Kazuki vs Yang

Suggested by Destroyer Yang’s a great hand to hand fighter and she would have a good chance at beating Kazuki in his original form, but once he goes into his awakened mode then victory starts to slip out of reach. Perhaps if Yang obtains one of the Maiden abilities later on then she can turn this around but otherwise I think this is one match where she has to take the L. Kazuki wins.

Simon (Gurren Lagann) vs Atlas

Suggested by Destroyer Atlas is strong but he’s not ready to destroy whole worlds the way that Simon can. Simon’s got the massive edge in overall ability like strength and speed. He may even be able to win without his mech considering that he can channel the Spiral energy within himself. Either way, Atlas’ best chance here is definitely to just try and run away. Simon (Gurren Lagann) wins.

Dr Doom vs Shadow

Suggested by Destroyer Shadow is known as the Ultimate Life Form. A being of such immense abilities that nobody can ever hope to defeat him. Dr Doom had the Power Cosmic and the Odin Force which he can use to try and get past Shadow’s defenses, but that doesn’t help get around the speed angle and that’s really where Shadow will shine. He’ll be able to speed blitz his way to victory. Shadow wins.

Carnage vs Slade

Suggested by Destroyer Slade is a skilled fighter who has a degree of super strength and even obtained some fire abilities at one point. It’ll still be very difficult for him to do anything against Carnage though. Carnage has mastered his symbiote abilities to a degree that even Venom struggles with. He can create any weapon and use it masterfully, that will quickly overwhelm Slade. Carnage wins.

Krystal vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Krystal has her Arwing which is handy in a fight but I don’t see that being enough to stop Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon may not always look like the most impressive fighter out there but she does still have her energy blasts which should really knock a lot of the fight out of Krystal. Additionally, Sailor Moon can make barriers to protect her from the counter blows. Sailor Moon wins.

Gravityman vs Sigma

Suggested by Sonic Gravityman has some powerful gravity abilities which makes up for him not being all that fast. He is strong enough to pin both Protoman and Megaman after all. That being said, he won’t be able to keep up with the fierce attacks from Sigma. Sigma has enough durability to withstand the gravity for a little while. Meanwhile his superior strength and weaponry will win him the day. Sigma wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Zeref

Suggested by Sonic Crowley Eusford is a powerful vampire to be sure and he has enough life force where he shouldn’t die from just being near Zeref. That said, he doesn’t have the raw abilities needed to beat him either. Zeref unlocked his awakened modes near the end of Fairy Tail and his physical abilities were enough to rival Natsu. It’s hard to see Crowley being able to damage such a fighter. Zeref wins.

Yoruichi vs Blake

Suggested by Sonic Yoruichi and Blake are both cat based fighters but when it comes to power Yoruichi is in a league of her own. She can move faster than the eye can see and her power was enough to force even Aizen to block. A single blow would completely shatter Blake and there won’t be any possible way to evade the hit either. Yoruichi wins.

Megaman X vs Atlas

Suggested by Sonic Atlas has some good electrical attacks and he can fly but that’s not going to be quite enough in this round. Megaman X has a tremendous amount of abilities at his disposal and those will be enough to simply overwhelm Atlas. Atlas can try as hard as he needs to in order to mount a comeback but ultimately it will be futile as his attacks just won’t go through. X will win this with his ultimate armor. Megaman X wins.

Genos vs Dialga

Suggested by Sonic Dialga may manipulate time itself, but what good will that be against a cyborg that is as fast as Genos? Genos can easily fire off a blast with such tremendous power that it would destroy Dialga in an instant. There just would not be any way for Dialga to shake off such a hit and that’s what is going to cost him in the long run. The difference in speed. Genos wins.