Destoroyah vs Epsilon

Suggested by Anonymous Destoroyah is a powerful Kaiju to be sure and he really made Godzilla get close to death. That being said, Epsilon has dealt with powerful maverick hunters like X and Zero in the past. I’m confident that he would be able to block Destoroyah’s attacks the way that he blocked X’s big energy blast. Then he can overwhelm Destoroyah with speed and power. No Kaiju could survive such an energy barrage. Epsilon wins.

Mickey Mouse vs Destoroyah

Suggested by Destroyer Mickey Mouse is a pretty strong character. While he is usually a bit of a pacifist, Mickey has honed his skills in case he should ever need them. He is a true Keyblade master and as a result he is too strong for any Kaiju at this point. Destoroyah has immense strength, but actually landing a hit on Mickey is a whole different situation. Mickey Mouse is too fast and too skilled for that to happen. He’ll use all of the abilities at his disposal in order to win. Mickey Mouse wins.

Destoroyah vs Boo

Suggested by Destroyer Boo is a tough ghost but he won’t really be able to defend himself here. A single punch from a Kaiju like Destoroyah will be as devastating as you can imagine and what can Boo really do to retaliate? Staying intangible is only viable for so long. Eventually he will have to reform and that’s when he will get knocked out. Destoroyah wins.

Sonic vs Destoroyah

Suggested by Anonymous Destoroyah is one of those monsters that doesn’t play around. His physical abilities are crazy and he nearly took down Godzilla. That’s no mean feat. Still, that is not quite enough to take on Sonic. Sonic is probably the fastest hedgehog alive and he has learned quite a few good moves over the years. His attacks would deal some real good damage to Destoroyah over the long haul and Sonic can afford to wait since his speed is so high. Sonic wins.

Jason Voorhees vs Destoroyah

Jason may wear a hockey mask, but that won’t be enough to stop Destoroyah from seeing his expression of fear! Destoroyah can make any fighter take a step back and rethink his situation. Unfortunately for Jason, there is no way that he can escape this fight. Destoroyah is just too powerful and one gravity attack should end this. Destoroyah wins.

Destoroyah vs Plankton

Don’t worry folks, I believe that this will be the end for the Plankton…at least for a while. Destoroyah is known to be one of the strongest Godzilla monsters in existence. I don’t really rate him quite as highly as the average fan, but I’ll admit that he’s still a very tough fighter. He’s easily strong enough to take Plankton down in one hit. Destoroyah wins.

Destoroyah vs Chunk

Destoroyah is a Kaiju of immense power. One energy blast from him would wipe Chunk out of existence. The Chunk is an admirable foe from DC, but he’s really not that powerful when you think about it. Luckily, he never gives up and you can count on him appearing on the blog from time to time for some good old fashioned wins. Destoroyah wins.

Destoroyah vs Sin Eater

Sin Eater has got a gun and he’s not afraid to use it. Destoroyah doesn’t need to worry about guns because he’s a kaiju of almost unlimited power. With one gravity ball he can take the Sin Eater down. Sin Eater’s gun skills won’t impress a being as powerful as Destoroyah. Destoroyah wins.

Destoroyah vs Hercule

Hercule may be friends with Buu and Goku, but that doesn’t mean that he’s super powerful. He’s actually a pretty weak character compared to guys like Superman and Godzilla. Destoroyah should have no problem taking him down in a fair fight. Destoroyah is far too powerful for him. Destoroyah wins.

Destoroyah vs Brood Queen

The Brood Queen is pretty tough, but in the end she won’t be able to take down Destoroyah. Destoroyah is one of the stronger Kaiju out there and he’s got his laser horn which can deal some pretty intense damage. The Brood Queen won’t be able to take on such a powerful attack. Destoroyah wins.