Oceanus Shenron vs Ra Mu

Suggested by Sonic Oceanus Shenron was easily one of the least impressive Shadow Dragons back in her day. She could make tornadoes and such but that’s not really all that impressive. Fortunately for her Dragon Ball Heroes is here to help. Not only was she able to possess an Android and gain his abilities but she unlocked her own Super Shadow Dragon state much like Omega Shenron. While it’s nowhere near that powerful, it will be enough to overwhelm Ra Mu. His durability won’t be enough to protect him here. Oceanus Shenron wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Meddy

Suggested by Sonic Meddy’s not really much of a fighter. She can throw around her capsules as bombs but that’s about it. It puts her in a pretty bad spot to even take on someone like the Wii Fit Trainer. Wii Fit has energy blasts at her disposal and can even make energy clones via her final smash. Meddy isn’t quite prepared to handle a fighter like that and would be overwhelmed in both speed and technique. Wii Fit finally gets herself a good win to move up the ranks. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Tetsuya Kurodake vs Crow

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of cardfighters. It’s hard to say as a verse which series is higher tier. Yugioh 5Ds had some crazy dragons by the end but Buddyfight had gods of destruction running around with the 9 demon lords. Tetsuya always got the short end of the stick when it came to that though and a big deal to think about is also that in Buddyfight there are less trap cards. Tetsuya has a lot of direct attack moves but I wouldn’t say that any of them would be enough to get through Crow’s arsenal. Birds of a feather flock together after all. Crow wins.

King Dedede vs Turboman

Suggested by Sonic I’m not really sold on Turboman but I’d have to say the same thing about King Dedede. Dedede is big and strong but I wouldn’t say that he is particularly fast. He will have a hard time landing blows here. Turboman meanwhile will be able to keep on barreling into King Dedede until the match is won. Dedede has had his powers amplified several times over the years but this just won’t be enough to win. At the end of the day you need more than raw power and Dedede just doesn’t have enough of those attributes to claim victory. Turboman wins.

Alex Rider vs Robin (Tim)

Suggested by Sonic Alex Rider is a pretty decent agent. He has quite a lot of gadgets at his disposal and as the books went on he did get proper training in hand to hand combat. Still, there’s a big difference between ordinary training and being trained by Batman. Robin’s gadgets are better and he’s also the superior fighter so that leaves Alex Rider out of luck right off the bat. There’s just not a whole lot that he can really do against Robin here. For Robin it would just be like taking down another minion. Robin (Tim) wins.

James Bond vs Longshot

Suggested by Destroyer James Bond has returned and now he is up against good ole Longshot. Longshot is hardly one of the most impressive X-men fighters. In fact, I would go as far as to say that he is one of the least impressive ones. The guy just isn’t ready for most fighters but he does have slight superhuman speed and strength thanks to a lifetime of combat. I wouldn’t put any stock in his luck abilities but he will win in a gunfight or hand to hand here. Longshot wins.

Hellboy vs Bucky

Suggested by Anonymous Hellboy is a powerful fighter but one who is definitely not ready to tangle with Bucky. Bucky would be completely overwhelmed in a close quarters fight. His right arm would be a decent match for Hellboy but it’s not as powerful. Where Bucky has the edge here is with his various weapons. He can snipe someone from outer space and he has weapons that can injure Ronan and Red Hulk. He would be able to pepper Hellboy with these blasts and eventually he’ll go down for the count. Hellboy won’t be able to catch BUcky easily enough to press his advantage. Bucky wins.

Hellboy vs Dragon Man

Suggested by Anonymous Dragon Man is a pretty powerful robot. He may be rather large but he can move at high speeds and has some pretty intense abilities. His fire breath will be negated here since that doesn’t really hurt Hellboy. It then comes down to physical power and speed. Dragon Man seems to surpass Hellboy in both of these areas. Hellboy’s sword will deal a lot of damage if he can get close but I don’t believe he will be able to get in range to do this. Dragon Man’s speed will prevent this in combat and he is durable enough to take a few stray hits while they come to blows. Dragon Man wins.

Hellboy vs Taskmaster

Suggested by Anonymous Taskmaster is an expert at copying abilities to the point where he was even able to increase his speed which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Hellboy’s got a lot of durability and power at his disposal but less technique than Taskmaster. The real question here will be whether he can endure Taskmaster’s more powerful weapons such as the sword. Hellboy has his larger demon form which enhances his strength even further. It’s a pretty close fight but one that Taskmaster is well equipped to win. Taskmaster wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Wybie Lovat

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a good kid but he’s not going to stop this pony. Rainbow Dash has super speed to the point where she can create Sonic Rainbooms. Additionally she can fire off energy blasts in her Equestrian form. Wybie has no such special abilities to aid him here. He won’t be able to defend himself against these quick attacks and doesn’t have the durability needed to endure them either. That leaves Wybie without any real options here. Rainbow Dash wins.