Snubbull vs Spanner

Suggested by Sonic Snubbull is a pretty cool Pokemon and a reasonably powerful one at that. Still, I don’t see him being able to do much of anything against someone like Spanner. Spanner isn’t very strong himself but he’s built some pretty powerful machines that would overwhelm Snubbull. The King Moska would be able to dodge all of Snubbull’s attacks and then end things with a quick blast. There just isn’t a whole lot you can do against a skilled fighter like this and Spanner has other robots at the ready as well. Spanner wins.

Yellow MnM vs Swiper

Suggested by Sonic Now this is a pretty tough match. Neither one of these guys are particularly impressive when it comes time to fight. Swiper isn’t much of a boxer although he would have the size advantage a bit. Meanwhile the MnM has his car so I want to say he could just run right through Swiper. It’s hardly the most elegant way to win, but a win’s a win right? There’s no much Swiper can do to stop him since he never swiped a gun or something super useful like that. I’m afraid that’s just game over for him. Yellow MnM wins.

Princess Dhianeila vs Red MnM

Suggested by Sonic Princess Dhianeila is definitely not one of the strongest princesses around. She can create entire planets by the end of Heroic Age but ironically never progressed past basic barriers in terms of offense which is in itself more like a defensive move. It’s very unlikely that she could do much fighting at all though she would still have enough in the arsenal to stop the Red MnM. That guy’s definitely not much of a fighter even across the various video games the MnMs got. He has a little car and the ground pound move among other things but Dhianeila will be able to overwhelm him here. Just put the squeeze on him with some energy as her telepathy is shaky at best. Princess Dhianeila wins.

Shiva vs Hush

Suggested by Sonic Hush is pretty resourceful and a talented fighter who knows how to fire a gun, but he’s not winning this match. Shiva was able to trade blows with Thor to the point where the match was close. A single hit would definitely take Hush out of the running and it likely wouldn’t even be close. No shade to Hush of course but he just isn’t ready to win this battle. He would need a massive power up which could always happen I suppose but I don’t love his odds. Shiva wins.

Zenkichi vs Yuta Fuji

Suggested by Sonic Zenkichi may have started as a guy who wasn’t really a big fighter but he became a whole lot stronger by the end of Medaka Box. He can effectively surpass concepts as as long as he is the underdog he has a really good shot at winning any battle. Yuta Fuji is an impressive tennis player but when you take that away what else does he got? Not quite enough if you ask me and that’s the problem. Zenkichi could speedblitz the poor guy and a few haymakers will end the battle. Zenkichi wins.

Howard Aguello vs Guru

Suggested by Destroyer Guru is one of those villains who is dangerous not because of any physical abilities he has but because he is able to convey dangerous ideas to a lot of people. When it comes time to fight though he will fold pretty quickly and that’s why Howard has the edge here. I don’t see him having any kind of problem taking Guru down a few pegs. Why would he? Howard has a gun and is a lot more athletic than Guru. Howard Aguello wins.

Howard Aguello vs Prince Daka

Suggested by Destroyer Howard knows how to fire a gun but would he really be ready to deal with someone who has a gravity rod at his disposal? I’d have my doubts. Prince Daka isn’t the greatest of fighters but he did nearly take down the All Star Squadron and even gave Batman a hard time. No random thug with a gun is going to stop this guy so easily. Daka will have the last laugh thanks to the rod. Prince Daka wins.

Howard Aguello vs Wizard (DCAU)

Suggested by Destroyer The Wizard is a con man like Howard but one who really didn’t look so good as he got pushed around by the others. Howard’s definitely in a better position to win this round. Wizard may have gotten out of the game pretty early which was good for his character but as a fighter he just isn’t on the level yet. I don’t really see him being able to stand up to Howard here. Howard’s actually starting to pack on the wins at this point. Howard Aguello wins.

Howard Aguello vs Sackboy

Suggested by Destroyer Sackboy doesn’t look very intimidating so it’s fair to say that this could be a decently close fight but when you look into his actual abilities then that changes. Personally I don’t consider Sackboy to be super impressive but he does have actual fighting abilities thanks to PS All Stars including lasers and such. Howard has a gun but that’s about it and it really won’t do almost anything to someone like Sackboy. Sackboy wins.

Howard Aguello vs Jordan Hill

Suggested by Destroyer Jordan is definitely a kid who made some dicey decisions but learned his lesson at the end of the Batman series. Still, he really is just a kid so there’s nothing he could really do against Howard. Howard may not be one of the strongest fighters around but he does have experience even if the guy only seems to have one picture in existence. He’ll be able to win this match pretty quick and Howard is definitely showing that he’s still got the skills. Howard Aguello wins.