Samus X vs Jack Reacher

Suggested by Destroyer Samus X is a very powerful foe and one who almost took the real Samus down for the count. It’s a powerful machine that doesn’t have any weaknesses. Jack may be a great shot and solid at hand to hand combat, but it simply won’t matter much in this particular match up. After all, I can say with confidence that trying to punch a suit of metal isn’t a good idea and bullets will just bounce off of it. Samus X wins.


The BioLizard vs Ridley

maxresdefault (8)
Suggested by Sonic It’s quite a rare sight to see the slower monster take the win, but that’s the case in this fight. Ridley may be a very fast flier, but I’m afraid that his attacks simply won’t pack enough of a punch to stop The BioLizard. You also have to consider the fact that The BioLizard also has a ton of projectiles up his sleeve and they are incredibly hard to dodge. Ridley isn’t quite as fast as Super Sonic and will have a terrible time trying to evade. He will eventually be tagged out. The BioLizard wins.

Ryan vs Bass


Ryan is back once again, but this is the end of the line for him. Bass is in a completely different league as far as power goes and his speed is also off the charts. You could make the strong case that he has every possible advantage over Ryan. Ryan has a lot of confidence so he’ll give it his all, but I’m afraid that in this match it will all be futile. Bass wins.

Ryan vs Popuko

maxresdefault (7)
Popuko won’t fare any better than Pipimi did. She talks a really good game, but at the end of the day her abilities aren’t all that impressive. Ryan would only need 1 Mecardimal to defeat her and it doesn’t even matter which one he picks. Once he activates his final ability Popuko will be down for the count. She may be a solid singer, but that won’t be enough to change her fate. Ryan wins.

Ryan vs Pipimi

Ryan is another strong MeCard fighter and I don’t think Pipimi will be able to keep up with him. Ryan has a lot of intensity for all of his duels and his physical abilities are far greater than the average kid’s. Pipimi won’t be able to handle the powerful monsters at his disposal and she will quickly shatter beneath the pressure. No amount of crazy shenanigans can stop this fighter. Ryan wins.

Blaze vs Lilac

Lilac and Sonic are often compared because their games are super similar. At the same time, a really good comparison is also Blaze and Lilac. Not only are their designs rather similar (Not that you can tell from the Blaze picture I chose) but they both have a solid amount of super speed. Of course, Blaze was able to awaken her Burning mode which drastically increases her abilities. While Lilac would have likely been out of luck either way, in their base modes this fight would be super close. Blaze wins.

Fingon vs Lilac

Fingon’s match against Lilac will be pretty much the same as her last fight. He can’t really injure her and his defense isn’t high enough to survive her attacks either. When Lilac gets serious she is a true threat and she also has the fire shield at the ready as well. Whether Fingon loses through the burns or simply from her punishing attacks, it is over for him either way. Lilac wins.

Glorfindel vs Lilac

maxresdefault (6)
Glorfindel has returned, but he is in a little over his head against Lilac. Lilac has incredible speed at her disposal so Glorfindel won’t be able to land a hit on her. Lilac’s attacks also have a lot of power behind them so they will deal a considerable amount of damage. Glorfindel may as well put his sword down now because he won’t be hitting her and without a way to deal damage he has no chance. Lilac wins.

Toon Link vs Blizzard

maxresdefault (5)
Suggested by Destroyer Toon Link has returned and now he is up against one of Iron-Man’s classic opponents. Despite being a rather well known character, Blizzard has never really done a whole lot with himself over the years. He’s gotten more proficient with his ice, but not to a huge degree. Toon Link’s light arrows should still be more than a match for him and his bombs will also help deter the villain. Blizzard just can’t keep up with such a versatile fighter. Toon Link wins.

Cosmic Clone vs Toon Link

maxresdefault (4)
Suggested by Sonic The Cosmic Clone has a cool design even if he isn’t all that powerful. He may have the agility of Mario, but none of the plumber’s physical abilities or power ups. Toon Link’s light arrow would also mean instant destruction for a being made of evil such as this clone. It’s a pretty lopsided battle in that respect and that’s why Toon Link is definitely not going down here. His gadgets and skills will pull him through. Toon Link wins.