Yuya vs James Bond

Yuya Sakaki may be one of the greatest dueltainers on the planet but it hasn’t come at the expense of his dueling abilities. He knows how to think out of the box and can hold his own against just about everyone when the pendulum is swinging his way. James Bond doesn’t have the same level of charisma and his gun skills aren’t enough to tip the scales of battle either. Looks like this is going to end badly for him. Yuya wins.


King Kong vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Kong: Skull Island. While his low durability for a big Kaiju was exposed, King Kong’s ingenuity and hand to hand skills helped him claim the win. He was able to think about how to win and did a good job of using the elements around him. I can’t say that Nemo is quite as versatile. He can try to swim away but it will be futile. King Kong wins.

Akiza vs Joker


Suggested by IKnowledge Akiza has a good array of monsters on her side. Quite a few of them are very dangerous like her iconic dragon. Joker is a pretty decent fighter as he’s gone hand to hand against Batman at times. That being said, it’s certainly not enough to beat a dragon and Akiza also possessed telekinetic abilities of her own. That’ll make it very difficult for Joker to approach her at all and he’ll really be kept on the defensive. He just doesn’t have any way to approach her and his attacks won’t get through her bodyguards anyway. Akiza wins.

Moonface vs Kirito

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Moonface may have just taken a nice win, but he is completely out of his league against this sword fighter. Speed and power are not Moonface’s specialty and he will be completely blown away here. Kiritio is a master of close quarters combat and his speed is great enough for him to force their confrontation into one that suits his advantage. Kirito is as smart as he is strong and that’s a devastating combo. Kirito wins.

Waluigi vs Martian Manhunter

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits Waluigi has always been a pretty interesting Mario villain. He is good with a tennis racket and he’s also not a bad dancer. That being said, his physical abilities are nothing special and the Martian doesn’t even have to just rely on his super strength. His shape shifting will let him slip around all of Waluigi’s attacks and he can take his time before dealing the knockout blow. Make no mistake, one shot is all that this Manhunter is going to need to end the round. Waluigi just doesn’t have a whole lot of defense to protect him. Martian Manhunter wins.

Weather Wizard vs One Above All

Suggested by Anon The Weather Wizard never really stood out as a villain because he had some stiff competition. Let’s face it, Zoom and Mirror Master are just a whole lot cooler. That being said, The Weather Wizard isn’t that bad. Controlling the weather is useful in a fight to a degree and he can make the battle very slippery for the One Above All. It’s hard to fight when you are unable to maintain your balance. Weather Wizard wins.

Wimpy vs Little Mac

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits Wimpy may not have the greatest name but you can’t deny that the guy has heart. He plays for keeps and gives every match his all. Unfortunately it will not be enough this time. Little Mac is a very experienced fighter and has been taking down opponents for years. They simply don’t have what it takes to stop him. Wimpy could throw his sandwich but that will just make Little Mac chuckle. He’d need a Big Mac if he wanted to do any real damage. Little Mac wins.

Xavier Quinn vs Train

Xavier Quinn may be skilled with a gun, but Train is a master with it. He can hit a target from any angle with any kind of gun. Train also has super speed and can take out skilled opponents without any equipment. Xavier Quinn wouldn’t last a second against such a person and there is a reason why Train is known as one of the best marksmen in all of media. His skills simply speak for themselves and he’ll never lose a gunfight. Train wins.

Atrocitus vs Naruto

The Last Naruto The Movie Clips (Brief Naruto vs Toneri Footage).mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2014.11.30_13.31.41]
Suggested by Anon Atrocitus is a very powerful Green Lantern villain and the TV show version DD a good job of showing off his power. That being said, he isn’t ready to handle someone like Naruto at the moment. Naruto has gradually been growing stronger for a very long time and the final two movies really helped to depict just how strong he has gotten. Atrocitius can’t hold Naruto with any of his constructs and he doesn’t have the speed needed to turn this into a hand to hand match. Atrocitus simply won’t be able to sky all that much in this match up which is why Naruto will take this round with ease. Naruto wins.

Moonface vs James Bond


Suggested by Destroyer Moon Face is a fairly obscure villain from Buso Renkin. He can make duplicates of himself which is sure to mess with Bond’s aim. James Bond is certainly not the best fighter as it is. He tied against a drug dealer once and loses to most of the notable villains like the guy with a steel jaw. In a fight with an opponent who isn’t fazed by billets, the match is as good as over. Bond may put up a fight, but he can’t win. Moonface wins.