Pac Man vs Space Dandy

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy’s gun skills are really not going to be enough to cause the Pac Man any concern. Pac Man has elemental abilities over fire, ice, and several other elements. He can break Dandy’s gun in a lot of different ways and that would be it for the guy. Dandy just doesn’t have any way to come out on top here and running is his best chance to at least stall the match. Pac Man wins.

Space Dandy vs Indiana Jones

Suggested by Destroyer Indiana Jones has a gun and his classic whip but these two weapons will not be enough to beat Space Dandy. I may not be super impressed with the guy and how skilled he is, but Dandy does still have a mech suit and a good energy gun. Indiana Jones won’t be lasting very long against those kind of moves and isn’t fast enough to reliably dodge them either. As a result this is where his journey ends. Space Dandy wins.

Space Dandy vs Godzilla

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy has his gun and even a mech suit but that’s not going to be enough to topple the King of the Monsters known as Godzilla. Godzilla is just far too powerful and he can tank anything that Dandy throws at him. Dandy may be fast enough to dodge most of Godzilla’s attacks for a time but with no real way to damage the Kaiju, it is only a matter of time before he goes down. Godzilla wins.

Space Dandy vs Captain Kirk

Suggested by Sonic I’m definitely not a fan of Space Dandy. He’s absolutely not the captain that you want to have at the ready when you’re going into battle. Kirk’s certainly a better leader but unfortunately he doesn’t have the speed needed to keep up with Dandy. Space Dandy would be able to blast Kirk several times with his blaster before the guy would be able to properly react. Space Dandy wins.

Master Roshi vs Space Dandy

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy is a pretty sad character and one of those guys you can’t possibly root for. Roshi is another one of those guys so this makes for a match where no matter who wins…we lose. Still, the difference in power is considerable as Roshi can blow up the planet with ease. Space Dandy has a nifty gun but it isn’t anywhere near as lethal and he also doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Roshi. He’ll lose as soon as the round starts. Master Roshi wins.

Space Dandy vs Laa Laa

Space Dandy now has to face the final Teletubby! Laa Laa may not sound very tough, but you can take my word for it that she’s a really tough cookie. There aren’t many foes that can stand up to her if they aren’t used to combat scenarios. Luckily for Dandy…he is used to combat situations. One blast from his blaster should do the trick. Space Dandy wins.

Space Dandy vs Po

Space Dandy is back against one of the Teletubbies! We have to admire their persistence even if it won’t be enough to claim the win here. Space Dandy has his space gun and he could probably fight in close combat situations if the need arose. Po is simply outmatched here and Dandy gets to rise up through the blog ranks. Space Dandy wins.

Space Dandy vs Dipsy

It looks like Space Dandy is back! He may look like the kind of guy who just fixes his hair all day until it looks like that, but he’s actually a trained professional when it comes down to a fight. He has a laser gun and one good shot should take Dipsy down for the count. Dipsy never stood a chance this time! Space Dandy wins.

Space Dandy vs Tinky Winky

I like to think of myself as a pretty impartial debater, but I have to admit that I’ve always had some beef against Space Dandy. He’s the kind of character that rubs me the wrong way, but I still have to grin and bear it as he takes out Tinky Winky. I happen to like Tinky Winky so this is a bit scary for me and for his fans. Space Dandy wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Space Dandy

Kite (Yugioh) is another duelist who could completely crush Space Dandy. Dandy lacks the skills that are needed to fight such an opponent. Kite has the Galaxy Eyes Dragon, which could incinerate Dandy in a single attack. Kite (Yugioh) takes a solid win and he proves that he’s one of the greatest duelists out there! Kite (Yugioh) wins.