Giant Condor vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor has returned but he won’t be able to do much against the Chunk. The Chunk was even able to take down the Flash once which is no easy feat. His super strength and teleportation abilities will make it very hard for the Condor to land any attacks. The Chunk can then use his diamond throwing skills to claim victory here. Chunk wins.

Bill Baggett vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Bill Baggett has a lot of willpower at his disposal. He was able to control the GL Power Ring after all which is pretty good. The Chunk has gravity and teleportation on his side but there’s just really not much he can hope to do against an opponent with a power ring. Bill can just blast Chunk out of here and also fly to avoid the diamond bullets. No matter how you slice it, it’s game over for the Chunk. Bill Baggett wins.

Jay Solano vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Jay Solano is the main character of Operation Shadow and not really someone that you want to mess with. He’s a skilled fighter who knows how to use the various weapons that he has equipped. While some of those armaments are quite impressive like his tank, I don’t see the Chunk going down to this. He has gravity powers, teleportation, and can spit out diamonds at an impressive speed. Jay will ultimately get overwhelmed and would need some super powers to hold his own. Chunk wins.

Eric Reibel vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Eric has a gun and he was willing to point it at Superman so the guy definitely means business. That being said, he would not be able to do a whole lot against the Chunk. The Chunk has his teleportation abilities an can even spit out diamonds at super speed. There’s nothing Eric can really hope to do against such a super villain. At the end of the day, the gun is really all that he has to defend himself with and that’s not much. Chunk wins.

Norman Bates vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Norman Bates is a serial killer who is decent with a knife. That said, he’s not used to going up against actual opponents. The Chunk has teleportation and gravity powers. Norman has no experience dealing with either one of those moves and he would quickly be overwhelmed here. There’s just nothing he can hope to do against the Chunk. The Chunk would easily crush the life out of Norman and that would be game over. It’s rare to see this guy getting wins. The Chunk wins.

Status Quo vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo is a guy who loves to stir up trouble. He’s not really much of a fighter though and relies on his followers to do the dirty work. That’s not really going to fly against someone like the Chunk though. The Chunk can spit out a few diamonds or land a haymaker and that will be the end of the fight. The Status Quo really has no defense against such an attack option and ultimately he will end up falling here. The guy just doesn’t stand a chance. Chunk wins.

Alex Rider vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Alex Rider is a pretty resourceful guy but he won’t be able to deal with the Chunk. The Chunk is bulletproof against traditional guns and can spit out diamonds at such a high speed that he even tagged the Flash. Alex can keep his distance and stay reasonably safe for a little while but between the teleportation and gravity The Chunk will eventually manage to catch Alex. Once he does then I’m afraid that it’ll all be over for him. Chunk wins.

Agent Graves vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Agent Graves has returned once more and now he is up against the Chunk. The Chunk somehow managed to give the Flash a fight back in the day so we shouldn’t underestimate him too much. That being said I would put the Chunk considerably ahead of Graves. He can spit out diamonds and use his gravity ability to really put the squeeze on Graves. I don’t see him being able to do a whole lot against such an ability. Chunk wins.

Laserdisc Guardian vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Laserdisc Guardian is a character who seems to have a cool backstory. I’ve never seen his show first hand, but the guy has the ability to change from being a mild mannered guy to this super hero. The Chunk won’t be able to deal with the guardian’s onslaught of energy attacks and other such moves. The Chunk may as well give up now before it’s too late. Laserdisc Guardian wins.

Chunk vs Farmer Brown

Suggested by Destroyer Farmer Brown is a tricky opponent who fought Batman a while back. If you let him pin you down with his weapon then it’s all over. The Chunk would be able to do that though by spitting out his diamonds left and right. There’s not a whole lot that Farmer Brown can do to stop him because the Farmer has no way to dodge or block the attacks. Eventually his defenses would wear down and that would be it for the fight. Chunk wins.