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Garou vs Tidus

Tidus seems like a cool guy and he is reasonably powerful. He has a lot of solid equipment on hand and by the end of the game he is a force to be reckoned with. That’s not really enough to worry someone like Garou though. Garou knows that he still has the edge in fighting ability at the end of the day. He doesn’t really have to worry about Tidus and may just have fun seeing all of the different moves. Once the hero hunter gets serious then it is all over. Garou wins.

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Schierke vs Suiryu

Suiryu has returned to claim another win. Schierke is strong, but this match isn’t really a close one. Suiryu is worlds beyond anything we’ve ever seen in terms of pure power. He was able to knock Saitama around for quite a while even if he couldn’t deal damage and he moves far quicker than the eye can see. Schierke has no way to hit Suiryu with any moves. Even if any did connect they wouldn’t really do any damage. Suiryu is just in another league. Suiryu wins.

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Winston vs Seiuchin

Suggested by iKnowledge This could be a pretty tricky fight. Seiuchin definitely has the edge once he is up close, but could he really get past Winston’s blaster? I have my doubts on that and it’s really the critical part of the matchup. Seiuchin dominated if he gets past it, but thanks to Winston’s jetpack that shouldn’t happen. Winston will take this round, but it’ll be a stressful fight that comes down to the wire. If Winston makes any kind of mistake then he will lose. Winston wins.

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Asuka (Tekken) vs Robin

Suggested by iKnowledge Asuka is a very talented hand to hand fighter. In pure combat ability she may be able to give Robin a good run for his money although my money would still be on him to have the slight edge. Robin’s mainly got the advantage here because of how he’s gotten many power ups over the years (Although they’re pretty slight) and his many gadgets. Robin can use his explosive discs to great effect here and his boots being reinforced with steel doesn’t hurt either. Asuka can’t really afford to take many hits from him. Robin wins.

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Spike Spiegel vs Roberta

Suggested by iKnowledge Roberta has returned and she is up against another skilled hand to hand fighter. This is a match where I would favor Spike. Both of them have solid weaponry and moves, but Spike’s feats are just better. The only area where Roberta may claim the edge is in pure speed, but Spike’s combat reaction times are better. If all else fails he also has his personal spaceship which can fire lasers and such. I don’t believe it would come to that though. Spike Spiegel wins.

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Rugal Bernstein vs Hyperion

Suggested by iKnowledge Rugal Bernstein is a pretty impressive fighter. While his normal mode may have stats that are fairly “normal” he gains great power in his God Rugal form. In that mode he can fire off energy blasts and even teleport. I expect he’ll give Hyperion a good fight although I would still have him lose. Hyperion can fight at a super fast level casually and has experience against groups. He will be able to dodge Rugal’s blows long enough to take the win. When they exchange a flurry of moves Hyperion will get the better of that exchange. Eventually the hits would add up enough to the point where he would take victory. Hyperion wins.

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Roberta vs Daredevil

Suggested by iKnowledge Roberta is a skilled hand to hand fighter whose stats are quite impressive for a human. Calling her superhuman would be fair because some of her feats just wouldn’t be possible for a human. Daredevil is similarly powerful as he once gained chaos abilities during the Shadowlands arc. With those he would be able to stop Roberta and her guns/combat skills. His physical abilities would simply exceed hers and that would result in a win. Daredevil wins.

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Bass vs Deoxys

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist. He’s given both Rayquaza and Mewtwo a good run for their money in the past. He has various forms which augment his stats so he can change depending on who the opponent is. This will not be enough to stop Bass though. Bass is massively faster than light so not even speed form can keep up and his attack/defense are also off the charts. As soon as Bass uses his Hubstyle mode he’ll be able to end the planet in an instant and even Deoxys can’t regenerate from that. Bass wins.

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Isabelle vs Geemel

Suggested by Anonymous Isabelle is a nice character who means well, but she really isn’t ready to fight someone like Geemel. Geemel has speed and power on his side. The guy won’t even really need his weapon here since a quick punch ought to end this. Isabelle has a lot of little gadgets on her side, but they weren’t really built for combat. She’s a creative character who may try to lay down some traps but I don’t believe they would so much as scratch Geemel’s armor. This isn’t a fight she can win. Geemel wins.

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Smithy vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Smithy is a fairly well known Mario villain who has a pretty cool design. The guy can fight well enough, but his specs aren’t nearly as high as Redips. In his final form Redips has enough power to use the Giga elemental attacks and any one of those would cause massive damage to Smithy. I just don’t see how he would be able to stand up to Redips for very long. Redips can crush him with physical power or use his energy abilities. Either one works. Redips wins.