Nacht Faust vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Rangiku returns but she won’t fare better in this round. While Nacht isn’t quite as strong as Zenon, he still has a great deal of speed and durability. Rangiku will have a hard time getting past his durability and wouldn’t last long against his punishing attacks. Nacht will likely only grow stronger from here while Rangiku seems to have reached the limits of her abilities at this point. She would need a true Bleach sequel to try and overturn this. Nacht Faust wins.

Zenon (Black Clover) vs Rangiku

Suggested by iKnowledge Rangiku is a skilled fighter, you have to be good to get to the vice captain spot. That said, she definitely doesn’t seem to have as much ambition as many of the other vice captains we’ve seen like Rukia and Renji. I would go as far as to say she may be the weakest one with an ability that is best suited for support. She has no way to keep up with Zenon’s speed or his relentless assault of attacks. Ultimately she will certainly go down in this fight. Zenon (Black Clover) wins.

Kalibak vs Jax

Suggested by iKnowledge Jax has gotten many power ups in Mortal Kombat which continue to amp up his strength and show why he is the most powerful guy around. I don’t think that would put him on the level of Kalibak in DC though. Kalibak has gone up against Superman after all and while he is decisively weaker than the Man of Steel, his strength still appears as leagues more impressive than what Jax has at the ready. Kalibak wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Mikaela returns to get his next win as well. This match plays out in pretty much the same way as Lucifer’s other battles. He has no tricks up his sleeve that can be used to defend against Mikaela’s attacks and he certainly can’t dodge them either. That means Mikaela has the absolute edge in every way here and this match shouldn’t last for very long. Mikaela wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Ferid

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Ferid will beat Lucifer quite easily as with his last match. Lucifer has no speed feats that would allow him to stay on the same level so you can’t help but feel that he will be overpowered right from the jump. When you also consider the fact that Ferid’s destructive power is so great then you see how Lucifer won’t be able to survive the opening blow either. This guy’s just going to be out of his league here. Ferid wins.

Lucifer Magne vs Elecman

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Lucifer can fly and definitely has some magic at his disposal but he hasn’t used much of it in an offensive manner. I have no reason to believe that he can even hope to match Elecman in speed or destructive ability. Elecman should be able to vaporize Lucifer quite easily and the guy doesn’t have the durability needed to survive such an attack. That will be the end for Lucifer. Elecman wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Ferid

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor returns again and this guy really can’t catch a break. Now he’s up against one of the stronger vampires in Seraph. Ferid may not be the strongest but he is usually able to bridge that gap by leveraging how impressively intelligent he is. That won’t be necessary in this battle though as Ferid has the edge in attack strength and speed. He can blitz Alastor as soon as the match begins and end things with a clean strike. Ferid wins.

Elecman vs Alastor (Hazbin Hotel)

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor has returned but he’s up against another impressive fighter in Alastor. Alastor is someone who seems to have a lot of supernatural abilities but unfortunately for him his series isn’t very action oriented. That means that he has little time to show off any big feats or powerful moments. Meanwhile Elecman has proven himself in combat many times and has incredible amounts of speed. Alastor would not be able to react to him in the slightest which puts the guy at a great disadvantage. Elecman wins.

Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Mikaela

Suggested by Dinosaurroars Alastor is a very sinister individual but he’s not doing anything to Mikaela here. Mikaela has super speed and impressive attack strength. Alastor wouldn’t be able to keep up with his moves at all and would quickly be dismantled in combat. Mikaela won’t even need to activate his more powerful forms here as I’m confident that his base abilities would be enough to win here. When you really think about it, Mikaela’s just too powerful. Mikaela wins.

Lady Deathstrike vs Liu Kang

Suggested by Sonic A while back Lady Deathstrike may have stood a chance here. She has a healing factor, sharp claws, and is an expert hand to hand fighter after all. Unfortunately for her, Liu Kang has been improving in each game to the point where he now has a fire god form which greatly amps up all of his fighting abilities. He can teleport, fly, has super speed, fire, thunder, etc. He can blast her from afar before she is even able to get close and there is no way for her to endure the attacks for very long. Liu Kang wins.