Space Dandy vs Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy has his gun and even a mech suit but that’s not going to be enough to topple the King of the Monsters known as Godzilla. Godzilla is just far too powerful and he can tank anything that Dandy throws at him. Dandy may be fast enough to dodge most of Godzilla’s attacks for a time but with no real way to damage the Kaiju, it is only a matter of time before he goes down. Godzilla wins.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki vs Godzilla

Suggested by iKnowledge Isshiki Ōtsutsuki has returned and this time he is up against the King of the Monsters. Look, Godzilla is a very powerful Kaiju to be sure, but I’m not sure if he’s ready for this fight. Isshiki can move with absolutely incredible speed and Godzilla will just be plum out of luck on this one. His Atomic Breath just won’t do much here and he will quickly be overwhelmed. Isshiki can likely absorb the flames as well which would make this match even tougher. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki wins.

Godzilla vs Silver Samurai

Suggested by Destroyer The Silver Samurai is a lot more formidable than Godzilla’s last few opponents. His sword can deal absolutely lethal damage in a short time frame and his teleportation will also keep Godzilla guessing. There isn’t a whole lot that the King of the Monsters can do to keep up and defend against his savage attacks. Not when Samurai’s sword could even cut through Wolverine. Silver Samurai wins.

Godzilla vs ROB

Suggested by Destroyer ROB is a powerful robot who even gave the Super Smash crew a run for their money. His lasers are pretty impressive but ultimately I still see him falling here. Godzilla is just a few magnitudes stronger than ROB at this point so he would still be able to claim victory here. His lack of speed can’t easily be exploited by ROB either. Godzilla wins.

Godzilla vs Robin

Suggested by Destroyer Robin is a talented hand to hand fighter and he has a lot of gadgets. Despite being around for decades the guy hasn’t really gotten any big power ups that would put him above Godzilla. I like to think his agility would still give him an edge but ultimately he would fall to the King of the Kaiju. No escaping that Atomic Breath. Godzilla wins.

Stegodzillas vs Godzilla

Stegodzillas is a tough character. He was able to go up against Godman after all so it’s not like he’s a pushover. That being said, he stands absolutely no chance against Godzilla. Godzilla is known as the King of the Kaiju for a good reason after all. With a single Atomic Breath he would be able to absolutely incinerate Stegodzillas. This guy isn’t quite fast enough to dodge either so that’s game over. Godzilla wins.

Godzilla vs Jet Jaguar

Suggested by Destroyer I always liked Jet Jaguar. He’s a pretty fun hero and I dare say that in his original movie he may have even been shown to be more powerful than Godzilla. Just let that stew for a bit. It’s interesting to think about. However, Godzilla has grown massively more powerful over the years to the point where Jet Jaguar cannot possibly keep up. At this point Godzilla could obliterate the robot with a few well placed hits. That would be the end of the battle. Godzilla wins.

Alpha (Spiderman) vs Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Alpha was a very powerful Spiderman character when he first entered the scene. While he ultimately ended up being depowered, the guy left an impact. At his peak Godzilla wouldn’t be able to match him. Alpha is too fast and his energy blasts were the real deal. The difference in power wouldn’t slow him down because you can’t beat what you can’t hit. Alpha (Spiderman) wins.

Bub (Bubble Bobble) vs Godzilla

Suggested by Anonymous Bub can shoot bubbles which is no small potatoes. He has starred in many games over the years, but if you think that is enough to scare Godzilla then you’ve got another thing coming. Godzilla can end a whole city with his Atomic Breath so Bub’s bubbles won’t be enough to trap such an attack. Godzilla could win this match with a single punch and even that may be overkill here. Bub seems like a fun character, but he’s going to need a big power up to try and win this. Godzilla wins.

Signas vs Godzilla

Suggested by Anonymous Signas is one of the highest ranking Maverick Hunters. The guy has always been a solid commander and you get the feeling that he can probably fight with the best of them. Still, we have no such proof to back up such a claim. As it stands he hasn’t proven himself in the ring while Godzilla has always been a true beast that you have to respect. Godzilla’s power is above that of many robots and a quick shot should take Signas down for the count. Godzilla wins.