Space Dandy vs Captain Kirk

Suggested by Sonic I’m definitely not a fan of Space Dandy. He’s absolutely not the captain that you want to have at the ready when you’re going into battle. Kirk’s certainly a better leader but unfortunately he doesn’t have the speed needed to keep up with Dandy. Space Dandy would be able to blast Kirk several times with his blaster before the guy would be able to properly react. Space Dandy wins.

Captain Kirk vs Pink Crusher Militaryman

Suggested by Destroyer the Pink Crusher Militaryman may not be known as one of the more powerful Megaman fighters but he was tough enough to actually make it far enough in the exhibition setting to fight Megaman. He’s got a decent amount of power at his disposal as well. Kirk’s energy blaster likely won’t be doing a whole lot of damage to this guy and he’s not fast enough to dodge the navi’s attacks for long. Pink Crusher Militaryman wins.

Captain Kirk vs Cache

Suggested by Destroyer Captain Kirk has some brief hand to hand skills at the ready and he has his energy blaster but that won’t be enough to stop Cache. Cache can emit barriers which block energy attacks in their tracks. Additionally he can fire blasts of his own and Kirk will have a really difficult time trying to stay away from them. Cache has the edge in all physical abilities so as hard as Kirk tries to stop him, he just won’t be able to stay 1 step ahead. Cache wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Captain Kirk

Suggested by Sonic Jack Sparrow is a skilled pirate but his swords won’t be doing much against Kirk’s energy blasters. While a bullet would be enough to take Kirk out like anyone else, Jack is definitely not the most skilled guy out there and I’ll take a fancy sci-fi gun over a normal pistol any day. Jack can do his best to try and stay ahead of the curve here but he is ultimately doomed no matter how you slice it. Captain Kirk wins.

Captain Kirk vs Bones

 Suggested by Destroyer Bones has always been a very capable Star Trek officer. He keeps Kirk well balanced as the leader and is also critical to saving lives on the ship. That being said, in a fight I think just about everyone would agree that Kirk has more combat experience under his belt as well as more power. He just won’t be losing in a hand to hand fight, not against his crew at least. Captain Kirk wins.

Guyver vs Captain Kirk


Suggested by Anonymous Guyver is back once again and this time the iconic captain will be the one to take a loss. Guyver is just too fast and too powerful for Kirk to hope to land a hit on him. Whether Kirk sets his gun to stun or not, Guyver’s armor should be able to mitigate the damage. Either way it would be a moot point since Guyver won’t be getting hit in this battle. His superior speed will come through in the clutch just like it always has in the past. Guyver wins.

Rey vs Captain Kirk

This is a tribute to The Last Jedi. Rey has always been a strong heroine and she looked very good in the latest film as well. Her determination will take her far and her Force Abilities make her a threat to any opponent. While Captain Kirk has his phaser set to stun, she can easily deflect the blast with The Force. Kirk won’t be getting anywhere near her. Rey wins.

Ned Ryerson vs Captain Kirk

GroundhogDay (1)
This is a tribute to Star Trek Beyond. As you may know, I am not a Kirk fan in the slightest. However, he has actually been portrayed well in the last two Star Trek films. He has finally started to prove that he can be a capable Captain when he is not distracted by his other traits. Ned is always on point when it comes to business so he is still the better character…but he has no combat experience. Captain Kirk wins.

One Above All vs Captain Kirk

It would appear that someone has decided to help Kirk out with a win. The One Above All is certainly a figure who will not frighten such a capable leader. Captain Kirk knows that sometimes the best way to win a match is simply to fire off the first shot. A single blast from his phaser should be enough to win this round. The One Above All just has no defense feats to endure such an attack! Captain Kirk wins.

Ra Thor vs Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk is here to give Ra Thor a win. I may as well say that he’s “giving” Ra Thor the win since this is a pretty big blowout. Captain Kirk doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve that he can use to even up the odds. It’s just going to result in a loss either way so he may as well get it over with. The road to 100 battles is a tough one…but it was worth it. Ra Thor wins.