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Blaze vs Lilac

Lilac and Sonic are often compared because their games are super similar. At the same time, a really good comparison is also Blaze and Lilac. Not only are their designs rather similar (Not that you can tell from the Blaze picture I chose) but they both have a solid amount of super speed. Of course, Blaze was able to awaken her Burning mode which drastically increases her abilities. While Lilac would have likely been out of luck either way, in their base modes this fight would be super close. Blaze wins.

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Blaze vs Jet

Blaze is back and now she’s up against Jet! Jet can be a pretty tough when when he has his air board, but Blaze doesn’t need one. She can already fly at super speeds and use her fire powers to take the win! Jet drops down the ranks with this loss, but he tried. Blaze wins.

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Chun Li vs Blaze

Chun Li is back, but this time she’s up against Blaze. Blaze has super speed which is a pretty big advantage. In Burning Blaze form her power is considerable and she can fire giant fire balls. I don’t think Chun Li could last for long against such an onslaught. Chun Li drops down the ranks with this loss, but she’ll be back. Blaze wins.

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Eggman Nega vs Blaze

Eggman Nega makes his blog debut. Sadly for him it’s with a heavy loss. He may be smart, but in the end he lacks the speed and power needed to win this one. Eggman Nega takes a loss, but he’ll be back. You can count on it! Blaze has Burning Blaze form which is much stronger than normal form. Blaze wins.

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Blaze vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder is back, but he’s fighting the wrong cat. Blaze has fire powers that would destroy Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder just doesn’t have enough power to win this match. Tengu Shredder takes a loss, but he might come back one of these days. In fact he’ll be here tomorrow! Blaze wins.