Chunk vs Cerebrus

Suggested by Destroyer Cerebrus has gone up against Iron Man in the past and has basic super strength, energy projection, and can turn huge. The powers may not be super fancy but they get the job done and I don’t see Chunk being able to stop him. Gravity manipulation and spitting out diamonds just isn’t going to cut it against such a fighter. The Chunk just can’t catch a break it would seem. Cerebrus wins.

Chunk vs Lifter

Suggested by Destroyer The Lifter is strong enough where even Captain America couldn’t get him to budge. I don’t see the Chunk being able to win here. Yes, he does have some decent moves on his side as well as his gun but ultimately teleportation is more of a supporting ability. The Chunk isn’t particularly fast either and so he can’t really put this ability to its best possible use. Ultimately he will go down here. Chunk wins.

Parker vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Parker has a gun and is used to going up against great odds. That being said, he’s still not going to be ready for this fight. The Chunk has his gravity to slow Parker down and of course he can spit out diamonds so quickly that even the Flash couldn’t block. No matter how much you may not buy into the scene, I would still say that it’s enough to easily put the Chunk above Parker. No guy with a gun is taking down the Chunk so easily. Chunk wins.

Nick Fury vs Chunk

Suggested by Sonic The Chunk is a fun Flash villain but he definitely doesn’t have anything on Nick Fury. In their base forms it’s actually reasonable to say that the Chunk would win with his teleportation and gravity but Nick Fury’s gotten quite a lot of tech at various points in his career. We’re talking energy guns, power suits, and anything you can think of. The sheer firepower up his arsenal would be enough to put the Chunk down for the count. Nick Fury wins.

Agent Bob vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Agent Bob isn’t a very skilled guy. He’s a member of Hydra and has some guns but physically he’s well below average. He won’t be able to handle the Chunk’s gravity or teleportation. That will leave Agent Bob on the defensive from the start and there will be no comeback for him. I’m afraid it’s all over for the guy as one good hit from the Chunk would end things. Chunk wins.

Ebirah vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk is one of those characters that makes you smile because of how fun he is. The guy even took on the Flash a few times back in the day. That said, his diamond attacks likely won’t deal much damage, nor will his bullets. That’s why Ebirah wins here. It may take him a while to get to the Chunk but eventually he will and one good hit is all that will be needed. At that point the Chunk will fold. Ebirah wins.

Chunk vs Uncle Sam

Suggested by Destroyer Not a lot of people know this but the Chunk’s actually taken on the Flash a few times. He shouldn’t be underestimated but I don’t think he will be able to defeat Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam has absolutely massive abilities with his super strength and the fact that he just won’t go down. Chunk’s famous diamond attack may not even hurt him. Uncle Sam wins.

John Shepard vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk is a man of great ability. There aren’t a whole lot of people who can take him down without some kind of super power. Fortunately for John, he is definitely the right man for this job. Not only does he have a lot of incredible tech at his disposal but the guy can fight in his own right as well. One good sonic cannon and that’s it for the Chunk. John Shepard wins.

Chunk vs Bulwark

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk has been on a roll and it’s not going to stop now. He’s got the strength needed to take the Bulwark head on. Bulwark may be slightly stronger physically but he won’t be able to counter the Chunk’s gravity or diamond bullets. Those will put an end to this fight pretty quickly. Chunk wins.

Chunk vs Sumo

Suggested by Destroyer Sumo has some decent strength on his side but nothing that will allow him to do much of anything against the Chunk. Chunk has taken on the Flash in the past and has enough reaction times to keep up with the guy. He can spit his diamonds at Sumo and take care of business in an instant. Sumo has no way to dodge or endure the attack. Chunk wins.