Sonic vs Megaman X

Suggested by Destroyer Megaman X is a very powerful fighter. He’s obtained numerous armors over the years and has also obtained many weapons. He should be able to make this a very close battle like when Sonic fought Mega Man. That said, X would ultimately be defeated. As fast as he is, Sonic is still faster. Sonic will be able to dodge the most problematic weapons and will land enough hits to claim victory. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Blaze

Suggested by Sonic Blaze is powerful and she is quite fast in her own right. She just won’t be able to keep up with Sonic who is still the fastest guy around. His SUper Sonic form also changes the game quite a bit. Burning Blaze wouldn’t be able to match him blow for blow. There are few who can. Sonic wins.

Kevin Wendell Crumb vs Sonic

This is a tribute to the films Glass and Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic is definitely a pretty cool character and it’s hard to get his character wrong. I’m happy to say that the film definitely did him justice. Sonic absolutely steals the show here and that’s not surprising in the slightest. Meanwhile Kevin was no good in Split and he wasn’t any better in Glass. Sonic would absolutely speedblitz this guy with no real effort and that would be the end of that. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Bubsy

Suggested by Sonic These are two video game characters that I have a lot of respect for. Bubsy has a lot of confidence and attitude like the classic days of Sonic. Sonic hasn’t lost his edge though so that’s what makes these two pretty solid rivals. Overall Sonic is definitely the deadlier fighter though and I don’t think there are many people who would debate that. Sonic has a ton of fighting experience and his Super Sonic form would basically turn Bubsy into butter. Bubsy just wouldn’t be able to defend against such raw power nor do I think he would try. Bubsy knows his limits and would call it a day here. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Kay (Cat)

Suggested by Sonic Kay has martial arts training and some good sword skills. He even has mild elemental abilities like his fire ball. Those aren’t enough to impress Sonic, but at least they put Kay into the conversation. What he does from there is really all on him. Sonic’s main course to victory here will be to rely on his speed as usual and just completely overwhelm Kay. So long as Sonic continues to go full blast there really shouldn’t be a problem here. Kay will really struggle to keep up for very long. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Frogger

Suggested by Sonic Frogger is a pretty fun character sometimes. His portrayals aren’t always the most consistent. The guy isn’t exactly a powerhouse though. Sonic could defeat him with ease and wouldn’t even need any of his many super forms in order to do it. These guys just aren’t in the same league and Sonic will make that painfully apparent in this match. Frogger simply isn’t ready to take on one of the mascots of video game legend and he will need many more power ups and forms in order to change that. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Klonoa

Suggested by Sonic Klonoa is a character who has mainly been forgotten to the sands of time, but he is a pretty solid fighter in his own right. He may not have the speed that Sonic has, but his ring gadgets prevent enemies from getting close. Sonic has too many alternatives for Klonoa to be able to stop him, but ideally Klonoa will keep this fight from being too one sided. There’s just only room for one video game champ around here. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Spyro

Suggested by Sonic Sonic is one of the greatest video game characters of all time and his fighting abilities are completely out of this world. Spyro has obtained elemental abilities in the past, but they won’t even slow Sonic down. Sonic has taken on many enemies ranging from planetary overlords to an old genius. He knows how to handle his opponents in combat and Spyro will just be the latest in a long line of conquests. Sonic wins.

Verti-Cal vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Verti-Cal won’t fare any better than the last dozen opponents to take on Sonic. Sonic is far too formidable of a foe to be defeated and I doubt that he will even need his Super Sonic mode to win this battle. Sonic is on a completely different level from these guys and he only continues to get stronger as the years go on. This battle will be over in the time it takes Sonic to eat a Chili dog. This is why it’s important to have super speed. Sonic wins.

Horizont-Al vs Sonic

Suggested by Anonymous Horizont-Al is definitely a pretty crazy character whose reality abilities should not be underestimated. That being said, they are not nearly enough to keep up with someone like Sonic. Sonic’s got the edge in speed, power, and overall fighting ability. You can’t tell me that Horizont-Al is ready to take Sonic on mano a mano and the gap in ability is far too great. Sonic’s taking this win all the way to the bank. Sonic wins.