Hall of Shame

Well, you really do Not want to be on this list! Any name on this list may be doomed to blog humiliation for life!

Most Losses

One Above All

Lowest Ranked Male Character


Lowest Ranked Female Character


Fighters who have reached 100 losses

One Above All


18 thoughts on “Hall of Shame

  1. TOAA should not be on this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can wipe out the universe with a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, I can’t deny that, but he still has over 100 losses so it’s been a rough time for him. If he got some feats in a future comic, that would certainly help out a lot!

  2. can someone PLEASE tell me who or what the one above all is? i looked at the marvel wiki but i didn’t find much. so is it jack kirby or stan lee or WHAT IS IT??! i thought it was the writer of the comic or something. is it god? it could be… i guess. i read a fan theory that says all of the marvel heroes merge into one all powerful being

    • He is supposed to be Stan Lee in theory, but it was never proven. The problem is that the character is the physical embodiment of hype and as such, he has no real feats to speak of.

  3. You seriously hate marvel powerhouses dont you? Beyonders power was so great that the multiverse was a speck to him. The one above all is omnipotent. The molecule man could easily destroy anyone below multiversal. Speed and strength doesnt mean anything to them . They are reality warpers . They are as fast as they want to be and as strong as they want to be

    • No, I like Magneto and Apocalypse. It’s the cosmic beings that get a little iffy to be honest and the One Above All is pure hype. Reality Warpers can warp things, but only at the speed of thought.

  4. Actually, TOAA shouldn’t be in you loses or victories. He hasn’t really fought anyone or provided any feats or failures that offer in sight on his strengths or limitations. As a result, it is impossible to properly assess how powerful he is simply due to fact that there is now factual evidence revealing his weaknesses or strengths. Therefore, I think you should remove him from the blog (If at all possible)

    • That’s why we go with feats over talking feats and potential. Until TOAA shows us some real feats, we have to assume that he is just an old man. He can throw a punch, but it won’t go very far. At least he’s not alone in the Hall of Shame so that helps him a bit.

      • However, he is described as Omnipotent. Therefore, based on factual evidence provided by the writers, TOAA is very powerful. The only reason he is perceived as an old man is due to the fact that he can change is form in whatever manner he desires. After all, he has had several appearances in other comics with a completely different look. However, because all other beings in the Multiverse he created are beneath him in power, intellect, and skill, he has had no reason to engage them in physical confrontations without disrupting the natural progression of his creations.

      • Right, but being Omnipotent doesn’t help in a fight. While he can theoretically do a bunch of other things, he’s never done them so he’s powerless at the moment

      • Technically he isn’t powerful or powerless because there is nothing to compare him to.

        Also, because he is FACTUALLY described as omnipotent, that would mean that there is no limit to what he can do.

      • It’s just a title, it’s not an ability though. It’s like me telling you that I can drink 100 teas a day, it doesn’t mean that I can. Furthermore, even though TOAA can create stuff, he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. At least for now since he has no scans

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