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Kingpin vs Revy

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of speed vs power. Kingpin may look overweight but he’s really just a mountain of muscle. You’d be wise not to underestimate Kingpin in combat because the guy can really fight when needed. Revy is very fast and a solid hand to hand fighter so her best bet would be to overwhelm Kingpin in such a battle. Neither one of them has any real durability feats so Kingpin’s energy cane would destroy her or she can win with some well placed bullets. Considering this, I’d say that Revy’s speed will give her the edge here. Revy wins.

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Dynamo vs N

Suggested by Anonymous Dynamo is a pretty rough maverick. The guy never loses himself in the heat of battle which allows him to make snap judgment calls when needed. He could probably take just about any of N’s Pokemon on their own, but a whole collection? I believe that would prove to be too difficult for him. N is just too resilient of a Pokemon trainer to be defeated and his skills will ultimately be Dynamo’s undoing. N wins.

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Darth Sidious vs Martian Manhunter

Suggested by iKnowledge Darth Sidious is a powerful Sith Lord and quite possibly the strongest one of all time. His Force lightning is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what he can do. The Force is quite versatile and Sidious also has super speed, strength, and can do just about anything. I would still give Martian Manhunter the edge though. His power is leagues above anything Sidious has ever done. Manhunter’s weakness to fire will be tricky to get around, but he does have a lot of experience so that should help him navigate through this fight with minimal issues. It won’t be easy but it’s a winnable battle. Martian Manhunter wins.

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Hedgeshock vs Pikachu

Suggested by Anonymous Hedgeshock is a thunder robot who is pretty talented. He can roll and zap with the best of them. That being said, it will definitely not be enough to down Pikachu. Pikachu has the overwhelming advantage in speed and I dare say that he wins in power as well. This makes for an incredible combo that cannot be surpassed. Hedgeshock may have some resistance to electricity, but it will not save him here. Pikachu wins.

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Lucia Raregroove vs Odin

Suggested by iKnowledge Lucia Raregroove is an incredibly impressive villain from Rave Master. The guy’s speed and raw power are off the charts. His sword can cause explosions and shockwaves with enough power to deal many a fatal blow. Odin is strong in his own right and may have the edge in energy projection. That being said, it will not be enough to stop Lucia. Odin simply isn’t fast enough to keep up and his durability won’t protect him for very long. Lucia Raregroove wins.

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Deoxys vs Sigma

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a tricky fight. On one hand Deoxys is incredibly fast and has healing regeneration. He’s been shown to be a very talented fighter over the years. That being said, Sigma has had many power ups too. His speed is more about quick bursts but it will allow for good evasion. I think Sigma’s experience and raw power will prove to be the deciding factor in this match. Sigma wins.

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Rugal Bernstein vs Shiki Ryougi

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Shiki is a skilled fighter who is proficient at several roles. She can fight from close or long range. Rugal has the ability to copy any fighting style and is naturally gifted with energy augmented attacks. He’s fairly quick so he will be able to keep this match close, but I believe Shiki’s speed will be more than he can handle. He isn’t quite ready to face an opponent quite as powerful as her. Shiki Ryougi wins.

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Bit vs Zain

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a pretty close fight. Zain’s attacks deal more damage, but Bit does have a shield to protect himself from those kind of attacks and he also has speed on his side. I think that ultimately having both of these advantages on his side will end up being very beneficial. Bit should win this match more times than he loses. It’s definitely a match that really could change should either of these guys ever appear again. Bit wins.

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Demyx vs Tidus

Suggested by iKnowledge Demyx is a surprisingly skilled member of the Organization from Kingdom Hearts. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to take down Tidus. Tidus is a Final Fantasy main character after all so he has gotten numerous weapons and magical upgrades during the game’s progression. It’s hard to see him taking a loss here and if anything he will likely be running away with the victory. Tidus wins.

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Victini vs Emerl

Suggested by Anonymous Victini is a pretty powerful Pokemon who is particularly great in a team context. He can power up his allies to new heights. On his own he is a decent fighter as well, but not quite ready to take on Emerl. Emerl has copied many abilities in the past which includes Sonic’s speed and Shadow’s chaos abilities. By the end of the game he was an incredibly powerful threat and one that Victini isn’t quite ready for yet. Victini will put up an admirable fight, but it won’t be enough. Emerl wins.