Silver Swan vs Wonder Woman

This is a tribute to Wonder Woman Bloodlines. Wonder Woman looked pretty good and was taking down all challengers. Silver Swan has some skills but in a straight fight there is no way she is going to beat Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman outranks her in power, speed, and pretty much every stat that matters. Silver Swan won’t last very long in a direct battle here and even if she tries to use her agility to stay one step ahead of the battle, it won’t be enough. Wonder Woman wins.

Kaido vs Big Mom

It’s time for a clash of 2 Yonkou. While they are typically all considered to be around the same level, we all know that there are no ties. I would easily take Kaido to defeat her in a straight fight. His feats are just a lot more impressive and he hasn’t been getting defeated by everyone. Big Mom has solid power and stamina but she just doesn’t have the sheer strength that Kaido possesses. He won’t need his dragon form here. Kaido wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Kraken

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow is a pirate who gets by on a luck a lot of the time but his skills will usually leave you feeling rather skeptical. Even with his temporary immortal form I don’t see Jack being able to do much against the Kraken. This monster’s physical abilities will just be too much. He can effectively squash Jack or just chomp him to bits. Jack can dodge his attacks for a little while but with no real way to counter he is finished in the end. Kraken wins.

Mephiles vs Tron

Suggested by Destroyer Mephiles has returned and now he’s up against the hero of cyberspace. Tron has had a lot of good moments over the years but this is an opponent that will be a little too fierce for him. Mephiles has fairly incredible powers which includes making doppelgangers of himself and firing off energy blasts. Tron can block some attacks with his disc but not enough. He’ll eventually be overwhelmed by the attacks and will end up falling in the end. Mephiles wins.

Mephiles vs Flatman

Suggested by Destroyer Flatman has returned but he is going to fare any better in this round. Mephiles is an incredibly powerful fighter who was even able to take Sonic down even if it was a cheap shot. Flatman wouldn’t be able to do that. I don’t see him being able to even land any true hits on Mephiles here due to the differences in their respective abilities. Mephiles is just a little too powerful. Mephiles wins.

Flatman vs Menos Grande

Suggested by Destroyer Menos Grande is one of the original Bleach villains. They aren’t ranked all that highly in the verse at this point but are still powerful in their own right. Flatman is able to stretch himself pretty well but I’d like to see him try to stand up to a Cero from the Menos Grande. Right now it’s unlikely that Flatman could dodge or endure such an attack so ultimately he would have to lose this round. Menos Grande wins.

Green Goblin vs Orochimaru

Suggested by Destroyer Green Goblin is one of the most iconic Spiderman villains out there. The guy is fairly powerful and has obtained quite a few power ups over the years. You definitely don’t want to underestimate the guy. Still, he isn’t ready for Orochimaru’s fierce speed and regenerative abilities. Orochimaru will be able to overwhelm him with powerful ninjutsu at the ready. Goblin won’t be able to endure such an onslaught and will ultimately fall. Orochimaru wins.

II Piantissimo vs Graboid

Suggested by Sonic I’ve always liked Piantissimo. He’s a fun character in Mario Sunshine who really makes sure to put the characters through the ringer. That being said, he isn’t ready to face a monster like the Graboid yet. The Graboid is hardly one of the more impressive monsters out there but he is still ferocious and can end things with a quick bite. Piantissimo’s slight speed and durability won’t be enough to protect him. Ultimately he needs some kind of power up to try and win this fight. Graboid wins.

King Goomba vs Waddle Doo

Suggested by Sonic Waddle Doo has a little eye blast/thunder move which is pretty handy. It does separate him from the average Kirby minions but it won’t be quite enough to turn the tides here. The Goomba King is still a boss in his own right even if his stats aren’t amazing. He will be able to spin his way to victory as his tackle will take Waddle Doo out. Goomba will take some damage but at the end of the day his durability will hold out. King Goomba wins.

Allosaurus vs T Rex

Suggested by Sonic The Allosaurus is a vicious dinosaur that is actually pretty impressive. A quick bite would end most other animals. The T Rex is still known as the king of dinosaurs for good reason though. He would be able to land a solid chomp here and take Allosaurus out of the running. With a battle of Dinosaurs like this it’s always going to be a close battle but the T Rex should be able to clutch it out. T Rex wins.