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Darth Traya vs Grimmjow

Darth Traya may be a powerful Sith lord, but that doesn’t mean she will be able to stand up to the matchless power of Grimmjow. Grimmjow’s speed and power are completely out of this world. Traya won’t be able to fully focus on the Force as she will have her hands full just staying alive here. Once Grimmjow enters his released form this will all be over. There really isn’t anything that Traya can do to stop him at that point. Grimmjow wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior is back once more and this time he’s actually got the edge in combat. King Bob Omb is mighty, but he isn’t quite ready to deal with a Kaiju like Junior. Junior is really holding the keys to the kingdom in this matchup and I don’t think he’ll be defeated so easily. A single Atomic Breath blast should end this fight and maybe this will be how he earns his crown. Godzilla Junior wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs King Caesar

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior is another impressive Kaiju to enter the ring, but he is a little outmatched against King Caesar. While I don’t doubt that Junior would eventually grow to surpass this guy, we never got to see him at his prime. King Caesar can reflect energy blasts so the atomic breath won’t be useful here. From there it’s a matter of physical strength and I have my doubts on Junior. Even if he were to secure a win here he would quickly be defeated by Caesar’s solar rays. King Caesar wins.

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Battra vs Jigglypuff

Suggested by Destroyer Jigglypuff is a powerful Pokemon that fans tend to sleep on quite a bit. He’s actually a real threat and can learn a large variety of attacks. Battra has a good laser blast at the ready and can fly really well, but that isn’t enough to protect you from an opponent this skilled. Jigglypuff will shoot Battra out of the sky and is fast enough to dodge any counter strikes. He’ll keep chipping away at Battra’s health until he secures the win. Jigglypuff wins.

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All For One vs Orochimaru

Suggested by Destroyer All For One is a powerful villain from MHA and he can even stop someone as strong as All Might. Orochimaru is very talented, but physical strength isn’t really his forte. He won’t be able to break through All For One’s defenses and he also won’t be fast enough to dodge the villain’s attacks for long. Before you know it the snake will be down for the count. All For One wins.

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Rhedosaurus vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus is a pretty big monster who can squash just about anyone with a single stomp. The King Bob Omb is able to lift and throw Mario quite easily so he’s definitely strong in his own right, but I don’t think he has quite enough power to win this round. Exploding won’t help either so any way you look at it this is the Rhedosaurus’ match to lose. Rhedosaurus wins.

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Simon vs Bowser

Suggested by Sonic Now this match is a little trickier than the last 4. As I mentioned in an earlier match, Simon isn’t the strongest fighter out there. He’s good with his weapons, but I just don’t know how he will handle the more supernatural type villains like Bowser. He did beat Dracula though so you gotta give him some props there. Bowser will make things difficult with his Giga Bowser mode and his arsenal of magical abilities, but at the end of the day Simon’s speed should be what gives him the edge here. Bowser will just have to fall back for now. Simon wins.

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King K Rool vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic King K Rool will always be known as a king whether or not he is currently wearing the crown. He’s a villains who demands respect and the other characters are wise enough to give it to him. Villager isn’t really much of a fighter so there’s no way he can stand up to Rool. One good punch would end this fight and while the Villager is crafty, he can’t dodge forever. King K Rool wins.

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Richter Belmont vs Red Pikmin

Suggested by Sonic Richter Belmont has returned and now it’s time for him to show why the Red Pikmin is no match. Pikmin are good when they are in a group since it’s hard to take them all down at the same time. When there is just one though, it is no real threat. Richter has the considerable edge in combat and won’t even need any of his weapons to win this round. The Pikmin just doesn’t stand a chance. Richter Belmont wins.

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Richter Belmont vs Lucas

Suggested by Sonic While Lucas may not be the most popular PK kid on the block, he’s still got enough skills to make it on his own. Richter has his holy water and the chains of fury, but he’ll have a hard time landing any hits on Lucas. Lucas can blast away at Richter with his meteors or his fire abilities. Either way that’ll put an end to Richter’s attempts at victory. At the end of the day Belmont has no way to stop these attacks from landing. Lucas wins.