Kim Kaphwan vs Sasquatch

Suggested by iKnowledge Kim has some good hand to hand moves and slight elemental attacks like his Phoenix move but that won’t be enough to defeat Sasquatch. The difference in their respective power levels is just too high. Sure, Kim’s hand to hand can help him to an extent but without more significant speed or special techniques I don’t see this being enough to bridge the gap. Sasquatch only needs one powerful blow to take the win. Sasquatch wins.

Bakura vs Zero

Suggested by Destroyer Bakura has a lot of cards at his disposal but ultimately I don’t think that sheer numbers will be enough to stop this maverick hunter. Ultimately Zero still has the advantage in just about every category and stat. Mix in the fact that he’s an expert swordfighter and he won’t be losing on technique either. It may take a little while for him to claim victory but ultimately it will happen. Zero wins.

Chunk vs Lifter

Suggested by Destroyer The Lifter is strong enough where even Captain America couldn’t get him to budge. I don’t see the Chunk being able to win here. Yes, he does have some decent moves on his side as well as his gun but ultimately teleportation is more of a supporting ability. The Chunk isn’t particularly fast either and so he can’t really put this ability to its best possible use. Ultimately he will go down here. Chunk wins.

Midgard Serpent vs Batwing

Suggested by Destroyer The Midgard Serpent is a very powerful creature whose size is really out of this world. Batwing has some good tech and could potentially deal some serious damage if you gave him a few years but there’s nothing he can do in the short run. This is an example of a time where having the speed advantage just isn’t enough. If you can’t really hurt your opponent then how can you expect to win a fight? Ultimately he will get tired and then it’s game over. Midgard Serpent wins.

Gutsman vs Slade

Suggested by Destroyer Gutsman is an EXE character but surprisingly he’s not all that tough. The guy is slow as nails and even though he has some decent chips later on, that’s not going to be enough. Ultimately Slade still crushes him with his fire abilities and hand to hand combat. Gutsman has no real answer for that and ultimately he will be going down. You need at least some speed to back up your strength and Slade will exploit this weakness real quick. Slade wins.

Wolverine vs Eggman

Suggested by Destroyer Eggman has a lot of great robots, armors, inventions, and the works but none of them will be quite enough to stop Wolverine here. Wolverine has had many power ups over the years and is a savage fighter. All he has to do is get up close and land a single hit. With his Phoenix Force form that won’t be difficult to do at all. Eggman’s just going to end up being completely doomed here. Wolverine wins.

Swamp Thing vs Moondragon

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close battle. Both of these fighters have some really great feats up their sleeve. Swamp Thing is much more of a tank type fighter as he can endure blow upon blow with ease. On the other hand Moondragon can certainly fire off a lot of attacks and has a great amount of firepower. Could she destroy all of the vegetation before Swamp Thing could fight back? It’s a close one either way but I’m leaning on her in this fight because she’s faster and can manuever in the air better. Moondragon wins.

Kite vs Crow

Suggested by Sonic Kite has the ability to take out most data type fighters with ease. They definitely don’t stand much of a chance against him but Crow is a different story. He can quickly just get right into the thick of it and land some powerful blows. Kite has no answer for the various bird type monsters that Crow can summon and also isn’t quick enough to close the distance between himself and Crow. Crow wins.

Phantom (Zero) vs Turles

Suggested by Sonic Turles has incredible power and seems to grow stronger with every appearance. He has come a long way from being unable to deal with super saiyan level opponents. Phantom is quite fast so I don’t want to underestimate him, but he’s not going to be doing much of anything against Turles. Ultimately he is heavily outmatched in all physical areas which is what will cost him dearly here. Turles could end the solar system in an instant. Turles wins.

Dawn vs Amy

Suggested by Sonic Amy has a degree of super speed and is skilled with her hammer so I don’t want to say that this will be a stomp or anything like that. That said, Dawn still has the edge here thanks to having a wide variety of Pokemon to back her up at every turn. Amy will quickly be overwhelmed at this point and even her speed would be matches during the battle. Dawn wins.