have their abilities plus his own, he could remove their abilities. Plus he still has a massive speed and power advantage so he could possibly destroy them before they even notice.

        The problem with making a plan that far ahead is that their can be some unforseen elements. Things he couldn’t control, like global warming, and other stuff. Even if he thought of those, Bass is unpredictable. Even if Tzeentch knows what Bass is gonna do, that doesn’t mean he can stop Bass. Bass can move faster than the eye can see and destroy whole planets and such. Not to mention that his barrier blocks all projectiles and he can reflect all projectiles

      2. But what if the Chaos Gods mutated him before fighting him themselves? They tend to send their minions frist in-series (mostly because they have no way to fit through the rifts and get into another world themselves) He wouldn’t have their powers so he wouldn’t have any leverage against them power-wise. They could, as mentioned above, change his abilities to something a lot less threatening, reverse his Get ability and mutate his body into a pitiful slimy creature that Khorne could add to his trophy collection. Once they have him, he’d be nothing but their plaything.

      3. Well, they can’t really change his abilities. At least, that sounds like an ability that wouldn’t work on the blog. It’s like how The One Above All is powerless on the blog because all of his powers make fighting not really real. Altering someone’s powers a bit may be fine, if it’s a beam or something that can be evaded, but if its something that just happens then it doesn’t really work. Also I doubt they could just reverse his Get Ability. It would adapt and evolve Bass into an even more ultimate life form

      4. It would make sense, then, if Bass were to fight “All of Media except the Chaos Gods”. If you take that awit’sIt like he’s not really fighting the Chaos Gods at all.

        Besides, it’s hardly any less fair than the Get ability. They can only usually do that to someone who has accepted their Mark. It only works on Bass because he would have copied the powers of the Mark with the Get ability.

      5. Well, I need to read up more on the Chaos Gods, but it’s just that I don’t agree with some abilities. You can’t just be willed out of existence or forced to do something you don’t want to do. Powers like that are usually taken out. There’s always a choice thanks to will power. It’s like how Telepaths aren’t much help on the blog, since I think almost any character should be able to resist.

        Also how I see it, if Bass got the Mark, then they still will have no control over him. They can try and switch his abilities, but it wouldn’t affect him thanks to the Get Ability. The Get Ability’s still fair because it just copies and helps Bass pwn. It doesn’t do anything unblog like

      6. I think that really depends on the character. There are those with the willpower to resist these things, but not just anyone can do it. If they can get him to copy or agree to a Mark of Chaos, they can do what they want with his powers up to and including the Get ability.

        If it just copies, how come it:
        1. Allows him to come back from the dead (does it copy the fact they’re alive?)
        2. Make him immune to having his abilities changed

        I mean, how do you define an ability as “unblog-like”? Rather than ruling out the abilities (giving an inaccurate representation of the character), couldn’t you just prohibit use of the character themself? It may sound strange but I think a lot of people would prefer that.

      7. Well, it’s like, for instance Dr Manhattan. If he were face to face with Nate The Great he couldn’t just wave his hand and make Nate The Great die. It just doesn’t work that way. I don’t count fights like that. Or mind control Nate The Great not to move while he destroys him. It takes away from the actual battle.

        It still depends how they alter his powers. If they just think it and his powers switch then that probably won’t work.

        The Get Ability is basically broken. Of course Bass is invincible which I guess also makes him a bit broken. He’s not really dead when it revives him, more like he’s injured or his material body is broken.

        It’s tough deciding which abilities don’t make it. I guess if it takes away from the fight a lot then I’ll rule it out. Prohibiting whole characters would be sad for their fans

      8. I see. I guess in the long run that ability is mostly used on their minions to empower/mutate them. But even so, even without mutating him, Tzeentch probably has a room in his Impossible Fortress that renders Bass’s Get ability unusable. Like one in which data-based beings like Bass are flesh and blood and vice-versa, and thus Bass can’t use any of his programs.

        Getting him to go there would be trickier, though. It’s possible a daemon of some kind could teleport him there, but only by creating a portal which Bass could dodge easily and even were he to be caught in it he could probably resist its pull, or pass back through before it closes.

        If Bass was created with the power he has now, couldn’t whoever made him just make a stronger version with a stronger “Ultimate program V2” using technology and knowledge from other technology or data-based characters like the Autobots, Decepticons, Digimon, Agents (from the Matrix) and such? Just asking

      9. Well Bass is flesh and blood. As shown in the manga he still bleeds and is basically like an organic in every way. Trust me, you should check out the manga. As for the room, how powerful is it? Couldn’t Bass just destroy it along with the planet/universe?

        Since Bass is Light Speed at the slowest it would be tough to get in the portal. of course Tzeentch has the rest of media there to help.

        Well when Bass was first created he wasn’t too powerful. I guess maybe Goku from DBZ chapter 1? Sounds about right, but the guy who made him was executed I think. I’m pretty sure his fate was pretty vague (But he’s pretty awful. He abandoned Bass at his time of need. (Wasn’t his choice) (That’s how Bass turned evil)) Well they’d need the Ultimate Program and that cannot be created. It’s kinda like the Matrix or the Force. It can’t really be created so much as it was always there, or the creators couldn’t make another one. It would be tricky

      10. Tzeentch has rooms with every variation of conditions imaginable. In each one, it’s like the laws of physics are completely different. In one, for example, a person who visits it may find their movements reversed, with walking forward taking them backwards and vice versa, while in another room, they might find that anyone who speaks the letter M bursts into flames. If Bass finds himself in one where his powers count for naught, he’d be in serious trouble. If Tzeentch stayed in his castle, he’d probably be safe, but I guess it’d be stalemate because he’d be stuck there and wouldn’t be able to force Bass to go into the castle.

      11. Also do the rooms effects affect Tzeentch himself? I’d assume not, but I wanted to make sure. Do any of the rooms negate powers? Most of those sound like they would only slow Bass down, but if he doesn’t know about the M and says it, that could be trouble. Of course if any of the other characters come to finish Bass off then they would feel the effects as well. I guess it’s a pretty big gamble then eh?

      12. But every character has limits. So, has he shown that he would make a room that negates powers? Since we only go by things that have been shown. Taking away powers is pretty tricky even for the strongest of fighters

      13. It’s not so much taking away powers as the laws of physics being different there in such a way that they don’t work. And it doesn’t exactly describe any any particular room, it just says that every room is different and that every imaginable variant is there. But maybe in your rules, since no individual room has written conditions then none of them are allowed, but still

      14. Yeah, since it’s not shown they may not count. Do these guys have any actual feats from the games and stuff, or is it all just legends? Like have they ever actually fought onscreen?

    3. any dbsuper character with god ki can beat bass by using the attacks DESTROY or SQUISH. So basicly omni king could beat bass

      1. Goku is one of the GOATS of media. He has power and speed beyond imagination. That being said, Megaman and Bass are still on a far higher plane of existence than any mere Saiyan.

  4. Well he doesn’t have a power advantage by any means against Khorne. I doubt he’s faster than Slaanesh either. And I don’t think his body could withstand the sheer power of four of fiction’s most powerful deities. I think his mind and body would be warped beyond recognition by containing their power.

    But even if it wasn’t, Tzeentch has The Changling. A demon that can turn into an exact replica of any being except Tzeentch himself. When Bass fights him, he’d effectively be fighting himself. And afterwards, if he survived, by copying the Changeling’s powers he would effectively bar his own ability to copy Tzeentch.

    1. And believe me, Tzeentch could predict global warming coming. He probably planned for it and may even be causing it

    2. Well even if he doesn’t have the power or speed advantage at first, he would before long. He can keep pressuring them by fighting fast and hard. Either destroying them, or forcing them to destroy him. If they destroy him then he gets their powers. Or if he manages to grab them he can take their powers. So then his mind will be as good as theirs and his power unbounded.

      Well the demon copies the powers right? Nothing’s limitless so I’m not sure it could exactly copy Bass’s power. Even if he did, Bass has more experience with his abilities than the Changeling. As for it stopping him from copying Tzeentch, it would be temporary at best. The Ultimate Program inside of Bass automatically heals itself in case of stuff like that. So once it’s healed Bass would be ready to pwn

      1. You’re right, while the Changeling can copy the form of any being but Tzeentch, but I think Tzeentch would have an easier job of winning the Great Game if the Changeling could just turn into one of the other Chaos Gods and use all their power. So there’s probably an upper limit to who he can copy the power of. That said, there’s nothing on a tabletop level he can’t copy in-game.

        But then Khorne gains power from every drop of blood spilled thoughout every world in every universe in existance. Even when his abilities are copied, he’d eventually become more powerful than Bass again, and Bass couldn’t copy that since it’s less an ability and more simply what he is; if he could copy that, he would cease to be Bass and would simply become Khorne

        Same applies to Nurgle (spread of disease, famine and decay), Slaanesh (art and pleasure) and Tzeentch (change)

      2. Yes, but Khorne’s ability may not be fast enough to save him. Because his power level probably only goes up slightly each time. So Bass would finish him off the moment he’s stronger. Also since he’d have the powers of a lot of other beings, after he gets Khorne’s abilities they wouldn’t even be close in power. Since Bass already has the power of Megaman (Casual Planet Buster) Nebula Grey (Embodiment of Darkness) Slur (Uber tough netnavi) Pharohman (Guy who deleted Megaman) and more

      3. Also, the changeling can also copy experience in some way (more or less. I think he simply copies their entire fighting style)

      4. I still think that sounds like he gets their fighting style, but no knowledge of it. He’ll just do what his opponent would have done with it, but without their strategy. This is something a lot of shows seem to forget sadly. Still, at least it sounds like these guys will give Bass a better fight than a lot of other opponents ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. oh so now there is another being that matches Bass’s so called “infinite power”? you forget Dreager, the Ultimate Program is useless when taking maximum amount of damage. it CAN be destroyed, the ability itself can. ive done my research.
    Bass may be the strongest being in his media, Gemini is the strongest in his. as is Vegeto SSJ4 in his.
    btw, Galactian explosion is about 3x as strong as Big Bang Kamehameha. i know this because ive seen it.

    1. We never said he could match Bass’s power ๐Ÿ™‚

      When has the Ultimate Program been destroyed in high canon? Let’s have a link, Bass is invincible btw.

      Well there’s the difference. Gemini Saga is the strongest Saint Seiya character (Maybe) VegitoSSJ4 is the strongest DBZ character, but Bass is the strongest character in all of media ๐Ÿ˜€

      Big Bang Kamehameha is stronger. Nothing can survive a shot like that!

      1. lol you dont know that for a fact. it has never been done. Gemini can EASILY get the power of the universe, and shoot it out in a Universal Expansion (HE JUST GOT this ability, in the last 5 episodes, when he absorbes Tameharashu Saga and gained his power)
        lol that or it could be Universal Explosion. that is still a galactian explosion just stronger.
        and no way a big bang kamehameha is stronger.
        DBZ talks alot of trash, but the only one that destroys galaxies is Cell (maybe) and Broly. broly has solid evidence. so, SSJ4 Vegeto is about 5,000 times stronger then broly, easy. correct?

      2. Trust me, I can tell. The regular Kamehameha can rip holes through dimensions. A Big Bang Kamehameha could potentially end everything! I know Saga is tough, but after a while he just can’t get higher. He’s DBZ level, but not quite Big Bang level. Well if Cell can blow up galaxies so can pretty much every villain after him. That’s a lot of villains! SSJ4 Vegito may even be stronger than that. Once we get to those levels it’s just crazy how powerful they get!

        Brogogeta sounds good, but how about Brogolygeta? Pretty epic!

    1. Yeah, TOAA is above gods, Dr M is pretty much a god, Eternity is kind of an entity that’s also above gods….in their universes ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure who would win in those, the feats are all kind of tricky for them

      1. Well as Dakota Walton says, his ultimate program can be overpowered. If any being could do it, it would be the Chaos Gods.

        Also, what about “Mr Shadow” from The Fifth Element? Since any attack other than from the five elements weapon will only make it larger and stronger, Bass would be unable to destroy it. All the others have to do is break one of the stones and it can’t be stopped.

      2. But Dakota failed to show any proof. The Get Ability cannot be overpowered, just temporarily delayed. Bass is invincible!

        Well eventually Mr Shadow would destroy Bass right? Then Bass would come back with his powers and win. Or Bass could just absorb him instead of fighting him.

      3. Also, when before I said:

        “it would be impossible to tell if that would work on living organisms”

        I was referring to the Get ability

      4. Well, the Get Ability should work. Technically the net navies are alive. Even though they are data they bleed and everything. Also he has beaten up humans when they were fully synced wit the navies.

      5. What I meant was could he “Get” a being with no data?

        And in that respect, a fight between Mr. Shadow and Bass would be endless, wouldn’t it?

        Also, wouldn’t Bass be thoroughly destroyed if the Daleks used the Reality Bomb?

      6. Yeah, I like to think he could. It shouldn’t be too different.

        Well I figure Bass can just absorb Mr Shadow and end the fight.

        I don’t think the Reality Bomb has enough power to destroy Bass. I’d take a kamehameha any day

      7. I guess so

        If he absorbed him, since Mr. Shadow is like a ball of sheer concentrated evil, I would think Bass would get absorbed from the inside. Absorbing him probably counts as an attack

        I’m sorry, Kamehameha is SO much weaker than the reality bomb.

        Now admittedly Bass could try to stop it before it activates, but if it had already been activated, I doubt even Bass’s data that he uses to resurrect himself could survive. And if the entire rest of the media were holding him back, I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to reach the crucible in ten rells (Dalek seconds)

      8. Don’t forget Bass is the King of Darkness! Also the dark power did get merged with him at one point, but he was able to control it. His will is extremely powerful because his Will even Transcends Deletion! So while Bass would be even more evil I don’t think he would get absorbed or controlled. If it was tough his Ultimate Program and Get Ability would help upgrade his body to contain it.

        Well, the Reality Bomb is tough, but it’s still basically an energy attack. The only difference is that it destroys whatever it touches. So if Naruto clashed against it with a Rasengan, I think the Rasengan would break through, ending the attack. I’d say it’s weaker than the Hub Blast so it shouldn’t do much (or any) damage to Bass. Remember, Bass’s cape blocks all projectiles and he can also use his Reflectance to block any beam and send it back at the opponent.

      9. It’s actually not an energy attack at all; in fact it’s quite the opposite. It cancels out electrical energy all the way to a subatomic level so structure simply falls apart.

      10. But how I see it, it’s still pretty much an attack. It’s strong, but if the electricity is too powerful then it won’t be able to work. So Bass’s life energy is way too powerful. Same with the Kamehameha…it’s pure energy!

      11. If it can cancel out all the electrical energy in an infinite number of parallel universes, then why is Bass safe? He has a lot of power, but it’s not infinite. Like the rest of the universes, he would become dust. And the dust would become atoms, and… you get the idea

      12. Well, he’s Bass. His energy is pretty much infinite. Also I wouldn’t say the Reality Bomb could take most of the B level opponents (B level means slightly less than planet buster) It’s a strong blast, but I’d say the same effect is like that of an energy wave. It’s like Tabuu’s attack, it turns you into a trophy….if the character wasn’t strong enough. Like, I don’t think it would turn Link into a trophy. He did in the game, but I think he would be able to tank the hit. So for Bass, I think the attack wouldn’t be able to take him down or get past his barrier. Bass could possibly even reflect it thanks to his Reflectance

      13. It’s kind of different from an energy wave. It’s more of a wave that cancels out electrical energy. And without electrical energy, no structure as we no it can be sustained. No matter how much of it you have, if electrical energy ceases to have effect, it’s like Davros says in the clip I posted earlier.

        And Tabuu did turn Link into a trophy, there’s no other way around it. Maybe Tabuu is simply a lot stronger than you’re giving him credit for (I’d definitely say he’s stronger than Link or Sonic)

      14. Yes, but if the energy is strong enough it could cause the energy wave to go back. It needs to stop the energy, but if it can’t, then the bomb won’t work. Like, if it hit Samus. It might drain some health out of the armor, but it probably couldn’t destroy it.

        Well, Link was potentially weakened from the journey. How could Tabuu beat Sonic? Sonic could just move at faster than light speeds and ram through Tabuu

      15. Is there any evidence of this? Also, if it can cancel out AN INFINITE NUMBER OF ENTIRE PARALLEL UNIVERSES then what in the heck has more than infinite energy?

        The answer is no-one. Nothing can have more than an infinite amount of anything. The title “reality bomb” is actually a bit misleading as it’s not actually a bomb

        As for Tabuu, why would Link need to have been weakened to have been beaten? He’s strong, but Tabuu had Master Hand on strings like a puppet, and Master Hand is often states to be like an embodiment of creative spirit or something. Dodging a wave that spreads out in all directions would be near-impossible too. (Although it looks like it only goes on one plane so perhaps it would be possible to jump or fly over it…)

      16. Well, Universes are definitely vast, but I’ve always had it stacked up; Characters>>Items>>>Locations So even if the bomb could stop the universes, that doesn’t mean it could stop the Power Star, which in turn couldn’t stop Ichigo. These characters have tanked extremely powerful hits! This bomb that’s not a bomb sounds tough, but I still don’t think it could one shot these guys.

        Well Link had previously fought Mario, Yoshi, and more, but I forgot all of is opponents. The Master Hand is a decent fighter, but I’d say most of the SSBB fighters could take him down. Link may not have to dodge the blast as long as he has his shield. Then he could potentially block it.

  6. Well since it’s mostly all tabletop games, they’re far too powerful to have in-game rules for them. But it describes the Realm of Chaos in the books (most of all the Daemons of Chaos one since each Daemon is like a part of their respective god), and a couple of stories of things that happen there. Since all Chaos magic comes from the Chaos Gods themselves, though, it’s pretty clear they exist in Warhammer continuity and thus most if not all of this is true.

    1. Well, that sounds like it won’t work then. I only really go by shown feats. It’s like how, if Dumbledore told Harry that Voldemort could obliterate planets with a single blast I wouldn’t believe him. I only go by shownfeats. So then a lot of the Warhammer and World of Warcaft characters wouldn’t be as powerful as usual.

      1. But all this is written in the army books, which are the main source of canon for Warhammer. If you only count on-screen appearances, half the armies can’t be used at all.

        Also, Bass may perhaps be the strongest being in media, but The Doctor is the smartest. Maybe he could figure out a way to stop Bass.

      2. Well, one thing is only fighters who have a picture available can fight on the blog, so if they have no pics then hat could be dicey. I still may use some feats, but with books it’s a Lot trickier. It helps if I’ve read the books myself, but it’s not like I can read every book. I guess I’ll just have to do a lot of research. At least you’ve already told me a lot about them so that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

        The Doctor is smart, but in the end he’s still human right? So if Bass blows up the planet from the Get go, that should take him out. Even if someone like Superman saved Doctor before the explosion hits, he probably can’t breath in space.

      3. He’s no human, he’s a Time Lord, a human-like alien from Gallifrey! The Doctor wouldn’t let him blow up the planet, but even if it did get destroyed, he could escape in the TARDIS.

      4. Wow, I always thought he was a human……well thanks for enlightening me ๐Ÿ™‚ So what are his powers? I know Time Lords are good as going through time and know things, but do they have any offensive capabilities?

      5. And as for the Chaos Gods, there’s no pictures of them, but they do give a description of each.

      6. Uh oh….hopefully fan art. A fighter needs a pic to be in the blog because I always give pics for the battles. They’ll probably have fan art though

      7. Time Lords have no real offensive powers apart from intelligence, although Time Lord weaponry (like the Master’s Laser Screwdriver) seem very powerful. Especially during the time war. The Doctor doesn’t have any real weapons though. He has his Sonic Screwdriver, but it’s not a weapon. And it doesn’t work on wood. But it can do quite a lot of other things.

        Non-offensively, though, they have a few notable ones. Most notable of all is regeneration; if they die, they come back with a new body and a different personality to some degree, although it has been suggested that each Time Lord can only Regenerate twelve times. If they have a severed part of them to hand, they can heal the injury that caused them to need to regenerate without needing to change (and, by extension, probably not use up a regeneration). If another being touches this severed part afterwards, they become a half-Time Lord, half whatever they were before hybrid, and the part regenerates into a second hybrid resembling the original Time Lord (although if this happens to a human, their body can’t withstand having a Time Lord consciousness for long, so in the one instance we’ve seen it used, he had to wipe his companion’s memories so she wouldn’t die. On that note, they also have some form of mind reading, but it seems to require the other person’s consent.
        Finally, they have two hearts, so anything that stops or destroys the enemy’s heart doesn’t kill them. This also seems to give them some kind of electrical resistance

        But overall, intelligence is their main asset

      8. So, in the end they’ll need to try and live long enough to think of a way to beat Bass. I still think a planet buster should be able to finish both hearts in one shot. Of course Bass could go the long way and move at light speeds to take everyone out. Still, at least the Doctor is tougher than I thought he was.

      9. Well, couldn’t he just take the TARDIS somewhere far away while he thinks up a plan? Or even into the past?

        And any attack that destroyed his entire body in one go would probably stop him from regenerating, so surviving a direct attack from Bass was never really an option for the Doctor

      10. Could you explain the TARDIS for me? I’ve heard it mentioned, but I’m not sure what it is. Is it kinda like a Spaceship? Because then I’m not sure it could outspeed Bass. As for going into the past, how fast could he time travel? Either way Time Travel is a tricky thing on the blog.

        Well, I guess Bass just needs to land the hit in then

  7. It can dematerialise in one place and reappear in anotherplace or time. Alternately, it can fly like a normal space ship.

    I should probably point out a few other things:
    1. It’s bigger on the inside
    2. It has very powerful shields, despite appearing to be made of wood
    3. The amount of power it has is enough to tear an enormous hole in the universe. Or temporarily give one of the Doctor’s human companions the power to control life, death, time and space. Or, if it’s time-travelling and explodes for any reason, every point in time simultaneously.

    Also, I just thought of a way the All Other Media Army could win this. You said before that the Reality Bomb wouldn’t work because it doesn’t have enough power to destroy Bass, right? So what if it had a power source four times greater than Bass himself?

    1. Okay, pretty cool. So, we just have to decide if we think the shields can tank an Earthbreaker, much less a Hyper Earthbreaker.

      Well, that’d be a mighty impressive reality bomb! Well, they’d have to be able to activate it before Bass blows it up. And stop Bass from going in the Dalek stronghold that’s immune to the bomb. Though I still think it would work a bit like an EMP. It would stop the electrons in Bass, but only temporarily. Then he’d just start functioning again

      1. But they’d have time if the rest of the media was holding him back. Every single Digimon at once plus Superman and Bo-bobo could probably manage about a minute, which is probably all the time the Doctor would need to rig up a system whereby the TARDIS plus four Dittos taking on Bass’s form could feed energy to the Reality Bomb. After that, there’d be nothing left for Bass to make a new body out of.

        Also, is Megaman set on another planet?

      2. Well, the reality bomb will disrupt the electrons and essentially turn him off right? Like, that’s how it destroys reality, by ripping the molecules out of everything and splitting it across the universe. So this could potentially slow Bass down and put him off line for a bit. Though I don’t think it would finish him off. The Ultimate Program keeps on absorbing and adapting. It may just start to work with broken molecules or just get the ability to break molecules.

        I’m not even sure if they could last a minute to be honest. I’d say Bass is even faster than SSJ4 Gogeta, which is pretty fast. So he could go around spamming planet busting attacks everywhere while moving faster than light.

        Megaman’s set on Earth usually. Once in a while they’ll go to space for the lols and lulz, but in the end it’s usually earth ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Not quite. It cancels out the effect of electrical energy itself, so there’s no force holding matter together and the cosmos just falls apart

        If that’s the case, what planet did Bass destroy? It wasn’t Neptune was it?

      4. So, it should take Bass offline for a moment. I still think the Ultimate Program would just automatically reboot.

        He never blew any planets up because of Megaman and friends. But he definitely could

        Bass blowing apart a Dark Gate aka probably a Black Hole

        Bass shaking the earth apart

        And just lots of other Bass feats scattered around the manga. I’d say he’s even stronger than the Saiyans!

      5. And between them, I’m fairly certain even Bass wouldn’t be able to beat them in under a minute. Bo-bobo could keep a single Super Fist attack going for longer than that.

      6. But let’s say that Bass is 10 X FTL, he could be in about 100 different places at once pretty much. He could just keep on stabbing everyone

      7. Yes, as long as it’s something that shows them it’s good. Can you send me a link to an icon? I know pretty much nothing about the whole franchise so I’m mostly in the dark

      8. I see. At least Neptune’s ok!

        If Bo-bobo got stabbed by Bass, he’d be fine, he’d just turn into a cabbage again or somehow block one of Bass’s attacks with a handkerchief or something crazy like that

        Sure! If you don’t know that much about them, here’s a few links; there should be pictures on these as well as a bit of extra info
        Here’s Khorne’s page:
        Here’s Tzeentch:
        Here’s Nurgle:
        And finally Slaanesh:

      9. Well, the force of the attack may still take out Bo-bobo. Since his aura shakes the earth, imagine how much force would be behind a stab!

        Well, now I can learn more about those guys! Thanks for the links ๐Ÿ˜€

      10. Ok, if that doesn’t convince you, add Omega Supreme, Trypticon, Grimlock, Mewtwo, SpaceGodzilla and Bo-bobo’s evil older brother Bi-bibi to the “hold back Bass” team

        And after the Quadruple Bass Reality Bomb, there’d be no matter to rebuild a body for Bass (or to store the Ultimate Program for that matter), would there?

      11. Yeah, I guess it depends if Bass wants to stretch things out or not. Though even if they fire the Reality Bomb, I don’t think it would be able to obliterate Bass’s body. It’s just pretty much unbreakable and super advances. With his data constantly upgrading and regrouping I think it’d come back together instantly. It’s like how a laser can melt what it hits, but if a laser hits Goku it won’t (Because Goku’s body is tough)

      12. However tough you are, the energy holding your body together is the same, albeit in this case there’s more of it. With no electrical energy left, there’d be nothing to re-bind Bass’s body back together

      13. Yes, but if the energy lays dormant, or is deep in reconfiguring, I figured it may not work. Like how when Prowl blasted Starscream with the EMP (In Transformers Animated) (The EMP can knock out any robot in a single blow because it turns all of their powers off) Starscream managed to still get up and escape because he had 2 power sources. The All Spark fragment that was inside of him, managed to revive him.

        So, I figured with Bass, it would wipe out the electricity in his body, but then the Get Ability or Back Up Data would kick in and he’d be just fine. Or his Ultimate Program

      14. So you’re saying he could convert some of the energy in the Ultimate Program or Backup data into more electrical energy to bind himself back together? That’s a logical theory, I’ll give you that one if you can tell me how the Ultimate Program itself survived. As a program, it must have to be stored somewhere, with its container gone how would the program survive?

        And what’s to stop the Daleks detonating the Reality Bomb again?

  8. I’m guessing Bass stores most of his energy as electrical energy most of the time. So if any electrical energy he had was cancelled out, and he was bonded back together with some of whatever energy he had left, he’d be pretty low on energy. In that state, what’s to stop

    A. Teridax or any of the other Makuta using their molecular disruption, stasis field, or any of their other powers to defeat him

    B. Avak trapping him with his Prison powers

    C. Any surviving Digimon or Mr Smith from the Matrix simply absorbing his data

    D. An incredibly powerful energy attack (say, a Kamehameha from every Saiyan in existance, a Cero from every Arrancar and Hollow, the superlasers on the Death Star and the Death Star II, a powerful ninjutsu from every Kage that has ever lived plus Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, Killer Bee, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Pain, Madara and the Sage of Six Paths, Final Getsuga Tenshou, Mewtwo’s Psystrike, Palkia’s Spacial Rend, Dialga’s Roar of Time, Reshiram’s Blue Flare, Zekrom’s Bolt Strike, Ho-oh’s Sacred Fire, Lugia’s Aeroblast, Heatran’s Magma Storm, Groudon’s Eruption, Kyogre’s Water Spout, Rayquaza’s Draco Meteor, Deoxys’ Psycho Boost, and the gunfire of every Transformer all rolled into one unstoppable beam.

    1. Yes, but Bass has instant regeneration so he wouldn’t be weakened for long. Like in the manga vol 7, after Megaman threw him through a lot of buildings, cut off his arm, and beat him up for well over 100 pages (Ending the fight by slamming Bass into the ground from really high) Bass had already recovered a bit when he got up.

      A I’m not sure if they could scramble his molecules. He’s a netnavi, his data’s all over the place anyway.

      B No prison can hold Bass

      C If they tried absorbing him, they’d end up with a lot of bugs and prbably die

      D. Well, first it’d be tough for the beams to not cancel out since they’re so many of them and so different. Of course if they do merge all of their beams into an incredibly large one, it would be there downfall. Bass can reflect the beam, causing it to go back at them. (with double power? I thought it was mentioned, but I’m not positive) Yeah, Bass is a Boss!

      1. Ok, I didn’t really expect Option C to work anyway, but even so, the fact Megaman could harm him in the first place has got to mean Option D could break through whatever defence he has that reflects beams like that, right?Assuming they could fuse into one beam. If not, they could just bombard him with these attacks individually. I don’t believe you mentioned the double power thing, but every energy-reflecting or absorbing power has got to have limits, if nothing else in how fast they can be activated. Also, if he wasn’t already fully healed by the time he stood up, would he recover from the Reality Bomb in time?
        Avak’s prison power is a curious case. When he makes it, it comes automatically made to counter the abilities of its occupant. For example, he used it on Kopaka and it created a cage of flames so hot, Kopaka couldn’t put them out. Even Tahu hasn’t managed that yet, so if there are limits to it, they must be very loose.

      2. Megaman didn’t hurt him with a beam. He tried, but it didn’t affect him thanks to his barrier. Megaman was only doing so much damage to him through hand to hand combat. ‘

        I agree that his beam reflecting has limits. There’s no such thing as no limits and it wouldn’t be fair to assume that Bass didn’t. He’s been hit with beams from behind so it’s possible that he needs to know that it’s coming. Of course with a big beam like that he’d probably see it coming. If they all shoot a lot of small beams, then he can probably dodge at super speeds, reflect some, and just let some bounce off of his cloak.

        He’d probably have to take a lot of hits while he’s recovering from the Reality Bomb, but let’s not forget his high speed regeneration. Their attacks probably wouldn’t do much damage thanks to that and when he’s ready to fight they could be doomed.

        For Avak’s prison, it’s just, how could he stop Bass from breaking out? He could counter his dark energy with light energy, but Bass has never been weak against light. And he could rip apart whatever steel or material the cage is made of. Or he power up and blow the whole planet apart along with the cage.

      3. Yeah, if the beam couldn’t come togather properly then it probably wouldn’t work. But if it did…

        The thing is, Avak’s prison is made of whatever it needs to be to counter the powers of its target captive; it doesn’t have a set material. For Kopaka, it was a flame cage, for a Makuta it would be made of light, etc., so whatever would be needed to trap Bass, he could summon it. Of course, he’d need someone to hold Bass in one place long enough to activate it.

      4. Well..if it did I still think he could reflect it, tank it, or dodge it. If it hit him that would definitely do some massive damage!

        But what if there is just nothing that can trap Bass? Then would the cage just shortcircuit or something?

  9. didnt say that.
    he sounds pretty powerful. i wouldnt say too OP that he could handle Gemini,
    but i would say he beats the lights out of beings like Superman and Green goblin ( hint, hint)

      1. Bear in mind though, Teridax has a planet-sized nigh-invurnerable body, a list of more than forty formidable powers (containing nearly every power imaginable, including all Superman’s basic powers and many, many more), control over shadows and the mind of a genius

      2. True, we still don’t want to underestimate Teridax. He could give many a great fight and curbstomp many others. He’s got a lot of great abilities in his arsenal.

  10. what food store?
    btw i honestly think that Prime (Gold Superman *ka-lil one million*)
    would be better then SSJ4 Goku ๐Ÿ™‚
    because at the point he entere hibernation, he focused his body on gaining power.
    so every day it would square, then cube, then 4th power, then 5th, for 68,000 years.
    so, its like this. each unit = superman’s power.
    1, 2, 8,4096, +256000000000000,
    and thats as much as my calculator will store! that is in 5 days.
    are you getting the picture?
    how many supermans do you think could take Goku SSJ4 on?

  11. lol he is much, much stronger then 1 millionx regular superman.
    okay.. if i did the math correctly, i shouldnt have to write down any zeros, but numbers will be long.
    and im sure i did the math correctly
    it would take him less than 9 months to reach this number:
    999,999,999,999,000x100x1000x10000x100000x1000000= A
    A followed by 100 googleplex 0’s

    1. I could’ve sworn we did this already >_>

      Well base Goku would be about 10000000000….00000000…0000000000000000……….000000000000000000000…….00000

      And then add a couple hundred more. It’s so crazily big, but that’s probably it. Like Gemini Saga he pretty much has no limit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. lol wait if you admit gemini has no limit, and you compare goku to gemini, that means hes much stronger then frieza! ๐Ÿ˜›
    btw i asked how many zeros
    like if it was 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    it would be 126 zeros. and that power level right there is much higher then 1 billionx 1 billion x 1 billion x 1 billion x 1 billion x 1 trillion x 1 trillion x 1 suptilian. which is greater then Buu

    1. Figure of speech ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t actually think Gemini has no limit and is Goku level. Just an epic example. I think Frieza would win ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      Oh, maybe add a billion of zeroes and do that a billion times. After that multiply it by a billion….A billion times XD

  13. even so, (that surpassing Omega shenron by plactillions)
    a highly advanced calculator shows that Superman will become tritillions times stronger then a billion^1,000,000,000
    in 120 years.
    you do know that he would still have 27,880 years to expand right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. lol no you are seeing this completely wrong. he ALREADY spent 68,000 years inside the sun ๐Ÿ™‚ so he has the power already. we just need to calculate it.
    since Goku has a power level of
    *which is about a billion more zeros then you ever named he was*
    Superman would surpass that in easily 400 years.
    and then he would be more than 100^1000^10000^100000^1000000^1000000000*1000000000*1000000000*100000000 the next day.
    so he would over shadow Goku’s rate of power increase in THE VERY MAXIMUM 12,000 years. after that, there is no way of beating him. i would even say superman beats Gemini Saga..

  15. lol you arent getting this dude.
    im saying in the 12,000 years that he did spend in the sun, he overpowered goku.
    and in the other 56,000 years was to make sure he stayed that way.
    think of it this way.
    for every power point Goku has, there are a google supermans.
    so, lets say Goku has a power level representing 100.
    he would be 100 google, which would be 100, followed by 100 zeros ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. no way man ๐Ÿ™‚
    the best goku can increase is 20x in a day. thats 10x better then he has ever shown us he can improve, even in the time chamber.
    Superman increased at least 100,000,000,000,000x a day, and then 100,000,000,000 more then that the next day.
    he surpassed him in 1,000 years easy. he overwhelmed any super sayain form in 12,000 years, and he overwhelmed SSJ4 Vegeto in 30,000 years.
    so in that extra 38,000 years he was in there, was just a backup plan ๐Ÿ™‚ he is much stronger then Goku.

    1. Goku can use the Kaio Ken which he can use to get infinitely higher ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, high enough anyway. SSJ4 Gogeta with Kaioken would be a boss ๐Ÿ˜€ Superman can’t possibly catch him. Also Superman doesn’t get that much stronger each day

  17. yes he does ๐Ÿ™‚
    day 1:1+1=2
    Day 2:2^3=8
    Day 3:8^4=4096
    day 4:4096^5=137438953472000
    shall i go on? he still has 24819996 days that he spent in the sun.
    here you do the math.
    a^ (x+1)=b
    and so on and so forth ๐Ÿ™‚
    having the left number equal to his power level before the day is over and the end number being the end of the day power level. and the equation in parenthases is always gaining 1 number.

  18. nope ๐Ÿ™‚ his hibernation causes his power level to grow at an exponential rate, including an equation very like mine.
    even Goku’s kio Kenx1 billion wouldnt work.
    all it does is add 12 zeros to the power limit. and it doesnt last forever. superman gets more power from the sun then Goku can get.
    and you are probably wondering why Superman Prime is stronger, when hes absorbing the suns rays, and goku is much stronger hten the sun correct?
    black energy particles are very infinite. These, along with yellow sun energy, mass produce to form a single kind of energy that, when in hibernation, Superman may absorb.

    1. Okay then…how about a link for Proof? ๐Ÿ˜Ž Gold Superman only appeared for about a comic so none of that was really stated. For all we know he’s barely stronger than Superman Prime. Goku could take him with the Kamehameha ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Heh, in math I’m not even up to the whole 1^3 stuff yet. I don’t use ^ though I can’t wait til I learn those because it seems a lot of people are using them nowadays

  19. Basically they mean you multiply one by the number before the ^ as many times as the number after it. So 10^3 is 1000, and 10^3^3 is 1000000000

    Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. yeah i thought you knew that sorry.
    ill try to find the link, but in the meantime,
    try to think of how incalculable that number is.
    if the exponential rate of growth is 1, 2, 8, 4,096, +256,000,000,000,000, in the first 4 days, could you imagine what it would be in the 24,820,000 days?

    1. Trust me, you won’t find that link. Superman’s powers just don’t work that way. He’s good, but he’s not quite at that level. Still, if he were that would be a cool power up for him ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. im sure i saw that somewhere. anyways, if you could possibly imagine that immense number, lets name it CC (Cant calculate)
    lets say superman’s power level is 2,000
    2,000 x CC
    wouldnt that be much higher than Goku’s power level?

    1. That’s a high number, but I wouldn’t say higher than Goku’s. Even if it’as higher than Super Saiyan, he has Super Saiyan 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ Still, it would be pretty impressive for Superman!

  22. okay, remember that link you sent me a while ago and you said *this one seems more correct*
    well the guy who listed that said his power level was, basically
    even then, that was Goku SSJ4
    now lets say Vegeto SSJ4 is a billion times stronger
    that would be his power level.
    if a being followed those calculations, he would surpass that number in the first 3 years easy.

  23. thats kinda… wrong.
    in his golden form he doesnt have a weakness. look it up on wiki.
    still, he did the math and everything. he showed what his power level would be and its not anything close to what the equation shows.

    1. Still, we haven’t gotten a link for Superman’s abilities. Trust me, he’s not quite as powerful as you think. Goku could beat him via speedblitz ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that Superman is still tough though

  24. goku never fought superman.
    and ive been looking at my history trying to find it.
    anyways, tell me, if you could just guess at Goku’s top power level, including kai oh ken.
    how many zeros would it have?

  25. how about, over 9,000?
    maybe more than 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000^1,000,000^100,000,000*100,000,000 zeros?
    its still equals zero total even with infinite zeros xD jk.
    anyways that number is higher than any number you said about him, i said about him, or anyone else has said about him.
    btw since you think Gemini would lose against frieza, then your blog battles dont really count. unless they fought in real comic strips or something.
    there is a youtube vid. where goku beats superman, then superman beats goku. maybe theres a tie video. i dunno but it all depends on the forms.

    1. Infinite Zeros are cool =DDD

      I think Gemini would lose to Frieza, but how does that make them not count? They’re all bound by my 100% accuracy policy. Plus I have started making some fanfics for the fights ๐Ÿ™‚

      I made a vid where Goku beat Superman so we can count that one as canon ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. alright let me get this straight. how does Frieza beat Gemini? Gemini can unleash billions of punches per second, so hand to hand is not an option,
    and remember? dimension buster at least?
    he can open dimensions easily, no matter the size.
    so shooting off ki is not an option.
    in naruto’s words, the only way to beat Gemini if your frieza, would be *to stare him down*
    which i highly doubt Gemini can die that easy. even if he does he gains the 8th sense, and comes back to life, and Gemini is way over FTL
    he can regenerate instantly? remember?

    1. Frieza can match/exceed Gemini Saga’s speed. Saga is extremely fast, but I don’t think he can take on Frieza. Can he open the dimension before Frieza hits him with a Death Laser is the question? The regeneration helps, but to be honest, I don’t see how he can take Frieza on. Remember, Frieza also has Majin Form and his Death Slicers

  27. if you want, after church today ill create one of those matches. kinda like the one i did for bass vs all of media. and hten you put yours. and we shall see who’s is better by whoever comments my name or your name.
    Uniforce vs Dreager1
    kinda sounds epic.

  28. wait, did you delete it? i am pretty sure i did a bass vs media match.
    remember when you told me (after i showed it to you) that i should try to start a blog? and how you loved that bass pwned?
    well im dakota walton lol i changed my username. but now im trying to find it and i cant. hold on ima keep looking

    1. You mean the story you wrote? That’s still there, but it’s a comment, not a post. So how would you see which has more comments?

      Yeah, I knew you were Dakota, as Admin I’m notified of these things ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  29. Gemini Saga Vs Frieza Tournament Match
    *Gemini arrives on Frieza’s planet*
    Frieza: oh? you dare challenge me?
    Gemini Saga: . . .
    Frieza: *growls* I’ll Destroy you, you little pest!!!
    *Frieza powers up all the way to 60,000,000 and blasts towards Gemini*
    Frieza: take this!!
    *Frieza unleashes a powerful haymaker, but Gemini lifts his hand up and block it with no effort*
    *Frieza looks in awe* what?!?
    *Gemini brings his other hand up and touches frieza, sending him far back*
    Frieza: thats it!! you asked for it!! *frieza starts unleashing punches at Gemini, at supersonic speeds, but each one, easily blocked by Gemini’s reflexes and strengh*
    Gemini: you weak twig.
    *Frieza somehow gathers his power level up to 120,000,000,000*
    lets see how you handle my true power!!!
    *Frieza charges up one powerful blast and blasts it at Gemini, hitting him directly*
    Frieza: ha! i knew you were too weak to fight me!
    *the blast disappears and Gemini is standing there, unharmed*
    Frieza: what?!?! i put everything into that blast!!
    *Gemini smiles and points his finger above frieza*
    Frieza looks up* huh?
    *a dimension, containing frieza’s blast opens and it fires at Frieza, hitting him directly*
    *somehow he survives, still with a power level of 70,000,000,000*
    *frieza unleashed blasts at his highest rate of fire, to have no effect*
    (((now you pick the ending!!!)))
    A. Gemini paralyzes Frieza and he is now dead
    B. Gemini ends it with one punch
    C. Gemini Preforms a big bang attack and destroys the universe
    D. Gemini traps Frieza in a dimension and he dies of old age
    E. Gemini splits Frieza in half with a dimension
    F. Gemini gathers the universes power and blasts it at frieza
    G. Frieza disables Gemini’s powers to regenerate and to burn his cosmos, then he trains for 8,000 years and comes back to beat Gemini and slowly does so.
    i dont really think G was an option, but i mean i had to make an option to where Frieza (kinda) wins right?

  30. lol post your way ๐Ÿ™‚
    G? first off, he cant disable his powers, he doesnt have the ability to do that.
    and 7th sense prevents his abilities to be blocked or destroyed.
    btw if you picked G this is what would ahve happened.
    G: Gemini gains the 8th sense, comes back to the planet and destroys Frieza with an almighty big bang.
    i even gave him an advantage by raising his power level into the BILLIONS!! that still couldnt stop Gemini.

    1. Hey, G was an option. Frieza won ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay, here’s the deal

      Saga: Eat this Frieza! *throws an energy ball* *Frieza slaps it away* My Gosh!
      Frieza: Enough games! *teleports to Saga and unleashes some terrifying hand to hand attacks*
      Saga: You haven’t seen the last of me!
      Frieza: I have *Blasts him with the Death Beam…..DEATH BEAM. Basically Gemini Saga dies.

      3 possible endings

      A. Frieza just walks away
      B. Frieza melts his body with a giant energy blast
      C. Saga gets up, but then gets knocked back down by Frieza

      Of course it wouldn’t be quite that short, but I may turn it into a fanfic someday and couldn’t write tooooo much

  31. hahahahahahahaha!!!!
    you are so funny!!!
    you forget Gemini’s basic 300 mil x FTL bro ๐Ÿ™‚
    dodges his power easy. and no way frieza can block infinite power. he is a low level DBZ.
    remember, gGemini goes FTL as an infant.
    Frieza has no proof of ever going faster than light.
    my version was way better. Gemini wins. end of discussion,

    1. You forgot about Frieza’s massive hand to hand knowledge. Gemini can’t take him in close quarters combat. Plus Frieza can spam his Death Beams which are extremely fast and deadly. Your version was cool I’ll admit ๐Ÿ™‚

      But Frieza pwns ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  32. oh really?
    billions of hits? im not sure hes in that league yet.
    remember thats without burning cosmos ๐Ÿ™‚ if he wanted to he could blast trillions of hits.
    oh and spamming wont work remember? you left out the dimension controlling ability. Gemini would never blast a blast directly at an opponent, he would open a dimension and shoot it thru, then open it when the time is right.
    death beams arent an option, his armor makes sure of this ๐Ÿ™‚
    here, the only being strong enough to take Gemini Saga down would be one that could defy physics and remove his 7th sense. after that its easy pickings

    1. I think he could do enough hits to take on Gemini Saga. He’s got speed and cunning ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well, the Deathbeams are fast and could hit him before he used the dimension ability. Or use his Death Slicers and make them go around the portals. He can dodge the portals that Gemini uses. The beam would still work if he aims for the head ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. head gets sliced clean off, then he regenerate it instnantly.
    and no, dimension powers for Gemini are instant. much faster then frieza can ever imagine.

  34. well frieza has never shown to be FTL, and Gemini is 300 mil times FTL.
    and his instant regeneration helps him heal from any attack (if that ability is still able to work for him)
    remember, as long as there is life in the universe, Gemini Saga will return. he comes back from Cosmos (technically EVERYTHING in the Seint Seiga series does, just not everything has the ability to come back)
    so as long as it has energy, cosmos, or a power level, He will return from nothing ๐Ÿ™‚ which in turn frieza was chopped into tiny bits by Trunks (not saying he’s weak AT ALL) With a sword. so his defense isnt that strong, not like Goku who can block a sword swipe with one finger!

    1. Still, if a Death Beam hits him then he’ll probably die even with his regen. I just don’t think he could recover from the trauma ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well, Trunks could do the same to many fighters including Gemini Saga so that part doesn’t really change his defense. Frieza’s a Boss!

  35. lol you dont get it.
    Gemini comes back no matter what ๐Ÿ™‚ even if Gogeta SJ4 completely dissenegrated him, he would come back.
    death beam? he dodges faster energy waves easily. those dont travel too fast ๐Ÿ™‚ not faster than instantaneous.
    which is how fast he can open a dimension.
    Gemini has the massive firepower, speed, and ability advantage.
    Gemini’s last resort would be, whenever frieza looks at Gemini, he would become his puppet.
    so Frieza is fighting blind against a force 100,000,000x stronger then him (at the very least) with almost no protection at all.

    1. I dunno, not many can come back from Gogeta SSJ4’s attacks ๐Ÿ™‚

      Death Beams are pretty much instant. Not even Goku could stop him from getting Dende.

      I think you underestimate Friexa’s ability to fight the unknown and come out on top ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. and what power level was he? oh yeah less than 1 million -.- (at the time)
    i do understand that, at the time, it took everything Goku had to destroy him.
    bt in a movie i saw (forget the name)
    gohan kills frieza with one half/ punch.
    Frieza isnt one of the strongest beings known. not even close.
    okay? his death beams are *pretty much* instant.
    Gemini can teleport across the universe in seconds.
    Frieza may seem strong, but really, he is no real fighter against Gemini.

    1. Gohan beat him in one hit, but that was Arc 3 time. Like around Buu, of course he’s die in one shot. Still, 1 million is impressive! What’s to say that Gemini’s isn’t 30000? DBZ levels are just much stronger than most others.
      Pretty much instant is still pretty impressive. I’m not sure Gemini Saga could dodge that

  37. Gemini Saga IS instant ๐Ÿ˜€
    and he doesnt have to dodge it if he can tank it ๐Ÿ™‚ he kinda has, oh i dunno, invincible armor ๐Ÿ™‚
    whats to say Gemini isnt 30,000? oh.. i dunno.. just
    he slices down galaxies with a wave of his hand.
    he travels the universe, thru dimensions too at will, and at incalculable speeds.
    he has the ability to come back from the dead
    he can read the opponents minds
    he has amazing phychic abilities.
    he has the ability to increase his power at will, anytime we wanted to, and increase it enough to overwhelm his opponent.
    he has Infinite cosmos. he can grow infinite power ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. He’s fast, but I’m not sure I’d say instant.

      I’m not sure if the armor can block the laser. The Death Beam is extremely powerful!

      Burter can do all of that (mostly) and he’s only at around 30K. See Gemini Saga may be more that level. He’s still ultimately powerful, but no match for Frieza ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. xD nah. no way.
    Gemini is instant. he teleports kinda like instant transmission for his universe.
    remember he can increase his power to the power of a big bang! and thats not all. thats only x3. he can get up to xtrillions.
    one of Vegeta’s main attacks is the big bang ๐Ÿ™‚ and that would destroy friexa easily.

  39. okay cool but this isnt Gemini vs Vegeta this is frieza vs Gemini.
    Gemini has Vegeta’s powers easily.
    Vegeto’s power level is almost infinite correct?
    gemini’s is infinite.

    1. Gemini is not even close to Vegeta’s power. Vegito’s power may as well be infinite because pretty much no character in media can match it. Gemini’s tough, but I’d still say he’s only at around Frieza level

  40. and you cant accept the fact that Gemini is infinite.
    so is Vegeto.
    Gemini is able to raise his power infinitely because of his Pope rank.
    now tell me
    can frieza beat an infinite power?

  41. Gemini is the host -.-
    you know what? there is no way im ever going to convince you that Gemini Saga is much stronger than you’re giving him credit for, am i?

  42. alright well.. just let me list some things he has done and when u read the manga, we shall resolve this little issue with Frieza, cell, and even Omega Shenron.
    He traveled light speed as an infant
    he killed the strongest Golden Saint, at full power, with one Galactian explosion.
    His Golden Armor is impenetrable, and therefore with the 7th sense is *another Gemini*
    He came back from Hell to assist Athena
    HE BROUGHT ATHENA BACK TO LIFE after she had killed herself (yes im just as supprised as you when i found out)
    he can posses any living being with nothing more than eye contact, and even just feeling the presence of the enermy
    he can hit billions of times per second. master at hand to hand combat.
    i got the Plasmaman sketch drawn out, except for his hands and feet. ill quickly make a youtube video and you tell me what needs to be improved.

  43. well yeah. he’s one of the only beings that can destroy galaxies with a single wave of a hand
    remember? i think broly did something similar to that. destroyed the southern galaxy? with one blast? oh yeah i remember that.
    but Gemini easily swipes down galaxies with a flick of the wrist ๐Ÿ™‚ so, how is he NOT broly level?
    btw the dark shaded parts of Plasmaman represents Custom color: 1
    and the blank spots on him represent Custom color: 2
    after watching the video send me a youtube message reccomending some colors or changes.

  44. tough but what? he does swipe down galaxies.
    look it up. broly does the same thing with energy.
    Broly has the massive speed advantage? sure. lets just say he does.
    even so, whats that gonna be able to do to Gemini? Invincible armor, teleportation, dimension busting/opening leaves any ki blasts out. maybe hand to hand if Gemini wasnt trying.

    1. Well, he’s tough, but Galaxy busting isn’t what it used to be. Well, fine, it kind of is still cool, but would it be enough? Broly can blast through it to take him out. Hand to hand is one of Broly’s advantages and helps him take the match

  45. Broly has the massive speed and hand to hand advantage ill give him that.
    but Gemini is just so.. raw power.
    Broly blasts a huge blast at gemini, it goes thru the dimension trick and hits him.
    gemini takes major damage, but then heals, and powers up.
    this continues until broly cant power up anymore. or Gemini just powers up all the way. which shook the entire SS universe.
    Gemini can take hits ๐Ÿ™‚ huge hits. unmeasurable hits. even tho the dimension thing will never fail i still put it into calculations.

  46. yep ๐Ÿ™‚
    what if there was a DBZ character that, wasnt very powerful, but his speed out calculated SSJ4 Vegeto’s anyday? like a supreme intelectual cosmic being? that would be sweet.

    hmm.. ima list some stats
    Power: 800
    Speed: 1000
    Hand to hand: 800
    intelligence: 50.
    other abilities: 0
    Power: 700
    Speed: 700
    Hand to hand: 700
    intelligence: 1000
    other abilities: 1000
    almost as accurate as i would put it. but then again Gemini could always burn his cosmos to increase his stats.
    lets say this is Geminis limit (when he truly has none) which one would win according to the stats?
    and if u disagree with the stats feel free to post your own.

  47. how about 400? ๐Ÿ™‚
    and if you count the numbers, Gemini is much higher in alll the stats combined.
    knowing this do you still agree with them?

  48. yeah but if it takes all of your power to hurt the enemy ๐Ÿ™‚ your in bad luck
    still, if you do agree with those comparisons then that means Gemini is much stronger then frieza, cause broly is way out of friezas league ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. There is godly beings out there that can completely erase things, for example, one above all and grand master zen-oh. there are also things with mind control, like brother blood, and electricity control , like spark man, which can control bass and make him destroy himself. There are also troll and meme characters that are invincible, finally there are fan characters (there technically part of media) that are Mary sues and can easily wipe the floor with bass. therefore bass isnt that strong.

      1. I won’t spoil anything, as it’s one of the most epic anime ever (and the only one in which the scale dwarfs even Dragon Ball), but I reckon by the end Team Dai-Gurren could defeat even Bass, let alone with the rest of the media’s help. Watch the series and see if you agree by the end. I’m willing to wait for the Simon fights until after you’ve watched it

      2. Well, long story short I may not be watching the series for a long time if at all depending on the content, but I’m still glad about the no spoilers part, but don’t worry, I’ll be okay. I already know most of their abilities via other debating sites and the robots are extremely powerful. I know that the really big ones can shatter whole planets/solar systems just by moving which is pretty impressive. Beating Bass however?….I’ve debated that battle over on another site and I think Bass still takes this one. He still has his massive speed advantage and I don’t think the robot could tank his stronger moves. I still think Bass is the strongest being in all of media ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann can shoot time-travelling, probability-altering missiles out of the sky by hitting every point in time simultaneously, and it’s not the most powerful version of Gurren Lagann…

    1. I think Bass’s barrier will be able to tank it, plus since it’s a projectile his reflectance will be able to reflect them back at him. Plus his speed might let him dodge the rest

  50. Speed counts for naught in dodging that attack as it hits every point in time at once, including before Bass moved

    And consider this for a second: Spiral Energy can be used by anything with a double helix genetic code (in other words, all humans and advanced life forms we know of). Other than that, it seems to come from sheer determination. And there were plenty of spare Lagann-like vehicles floating in space from the war… Give one each to Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Lee, Guy, Killer Bee, Jiraiya, Ichigo, Kazuki, and every other particularly determined character from all forms of media, and the amount of Spiral energy that could be achieved would be above comprehension. With just what was left of Team Dai-Gurren, they created a mecha the size of a galaxy….

    1. The attack would be everywhere, but the ones that should be where Bass are blow up because of his barrier. The ones in front and behind him are reflected. As for the others, they hit time and stuff, but he’ll be okay.

      As for the spiral part. If they could make it to the robots that could be dicey, but Bass could probably destroy them before they made it. Even if they did make it however, they wouldn’t be able to master the controls right away. If they spam the attack they may take each other out of the fight by mistake

  51. I dunno about the controls problem. Everyone in Gurreen Lagann piloting a gunmen for the first time has been able to pilot them fine straight from the get-go.

    1. Yeah, but that’s how the main character of Angelic Layers happens to be awesome at fighting, or how the main character of Sugar Princess is awesome at skating. The main characters are usually great at what they do because they’re hardcore. Naruto’s never really used any form of technology before so he may not understand the controls

    1. Yes, but we’ve also got to account for the fact that he’s the main character of the show. That tends to help a lot with those things. Also when they show the inside, how does it look? Like the Eureka Seven controls usually look pretty hard

  52. All the gunmen used by humans in Gurren Lagann are stolen from the Beastmen, so the same probably applys to all of them. Control-wise, basically there’s just two joystick-like things and a Spiral Meter on Lagann

    1. Oh, that sounds simple enough, but how strong are the joysticks? Because some guys like Yusuke or Naruto may push too hard and it snaps or something. Of course the robots are so big that they couldn’t even move without hitting each other

      1. Gurren Lagann has been shown to self-repair from a burst of Spiral energy. Even if they broke the controls, they’d repair and they could have another go, learning this time that they don’t need to use so much force. Although I don’t think that would be necessary. Yusuke would know how much force a joystick needs, (after all, he was one of the ones who had played the game that Gamemaster stuck them in back when it was an arcade game). Naruto, maybe. Lagann itself and the other Lagann-like units floating in space are tiny by mecha standards, it’s only when they fuse with larger things that they become quite so massive. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann seems to be summoned from sheer Spiral Energy, but it needed something as big as Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to pilot the head cockpit. So they wouldn’t be so huge until they fuse together. And once they’re fused, there’s nothing to crash into.

      2. So, at first they’re small? I’m guessing Transformer size (Animated versions) or more like Live Action size? Then it’s probably back to Bass’s speedblitz, but they won’t want Bass to get near them. If he’s able to incorporate the tech and Spiral energy into him then things may get even more dire for the heroes.

        Yeah, those guys definitely sound like some of the stronger beings out there.

  53. Not really. Think smaller. Gurren Lagann could be said to be transformer-size. Lagann is its head.

    Bass can’t use Spiral Energy. He doesn’t have a double helix genetic code. It is possible that he could use his speed to try to intercept them and destroy them before they fuse, but what if all the non-spiral beings (all the daemons, gods, homunculi, undead, Makuta, Digimon and anything else that can’t use Spiral Power) were to hold him back?

    1. Yeah, that is pretty small. I guess around Headmaster size then. So, one big Hyper Earthbreaker from Bass should pretty much destroy them at once.

      Well, I think with Bass’s Get Ability he could get the code. I mean, his Ultimate Program rewrites itself to stop viruses and everything so he’s pretty good at that sort of thing. Of course he can also give the robots bugs by touching them. If the bugs mess with the code then they may not be able to use spiral energy.

      The others could hold him back if he lets them. Like, if he doesn’t feel like he has to take the Laganns down quick then he’ll stay and fight. Of course if he knows they’re a threat he could just blast through them all at incredible speeds while beam spamming. Not to mention that he goes so fast he’s virtually teleporting.

      Of course now with the whole bugs thing he could maybe take them down regardless

    1. Yeah, I remember that video…or one similar anyway. The sizes are definitely intense! (Someone showed me this once to prove that Bass couldn’t win also as a matter of fact) I think their size may be used against them. They are so huge that getting someone as small as Bass would be a problem. Especially with his incredible speed!

      1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can hit every point in space and time in proximity (and that’s a pretty huge proximity) simultaneously. There is no missing. The enemies even tried using missiles that alter probability itself to ensure they hit and cause maximum damage, and Team Gurren were able to stop that. There is no missing. There is no dodging. Bass WOULD get hit

      2. Well, Bass reflects the ones in front of him and then charges into him. Or he could put up his ultimate barrier that should block the blast. So, he doesn’t need to dodge it, so much as block it.

  54. But would he be able to block it? In the face of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s attacks, I doubt even Bass’s defences would hold up. Bear in mind that Arc-Gurren Lagann (the mecha within the head of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann which in itself is within the head of TTGL) had attacks strong enough to tear holes in the universe. No guard will be sufficient; this is the drill that creates the heavens!

    1. I think he could tank it, but if not, he doesn’t have to. He has the reflectance which just reflects the beam and shoots it back with double the power. Not even the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann might be able to tank that kind of attack!

  55. TTGL could deflect the beams with the same drill. Since a Giga Drill is generally far larger than the Gurren Lagann form using it (in fact, the standard Giga Drill is almost WIDER than Gurren Lagann is tall, and they generally stay proportional in size to the Gurren Lagann form using them), the drill obscures the mecha completely while TTGL is using it. That’s assuming Bass’s attacks are strong enough to do any damage at all to TTGL in the first place.

    1. Well, if he reflects it Bass can reflect it as well and the cycle will continue, each time the beam gets 2X stronger. Eventually it would get strong enough to pierce through the drill and take him down. Plus if Bass gets close enough he could just break in the robot and take out whatever human is inside. Or, if it’s electronic he could jack in the robot and power it down

  56. Due to the shape of a drill, any beams reflected off it would fly not directly back at Bass, but away at an angle

    TTGL is piloted by about ten different people in different parts of its body. Defeating the others will lower its overall Spiral energy a little. To get to the main pilot, Simon, he’d have to attack near the head. Inside the head is a cockpit with Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann at the controls. Inside its head is another cockpit with Arc-Gurren Lagann controlling SGGL from with, and inside ITS head is the original Gurren Lagann. The head of Gurren Lagann is Lagann. Inside that is Simon. By the end of the series, he’s practically a miniature Gurren Lagann form himself.
    Bass would have to smash through each one one by one without being intercepted by drills, beams or the like. His speed wouldn’t help here as the action of breaking through a Gurren Lagann face would slow him down enough that the smaller Gurren Lagann could shove him out with drills or such. Then it would auto-repair.

    Attacking electronics wouldn’t work. By this stage I doubt it has any. The smaller forms probably would, but TTGL wouldn’t need them as it’s probably animated purely by Spiral energy.

    1. Well, Bass’s intense speed plus power means that he would probably break through each layer without slowing down much if at all. Plus I think he could still evade the weapons that the others have while getting deeper and deeper. Plus, once he’s inside of the big one, the rest won’t present as much of a problem to him. Once inside, he won’t have to worry about guys like Goku and Naruto getting in the way because if they follow him, then he can just keep them back with energy blasts or “bug” them.

      Plus, Bass has his own auto repair. If a drill does manage to injure him, then he can keep going and he’ll be healed instantly. Loss of limbs is nothing to Bass. If he had too, he could even use his Hubstyle, Dark Form, or Beast Out to increase his speed and power even further

  57. Name: Bass
    Origin: Megaman Series
    Gender: Male
    Classification: Advanced Robot
    Age: Unknown
    Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, and durability. Can shoot his own Charged Shot, as well as fire normal shots in rapid succession, and learns new abilities from defeated enemies. Is able to fuse with Treble similar to Megaman and Rush. In Megaman 8, he gains access to Evil Energy and can fire powerful laser beams.
    Weaknesses: No notable weaknesses
    Destructive Capacity: Multi-city block level
    Range: A few meters
    Durability: Small building level
    Strength: Class 100
    Stamina: Superhuman
    Speed: Possibly Hypersonic+
    Standard Equipment: Arm cannon
    Intelligence: Due to being an AI, we can assume he has a vast knowledge on many things
    im sure many chacters are stronger then Bass alone.
    post actual stats of bass from a website on the internet that proves these stats wrong.
    or Bass is actually weaker then you think. much weaker.

    1. Thing is…that’s (Kid) Bass. Not Bass. Remember, there are two different Basses. Bass from Mega Man and Bass from Megaman. They are completely different and Kid Bass is nothing compared to Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and stuff

      1. What? The two Basses are the one from the original Megaman series and Megaman E.X.E

        And neither were proven to be planet busters.

      2. EXE has appeared in various forms of media though. Manga, Anime, and Games. In the manga he’s extremely powerful and unstoppable. But yeah Bass from the classic Megaman series isn’t anything to brag about

      3. Wait, different series incarnations of Bass count as seperate characters but the Transformers with the same name and movie and original versions of other characters don’t?

      4. Well, these different versions of Bass aren’t the same character. Transformers doesn’t count because it’s the same character, just an alternate retelling or alternate timeline version. For Bass and Bass EXE they’re completely different. (Kid) Bass was built by Dr Wily in the hopes that he would be the perfect navi, but later he built Zero to take everyone down (Leading into the Megaman X Series) Meanwhile Bass EXE, it depends on the version, but he’s basically the ultimate navi who rules the undernet and cannot be stopped.

        I’ve never considered EXE to be an alternate universe to Classic, but something completely different. Supposedly its not in the same continuity, but I have my doubts. EXE is really high tech so it probably takes place after Legends if I had to place it somewhere. Then it leads into Starforce

  58. I guess you must think Bass also has absolute power over every element such as time and space. I really don’t see where you think that he has such feats.

      1. His Get Ability doesn’t work on everything. He isn’t the god of all media. He is below even Krillin.

      2. He pretty much is the highest person in media. Krillin wouldn’t stand a chance on him. There doesn’t seem to be anything capable of stopping the Get Ability

    1. Nope. He is the highest being in your delusion of him. But that isn’t reality.

      His Get Ability Program is limited and he never once showed anything that can be thought of as planet busting let alone anything higher like solar system busting and whatnot..

      He is below Krillin. Hell, I may as well say he is below Raditz. And barely up to early Saiyan saga Piccolo standards. He might even only be on Master Roshi standards considering Roshi blew up the moon one time in the manga.

      1. I’d say that he’s the strongest being in all of media. You don’t think it’s reality and I do. We all will differ in our battle opinions at some point.

        The Get Ability program isn’t limited and it can absorb anything.

        Roshi and Raditz aren’t nearly fast enough to stop Bass. Likewise with Krillin

  59. Not only that but Bass alone isn’t even the GOD of all media so he can’t even absorb anything from another universe that way since it has a different nature in general. He can’t even absorb something without killing it. So since the last feat that Bass showed, which was theoretically at being barely able to bust a planet, he can’t even begin to match up to the Dbz planet busters. There just is no factual evidence to support your claims.

    1. He’s above such things. He can basically absorb just about anything that he needs. Actually, he doesn’t need to destroy someone to get their powers. In the manga, he was able to get Megaman’s powers, just by battling him. Bass’s speed and power are lightyears ahead of anything DBZ can throw at him by the end of the series

      1. If he isn’t the God of all media then he can’t absorb anything from another universe other than maybe simple universal objects that don’t constitute to anything important. He can absorb about as much as a simple rock or a car. Bass’s speed and power are a speck compared to even low tiers like Namek saga Krillin. In the manga he never showed anything past being a moon buster. The rest is a bunch of speculation.

        Proof first. Then belief. Not just uneducated words. The manga shows no such feats of being a planet buster let alone the strongest being in all of media. He can’t even level a solar system if he couldn’t beat the fused Cyberbeast alone, or absorb someone who can blow one up since no such being has been shown or foreshadowed to even exist in Megaman and he isn’t the god of all media so he won’t absorb anyone from another universe. And Duo only showed his power to destroy a planet but no one could even scratch him in Megaman EXE anime so Bass is weak as dogs compared to Dbz characters.

        Just because his powers sound fancy doesn’t mean they are as good as they sound.

      2. Yes, but this is all If he isn’t the god of all media. So, already that’s a bit iffy. There’s no possible way that Krillin could keep up with Bass’s speed. Bass was moving faster than light in his first appearance and like Goku, he got many times stronger as the series went on. He shook the entire planet just by powering up, so the planet busting part is pretty easy to figure out.

        In the megaman anime they were toned down, but if you think about it…that shows how tough they are. Duo was a planet buster and early manga Bass would still destroy him. Bass is just too strong to lose. His powers are both fancy and awesome. I’ve seen them in action

      3. And he was still battling Megaman. But he didn’t absorb Megamans raw power. He only absorbed what he could from Megaman giving off from his Hub style. He can’t absorb raw power unless he kills them. And his ability cannot just steal from them with killing or using what’s left from what came out. He at first didn’t kill to survive when he got betrayed by Scilab. He absorbed already dead data and bug fragments.

      4. What do you mean, he didn’t get the raw power? He got Megaman’s power and became his superior. Megaman only won because good guys always win to some extent in the end. Bass can asorb through a variety of means, so it’s basically impossible to stop him. One way or the other he will always absorb his opponent’s power. Whether it’s through battle or victory

      5. Bass is not the god of all media. Fact since he isn’t present in all media in one way or another. And Bass wasn’t moving faster than light. And even if someone says so in the manga doesn’t make it true.

        When Goku fought Piccolo in the tournament Kami claimed that his “godly eyes couldn’t keep up” and they must be moving faster than light. But that doesn’t make it true.

        There is no image of the manga showing the planet shaking. It only shows glimpses of land shaking. Not the planet itself. Bass is still outmatched by even Krillin.

      6. He’s not present, but he’s always the strongest. He was FTL and he’s showcased it many times. Goku may have been FTL at that point. He was definitely immensely fast at that point. Megaman said that the planet was shaking which is good enough for me. Also Krillin wouldn’t stand a chance!

      7. Bass absorbed an ability NOT raw power. To absorb raw power means that if you measure your own power level to someone elses and absorb that person then you add their power level. Buu does that sort of thing. But just taking a single one of a persons abilities doesn’t equal to raw power of his entire being being absorbed.

      8. Bass pretty much absorbed his power and added it to his own. They didn’t make a big deal about it like Z, but that’s why he was so much stronger than everyone. Bass absorbs pretty much everything

  60. You always say that Bass.Exe can move, like 100,000 times the speed of light or something. Well, that’s completely not true because if something tries to move faster or even at than the speed of light, Mother Nature will create a paradox to slow down time so that he is only moving a little bit slower than the speed of light.

    1. This is completely inaccurate Dylan. sure, one cannot move from point A to point B faster than light is allowed to go, but one may travel across 10 lightyears in less than 10 years due to the warpspace and exotic energy principle. as an OPAC ship would have exotic energy pull in the front and basic matter-to-energy converter in the back,it can warp spacetime itself to travel across great lengths of space in a shorter amount of time than light can.
      but this method of travel for one being is highly unpractical.
      the closer an object gets to the speed of light, the more energy is turned into mass. taking more energy to speed up. therefore nothing can reach the speed of light.

      1. I am dylan, just changed, k? I think you are going into warp-speed terms. Warp speed is technically “faster” than light speed. But warp speed is completly fictional. Mother nature WOULD create a paradox. Let’s pretend that an OPAC ship could go WAAAAAAAY faster than the speed of light, theoretically. Well, going faster than the speed of light is basically time traveling. If you go at the speed of light, then time stops. And time travel in real life, even with the most advanced technologies, is impossible. The paradox would either destroy what was making it (the ship) or just make it go a second slower than the speed of light. It is impossible to go AT the speed of light, much less faster than it. For example, if we were on a train that was going .000000001% of a phantosecond slower than the speed of light, right? And then I punched my hand out. Wouldn’t I be going faster than the speed of light? Well, what would stop me from freezing time? That’s why Mother Nature creates the paradox. What would happen is the paradox would bounce back and forth between the ship and eventually it would implode.

        THE END

      2. Lightspeed only works by that logic in the real world. In fiction, people surpass the speed of light many times. Timestop is merely one scenario that can occur. One can also think of it this way, time Is stopped for everyone else, but not for the combatants. It would explain why guys like Krillin can’t even see Goku while he’s fighting the stronger opponents. Maybe time is just stopped for those guys. That being said, I don’t believe that it would necessarily stop time

  61. Hi there, I am Michael. If Bass were to use his Get Ability on all of media wouldn’t he lose immediately because of Kamijou Touma?

    1. Touma is a force to be reckoned with for any character since his hand can negate “all” abilities. That being said, his arm is the only reason why he is usually a threat. Bass can easily speedblitz and hit him from behind. I also doubt that Touma could stop his Get Ability.

      Still, he wouldn’t get the chance. The Get Ability is not something that Bass shoots at his opponents. It just happens when he is defeated or absorbs someone. The only chance that Touma has of nullifying it is making contact with Bass and that won’t happen because of Bass’ incredible speed!

    1. The original Bass can’t move at massively FTL speeds like EXE can and plus he lacks EXE’s barrier. Demonbane lacks speed and STTGL won’t be able to cope with Bass’ speed either

    1. True, there is only one real God and he is God. No being could ever defeat him. That being said, he’s real, so he doesn’t count as part of media >_>

  62. Media means mass form of communication. Movies and Videos games are a form of communication, so that means God IS media.

  63. you dont move faster than the speed of light. you simply go from place to place faster than light can do so. it is like folding a piece of paper to meet the two ends and traveling from one end through the space, to the other end, instead of going across the paper itself.
    the universe simply cannot create a paradox.
    yes, if something were to go FTL, from place TO place, going across the space time contimuum instead of thru it, then yes you wouild go back in time.
    but dude this is manga. Gemini Saga has the ability to manipulate his body around space time. therefore, he can move to any position in the universe whenever he wants.
    also his range is universal+ so he can hit any enemy from anywhere.

      1. There is only one true God and he is Real so I wouldn’t be counting him in a fictional debate. Naturally, he is stronger than any fictional character or any real person

  64. A bear can actually run at 1,000,000 times the speed of turtles ( turtles are faster than light ). Wildfires are caused when a cub crawls. Supernovas are created when a bear growls. Hunters who hunt bears are actually 0.5% Morgan freeman, who created the universe and all other ones. But since bears are also 0.5% Morgan freeman, it can go either way. Which is why a bear can beat bass any day. They even eat clones of him as they swim through streams.

  65. Kcuhc Sirron will destroy bass, along with the entire mega man franchise, and dragon ball, and asuras wrath, and all comics, and tenchi muyo, sailor moon, Pokemon, digimon, saint seiya, and…… I can’t think of any more powerful universes.

    1. An intriguing thought…..but I wonder how he could fare against Tezuka from Animal Land. That could get interesting…..very interesting ๐Ÿ˜›

  66. OK, I told myself I wouldn’t get back into this conversation, but I just remembered someone who’s in the “all media” team – Giorno Giovana, the fifth JoJo of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. His Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, can negate cause and effect. Not only could it prevent Bass’s Get ability from giving him any new powers, any attacks made against him or the rest of this alliance would be prevented from ever having happened. And as a side effect, if Gold Experience Requiem itself ever managed to land the final blow in defeating Bass, he wouldn’t be able to come back to life because he’d be caught in an endless loop of dying that same death over and over again…

    1. From what I gather, it gets rid of the effect of an ability. So, if Bass uses his Get Ability…it simply wouldn’t work. Likewise if Bass tries to punch him. That being said, it doesn’t seem as if Giorno has mastered this ability. Does it activate on his own or does he have to think about it? I don’t believe that Giorno is fast enough to hit Bass and lacks the power to destroy him so he won’t have to worry about the infinite loop. It will be hard to defeat Giorno physically, but that’s where Bass can fly him into the sun. I don’t see how it could stop the effect in that case, but it also depends how long range the ability is. Bass can try to use a loophole by attacking the planet instead of Giorno and leaving him to die in space. (Unless Giorno can breath in space)

      1. Gold Experience Requiem seems to be able to act on its own to some degree. Essentially, from what I’v heard, Bass could try to punch Giorno or blow up the planet, but GER would make it so the attack doesn’t actually amount to anything. Or maybe it happens,but GER erases that part of the timeline and resets everything to before it happened, I’m not entirely sure

      2. How I see it, there are only two outcomes to the battle in that case. One, Giorno’s reset ability eventually stops working due to fatigue. Bass will keep up blowing up the planet thousands of times until Giorno goes down from the strain. Otherwise, Bass just casually throws Giorno and Giorno never stops going through space until he dies of old age. (Naviess are immortal)

      3. Both those circumstances are negated by the ability itself. Giorno’s stamina is reset like the rest of him, so he’ll never get tired of using it, and an attempt to throw him into space could be negated like any other attack (it doesn’t specifically have to be something that happens to him)

      4. In that case, the stamina being reset would likely be reset at some point. As all abilities have their limit, it would run on empty at some point. Whether Giorno got tired or the ability was maxed out. Giorno probably also needs to comprehend what is happening and he could die before the ability has a chance to be used thanks to Bass’ immense speed.

  67. The digimon verse will destroy bass. If bass absorbs the D reaper, the d reaper will just take over him. If bass tries to infect the digital world, omnimon x will use all delete and reset the digital world. Bass’s biggest problem is zeedmilleniummon. Zeed can easily destroy entire omniverses and can live outside of space and time. Speed wouldn’t be a factor as zeed can be anywhere he wants to be. If bass tries to attack him, the rings that limit zeeds power will be destroyed, causing the end of everything. Zeed can already destroy omniverses with his power limited, so if the seal is broken, bass will be destroyed. And his get ability won’t work either as Zeed will completely erase bass from existence. Or NEO, the bass of digimon, will breakdown bass into digital code and either erase it or absorb it and become stronger.

    1. Neo could try to absorb Bass, but he would simply be corrupted and turned over to the dark side. He doesn’t have the power needed to resist Bass’s Ultimate Program. Omniomon X would not be able to delete Bass due to his impossibly powerful barrier. The D Reaper would be the one that gets infected if he went up against Bass. Bass could overpower Zeedmilleniummon with a classic Darkness Overload that would go through his blasts. No matter where he goes..Bass would find him. The Digimon universe is strong, but it’s not a match for Bass.

  68. Since Bass.EXE is made of digital code, NEO can easily destroy him and his get ability. Any attack Bass has would be turned into code, thus disabling it. NEO is already evil. His get ability wouldn’t work because he wouldn’t exist. The d reaper is a deletion progam gone viral. You can’t infect an already infected program. The only person who can beat zeedmilleniummon is ryo who weakens him by is very presence. Any program Bass has would just be overided.

    1. Neo would not be able to stop Bass’ code. It’s like how the D Reaper took down the Digimon; its programming was just too advanced for them. Likewise, nothing can stop the Get Ability. Either way, Bass could just blast them from afar and those Digimon would go down pretty quickly

  69. NEO is the god in the digital world. In the games, he has fought numerous galaxy and universe destroying digimon. Anything made of data will be destroyed. Doesn’t matter if the opponent is omnipotent, immortal, or afar, NEO can destroy their data no matter where they are and erase them from existence. Every time Bass is killed, his get ability will revive him. But how would it work if he doesn’t exist on any plane, digital nor physical or spiritual.

    1. It wouldn’t come to that. NEO wouldn’t be able to destroy Bass. Bass is far too fast and deadly. His endurence levels are also off the charts and he tanked a full powered Hub Blast from Megaman. I don’t really see Neo keeping up with Bass, but even if a hit did land…it wouldn’t be enough to take Bass down for the count. Bass’ Get Ability is a last resort, but it would be able to do the job. It would empower him as they’re fighting so he wouldn’t need to be destroyed

  70. What about a truly omnipotent being,who does posses every single conceivable power in existince and all powers that are inconceivable who is infinitley FTL and can eliminate bass from ever existing therefor he loses,btw Toaa is that being i bet you didnt concieve of what omnipotent really means it is said true omnpotence is a infinite beyond infinite a eternal beyond eternity i beleive you need to do some more research because toaa is considered by many to be the most poweful being in fiction.

    1. Similarly, Azathoth from the Cthulhu Mythos. Just by waking up, he would stop Bass and everything else in every dimension from ever having existed because reality is all one of his dreams. Personally I find it better to leave them out of things entirely, but dreager just elects to treat them as powerless outside their own ‘verse seemingly.

      1. Sometimes the dream surpasses the dreamer. Bass believes that he’s real and thus, he is real. Azathoth would be in for a rude awakening when Bass walks up to him with the Darkness Overload. Virtual or Reality Crushing feats just aren’t as impressive as a solid hand to hand combo or energy blast and Bass has the latter in spades

      2. “Virtual or Reality Crushing feats just aren’t as impressive as a solid hand to hand combo or energy blast”

        That is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard you say.

        “Well that guy could erase the other guy from existing, but obviously that only works if the target WANTS to not exist. But the other guy, he can PUNCH THINGS REALLY HARD! He’s obviously the more powerful!”

      3. Well, it makes sense. Every character has the right to exist and the right to stand a fighting chance. It’s why I don’t believe in pure time stop or wishing someone away from existence because that being had cosmic abilities. It’s also a lot harder to quantify them and their abilities just don’t stack up well. Guys who can punch hard are typically the best fighters like Terry Bogard and Jin Kazama. They could defeat guys like The One Above All of the Presence because they know how to fight. Erasing someone from existence isn’t powerful. Now, there can be good reality crushing feats that are actually impressive like Superboy Prime, Goku, and Simon (Gurren Lagann) Unfortunately, most of the time it’s just not impressive and just tough talk from the cosmic beings. I go with guys who punch things until they break

    2. The problem is that nobody can be infinitely FTL and eliminating someone from existence by thinking about it just isn’t believable. If Bass wants to stay in existence, then nobody can really stop him from doing that. The One Above All claims to be omnipotent and all powerful, but we’ve never seen him fight. We just have the Tribunal’s word about this. Until he provides us with some actual feats, I am forced to doubt his true power

      1. “The problem is that nobody can be infinitely FTL and eliminating someone from existence by thinking about it just isnโ€™t believable. If Bass wants to stay in existence, then nobody can really stop him from doing that. ” Omnipotents can do all of that… Because y’know, if they couldn’t they wouldn’t be omnipotent.

    1. Definitely. Bizzaro logic can be tricky, but Bass’ power would scare him into talking straight and realizing that he was losing. Such is the fearsome might of the Black Shadow!

    1. Yeah, I definitely remember you from there ๐Ÿ™‚ I check in a lot, but I’m typically a silent observer as I just love to see everyone’s thoughts on recent characters or age old matches that can be pretty epic. Meta Knight definitely seems to be a lot faster than I had originally figured.

      Bass always wins ๐Ÿ˜‰

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