Kite (Yugioh) vs Misty

Suggested by Sonic Kite has a whole lot of duel monsters at his disposal and that’s going to be bad news for Misty. Her Pokemon are powerful and she has her classic Starmie but the power scale of Kite’s monsters are on a different level. His Galaxy Eyes would not have a problem defeating most of her Pokemon right out of the jump. Throw in his trap cards and that’s really a wrap here. Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Jack Sparrow

Kite is back and he’s ready for another win! Jack Sparrow may have a gun, but that won’t be enough to take a win against someone as powerful as Kite! Kite has his Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon and he also has many other powerful cards. His Photon Lancer is enough to take down Jack in one good hit. Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Captain Kirk

Kite (Yugioh) is a pretty good duelist and he’s one of the all time greats. It wouldn’t really take much effort on his part to take Captain Kirk down for the count. Kirk just doesn’t have the same level of ability as Kite and he doesn’t have enough speed to escape from his wrath. Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Bilbo Baggins

This is a tribute to the Hobbit and while Bilbo Baggins may have a big fanbase…I’m not one of his fans! He lacks the charisma that a duelist like Kite possesses at his disposal and he doesn’t have enough speed to dodge Kite’s attacks. Kite just needs to summon his Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon and then the match will be over in an instant. Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Space Dandy

Kite (Yugioh) is another duelist who could completely crush Space Dandy. Dandy lacks the skills that are needed to fight such an opponent. Kite has the Galaxy Eyes Dragon, which could incinerate Dandy in a single attack. Kite (Yugioh) takes a solid win and he proves that he’s one of the greatest duelists out there! Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs James Bond

James Bond has a gun, but he’s no match against Kite! Kite has his Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon! His dragon is more savage than a supernova and his attack power is off the charts. James Bond would have a hard time trying to fight something so vastly powerful. Kite (Yugioh) also has other monsters that could help him take a decisive victory over James Bond. Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs One Above All

The One Above All is back once again and now he’s up against the skilled duelist known as Kite! Kite has his duel monsters and dragons to back him up, but in a close combat fight, he could still win this round. The One Above All won’t be able to keep up with him for long. Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Nemo

Kite (Yugioh) is back and he has his Galactic Photon Dragon! (Or something like that) One hit from that monster and Nemo would definitely take a loss. He doesn’t have enough defense to endure an attack of that magnitude. Nemo takes another loss in this round, while Kite (Yugioh) takes his first win! Kite (Yugioh) wins.

Kite (Yugioh) vs Bly

Kite (Yugioh) makes his debut onto the blog, but it is with a loss. Not even Kite can take on the legendary power of Bly. Bly has his immensely powerful sword abilities and his legendary speed as well. Kite may have lost this round, but he’ll definitely be back soon. Bly wins.