Larry Talbot vs Sonic


Suggested by Anonymous Larry is a tough werewolf but I don’t really think he has what it takes to overpower an opponent like Sonic. Sonic can spin dash rings around Larry and that’s while eating a chili dog. Putting the fastest hedgehog against one of the slow universal monsters of the old days was always going to be a blowout. These two fighters aren’t on the same level. Sonic wins.


John Marston vs Sonic


Suggested by Anonymous John Marston is one of those guys who wouldn’t last long if you put him in a strong universe. The guy is effectively just an ordinary guy now with a gun. That’s still not bad depending on your opponent but it won’t help him last long against Sonic. Sonic can out run all of the bullets and take John out in a second. John isn’t ready to handle an all out barrage of attacks. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Ken Masters

Suggested by Anonymous Ken is a powerful fighter and he has been shown to be even more skilled than army at times. That being said, he never got the crazy strength feats that Ruu obtained from being a guest star on Asura’s Wrath and other titles. Sonic can run rings around Ken and easily snatch up victory. Ken won’t really be able to defend against Sonic and your attack power doesn’t matter if you can’t land a blow. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Rainbow Mika

Suggested by Anonymous Rainbow Mika’s match will go about the same way as the Chun Li battle. Her array of wrestling techniques will deal some nice damage to Sonic if she could land any of them. The problem is that Sonic is way too fast for that. He could out run her all day without breaking a sweat. He could also just transform into Darkspine Sonic and end the fight in an instant. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Cammy

Suggested by Anonymous Sonic continues to demolish Street Fighter characters as he goes up against Cammy this time. Her training as a member of Bison’s army has kept her hand to hand skills crisp, but that won’t be enough here. As always, close combat skills are no substitute for a high degree of super speed. Sonic is simply way too fast for Cammy and won’t be getting tagged during the fight. Cammy’s going to have to try to get a lucky shot in to win, but that’s easier said than done. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Snake

Suggested by Anonymous Solid Snake has a lot of gadgets at his disposal but they certainly won’t be able to hit Sonic. This is a nightmare match up on paper as well as in practice. Snake is pretty slow even considering that he is amped up. His weapons are limited by the technology as well. Sonic could defeat Shake and still have time to finish his Chili Dog. That’s just how fast Sonic The Hedgehog is! Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Chun Li

Suggested by Anonymous Chun Li is pretty skilled but she isn’t really at the same level as Sonic. Sonic is incredibly fast and he even knows some hand to hand skills as well. Defeating him would be quite the feat and I don’t even think he would need his Super Sonic form to win this round. His versatility and raw speed will be enough to claim a solid victory. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Tripod

Suggested by Anonymous The Tripod is one of those machines that you absolutely do not want to mess with. It is incredibly powerful and only needs one hit to end most fights. That being said, it isn’t very versatile and is naturally very slow as well. It will be very easy for Sonic to run rings around the Tripod over and over again until he lands the finishing blow. Sonic has defeated stronger machines. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Dracula

Suggested by Anonymous Dracula has some heightened physical abilities along with hypnosis but it won’t be enough to take down someone like Sonic. Sonic is a whole lot faster and combat savvy than Dracula, not to mention his charisma. Dracula will have a very hard time even keeping up with such a dangerous threat. I didn’t want to say it, but this could be Dracula’s last rodeo. None of his options will be effective at all against Sonic and that is a huge issue. Sonic wins.

Sonic vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Anonymous Looks like it’s time for Larry Appleton to return to the stage. He may not have done very well in the past but you still can’t count him out. However, the match will be over in an instant anyway. Sonic is way too fast for Appleton and he can just use a homing attack to take the guy down. Larry won’t be able to react to it in time and he will be down for the count. So much for Larry! Sonic wins