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Yuno vs Bass

Yuno is a powerful wind fighter. I’d go as far as to say he’s one of the strongest wind fighters I’ve ever seen. He can fire off energy blasts and also move at incredible speeds so Bass will have quite the fight up his sleeve. That being said, this is still a fight Bass will ultimately end up winning. Yuno won’t be able to keep up with this legendary fighter for very long. Bass is just way too powerful at this point and with Hubstyle his stats around the board are superior to Yuno’s. There’s just not much that Yuno can do to keep up here. Bass wins.

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Himiko Toga vs Akainu

Suggested by iKnowledge Himiko Toga is a talented assasin who can use her shape shifting ability to transform into someone and infiltrate an area with ease. She is also good at close quarters combat with her signature knife and injection needles. None of those options will be any good against someone who can completely turn into lava though. Toga will be without any of her tools here and it’s just nearly impossible to hurt a Logia user through traditional means. Toga has nothing at her disposal to get past that so she will end up losing this round. Akainu wins.

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Obito vs Gladiator

Suggested by iKnowledge Gladiator is a pretty powerful guy. The fact that he was able to lift the Juggernaut and throw him so far is pretty impressive to be sure. His raw strength is out of this world, but Obito won’t let that become a factor. Obito is much faster than Gladiator could ever hope to be and has a whole arsenal of energy attacks at his disposal to keep the fighter at bay. Gladiator won’t be able to even get close without taking massive damage here. That puts him in a sticky situation right from the start and the match will only get harder from there. Obito wins.

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Spike Spiegel vs Vicious

Suggested by Anonymous Time for a classic Cowboy Bebop battle. Both of these fighters are skilled and pretty evenly matched. As you can see from the image it’s not like one has a big advantage over the other. In real life you would typically choose a gun over a sword but vice versa in fiction. Bebop is a fairly realistic show though and as it is Spike is pretty fast. I think he would be able to get the shot off in time before Vicious is able to take him down. It would be difficult for Vicious to tag him first. Spike Spiegel wins.

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Miles Matheson vs Sebastian Monroe

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for an extremely close battle. Both of these characters are main characters from the show Revolution. Miles and Sebastian both have army experience under their belt and are expert hand to hand fighters. They’re proficient with swords and a gun as well and their fight was effectively a stalemate. They’ve each gotten the upper hand on each other in different fights though. So this could and has gone either way in the past but I would choose Miles to win more often than not. Sebastian is still battling his inner doubts and doesn’t have the same leadership experience that Miles has. Miles Matheson wins.

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Flashy Flash vs Saitama

Flashy Flash is well known for his speed but it’s not like he’s as fast as Saitama. This is particularly unfortunate for him in a fight because then he has nothing else. Saitama is also a lot more powerful than Flashy Flash although that goes without saying. That’s why there is very little chance for Flashy to do much of anything here. No matter what he tries to do, Saitama will be one step ahead of him throughout. When that ends up being the case, Flashy’s options just become very limited. Saitama wins.

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Cumber vs Goku

Cumber is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters of all time and I was definitely impressed with him. It took everything Goku had in order to take him on and then some. Cumber would ultimately fall to him even in a rematch but the fact that it is so close is what’s truly impressive here. Both of these fighters will only continue to grow stronger from here and remain among the top 1% of all fictional characters in terms of power and ability. It’s just really hard to take them down for the count. Goku wins.

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Hollow Ichigo vs Ichigo

Hollow Ichigo was a big part of Ichigo’s character development and just a cool character in general. He certainly got some pretty cool plot twists over the years and they only made him that much cooler. Still, he ultimately wasn’t able to follow Ichigo to the hero’s final power ups so he was left behind. That’s the fate of most characters in the end as the lead will inevitably become the best. Hollow Ichigo will still give him a good fight in the end, it just won’t be enough. Ichigo wins.

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Hibito vs Dialga

Suggested by Destroyer Hibito has a pretty cool fire sword and a lot of elemental attacks but I don’t think that would be enough to stop Dialga. Dialga is one of the most powerful Pokemon on the planet and is the master of time. Hibito can move rather quickly but he won’t be able to dodge Dialga’s onslaught of attacks or outmaneuver them long enough to secure the win. Ultimately his efforts here would be futile. Dialga wins.

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Han Solo vs Mikasa

Suggested by Destroyer Han Solo is a pretty good pilot and the guy has a lot of confidence. He’s not someone who would go down easily in a fist fight. I wager he would give Mikasa a good fight although she would ultimately win thanks to her enhanced stats. That said, with the 3D gear she would easily be able to zip all around him and just completely crush the guy. Han Solo just isn’t ready for that level of agility and would need The Force in order to make this a fair fight. Mikasa wins.