Sonic vs Wolverine

Suggested by Anonymous Wolverine is pretty powerful and he has obtained quite a few power ups over the years. One of these power ups was the famed Dark Phoenix which gave him absolutely unlimited power. That would allow him to defeat just about anyone but it still won’t be enough when out against the matchless speed of Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic has access to his Super form which lets him fly and amps up his abilities by a drastic amount. Wolverine is strong, but Sonic can injure him and with the speed advantage as well it’s all over. Sonic wins.


Sonic vs Red Ghost

Suggested by Anonymous Red Ghost is a pretty skilled Hulk villain, but he has no chance against Sonic. He is mainly dangerous because he has quite a few animals at his disposal. The problem is that Sonic can run rings around them for days and eat a Chili Dog before he ends the round. There is really nothing that the Red Ghost can do about it. Sonic is just on another level and he’ll make this clear by the end. Sonic wins.

Kenshin vs Sonic

Kenshin is a very skilled swordsman and maybe one of the best ones out there. The unfortunate thing for him is the fact that he has no real super powers to compliment his skills. Sonic has the massive edge in speed and this will negate Kenshin’s sword advantage. You can’t hit what you can’t catch right? Sonic even has his iconic Super Sonic mode to fall back on if absolutely necessary. Sonic wins

Gloomtail vs Sonic

Gloomtail may be a large dragon, but Sonic’s dealt with many foes like that. Gloomtail just won’t be able to match Sonic’s killer speed and few can accomplish such a feat. Gloomtail can try to land a solid blow on Sonic, but he’ll already be eating a chili dog in Mexico by that point. Once Sonic gets the 7 Chaos Emeralds, then it’s over. Sonic wins.

Xana vs Sonic

Xana makes its blog debut in this round, but it’s not coming in for a win. Sonic is known as the fastest thing alive and it’s easy to see why. Once he has the 7 Chaos Emeralds in his grasp; nothing can stop Sonic. He has many different super forms that he has acquired over the years and all of them are pretty impressive. I don’t believe that he will need any of them to take Xana down, but it’s always good to have some extra power in reserve. Sonic wins.

Charizard vs Sonic

Sonic Charizard
Charizard may be very powerful, but he won’t be able to keep up with Sonic’s speed. Both of them have similar degrees of power, but I would also give Sonic the edge in that category thanks to Super/Darkspine Sonic. Both of those forms increase his abilities into unimaginable heights and none of Charizard’s attacks would be able to break through. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Mystique

Mystique may be pretty good with a gun, but that won’t be enough to stop Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic is a very impressive fighter and his speed is second to none. There are few opponents who can even dream of taking him down and Mystique doesn’t have the skills to pull it off. There are very few who do after all. Sonic wins.

Wave vs Sonic

Wave makes her debut on the blog with this battle! She’s decently smart, but she’s not quite as intelligent as Tails or Eggman. Luckily she has her air board, which can give her enough speed to fight Sonic on an equal turf. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough since Sonic has his classic “Sonic Wind” attack, which created a small tornado that will throw off her balance long enough for Sonic to deal the finishing blow. Sonic wins.

Batman vs Sonic

Batman is a pretty good detective, but he won’t be able to defeat Sonic. Sonic’s speed is just too great and he’s not bad at hand to hand either. Batman will need to call on the power of his GL Power Ring, but it won’t be enough. Sonic can harness the powers of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, which gives him unimaginable power. As Super Sonic; Sonic can endure any attack that Batman throws at him and then he will eventually land enough blows to take Batman down. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Venom

Venom is a pretty powerful Spiderman villain, but he’s outmatched against Sonic. Sonic has a lot of super speed at his disposal and he can transform into Super Sonic! In this form, Sonic is far too powerful for Venom and he would be able to defeat the Symbiote with ease. Venom would not be able to keep up with Sonic’s movements and he wouldn’t be able to endure the hedgehog’s punishing blows. Sonic wins.