Baloo vs Papa Bear

Suggested by Jimmy Baloo is back and he is up against an opponent who is a little less intimidating than Iron Giant this time around. Papa Bear is a family man and he has done a good job of relaxing and becoming one of the crew. That being said, he doesn’t have the same level of power that Baloo has. One quick bite would be enough to end the fight if he could just get in a good claw attack. There isn’t much that Papa Bear can do about it. Baloo wins.


Steelix vs Alucard (Hellsing)

Suggested by Unknown Alucard was never all that impressive for me. He may have immortality and a good healing factor and super speed and super strength but he’s not super high tier the way that people say. Steelix has a good array of attacks at his disposal and can also take a lot of damage. I think he will be able to land enough attacks to deal some serious damage. He won’t be able to overcome the healing factor and Alucard’s blinding speed, but it could be a good fight. Alucard (Hellsing) wins.

Archimonde vs Akame

Suggested by Random Archimonde is a durable guy since he is made of a stone like substance. Of course, it isn’t quite strong enough to protect him from Akame’s blade so he may as well be a normal human. Akame will dash around all of his attacks and land a lethal blow in the end. It won’t even take that long since Akame is definitely not lacking in striking power. Akame wins.

Bass vs Mickey Mouse

Suggested by Blake Mickey Mouse is a pretty strong warrior thanks to the Kingdom Hearts series. The guy doesn’t play games and his skills are quite formidable. That being said, Bass is definitely on a whole other level. He is far stronger and faster than Mickey. He can end the planet in an instant and that would be game over for everybody else. Bass wins.

Jin vs Killua

Suggested by Destroyer Jin is a pretty strong hand to hand fighter and he even has a demon mode as well. This makes him an extra dangerous fighter for sure. That being said, Killua already had a good degree of super strength and speed ever since he was a little kid. His abilities have only grown since then and I don’t even think it would be much of a fight at this point. Jin has the right amount of destructive power, but he won’t be able to hit Killua. Killua wins.

Waweldrache vs Kazane

unnamed (6)
Suggested by Sonic Waweldrache is a reasonably powerful monster. It has some good attack points and is versatile as well. Still, one monster can’t do a whole lot to win this round since Kazane has a bunch of them. Overwhelming Waweldrache will be a simple matter for her army. It’s just not feasible for almost any Buddyfight dragon to survive such an onslaught. Kazane wins.

Sonic vs Wolverine

Suggested by Anonymous Wolverine is pretty powerful and he has obtained quite a few power ups over the years. One of these power ups was the famed Dark Phoenix which gave him absolutely unlimited power. That would allow him to defeat just about anyone but it still won’t be enough when out against the matchless speed of Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic has access to his Super form which lets him fly and amps up his abilities by a drastic amount. Wolverine is strong, but Sonic can injure him and with the speed advantage as well it’s all over. Sonic wins.

Tsotha-Lanti vs Zatanna

Suggested by IKnowledge Tsotha-Lanti is an evil wizard who opposes Conan. There’s not much data on his abilities aside from his reputation. It seems like this guy typically prefers to stick to the shadows and certainly doesn’t have as much actual combat experience as Zatanna. She has taken on many threats and even knows some hand to hand skills for when magic is not enough. Tsotha-Lanti is not nearly as versatile and his age ensures that he won’t be dodging any attacks. This will be a rather easy win for the reverse mage. Zatanna wins.

Baloo vs Iron Giant
Suggested by Jimmy Baloo is a nice bear and he has also proven himself to be a tough fighter when the chips are down. That being said, he is a little outgunned against someone like the Iron Giant. After all, what can a bear do against a giant robot. Iron Giant can defeat him with a single punch or just fire off some of his missiles. There’s no way Baloo can dodge them and he certainly can’t endure them. That spells curtains for the nice bear. Iron Giant wins.

Akame vs Monsoon

Suggested by Random Monsoon is a fairly powerful cyborg. He has a degree of super strength and speed. His fighting abilities are also on point so this isn’t a free win for Akame. That being said, her speed is greater still and her sword can inflict lethal damage. Akame is strong enough to pierce the cyborg and Monsoon won’t be able to defend against it. The cyborg just won’t be able to keep up with her. Akame wins.