Sonic vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Anonymous Looks like it’s time for Larry Appleton to return to the stage. He may not have done very well in the past but you still can’t count him out. However, the match will be over in an instant anyway. Sonic is way too fast for Appleton and he can just use a homing attack to take the guy down. Larry won’t be able to react to it in time and he will be down for the count. So much for Larry! Sonic wins


Sonic vs Rodan

Suggested by Anonymous Rodan is one of the proudest Kaiju out there. He always carries himself with dignity and poise befitting such a powerful monster. That being said, I don’t think he will be ready to challenge Sonic. I believe that Rodan’s top speed is only Mach 5 while Sonic can go faster than the speed of light. For those of you who don’t know advanced physics, I can safely confirm that this is a huge gap. Rodan won’t be able to see Sonic move, much less dodge his attacks. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Gamera

Suggested by Anonymous Gamera is a very inspiring monster. He protects the kids from alien invaders and manages to crack a smile once in a while. That being said, Sonic is even more inspiring as he makes the tough calls to keep everyone safe. He has a witty one liner for every occasion and isn’t afraid to break them out. His high speed skills speak for itself. Gamera will ultimately have a very tough time trying to land a hit on Sonic and you can’t win if you don’t deal damage. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs King Ghidorah

Suggested by Anonymous “Monsters Fight!” That was one of the coolest catchphrases that a fighting game ever used to start a battle. It was just super catchy as well as classy. Ghidorah may have been a heavy hitter in the Destroy All Monsters game, but that won’t be enough to handle someone like Sonic. Sonic will be able to dodge attacks from all 3 heads at once with ease. That’s why it is so important to have a good amount of speed at your disposal. Sonic is essentially untouchable in this fight and that is key to victory here. He can dodge all day without breaking a sweat. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Bison

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Suggested by Anonymous Now, Bison is a pretty skilled opponent and will give it a real shot. Sonic won’t be able to humiliate this guy for very long, but he will still have the overall edge. Bison psycho powers won’t work well enough if Sonic is too fast to be hit by him. Sonic has his spin dash and homing attack at he ready. They aren’t very flashy, but they are effective and that’s what counts. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Hulk

Suggested by Anonymous Hulk Smash! That’s one of those sayings that you are used to hearing all around the world. It’s just such a classic term and it reminds you of the old days where power levels were simpler. Hulk was one of the strongest characters, that’s just how it was. Unfortunately we are no longer in that era and now we have speedsters like Sonic who can run rings around the hulk. Super Sonic form would end this match in a heartbeat. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Destoroyah

Suggested by Anonymous Destoroyah is one of those monsters that doesn’t play around. His physical abilities are crazy and he nearly took down Godzilla. That’s no mean feat. Still, that is not quite enough to take on Sonic. Sonic is probably the fastest hedgehog alive and he has learned quite a few good moves over the years. His attacks would deal some real good damage to Destoroyah over the long haul and Sonic can afford to wait since his speed is so high. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Bass

Suggested by Anonymous Sonic has shown time and time again that speed is very important. That is all well and good, but I have to admit that he is still thoroughly outclassed when faced off with someone like Bass. I’d make the case that Bass is actually faster than Sonic and he is clearly more powerful. A single shot is all that he would need to take the hedgehog down. That’s the problem for Sonic. Bass wins.

Sonic vs Goomba

Suggested by Anonymous It’s hard not to admire Goomba’s tenacity and fearlessness in the midst of certain defeat. At this point, he knows that he cannot beat Mario but still gives it a fair try year after year. Fighting with Sonic will be just as futile. Sonic can hop on him the same way that Mario does and the match will be over even sooner than usual. Ah well, at least it’ll be over before Goomba has a chance to blink. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Deadshot

Suggested by Anonymous Deadshot has a nifty gun, but I’m still trying to figure out how it will give him a fighting chance against Sonic. I thought about it for a while and couldn’t come up with anything so I guess he has no chance. Dodging bullets is pretty easy for Sonic and they wouldn’t hurt even if the hits landed thanks to Super Sonic form. Sonic is completely invincible as far as Deadshot is concerned. Sonic wins.