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Robin vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans. Robin definitely looked pretty good here. He may not have won every fight, but he never lost his confidence and stood up to the bigger heroes time and time again. Nemo is used to standing up to bigger opponents as well, but he doesn’t have the combat skills needed to pull off a win. What Nemo needs is a bunch of gadgets, now that would put him back into the conversation. Robin wins.

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John McClane vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Die Hard 2. John McClane continues to foil terrorist plots left and right so he definitely earned another win. Nemo can swim really well which is always handy, but all it’s going to do in the end is buy time. Nemo can’t actually land any real hits here so his swimming abilities won’t really be a factor. The difference in power and size is too vast. John McClane wins.

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Drake (Elite Four) vs Epsilon

Suggested by Anonymous Drake is another powerful Pokemon fighter with a good array of dragon types at his disposal. They are all heavy hitters like his Salamance, but that won’t be enough to beat Epsilon. Sheer numbers are not enough to defeat an opponent this massively powerful. Epsilon was able to put up a good fight against the maverick hunters and he did so because his abilities are very versatile. He can defend and attack with moves powerful enough to take down Drake’s whole team. Epsilon wins.

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Guzma vs Epsilon

Suggested by Anonymous Guzma is a powerful adversary and one of the big fighters over in Pokemon Sun. His Golisopod is a very durable Pokemon who can really take a hit. He’ll last the longest against Epsilon’s powerful moves, but won’t be able to stay in the fight. Epsilon has giga level elemental attacks as well as energy moves of his own. His defensive barriers can also nullify all of the weaker abilities. At the end of the day that limits most of Guzma’s crew and what’s left won’t be enough to turn the tables. Epsilon wins.

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Cilan vs Spike Rosered

Suggested by Anonymous Spike Rosered is a pretty tough grass maverick and he did give Zero and X a good run for their money. That being said, he will be outnumbered in this match because Cilan has quite a few strong grass Pokemon. While Spike would likely be able to beat most of them one on one he will not be able to defeat them all. Cilan is well prepared for this fight and will definitely be able to secure a victory. He just has to stay far away from the battle. Cilan wins.

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Steel Massimo vs Haxorus

Suggested by Anonymous Haxorus is a Pokémon with a really cool design. He can strike from up close or afar with a variety of energy based attacks. Haxorus definitely has the edge in speed here, but for once I don’t think it will be quite enough. Massimo’s intense defense will still just be too much for him. Massimo can take a lot of hits and his attacks have a wide range so I don’t have any doubts on him eventually being able to land a decisive blow. Massimo won’t need to land many hits to win this one. Steel Massimo wins.

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Zangoose vs Albert

Suggested by Anonymous Zangoose is a pretty tough Pokémon, but he isn’t quite strong enough to win this round. Albert was one of the big villains from ZX and in his strongest form he has a very fierce array of attacks. Zangoose has many moves of his own, but they don’t hit quite as hard. At best his speed might be able to match Albert’s but I’m even a bit skeptical of that. Albert just wins this one in most if not all areas. The guy is a monster in combat. Albert wins.

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Pac Man vs Greenman

Suggested by Destroyer Greenman definitely looks very determined, but he actually isn’t all that powerful. His hits have no power behind them and his speed isn’t anything to get excited about either. Pac Man has some actual hand to hand skills and has projectiles on his side so there really isn’t any comparisons to be found here. Greenman can run but he can’t hide. He can fight, but he can’t win. That doesn’t leave this green fighter with many options. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman is one of the weaker netnavies out there. The guy is probably good at construction, but when it comes time for a big fight he will end up falling short. Pac Man has many different special abilities at his disposal and all of them would prove to be lethal in this match. Pickman’s best bet is simply to get out of there as quickly as possible. He can’t outrun Pac Man’s key though and that will ultimately be crucial. Pac Man wins.

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Pac Man vs Crazy Bus

Suggested by Destroyer The Crazy Bus lives up to his name. He’s really all over the place and isn’t afraid to fight a little outside the box. Pac Man will have to keep his wits about him here, but ultimately I don’t think his victory will ever be in doubt. Crazy Bus is strong, but not strong enough to bump off such a powerful fighter like Pac. Pac Man won’t even need his elemental super forms to win this one. Pac Man wins.