Ebirah vs Scooby Doo

Suggested by Destroyer Scooby Doo has returned and now he is up against the powerful Ebirah. Against a stronger kaiju Scooby may have finally been in trouble here but I don’t see Ebirah being able to do all that much in this fight. Scooby’s just on a different level right now. His constructs will slowly deal more and more damage until the fight is really over. At that point, there just isn’t a good way for Ebirah to counter. It’ll all be over as soon as it has begun. Scooby Doo wins.

Dracula vs Ebirah

Suggested by Destroyer Ebirah is a powerful Kaiju but this just isn’t a match that he can win. Dracula is a lot more powerful and faster in combat. Throw in the fact that Dracula has a healing factor and that’s the match. Ebirah will just have to beat a hasty retreat here but he won’t be fast enough to get away. That’s why at the end of the day he’s going to have to hold this L. He would need a lot of massive powerups to make a comeback. Dracula wins.

Ebirah vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk is one of those characters that makes you smile because of how fun he is. The guy even took on the Flash a few times back in the day. That said, his diamond attacks likely won’t deal much damage, nor will his bullets. That’s why Ebirah wins here. It may take him a while to get to the Chunk but eventually he will and one good hit is all that will be needed. At that point the Chunk will fold. Ebirah wins.

Ebirah vs Megalodon

Suggested by Destroyer The Megalodon is indeed a large animal but Ebirah is larger still. Throw in the fact that Ebirah has pincers and this will be a wrap for the shark. He doesn’t have a great many attack options with which to overpower Ebirah here. That will be his downfall. Ebirah may not be the strongest Kaiju…but he is still a Kaiju nonetheless and won’t lose to your average monster. Not today! Ebirah wins.

Ebirah vs Jiger

Suggested by Destroyer Ebirah’s not ready for this fighter. Jiger has powerful heat rays which can disintegrate whoever she targets. Additionally, Jiger also has a horn attack as a projectile. Ebirah has no long range options and will really just be a sitting duck here. By the time he is in range to attack the match will already be over. That’s the difference in ability between the two Kaiju here. Ebirah just never stood a chance. Jiger wins.

Ebirah vs Minya

Suggested by Destroyer I’ve never been a huge Minya fan but even I have to admit that he is completely doomed here. Ebirah is just the stronger monster even if he has no long range options. Minya never got a chance to grow up and take names which has held him back throughout his career. The difficult thing for him is that it’s unlikely for Minya to ever return in a starring role. I’m afraid those days are long past now so the chances of him getting a power up to overturn this match are slim. Ebirah wins.

Ebirah vs Shy Guy

Suggested by Destroyer A Shy Guy may not look too intimidating at first but he is always someone who tends to hang around. Ebirah can’t hope to underestimate him too much or that will be curtains. That said, a single claw strike should still be sufficient. Shy Guy doesn’t really have a way of countering the blow, nor could he hope to dodge it. In the end that means that he will still fall in the end. Ebirah wins.

Mermaid Man vs Ebirah

Suggested by Destroyer I know you’re probably thinking that in his prime Mermaid Man should be able to win this right? Well, even in his prime we haven’t seen a whole lot to suggest he could take on a full fledged Kaiju. Ebirah may not be known as one of the more powerful Kaiju out there but his pincers still do cut to the quick. A few good shots should be able to take Mermaid Man just due to the sheer power behind them. Surviving such an attack will not be easy. Ebirah wins.

Ebirah vs Giant Condor

Suggested by Destroyer The Giant Condor is one of those creatures where it’s hard to tell if he is a Kaiju or just a giant monster. Contrary to popular belief there is a difference between the two terms. That being said, it won’t really affect the outcome. Ebirah is certainly stronger than this Bird and while his mobility may not be as great, The Condor will have to approach to try and land a hit. When he does then the match will be all over. Ebirah wins.

Ebirah vs Turkey

Suggested by Destroyer Ebirah is definitely a tough Kaiju that you don’t want to mess with. He may not be known as one of the strongest Kaiju out there, but he has still got enough skill to win this. What can a turkey hope to do against such power? None of his attacks will deal any damage here and there’s just no way to win in such a situation. Don’t mess with the sea monster! Ebirah wins.