Goku vs Ken Kaneki


Suggested by Anime Slip Stream Ken Kaneki is a strong fighter and excels at close quarters combat. His bite would certainly be fatal to many opponents. However, I wonder if he could bite through Goku’s aura. Even if he could, landing that hit will be nearly impossible. Goku’s speed is far greater than that of Ken’s and his attack power is also on another level. Ken would need a crazy boost to even come close to stopping this Saiyan. Goku wins.


Larry Talbot vs Bass

Suggested by Blake The Werewolf won’t have any better luck than his pal Dracula. Bass is simply too fast for this opponent and Werewolves typically don’t like to get blasted by Earthbreakers. Bass will have no trouble blasting him from afar or just getting up close and slashing him to a loss with his arm blade. On the other side of the equation, Larry Talbot has no real options here. Getting in close would be a mistake and attempting a long range battle would be futile since he has no real projectiles. This is why he doesn’t stand a chance this time. Bass wins.

Ragyo vs Goku


Suggested by Random Ragyo is a very intimidating figure. One look at her design and you know that she can fight. That being said, Goku knows a thing or two about combat as well. I reckon he can pull ahead in this round with some well placed energy blasts and fisticuffs. One of Goku’s greatest assets is his incredible speed which makes even his normal attacks quite lethal. Goku wins.

Larry Talbot vs Cell

Suggested by Anonymous Larry Talbot is a resourceful guy and he is not afraid to throw a few punches as well. Thing is, that’s not enough against a foe of Cell’s caliber. One misplaced punch and it’s all over for Talbot. He could transform into his werewolf state, but that one isn’t even bullet proof and barely enhances his physical abilities. Cell’s immediate counter strike will be fatal. Cell wins.

Najimi Ajimu vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Najimi would destroy Joker as soon as the match begins. I have a lot of respect for her character because she is an omnipotent cosmic being like The One Above All but one who actually backs up her tough talk. She is incredibly powerful and has a nice disposition as well. She’d likely just ignore Joker’s insanity and end the fight as soon as she got bored. You need more than jokes to stop her. Najimi Aijimu wins.

Demios Sword Dragon vs Jackknife Dragon

unnamed (1)
Suggested by Sonic Deimos is a strong monster and has one of the cooler designs in Buddyfight. In their base forms I have no doubt that he would be a Jack with ease. Fortunately for Jackknife Dragon, he has had several power ups over the series including a Thunder Form and one that was buffed with future tech. I believe that these new armaments will prove to be the difference in battle and will give Jackknife enough firepower to get the job done. Jack Knife Dragon wins.

Kyle Rayner vs Cloud

Suggested by Destroyer Kyle is one of the stronger Green Lanterns. He had mastered all of the colors and has a lot of raw power to match his active imagination. While in the offensive Kyle will be able to keep Cloud busy with all of his energy blasts. However Cloud will slowly start to chip away at the distance between them until he is able to land some blows. Kyle’s defenses will only be able to hold out for so long until he is taken down for the count. Cloud wins.

Naruto vs Toppo

Suggested by Random Naruto is a very powerful fighter who could give some DBZ characters a run for their money once he reached his peak. However, taking on one of the strongest Dragon Ball Super characters is another matter entirely. I think it’s safe to say that Toppo is in another level and even Naruto’s planetary Rasengan may not do much more than scratch him. That’s also assuming that it hits Toppo in the first place. Toppo wins.

Piccolo vs Thor

Suggested by Destroyer Piccolo is a pretty powerful DBZ character and his speed and power levels are off the charts. Thor is a powerful warrior in his own right and has obtained many power ups over the years but he has never really managed to catch up to Piccolo. The Namekian has just been in a different league and never stops improving himself. Piccolo wins.

Davide Yamazaki vs Gremlin (Buddyfight)

Suggested by Sonic Gremlin is a strong buddyfighter so it’s a shame that he was written out of the show so quickly. He really just got one or two full field over the course of the show which certainly isn’t a lot. As a result, he doesn’t have nearly as much firepower as Davide. Davide has one of the false Omni Lords at his disposal. That’s nothing to sneeze at and could potentially beat all of Gremlin’s monsters on his own. Davide Yamazaki wins.