Johnny Test vs Johnny Quest

Suggested by Destroyer Johnny Quest has a lot of gadgets and is a judo master but I don’t think that will be enough to stop Johnny Test here. Test can shoot out fire attacks which would melt through any of Quest’s armors. He can also use sonic waves to hit him while inside any kind of mech suit. There just isn’t any way for Johnny Quest to close the distance here without developing some true powers. Johnny Test wins.

Johnny Test vs Leon (Resident Evil)

Suggested by Destroyer Leon is a great fighter with a gun and he does have abilities that are greater than that of an average person. It just won’t be enough to defeat Johnny Test here. Johnny has a whole lot of abilities from sonic booms to fire powers. He seems to just keep on appearing with new abilities all the time and Leon won’t be able to keep up with his teleportation. No matter how you slice it, Leon’s not winning this round. Johnny Test wins.

Burter vs Hiei

Suggested by Destroyer Hiei is really fast and he got considerably more powerful as the series went on. That said, I don’t know that he could really hold his own against Burter. That guy was incredibly fast and while this was in early DBZ, the power levels were already intense by then. I just have my doubts that Hiei could keep up with him. Hiei’s defense would allow him to stay in the game for a while but he would ultimately fall. Burter wins.

Kafka Hibino vs Rappa

Suggested by Destroyer Rappa and Kafka are both very physical fighters but I think it’s safe to say that Kafka is on the higher end when it comes to strength. He’s blown up incredibly large Kaiju with a single punch and his speed is also unreal. It’s hard to see Rappa being able to keep up with someone like that for very long. He’ll enjoy the fight but it would be his last. Kafka Hibino wins.

Ray (Promised Neverland) vs Oliver (Promised Neverland)

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a double debut here for kids who had to try and survive in a rather tough environment. Oliver is a little older which definitely helps him out a lot and additionally he is a little more agile. Ray is tough in his own right but I would say Oliver still has the decisive edge here. This doesn’t give Ray a lot of room for a counter attack and so I think he would lose in the end. Oliver (Promised Neverland) wins.

Gecko Moria vs Rappa

Suggested by Sonic Rappa is an excellent hand to hand fighter but I don’t think he is quite ready to take down someone as powerful as Gecko Moria. While Moria may be lacking in physical abilities a bit next to a lot of the other Warlords, he can still fight when needed. It isn’t his first option but it’s not that he can’t fight, the guy even went up against Kaido once. I think Rappa would ultimately be overwhelmed if these two had to mix it up. Gecko Moria wins.

Kiritsugu vs Akainu

Suggested by Sonic Akainu has powerful magma but he actually isn’t as impressive as you would expect given that he is the fleet admiral. I expect he will get new feats soon but at the moment there really isn’t much of anything that he can do against Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu already has double time which is really handy but Akainu would still have the edge. No, Saber is what gives Kiritsugu the win here because his servant would be more than a match for Akainu. In terms of power it’s a good fight but the speed difference is too great. Kiritsugu wins.

Julius Belmont vs Endeavor

Suggested by Sonic Endeavor is a fighter who burns brighter than most but it’s hard to see him even needing his full strength here. Julius has a lot of good gadgets and is solid at close quarters combat but he really doesn’t have the speed or strength needed to match Endeavor. Julius would just get burned to oblivion if he even got too close to this hero, that’s how wide the gap in power is between them. Endeavor wins.

Nana Asta Deviluke vs Daisuke

Suggested by Sonic Daisuke has the ability to fly once he mastered Dark’s abilities but at the end of the day he doesn’t have any true super strength or speed abilities. Nana can shoot electricity and is also a lot more powerful physically. Daisuke would be on the run right from the start and wouldn’t be given any opportunity for a counter attack. Nana Asta Deviluke wins.

Brandish vs Witchfire

Suggested by Sonic Witchfire has some basic magic to augment her abilities but it won’t be enough against Brandish. While Brandish is hardly one of the stronger Fairy Tail fighters, her size manipulation is dangerous and she has some basic energy projection. Witchfire can’t burn hot enough to overwhelm Brandish in time to claim victory here. Ultimately she will just be on the losing side and just doesn’t have the tools needed to win. Brandish wins.