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Lance vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Redips is the final boss of Command Mission and so he is definitely powerful. The guy was basically a cosmic threat by the end and he is able to heal as well as use elemental attacks. One on one it is hard to stop him, but Lance has a powerful army of dragons at his disposal. I think they could actually manage to notch out a win here. Redips has great power, but he’s lacking in speed. Lance’s army would whittle down his health slowly but surely and then they would be able to claim victory. Lance wins.

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Wild Jango vs Zeraora

Suggested by Anonymous Wild Jango is definitely a maverick who has always been one of my favorites from Command Mission. His punishing electric attacks are a lot of fun to watch and the guy loves a good fight. I believe he will have met his match with Zeraora though. This Pokemon is fine with electricity and has more speed than Jango will know what to do with. Zeraora also has his electric barrier which protects from enemy attacks. In a battle of two powerful forces like in this film, the one with the superior speed has a significant edge. Zeraora wins.

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Red Sonja vs Maximo

Suggested by iKnowledge Maximo may have just come off a win, but he won’t be able to repeat that with Red Sonja. Red Sonja is an expert close quarters fighter with her sword skills and her augmented physical abilities will allow her to get the better of Maximo. She has been shown to be able to dodge lightning. Her speed is far greater than that of Maximo’s and that will be the key difference in this fight. I don’t believe he will be able to stop her. Red Sonja wins.

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Prince Phillip vs Maximo

Suggested by iKnowledge Maximo has arrived from the Ghosts n Goblins series. He’s a talented swordsman who got some handy abilities by the end of the game. He can cause swords to come up from the ground and his sword is surrounded by fire. It’s also unbreakable which never hurts either. Philip once became a fire beast in the live action Disney crossover series, but for the most part he hasn’t gotten all that powerful. His best portrayal may be from Kingdom Hearts, but even then in a 1 on 1 I don’t see him beating Maximo. They are very similar, but Maximo ultimately has the better weapon and abilities. Maximo wins.

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Erdrick vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Erdrick is a powerful warrior who really proved himself in the climax of Dragon Quest. The kid may have started out as a modest fighter, but his abilities are to be feared by the end. Kirby is very versatile and has attained a lot of abilities over the years, but they really can’t even begin to compare with Erdrick’s. Erdrick will be able to keep Kirby at bay with his projectiles and there’s no way the pink fighter can avoid them forever. Erdrick wins.

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Terry Bogard vs Captain Falcon

Suggested by Sonic Captain Falcon is definitely a powerful fighter and he’s a really solid matchup for Terry. Both of them have similar fighting styles and abilities so this will all come down to who has more skill. I’ve got to give that to Terry. Captain Falcon has had some great showings thanks to Super Smash Bros and F-Zero GX, but it’s hard to compare that to Terry who has been in over 10 games with a lot of great feats to show for it. He has more stamina and will land hits more consistently. Terry Bogard wins.

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Terry Bogard vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mario is a character who has been around for a very long time so lets not get that confused. The guy can ball! Mario has been shown to be proficient in every sport as well as kart racing. He’s also fought in many games and has power ups ranging from Power Stars to other such enhancements. That being said, I don’t think he is ready for Terry. Mario’s reaction times have been shown to be downright terrible in the main Mario games and his physical stats aren’t amazing. I believe Terry would be able to keep Mario missing until Terry delivers a punishing counter. Terry Bogard wins.

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Terry Bogard vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Terry Bogard is a very skilled hand to hand fighter and now he is finally making his debut onto the blog. Terry’s a true threat and he will be too fast for Snake to deal with. Snake has basic hand to hand training, but his main specialty is with his guns. Those won’t be very helpful here because Terry is just too fast. He’ll weave his way in and out of Snake’s firearms and all he needs is a single direct hit to deal massive damage. Terry Bogard wins.

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Isabelle vs Marth

Suggested by Sonic Isabelle is a really nice character who always does her best to make sure that everyone is having a good time. You need a character like that or the village will ultimately fall apart. That being said, she isn’t really a fighter. She’ll go into battle when necessary but usually chooses not to do so. Meanwhile Marth has taken down whole armies in the past so he definitely won’t be losing this round. The wise thing for Isabelle to do would be to surrender. Marth wins.

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Howard Aguello vs Curious George

Suggested by Destroyer Howard has returned. He has been getting quite a few wins over the years and I believe this will end up being another one. Curious George is a really fun character who has been with us for generations, but he isn’t a fighter. Howard ultimately does have a gun so he at least stands a chance in a lot of fights. There just isn’t really much of anything that Curious George can do to try and make a comeback here. Howard will catch him and take him to the vet. Howard Aguello wins.