Jin Kariya vs Simon

Suggested by Sonic Jin Kariya is a powerful member of the Bount who even had the upper hand on Ichigo at one point. Due to that, it’s hard to see Simon really being able to put any kind of fight here. His whip is a good weapon but Simon likely wouldn’t even be able to keep up with Jin’s speed at all. That will put him in an impossible situation. Jin Kariya wins.

Owlman vs Metallo

Suggested by Sonic Owlman has his super intelligence but at the end of the day that won’t be enough to stop Metallo. Metallo has gone toe to toe with Superman on many occasions. Even without his Kryptonite advantage, Metallo’s raw power is considerable. He shouldn’t have much of a problem overcoming his Owlman’s hand to hand advantage and a few good hits would end this. Metallo wins.

Omega Xis vs Ventus

Suggested by Sonic Omega Xis is a pretty powerful alien who is able to bio merge with Geo. This gives him access to many forms and while he may not be able to control the power as well as the user, it will give him the edge over Ventus. Ventus has his Keyblade tricks but in terms of speed and durability he isn’t quite in the same league. Omega Xis should be able to just completely blow him out of the water. Omega Xis wins.

Butterfree vs Ninetails

Suggested by Sonic Ninetails is one of the final secret bosses of Megaman X Command Mission. His stats even exceed those of Commander Redips. Butterfree has a lot of good attacks up her sleeve but I don’t see any of them being quite powerful enough to take Ninetails down for the count. Ninetails just has too much speed and too much durability for the attacks to deal enough damage in time. Ninetails wins.

Kuroyukihime vs Skin

Suggested by Sonic Kuroyukihime is one of the 5 Kings and a being of incredible power. Skin’s main advantage in combat is usually the fact that it is hard to deal any damage to him. That’s going to be his downfall here since Kuroyukihime has enough power to bypass his defenses. Mix that in with her massive speed advantage and that’s a wrap. Kuroyukihime wins.

The BioLizard vs Kid Roll

Suggested by Destroyer Roll has returned but this time I don’t see her being able to take on the win. The BioLizard’s sheer strength and impressive array of long range options will give him the edge. Roll just won’t be able to break through those barriers to even land her Hyper attacks. In this case his durability is too great. The BioLizard wins.

Moguera vs Miss Piggy

Suggested by Destroyer Moguera has a lot of different attack options at the ready. He may not have ever gotten as popular as Mecha Godzilla but he can still fight pretty well. Miss Piggy is better at delivering hype one liners than actually fighting. She wouldn’t have a great chance of staying one step ahead of Moguera and would ultimately falter. Moguera wins.

Giant Condor vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor has returned but he won’t be able to do much against the Chunk. The Chunk was even able to take down the Flash once which is no easy feat. His super strength and teleportation abilities will make it very hard for the Condor to land any attacks. The Chunk can then use his diamond throwing skills to claim victory here. Chunk wins.

Giant Condor vs James Bond

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor is one of those Godzilla villains that isn’t remembered all that well. The guy had no special abilities after all so maybe that shouldn’t be surprising. He was just a giant bird and I don’t think he wins this one. James Bond isn’t the toughest guy around but he does have rocket launchers and a lot of high powered explosives. The Condor just won’t be able to survive that barrage. James Bond wins.

Space Godzilla vs Kid Roll

Suggested by Destroyer Space Godzilla is a powerful kaiju that came close to defeating Godzilla a few times. He even won once. That said, Kid Roll her her Hyper form which greatly improves her firepower and defensive abilities. She will be able to dodge Space Godzilla’s attacks with relative ease and fire back with absolutely massive amounts of power. Kid Roll wins.