Goku vs Botamo

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Botamo is a plot hax character who was actually able to take hits from Goku. The whole fight is a huge stretch of disbelief, but I suppose the important thing to take note of here is that Goku still won in the end. A rematch would end no differently as Goku would be in the driver seat of the match the entire time. There’s just nothing Botamo can do to even make this a close fight as none of his attacks would actually injure a serious Goku. Goku wins.


Gaston vs Ryoma

Gaston is a tough guy who isn’t above using cheap shots to secure his victory. That may work in the little leagues, but not when up against a true fighter like Ryoma. Ryoma is a lot more skilled at tennis than Gaston is at fighting. Ryoma could probably take him down with a clean serve. Gaston wouldn’t be able to react to that level of speed, nor could he survive a hit like that. Ryoma wins.

Dudley Dursley vs Ryoma


Dudley Dursley may have turned over a new leaf by the end of Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean that he is strong enough to handle someone like Ryoma. Ryoma’s tennis skills are out of this world. He would easily be able to put Dudley back in his place. Ryoma has more special abilities than Dudley has attack options, that’s insane! Ryoma wins.

Eddie Gluskin vs Chris Walker

Suggested by Random Eddie Gluskin is another Outlast villain, but I don’t think he can handle Chris either. Eddie doesn’t really have any super abilities so at the end of the day he’s just an ordinary joe with a few weapons. Chris could easily down him in a single punch. Eddie is quicker, but not to the extent where it would make much of a difference. Whenever he engages Chris in battle it will all be over. Chris Walker wins.

Chris Walker vs Marta

Suggested by Random Both of these villains are pretty well feared in the Outlast universe. Chris Walker has a great amount of strength as he can break through steel, but he’s slow. Marta is certainly quicker and she has a cross which greatly increases her range of attack. She is fairly strong as well. So who ultimately has the edge in a fight like this? I’m inclined to say that Chris would come out on top since he should be able to just grab Marta’s weapon and then claim victory. Chris Walker wins.

Impossible Man vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Super Dark Shadow The Impossible Man is an annoying Fantastic Four villain who is really hard to keep down. That’s because his reality warping abilities put him in a league of his own. How do you really contend with a character who can really do whatever he wants? The easy answer is that you can’t, but if you control the Heart of the Cards then that’s a different story. Yami can have his Dark Magician blast this guy to smithereens and there’s nothing he can do to stop the attack. Yami Yugi wins.

Harley Quinn vs Kiva

Suggested by Anonymous Harley Quinn is an impressive hand to hand fighter. Over the years she has honed her skills quite a lot to the point where she can even give a foe like Nightwing a run for his money. That won’t be enough to stop Kiva though. Kiva is quite fast and skilled as well. Additionally he has quite a few special abilities including elemental attacks which will tip the scales of battle his way. Quinn just needs more power ups to catch him. Kiva wins.

Dudley Dursley vs Kiki

Suggested by JHG195 Dudley Dursley used to be a rather mean cousin to Harry Potter but gradually became a nicer guy. He never learned any magical abilities and isn’t much of a fighter, but he does have experience on his side. Kiki is only 13 and while she is good at riding on a broom, she never learned how to properly fight. In this case the age difference is very difficult to overcome and I don’t think her attacks would have enough weight behind them. Dudley Dursley wins.

Princess Elena vs Felix Faust

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a fight between magic users. Princess Elena has some pretty good spells and she is a good fencer so magic isn’t all that she has. Alas, it won’t really be enough to take on a fighter as formidable as Felix Faust. He once obtained a legendary armor that rendered him almost invincible to physical attacks and Elena’s defensive capabilities are nothing noteworthy. If she takes a direct hit from Felix Faust then it will be all over. Felix Faust wins.

Richard Sharpe vs Gaston

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of tough guys who both know how to fire a gun pretty accurately. Richard Sharpe has a lot of durability as he has survived injuries that would have destroyed most. He’s had part of his skull crushed and been stabbed many times, but he never gives up. On the other hand Gaston has some mild super strength and he is a very talented hunter. I don’t think Richard would be able to win here as he might endure the pounding for a little while, but he just isn’t strong enough to counter attack. Gaston wins.