Ebirah vs Minya

Suggested by Destroyer I’ve never been a huge Minya fan but even I have to admit that he is completely doomed here. Ebirah is just the stronger monster even if he has no long range options. Minya never got a chance to grow up and take names which has held him back throughout his career. The difficult thing for him is that it’s unlikely for Minya to ever return in a starring role. I’m afraid those days are long past now so the chances of him getting a power up to overturn this match are slim. Ebirah wins.

Ironman vs Minya

Minya is a kaiju in the loosest sense of the word and he won’t be able to take Ironman. Ironman has his Unibeam and array of energy blasts at his disposal. Minya won’t be able to endure those blasts for long and he’ll be quickly defeated. Ironman rises up the ranks with this win and Minya falls down the ranks. Ironman wins.

Titanosaurus vs Minya

Minya has always tried to be a really powerful monster, but in the end he just won’t be able to take down Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus has got the massive power advantage and he could definitely take Minya down. Minya drops down the ranks with this loss, but he gave it a good shot. Titanosaurus wins.

Minya vs Iori

Minya is a proud fighter, but he was a necessary sacrifice. Minya may be tough, but he is just not quick enough. Iori would run rings around him w ease. Iori is a superior swordsman. Minya doesnt even use swords! Minya may be able to grow to an impressive size, but skill will always beat raw power in these battles. Iori wins

Minya vs Giant Condor

Giant Condor is back, but he loses this match. Minya got a rank up in Final Wars and can now shoot Atomic Breath that would make Big G himself proud. Minya has taken on some of the fiercest monsters of all time (Gabera and Godzilla) Giant Condor may never appear in a film again. Minya wins.

Godzilla vs Minya

This is a tribute to GMK. Godzilla showed everyone why he’s King of the Monsters! There is no monster who can take him down without a fight. Minya tries, but in the end he’s a pretty awful monster. He is just not my type of character. So he gets a loss in this one. Poor Minya may never fight again. Godzilla wins.

Bass vs Minya

This is a tribute to Godzilla’s Revenge. Minya didn’t look too impressive (As usual) and can’t take on the power of Bass. Bass is the ultimate being of power and can defeat anyone who stands in his way. Minya takes another loss and sinks to the 0-2 section of the blog. Bass nears 90 wins. Bass wins.