Dharuriser vs One Above All

This is a tribute to the Dharuriser film. The main guy looked pretty good in the end as he made all the right calls and kept on fighting to the end. He may not have any special powers but he does have basic hand to hand techniques which always come in handy. He was able to draw out the costume and then played a role in bringing it to life. While the One Above All may be good at creating things too, he hasn’t shown that he knows basic hand to hand combat. Dharuriser wins.

DK vs Greenfist

Greenfist is a villain in Wario World who made me immediately think of DK. Both of them are users who like to go with their punches as the first line of defense. DK has had better feats over the years and a whole lot of other opportunities to show off his abilities beyond just one game. That’s what is going to hold Greenfist back here. He just won’t be able to keep up so while he can dish out a good punch, he is out of his league. DK wins.

Ms Marvel vs Thor

Suggested by Jean This was definitely a pretty close fight. On one hand, Thor likely has the edge in raw power here and maybe even stamina although Marvel’s Binary form can take quite a few hits. On the other hand, while Thor has super speed, it isn’t quite on the level of Ms Marvel. Ultimately that’s what I think the deciding factor will be here. Ms Marvel can play it safe and just overwhelm in the fight using her speed. Thor will be able to take a lot of punishment and keep the fight close but would eventually falter. Ms Marvel wins.

The Mandalorian vs Link

Suggested by Nerd With Too Much Lord of the Rings Knowlage The Mandalorian is skilled and definitely has a lot of armaments at his disposal. That being said, he just isn’t fast enough to keep up with Link. Link will be able to parry all of his blows and just keep it moving. A single hit from the fire arrow or his Master Sword should end this round pretty quickly. This is why he is the Hero of Time, The Mandalorian just won’t have the skillset needed to counter. Link wins.

Jain Farstrider vs Nightmare

Suggested by iKnowledge Jain Farstrider returns but he is up against one of the most powerful Soul Calibur characters out there. With the Soul Edge at his disposal I don’t see how Nightmare loses this round. He can endure or block everything Jain throws at him and then counter with a powerful spell at any point. Jain can buy some time with his speed but he ultimately won’t be able to find any way to turn the match around. Nightmare wins.

Jain Farstrider vs Archimonde

Suggested by iKnowledge Jain Farstrider is a good swordsman. He is especially skilled with throwing knives as he can always place them in the perfect place to delay the other fighters. Additionally he is fast, but all of this won’t be enough against Archimonde. The main issue here is that Archimonde has fire magic at a high level and even shadow blasts. He can repel all of the weapons with ease and then deal a decisive blow. Jain doesn’t have enough durability to survive that. Archimonde wins.

Ariel vs Raya

Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel was very talented as a mermaid. She can swim quite fast and that’s always useful in a fight although on land she is quite average. Meanwhile Raya is a very talented sword fighter who is used to a combat setting. She has more experience than Ariel and will be able to win this one more times than not. It’s hard to just jump into a battle when you haven’t been in the ring before. Raya wins.

Lucien Draay vs Boba Fett

Suggested by iKnowledge Boba Fett’s a pretty awesome character and will likely always be known as one of the best in the Star Wars verse. That being said, he ultimately has no Force abilities or a lightsaber to use which puts him at quite the disadvantage here. Try as he might, the guy just won’t be able to land a solid shot on Lucien. Boba has defeated several Jedi or Sith in the past but against someone who is ready for this fight? It won’t be enough. Lucien Draay wins.

Katrielle Layton vs Spongebob

Suggested by Anonymous While Spongebob isn’t quite as strong as many would think since Toon Force can only go so far, he is still strong enough to beat the average human. When he’s not using food related blasters Spongebob has some real ones and a lot of blunt objects thanks to the video games. Katrielle can certainly out think Spongebob, but she still wouldn’t be able to keep up with his offensive powers. Ultimately she would go down here. Spongebob wins.

Thor vs Firelord

Firelord is a powerful herald of Galactus just like the rest but he does always seem to be taking a beating whenever the guy is on screen. His cosmic fire and super speed can overwhelm most opponents but it won’t be able to do a whole lot against Thor. Thor is strong enough to resist the attacks and fast enough to also overwhelm Firelord’s counter blows. His offense just isn’t at a high enough level where he could hope for a victory. Thor wins.