Gideon vs Nergal

Suggested by iKnowledge Gideon is a pretty powerful mage. He has many such abilities, but the scariest of all is his disintegration spell. He can tear an opponent apart with ease. Nergal has powerful dark spells as well so it’ll really be a matter of seeing who can dish out the fatal blow first. Nergal’s black hole esque spell should provide that kind of onslaught and so he’ll take the narrow win here. Definitely a Western quick draw kind of battle. Nergal wins.


Guyver vs Bullseye

Suggested by Anonymous Bullseye may be Daredevil’s greatest opponent, but he won’t scare Guyver. Guyver has dealt with stronger opponents in his day and lived to tell the tale. His armor can stop anything that Bullseye tries to throw his way and also has the edge in speed which will help out as well. Any way you slice it, Guyver’s ready to take this one all the way to the bank. That’s just how good his skills are. Guyver wins.

Guyver vs Daredevil

Suggested by Anonymous The Guyver has returned and Daredevil is his next victim. Daredevil is a pretty good hand to hand combatant, but that doesn’t mean much against Guyver’s defenses. Daredevil was amped up during a shadow arc where he got super abilities, but even those won’t do much here. At Daredevil’s best, he still wasn’t quite a match for an opponent as fierce as Guyver. Guyver wins.

Lucy Heartfilia vs Maya Natsume

Suggested by iKnowledge Lucy has quite a few summons at her disposal which helps her deal with foes that she would have a tough time with otherwise. That being said, she’s still going to have a very tough time here. Maya is an exceptional fighter and her attacks are also amped up with ki. That means that Lucy is going to have a very tough time getting past her. Lucy’s summons range from decently strong to downright formidable, but I don’t think she has anything up her sleeve that can stop someone like Maya. Maya Natsume wins.

Pikachu vs Bisharp

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for Bisharp to return, but his blades aren’t sharp enough to cut Pikachu’s momentum. Pikachu’s one of the fastest Pokemon on the planet. It’s actually quite impressive just how powerful he is. You would not guess that he is just a normal Pokemon and not a legendary from watching him battle. Bisharp will be completely overwhelmed here. He’s just not in the same league as Pikachu and that will become clear as the match goes on. He doesn’t have the stamina to fight at such a high level for very long. Pikachu wins.

Lucy Heartfilia vs Aya Natsume

Suggested by iKnowledge While Aya doesn’t enter combat nearly as much as her sister, she is still quite proficient at it. Once again it is a question of whether or not Lucy’s guardians can hold their own before Aya breaks the line. As it stands, I just don’t think that they can. I’ve never been particularly impressed with Lucy’s guardians and it’s just so hard to protect Lucy when Aya’s attacks can come from close or long range. If Lucy could learn to fight a little more then this match could easily change. Aya Natsume wins.

Ganondorf vs Chrom

Suggested by Sonic Ganondorf and Chrom make for pretty equally matched fighters as with Ganon’s battle with Marth. The outcome is also very similar as I believe Chrom’s speed will allow him to claim victory here. Ganondorf is certainly powerful and the attacks that he lands will cause massive damage. That being said, Chrom can dodge enough of them to control the battle to an extent. At that point his superior swordsmanship will take over. Chrom wins.

Mickey Mouse vs Destoroyah

Suggested by Destroyer Mickey Mouse is a pretty strong character. While he is usually a bit of a pacifist, Mickey has honed his skills in case he should ever need them. He is a true Keyblade master and as a result he is too strong for any Kaiju at this point. Destoroyah has immense strength, but actually landing a hit on Mickey is a whole different situation. Mickey Mouse is too fast and too skilled for that to happen. He’ll use all of the abilities at his disposal in order to win. Mickey Mouse wins.

Iori Yagami vs Ky Kiske

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a heated battle between King of Fighters and Guilty Gear. Iori is one of the strongest fighters in his series and when amped up with shadow abilities he is truly a fierce threat. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to take down Ky. Ky’s thunder attacks will keep him on the defensive and the difference in ability is just a little too great this time. Iori won’t be able to get in close enough to maximize his combo potential. Ky Kiske wins.

Sailor Jupiter vs Dormammu

Suggested by iKnowledge I’m not particularly impressed with Jupiter despite being known as one of the stronger Sailor Scouts. I just don’t think she can really hold her own here. Dormammu’s powers are enough to even challenge the Sorceror Supreme. At that level of power a little thunder isn’t going to do a whole lot. Jupiter has definitely met her match here and would need a better level of speed to begin to launch a counter attack. As she is now, Jupiter doesn’t stand much of a chance. Dormammu wins.