Dorothy vs Spongebob

Dorothy is a skilled fighter with her various arms and heightened physical abilities. She definitely did a good job of helping her team through the various matches and making it look easy. In comparison Spongebob has some good durability but not much else going for him. He is probably wondering why he is even in this match but I just randomly thought of him and put it in. Blame NYC train delays for his loss. Dorothy wins.


Snail vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anon Yami Yugi has a lot of duel monsters at his disposal and he is a master of every game that he has ever tried out. In a sense you can think of combat as a game so he would be fairly good at that as well. Snails can be quite large and a few monster movies have used them, but even a giant snail won’t be a match for this duelist. Yami Yugi just has the overwhelming edge in a fight. Yami Yugi wins.

Road Runner vs Pride

Suggested by Destroyer Pride has control over the shadows and can easily throw a bunch of stab attacks at Road Runner until one lands. Road Runner can run and dodge for a while but eventually he will be caught. Defense can work for a while but eventually it will run out and you will be tagged. Game over. Pride wins.

Tsurugi Takihara vs Tasuku

unnamed (1)
Suggested by Sonic Takihara is a nice guy who means well but to say that he is outclassed against Tasuku is putting it lightly. Tasuku has a lot of monsters at his disposal as well as the Future Force. It would be a simple matter for him to blast Takihara away and no robot will stop him. Not even Takihara’s legendary fusion mechs. Tasuku wins.

Bass vs Jaco

Bass has come under scrutiny over the years because of his speed feats that supposedly put him as being even faster than the Flash. He is definitely a figure of great controversy but in part, maybe that is why he is so hype. Either way, Jaco doesn’t stand a chance here. His little space gun certainly isn’t going to deal any damage and he won’t hit Bass in the first place. Bass wins.

Dracena vs Venom

Suggested by Destroyer Dracena is a strong dragon. I just wanted to put that out there. That being said, he isn’t very quick and Venom is quite agile. A few web shots will restrict Dracena further as Venom goes in for the win. Dracena’s armor will allow him to stay in the game for a time but with no means to counter it is inevitable that he shall fall. Venom wins.

Howard Aguello vs One Above All

Suggested by Destroyer Howard may have taken more than a few losses so far but he is more than a match for someone like The One Above All. TOAA can’t stand up to bullets very well and he isn’t quick enough to evade them. Despite his fearsome reputation the One Above All has yet to prove anything really. It’s curtains for him and he desperately needs a power up. Howard Aguello wins.

Sephiroth vs Jin

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is pretty strong and that’s without his demon mode. He can punch through just about everything and his hand to hand skills are on a level of their own as well. That being said, Sephiroth can still outrange him with his sword and he has enough projectiles to block the lasers. Sephiroth is faster than Jin and he has more durability. That’s enough for him to take the win here. Sephiroth wins.

Cup Ramen Man vs Pikachu

Suggested by Destroyer Cup Ramen Man has some pretty neat cards and isn’t a bad duelist. That being said, Pikachu’s speed is on a whole different level. He can run rings around the Cup Ramen Man and that’s the path to victory. It doesn’t matter how many cards the Cup has if he can’t land a hit right? Pikachu has continued to impress over the years and he isn’t done yet. Pikachu wins.

Davide Yamazaki vs Drum Bunker Dragon

unnamed (4)
Suggested by Sonic Davide Yamazaki is a talented buddyfighter. He has a lot of cards at his disposal and multiple decks. Drum Bunker Dragon is one of the toughest monsters in the whole series and he has had quite a few super forms. The problem is that they rarely get to ever do anything because they tend to only appear for half an episode. Davide has one of the 7 Omni Dragons as his Buddy (Albeit the dark clone version) so that should be enough to give him the slight edge here. I don’t think Drum will be able to withstand the army. Davide Yamazaki wins.