Lara Croft vs Bones

Suggested by Destroyer Bones has his phaser which could destroy Lara Croft in a single hit if he were to land it, but the same can be said for her and her guns. Lara has taken down many opponents over the years and beating someone like Bones will be easy for her. He’s just too old to dodge her attacks while she can flip away from his shots. If Bones were just 20 years younger then he could have made a real run of it here. As it stands he just doesn’t have a chance at winning. Lara Croft wins.

Captain Kirk vs Bones

 Suggested by Destroyer Bones has always been a very capable Star Trek officer. He keeps Kirk well balanced as the leader and is also critical to saving lives on the ship. That being said, in a fight I think just about everyone would agree that Kirk has more combat experience under his belt as well as more power. He just won’t be losing in a hand to hand fight, not against his crew at least. Captain Kirk wins.

Guyver vs Bones


Suggested by Anonymous Guyver is back once more and this will be another easy win for him. There’s really not much that Bones can really do to try and get the upper hand here. He’s still just a human in the long run so even with a blaster he isn’t quick enough to keep up with Guyver. Guyver’s got his armor going for him along with a plethora of special abilities. Nah, I don’t think anyone’s taking this guy down in the near future. Guyver wins.

Nine Tailed Fox vs Bones

Nine Tailed Fox is definitely too tough for Bones. Bones jut doesn’t have enough power to take care of him. This is Bones, of course so he will try to escape but he can’t. The Nine Tailed Fox is much faster than Bones could ever hope to be and one slash is all he will need to take the win. Nine Tailed Fox wins.

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