Zamasu vs Kirito

Suggested by Random Kirito is a famous swordsman who figured out that if you die in Sword Art Online, you die in real life. He had an impressive amount of speed and technique. That being said, it simply won’t be enough to claim victory here. Zamasu is simply too powerful and could just end the planet on a whim. It wouldn’t even be that much of a challenge for him. He also surpasses Kirito in speed. Zamasu wins.


Sonic vs Gamera

Suggested by Anonymous Gamera is a very inspiring monster. He protects the kids from alien invaders and manages to crack a smile once in a while. That being said, Sonic is even more inspiring as he makes the tough calls to keep everyone safe. He has a witty one liner for every occasion and isn’t afraid to break them out. His high speed skills speak for itself. Gamera will ultimately have a very tough time trying to land a hit on Sonic and you can’t win if you don’t deal damage. Sonic wins.

Armorknight Demon vs Demon Inzaidi

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Suggested by Sonic Armorknight Demon is a pretty cool monster. It’s got a nice design and isn’t too shabby in a fight either. That being said, I don’t think he’ll be a match for Demon Inzaidi when you really think about it. Inzaidi can summon an Armorknight Demon on his own so the two will be evenly matched and then the knight will be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. This isn’t really a battle that he can win, only one that he can lose. Demon Inzaidi wins.

Broly vs Punk

Suggested by Destroyer Punk is a pretty strong fighter but he won’t be able to keep up with Broly. As cool and as fast as Punk is, Broly is just a whole lot faster and stronger. One Kamehameha would be enough to take this guy down. Broly doesn’t let his guard down during a fight so Punk won’t even have any openings to land an attack. Broly wins.

Feitan vs Killua

Suggested by Patrick This is a pretty tricky fight that has been heavily debated for a while. Feitan is the fastest member of the Phantom Troupe and Killua is easily the fastest of the main heroes. Feitan put up a great showing against Zazan and also has his devastating sun ability, but Killua’s Godspeed was enough to let him speedblitz one of the 3 Royal Guards. Unfortunately Killua has not gotten a serious fight since then and it’s also been a while since we saw Feitan fight. I think Killua’s Godspeed gives him the speed advantage though and he should be able to end the fight before it runs out. Killua wins.

Falstaff vs Othello

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of retro characters. Falstaff may not be known as a great fighter, but he has a lot of wit and knows how to make a sharp comeback. That being said, Othello has had many adaptions and some of them made him into a pretty good fighter. I don’t think Falstaff would last very long in the ring against this fellow. A few good punches would take the jolly soul down a few pegs. Othello wins.

Kazane vs Fenfir (Myth)

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Suggested by Sonic Fenfir (Myth) is back once again, but he’s up against another talented Buddyfighter. Kazane’s deck doesn’t have the impact that Kiri’s does as she has no ace monsters up her sleeve. Still, she has a lot of monsters since Kazane got to use two different decks during the series. The sheer numbers should be able to just barely overwhelm Fenfir. It won’t be easy, but it is certainly within Kazane’s ability to stop this beast. Kazane wins.

Kuvira vs Ozai

Suggested by Eric Kuvira is a metal master who is very adept at manipulating it to her will. She can tie opponents up with the metal or hit them with direct attacks. Unfortunately this matchup does not work in her favor as Ozai’s incredible fire abilities will completely nullify any advantage that she may have had. Any metal that she tries to use will be easily melted by his attacks and Ozai also has a lot of physical power to fall back on. Ozai wins.

Dora The Explorer vs Smaug

Suggested by Destroyer Smaug is a pretty powerful dragon and one good fire blast can definitely end the round in an instant. Dora The Explorer can’t navigate her away around this fighter because he is just too big and too strong. He may not have been able to stop Frodo, but he hasn’t yet fallen so hard that he cannot beat a little kid. Smaug wins.

Kiri vs Fenfir (Myth)

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Suggested by Sonic Fenfir, Fenris, or Fenrir. No matter what you call the wolf, you have to admit that he is a very dangerous fighter. That being said, Kiri was able to tame him and he has a lot of other monsters at his disposal as well. Fenfir isn’t fast enough to chase Kiri down and he isn’t strong enough to go up against the entire army either. That puts him in a very sticky situation and it’s safe to say that he is a little outmatched here. Brute strength isn’t enough against a cosmic opponent. Kiri wins.